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JUNE 2023

No Way The U.S., The U.K. & NATO Allow End Of Hostilities Between India And Pakistan

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No Way The U.S., The U.K. & NATO Allow End Of Hostilities Between India And Pakistan

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The article was written at the time of the Balakot Crisis in February of 2019. It still carries relevance today within the context of Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif’s recent statement, (on Monday, the 16th of January, 2023) where he asks the the President of the UAE “to facilitate dialogue with India and vowed sincere talk with the arch rivals, if a channel were to open”.

He went on say these words, “I have requested Mohammed bin Zayed — that he’s a brother of Pakistan and the UAE is a brotherly country. He also has good relations with India, he can play a very important role to bring the two countries on the talking table and I give my word of honour that we will be talking to Indians with sincerity of purpose”.

You can read the news article of PM Sharif’s speech online at The Dawn newspaper that is published in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistan. LINK

There is no way that the United States of America, the United Kingdom and NATO will allow any sort of cessation of hostility between India and Pakistan that would allow for trade in oil, natural gas, movement of exports and imports, (as well as, a reduction in the intense level of constant armed stand-off) along an Integrated Pamir Highway from Kazakhstan through the Wakkan Corridor, Gilgit and on to Karachi, Lahore, Delhi and as far as Kolkata and Mizoram.

Any sort of inclination towards peace would cut into the lucrative profit margins of the Imperialist Corporations via their maintenance of perpetual instability within the EurAsian Continent that keeps it in a permanent state of poverty, self-imposed militarisation and eternal controlled chaos.

There is every likelihood that these Colonial Powers will create a situation that erupts into a sudden conflict in Gilgit that would pull the rug out from underneath the aspiration of PM Sharif to heal this open sore of the legacy of Partition that divided the same people along artificial ethno-religious constructs; heaved upon them by a retreating British Empire that was on its knees in 1947, after their colossal bankruptcy at the end of The Great Patriotic War in 1945.

Written by Supratim Barman in February, 2019

First, it was Zahedan where an IRGC convoy; returning home from their tour of duty, along the borders of Sistan-Baluch, are suddenly ambushed and nearly annihilated. As the sun begins to rise at dawn, on the next day, (the 14th of February, 2019), over Pulwama in Kashmir, a strikingly similar event occurs to a much larger CRPF convoy, this time returning to duty.

The authorities of the two affected nations issue immediate statements, (which are almost identical in tone and accusation), against elements resident within the territory of their shared common neighbour. Both independently issued statements seem to mirror each other in content and threat, as if they were Page 1 and Page 2 of a document seemingly prepared in advance within a spirit of “friendly collaboration”.

The initial murder of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corpsmen garnered almost no world media exposure, whereas the killing of the Indian Central Reserve Police Force para-militarymen exploded into an International Diplomatic Crisis that eventually required the frantic intervention of the Heads of State of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, diplomatic envoys of the Peoples’ Republic of China, the Russia Federation, the UN and ofcourse, everyone’s favourite peacemaker and arbiter of international law and order, the US of A, to pacify emotions and reign in a possibly perceived; potentially imminent; Nuclear Confrontation between two adversarial neighbours, neither of whom recognise the legal sovereign nation status of the other.

Two weeks after Pulwama, in VietNam, whilst the US Head of State begins to dictate meaningless (and impossible to honour), terms and conditions towards the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea’s nuclear disarmament; the gravity of Pulwama is suddenly dragged onto centre stage as a possible Zero Hero event on the Doomsday Clock.

In an intentional act of war, (on the 26th of February), which is then openly glorified as live, patriotic entertainment, the Indian Air Force cross the Line of Control and bomb territory within Pakistan. In the intervening two weeks prior to this dubiously illegal infringement of a neighbour’s property, the world watched in awe at the mechanics of an electronic media that had been effectively tooled as an integrated weaponised instrument, and; also a consummate component of both, the Armed Forces and the State apparatus of an elected Government, with the sole aim of coordinating a line of thought; from which any deviation from the prescribed script was deemed to be a criminal offence.

News media, not so much the print media in terms of newspapers, but rather the online applications of instant messaging; exposed the gargantuan influence and capability that MultiNational Corporations have within any (and all), semi-developed, emerging economic nations: to create and guide a story that seamlessly blurs and oscillates between confusion and surreal fiction. Painting an illusion, as it were, or a dream swirling around disjoint facts.

On the 27th of February, the next day, the Pakistan Air Force duly retaliate and it seems that the elected Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy had finally gone rogue and had totally unhinged himself from reality with instructions to his Armed Forces to target nuclear installations within his neighbour’s territory.

At 7.40 AM Eastern Standard Time on the 27th of February, 2019, all Globex Futures Trading in the United States are suspended and the S&P, Dow and Oil indexes cease trading for over 4 hours, with the added excitement of all pending orders, prior to the halt, having their executions specifically cancelled. (Although Currency Exchange platforms remained active). Also on the 26th and 27th of February, Emergency Action Messages or EAMs of the US Nuclear Command and Control Structure commence firing up HFGCS (High Frequency Global Communication System) transmissions, which are a prelude to a Nuclear Alert.

So, why would an internal domestic attack on a police convoy within India lead to EAMs being issued at the LOC, (the Line Of Control within the disputed region of Kashmir). You may answer by saying that the reason is simply because Kashmir is a potential nuclear flashpoint, and that would be eminently correct. But my question would then be, why would this flashpoint be triggered when President Trump and Chairman Un are discussing the consequences of such an occurrence being played out for real between themselves?

The eternal question always remains, “who benefits?”. What message has the world at large been given?

CENTCOM or Central Command and the USINDOPACOM or the US Indo-Pacific Command of the US Armed Forces, are two gigantic military institutions that are run as autonomous and totally opaque entities by their respective Generals who see themselves as Roman Tribunes rather than Commanding Officers, with more power than their elected Head of State; under whom they, in effect, nominally serve. CENTCOM’s sphere of influence includes the carnage and the waste that they have laid to the sovereign nations of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and, that influence ends at the eastern border of Pakistan. In May 2018, when the previously titled entity USPACOM or US Pacific Command changed its name to the US Indo Pacific Command and suddenly incorporated India into its sphere of influence, their remit then began to encompass all territory upto the western border of India and, lo and behold, both spheres of these gigantic killing machines meet at the Line of Control within the volatile and disputed region of Kashmir.

Would the subsequent events leading from Pulwama have been a test run to gauge the effectiveness of integrated electronic media in India, which is thus by default, the most established English language denominated media at USINDOPACOM’s disposal? Would it have been a weaponised trial in propagating an explosive narrative draped as high drama in order to influence, coerce, intimidate and subsume a diverse society to tow the line? Was it to keep Pakistan on the straight and narrow and make it clear to them how close they were to being obliterated were it not for the kind benevolence of CENTCOM intervention; a similar muscular feat that China perhaps would not have been able to effectively co-ordinate so quickly.

So although, on the face of it, the Prime Minister of India plays the well rehearsed role of the village fool, entwining within it, (in order to appeal to a barely semi-literate audience); his own myth of having risen from the ranks of poverty and social ostracisation to become the elected leader of a huge and diverse nation and with the Prime Minister of Pakistan playing the well constructed role of the suave, Western debonair who achieved his elected position after years of political struggle; both however remain actors playing lines they have been given within a huge stage production.

If either of them were truly representative of the will of their constituents as well as the projection of the visions of the future that their electorates see in themselves, then neither would have played leading roles in a scene that required EAMs at the LOC.

The only beneficiaries are the Roman Tribunes of the two COMMANDs of the US Armed Forces, who quietly engaged themselves in a live-fire exercise to test their proprietary war game theories and then gathered the subsequent extrapolated algorithmic data for future reference.

As Crazy Earl says in the epic Kubrick movie, Full Metal Jacket; “These are great days we’re living, bros. We are jolly green giants, walking the Earth with guns. These people we wasted here today are the finest human beings we will ever know. After we rotate back to the world, we’re gonna miss not having anyone around that’s worth shooting”.


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India a Pakistan by si mali sadnúť za rokovací stôl a prestať sa medzi sebou hádať. To im ešte stále nič nehovorí? Rozdeľuj a panuj? Nechajú sa takto hlúpo zaťahovať do sporu?

Shar kum

What kind of rubbish is this? You are clearly taking sides, you probably don’t realise yourself. Stop deriding ordinary folks as ‘barely semi-literates’, followed by how ‘true representatives’ of those ‘barely semi-literates’ should act as. Keep to the point dear. A leader is supposed to feel pressure from masses, and thats what that leader did, in face of cowardly ‘cross-border’ attacks (a series of them, read up a little). Thats democracy in its raw form. If he can keep his voters happy, JOB WELL DONE. You can shut it with your leftist jargon. How do you gather cowardice to support a terrorist state which daily, even now, when their voters go almost-hungry, pour in resources to bomb and shoot civilians just because they don’t belong to a very narrow reading of a religion. Dude, get a life. Or not. Being a zombie isn’t appealing.


I think this author is just living in a bubble here? It’s fawkin 2023, and as predicted, Al-Baqistan has defaulted and declared bankruptcy. People are fighting and dying over sacks of flour. There is no law and order nor a working gubment.

S Balu

Ahson AKA Indian Dalit boy in brown stained smelly dhoti AKA midnight cowboy Pakistan defaulted in in 1947 sorry to see you wake up in 2023 in case when are reverting back to Buddhism the original religion of India Also people in India are fighting and dying on trains spot to defecate in the street etc

Chris Gr

The original religion of India is Hinduism. Buddhism is more in China and Indochina.

S Balu

Chris Gr Please read the history before you make a comment You sound ignorant

Proud hindu

Muhammad humped aisha

Chris Gr

Buddhism originated in Nepal.


No Buddhism originated in India. Gautum Buddh was Indian circa 1,000 BC. You are showing your lack of education mr Foinikias. Henduism is 8,000 years old. The oldest contiguous religion in the world today.

Last edited 4 months ago by Ahson
Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

It is incredibly easy to manipulate the illiterate Muslim population.

You start by paying some religious mafia leaders and it goes from there.


I say the same thing at press tv and majid-ulla the moderator gets upset at me. Can you believe it? Even though he knows it to be true.

S Balu

Ahson AKA Indian Dalit boy in brown stained smelly dhoti AKA midnight cowboy Same way as You are being hyped up by Hinduveta preventing you from knowing are reverting back your true original religion of Buddhism


I am Zoroastrian!

Chris Gr

Get your meds please!


Go to press tv and see for yourself. Majid-ulla likes me, but he gets nervous from time to time. He wants harmony there and a pro-Islam tilt, understandable, but he knows the truth. Won’t admit it though, or he’d lose his job.

Muhammad Allah classic zionist cum Indian passant would write above comment

Proud hindu

Islam has collapsed 🥱😄🤤🤣🤣🤣

S Balu

Proud Hindu Absolutely it collapsed long ago but you seemed to more worried now why

Chris Gr

These are atheists actually.

S Balu

Chris Gr Shows their level of thinking and reasoning which very low They are contradicting their own statement and showing they are easily hyped up

Proud hindu

Muhammad ate sh!t

Chris Gr

So they are not Hindus.


but yous a muzlim no?……lol…..come on…..I like you no?…….lol……tokhme sag!

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