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MAY 2021

No Sympathy For The Devil? Iranian Media Speculates About Cause Of Fire On US Warship

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No Sympathy For The Devil? Iranian Media Speculates About Cause Of Fire On US Warship

Fire on amphibious assault ship at San Diego Naval Base. Click to see the full-size image

After extensive Western media conjecture about a long series of suspicious fires and incidents in Iran, Iranian state media is now speculating that the recent fire on a US warship may be the result of an attack by dissidents, or others.

In early July an explosion at a factory south of Tehran killed two people and seriously injured three others. It was part of a string of deadly fires and explosions that have broken out at military and industrial installations in the country, including the Natanz nuclear facility and a missile assembly plant.

The explosion, which destroyed a factory in Tehran and caused extensive damage to a neighbouring factory, was described as an accident and attributed to human error which caused oxygen tanks stored there to explode.

Several days before the factory fire broke out, an explosion damaged a power plant in the Iranian city of Ahvaz. Later the same day, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported that a chlorine gas leak at a petrochemical centre in southeast Iran had injured 70 workers.

The week before that, there was an explosion at a medical centre in Teheran, described by Iranian officials as an accident and attributed to faulty gas canisters, and an explosion occurred at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. The preceding week, a large blast was felt in Tehran, apparently caused by an explosion at the Parchin military complex, believed by Western analysts to be the location of an underground tunnel complex that includes missile production facilities. The explosion and subsequent fire were blamed on leaking gas tanks

Iranian officials eventually admitted that the fire at Natanz caused “considerable” damage, after satellite images appeared revealing widespread devastation. They had previously sought to downplay the damage from the blaze, which destroyed an above-ground laboratory used to prepare advanced centrifuges for installation in the underground facilities.

According to a spokesman for Iran’s atomic agency, the building was constructed in 2013. However, work was suspended at the plant in 2015 pursuant to the JCPOA nuclear deal. When the United States unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018 operations were renewed. The spokesman said that the fire had damaged “precision and measuring instruments” at the facility.

Although the incident was described as an “accident” and the damage caused was dismissed as not substantial, Iranian officials subsequently warned that Iran would weigh its response to “hostile countries” if it was determined that they were responsible for the explosion.

Hours after the announcement, Iran’s state news agency IRNA published an editorial warning that “if there are signs of hostile countries crossing Iran’s red lines in any way, especially the Zionist regime (Israel) and the United States, Iran’s strategy to confront the new situation must be fundamentally reconsidered.”

Western media outlets were quick to feed the rumour mill. Several contradictory accounts appeared purporting to explain the cause of the fire. According to a report by the BBC, the fire was set by a group of dissident Iranian officers.

The New York Times quoted an unnamed Middle Eastern intelligence official saying an explosion had taken place as the result of a bomb planted inside the facility. “The blast was caused by an explosive device planted inside the facility,” the Times quoted the official saying, and “destroyed much of the aboveground parts of the facility where new centrifuges… are balanced before they are put into operation.”

Asked about reports of the incident at a press conference Thursday evening, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brushed aside the question: “I don’t address these issues,” he said.

In Washington, the State Department said that US officials were “monitoring reports of a fire at an Iranian nuclear facility.” It added: “This incident serves as another reminder of how the Iranian regime continues to prioritize its misguided nuclear program to the detriment of the Iranian people’s needs.”

So it shouldn’t be surprising that Iranian media and officials have taken the opportunity to speculate over the cause of the fire at a naval shipyard in San Diego last week.

Addressing a meeting of senior resistance commanders, Brigadier General Esmail Qa’ani, commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), urged the Americans “not to waste their time looking for a culprit or levelling accusations against others” over what happened to the navy ship off San Diego.

“This is a fire they (Americans) have lit themselves,” he said.

He was referring to the fire that broke out on the Bonhomme Richard, an amphibious assault ship and light aircraft carrier, as it was anchored at the US Naval base in San Diego on Sunday.

Qa’ani – who was assigned to the Quds Force after the US assassinated his predecessor Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani in a drone strike in Baghdad in early January – said both the United States and its regional ally Israel were heading into a period of serious hardship and adversity.

“You are still experiencing your halcyon days. You have very tough days and occurrences ahead of you.” He further noted that the US military has turned into a “tired and decrepit” force, and its equipment has degraded into “scrap iron”, adding that Washington has to accept its dire conditions and stop oppressing the humanity and its own people. LINK

An article posted at Press TV proffered a selection of possible causes of the fire:

And so when we explore the possibilities for what may have caused this fire, I think we can rule out an Israeli false flag because if the Israelis had done it, they would have done their best to murder all 1000 sailors assigned to the ship. They would have waited till it was full and then they would have tried to blow it up or attack it with gunboats like they did with the USS Liberty in 1967. So I think the Israelis probably weren’t behind this one. But one never knows.

It’s quite possible that this is another Gulf of Tonkin or “Remember the Maine” type of incident. It’s conceivable that it will be blamed on a cyberattack from whoever the US wants to escalate against. That easily could be Iran, it could be Russia, it could even be China, we don’t really know. This type of mysterious event is perfect for being blamed on a cyberattack because nobody can prove that kind of thing…

It’s also possible that we’re witnessing some kind of civil war within the US military over the violent suppression of the recent Black Lives Matter protests. It could be angry pro-Black Lives Matter sailors who were behind this, or some pro-BLM faction in the military, or it could have been the opposite faction, the angry white nationalist contingent.

The US military is very much divided. It has a lot of extremist white nationalists, and it also has a disproportionate representation of African Americans. Unlike almost all other important institutions in American life, African Americans are more or less welcomed and quite well represented in the military. And so that has led to a situation where the over-representation of white nationalist racists and African Americans in the military has created a situation where there could conceivably be some conflict.

So we’ll wait and see what the propagandists in the corporate-controlled mainstream media infiltrated by Operation Mockingbird, the CIA media-controlled operation, have to say about this fire, and then from there, we can start to speculate with a little bit more evidence behind us as to what really happened. LINK

It is to be expected that there will be further incidents in the future, both in Iran and elsewhere. And there will be very little sympathy to be found.


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  1. <> says:

    “And so when we explore the possibilities for what may have caused this fire, I think we can rule out an Israeli false flag because if the Israelis had done it, they would have done their best to murder all 1000 sailors assigned to the ship. They would have waited till it was full and then they would have tried to blow it up or attack it with gunboats like they did with the USS Liberty in 1967. So I think the Israelis probably weren’t behind this one. But one never knows.”

    IRGC filth lying bastard, always trying to blame us. Just wait, the day we decide to take down the mullahs is getting closer.

    1. John Wallace says:

      Stick with the comics thief , Living off the proceeds of thievery and all you can think of is stealing others land.Living in a world of dreams.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        He is a really stupid PUNK.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          He is a bored teenager living with mum, who is also homebound and no dates as the CIA virus has hit Occupied Palestine very hard.

    2. He has a point tho, USS liberty was no accident and you know that, but there were 160 sailors on that ship, not 1000

      1. <> says:

        It was a mistake and we apologized for it and paid compensations to their families, it was an incident during a wartime with Egypt and the USS was at the wrong place and the wrong time. People like bringing it up like Israel wanted to hurt our U.S allies on purpose, but that just was at false identification of the ship as Egyptian one. Anyway, technology has advanced since then and no such incidents ever happened between us, on the contrary we have a strong cooperation and we are their best friend in the ME, the mullahs can keep lying to the world but they will be stopped.

        1. Ok then it was Iran on the USS bonhomme richmond, it was an attack by tehrangeles near san diego, and more explosions in vulnerable areas inside the us:
          You thought the war would only be fought in the Persian gulf?

          1. <> says:

            Iran is playing with fire Kenny, I’d hate to see millions of Iranian suffer for the mistakes the mullahs are doing. Better not push Israel to the corner, we will act if diplomacy fails.

          2. Oh so now the US is Israel?

          3. <> says:

            Israel is Israel, we do what we need to protect our interests in the region.

          4. <> says:

            I’ve read about it, they tried and failed and no damage happened to our water systems. If they had hurt our water and risked Israeli lives, then Israel and Iran would have been at a war now.

          5. <> says:

            Again Kenny, it’s all good till Israelis are hurt by Iranian actions. When that happens, Iranians start dying all over the ME, and in Iran itself.

          6. Pork says:

            Bahahahaha. So much has been done already…shhhh, go back to sleep little boy.

          7. <> says:

            You and the rest of the SF idiots here think they know me, very fine. I’ll do what I do best when the war comes, it’s getting closer day by day. Are you scared to die? you will see what Israelis are willing to do in order to protect our land.

          8. guest says:

            Drink your milk, do your homework and stop trolling.

          9. <> says:

            I love it how people like you think they know everything about me, it will be interesting when we get a greenlight.

          10. guest says:

            lol…..you are totally stupid…..

          11. Harry Smith says:

            Oh zio. When you will get the green light it means most of you will die and maybe millions of people in the Middle East. Not only mullahs but rabbis too are pushing the region into a blood bath.

          12. <> says:

            Then let’s get on with it, Iran won’t back down and so does Israel, it’s a collision course anyway. I’d rather it to happen now before they get the bomb.

          13. Harry Smith says:

            Are you sure you ready to sacrifice your family just for rabbis get their temple?

          14. Pork says:

            Let’s discuss what you’ve already done to hold what you’ve thieved.

            Blackmail, rape, murder, theft of children’s organs, destruction of civilian homes, imprison children, pretend you’re Sémites, ethnic cleansing, genocide, theft of intellectual property, sales of stolen intellectual property to enemies of our nation, elect war criminals to government positions, decades of breaking international law and norms, sex trafficking of children, drug trafficking, black market sale of stolen organs…shall I continue?

            Wake up. 1st you will leave Palestine, willingly or not. Then we will hold you accountable here in the states.
            Good luck and enjoy your numbered days.

            P.S. We can smell your fear, it’s time to change your diaper.

          15. Jens Holm says:

            You see the visible part across UAE.

            Maybee You should fokus in golf:)

          16. What about it? Are they planning to invade Qatar?

        2. Pork says:

          Yeah. Just like when you we’re caught by Egypt pretending to be Arabs blowing up a American sites in Egypt…L’avons Affair.

          You fkn israeli are dirty low life liars. Worse of all is you believe your own lies no matter what everyone else says.
          The US is not your true ally. The relationship was formed by lack mail and hijacking the system…it will be cleaned up.

        3. guest says:

          Just curious, in your playstation when is Pisrael attacking Iran? I am bored after 41 years….lol same threats and no action…..

      2. Jens Holm says:

        It doesnt matter. Israel do their jobs much better then that.

    3. Ronald says:

      Just the opposite, he said it was Not Israelis,
      “The Israelis probably Weren’t behind this one”.
      Let the hate go,…both sides have to let the hate go or life will cease in that part of the world.

    4. Jens Holm says:

      I partly agree. Israelians dont do such a slowburner with no casualties.

    5. Pork says:

      Moron, the quote you just put up is by a Je..A jew! Read the article you dumfuk!


      1. Ashok Varma says:

        He is a teenager with rather limited reading ability. Just posts standard hasbara one liners or canned posts.

    6. guest says:

      you must love rejection and ridicule daily,,,,,,,

  2. hvaiallverden says:

    Never mind the bollocks coming from this eh…. iron zion, an nauseating stupid jew, and of course, as any good Jooo, divert the truth into their own acid trip called reality, you never know where and what their braincell is capable to drool out as eh…. facts?, right, little Jooo.

    So, the AmeriTards carrier is stil burning, hehehe, but I can almost certanly say what caused this fire, rags and oil, up to an point where just the statics of an fart is enough to ignite the combo, and in more or less closed envirioment, like down in the hull or in various compartements/rooms, that one have burned down an hell of an lot of compounds, I am almoust 99% certain.
    But I cant help it to clouth, har, har, har.

    Then we have the thing this shit for brain IZ is bragging about, to “bomb” an facility that have sentrifuges for low enritching of radioactive materials, witch is no where near military grade, but upto some few % of that to be used in medicine and so on, to industial process equimpents, witch even I have dealth with, and this sites where they do that dont need to be jammerd into the ground, since the radioactive level is considerably lower than if it was to be enritched up to higher grades, so to then say oor make it to be something much more vital is nonsese.

    Intrestingly enough, remeber the radioactive cloud the MSM wrote about in this spring, I am again dead certain that came, as it did some years ago, I think it was 3 years ago, when the MSM wanted to point the finger on Russians, of course, but the truth was as it surfaced later, that happened because of the Mountain Monkeys in the reseache reactore in Halden Norway managed to make an cluster f…. of their processing, the steam, or whatever that happened, the truth is not been told, that “accsident” I marked it that way because they have an reputation of been in the class of drooling idiots, made the alarm go off in Europa, and of course everybody blamed Russia, that same reactore did the same “venting” this year to, that I am certain, and again, every isotope have an certaing foot print, like the F…ushima.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Yeah, had the reactore been run by sheeps I would at least say that there is some intellegence there, but packed with Norwegians, forget it.


    1. <> says:

      I usually don’t reply to low life roaches like you, but I’ll do it this time. You can say whatever you want like it changes anything, but the day Israel and the U.S decide to hit Iran’s nuclear facilities then it will be done. WW3 is just around the corner, Iran will never have a nuclear bomb.

      1. John Wallace says:

        They don’t want a nuclear bomb. They want nuclear energy to produce electricity. A bomb is an abomination to them and like everything else you fail to understand that or their right to have nuclear energy. All you can talk of is killing . Just shows you have no idea of that either . Big cock , little brain.

        1. Robert Browning says:

          They want to live in peace and defend themselves from sick animal Jews.

      2. AJ says:

        They dont want Iran having a nuke but they are opposed to the JCPOA which provided regular inspections to ensure this could not happen. There is no evidence Iran is heading towards a bomb even US assessments confirm this.

        1. <> says:

          Once we can say for sure Iran has enriched Uranium to a military purpose, then you will see the result.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Seriously, what a stupid PUNK, the Zionist cunts are dying in the streets and living off western taxpayers, and this stupid motherfucker posts daily crap. This is beyond trolling.

          2. Robert Browning says:

            You can’t reason with a Jew. You can’t reason with an animal. Why waste your breath? They are going to hell, just get out of the way.

          3. <> says:

            Brave enough to write that over the internet? wanna come tell that sentence to my face?

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Idiot, you are trolling teen age punk and most likely a little Jew retard.

          5. Robert Browning says:

            Tell it to God kyke, he is the one you hate and he is the one who is going to see you burning in hell.

          6. <> says:

            God protected me during 3 operations, and he made sure I find and kill our enemies. How did it work out for you?

          7. Robert Browning says:

            What God? The beast, the animal, you worship the animal because you are an animal. Don’t compare yourself to civilized humans and our civilized god okay kyke? There is no comparing.

          8. <> says:

            Last warning motherfucker, before I block you for good.

          9. Robert Browning says:

            Kyke all Moshiach wants is to bull fzxck you, you love your Moshiach don’t you kyke?

          10. Robert Browning says:

            You do crave the girth of the Moshiach don’t you kyke? The girth will make you a better jew, make you out loud and prouder than you could ever dream and have you dancing and marching in gay parades from now until the end of time.

          11. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Jews are born crooks and liars.

          12. Ashok Varma says:

            Silly chit of boy :D

          13. Swift Laggard II says:

            cheap rubbish

          14. Robert Browning says:

            Iran has been enriching uranium for 20 years.

        2. Robert Browning says:

          Iran is allied with NK. Do friends help each other? What kind of evidence do you need kyke?

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Its fine with me. Many of my neighbors think I am a nice guy too.

          Since I arrived, there has been no children in the street.

          Best regars from C. Anniball.

        2. Robert Browning says:

          They hate white people for whites are the children of Christ. They hate the father. They hate the son. They hate the children. They hate the blood. But it is Christ who they hate the most. And why do the Jews hate an innocent man who did no wrong? Because Christ was the son of God and the son of God rejected the Jews.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Jews are vile creatures and that is why humanity has hated them.

          2. Robert Browning says:

            They are not human.

      3. Icarus Tanović says:

        Iran have a nuclear bomb.

        1. <> says:

          Says Icarus, the biggest spy in this world. Mind telling me how you know they have one?

          1. Lazy Gamer says:

            Oooh. I love this game of poker. lol If Nokor already has one then why would you think the Iranians have none? JCPOA could just be a diplomatic fight. Now dont go gambling where the stakes concern the rest of the world. I hear the colonization of Mars is at best 5 years away. lol

          2. Icarus Tanović says:

            It is very simple to get. I don’t wanna even bother with you.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Not all. If so they have had detonated it in Teheran airport.

        3. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Iran has fissile material for a dozen nuclear weapons and why do you think the Americunt cowards have never tried to attack it?

      4. bla says:

        If Israel is so mighty and powerful, why can’t it act on its own then?
        If I was being protected by the US Army military machine, I would feel quite confident and brave too, like yourself.

        About your comment : ” the day Israel and the U.S decide to hit Iran’s nuclear facilities then it will be done.” YES indeed IZ, it will be done for everyone, including Israel and the USA military on the Middle East, no winners after all.

        But I know your elite does not care, they will just move to Argentina and probably Brazil right before all hell breaks loose.

        They are smart and know Israel will also seize to exist during / after the war, not just Iran, Your elites are just holding it until the last moment before they pack, cash in and leave you there dying for them soldier.

        1. guest says:

          Israel is weak as piss and all talk, but scared crapping…..

          1. <> says:

            Come check for yourself if we are scared or not.

        2. <> says:

          Whatever needs to happen, we will stop Iran no matter what.

          1. guest says:

            Israel has above average erectile dysfunction and now I can see why.

          2. RichardD says:

            It may be to late. They may already have mutually assured destruction in place. And it’s questionable if the US would get involved.

          3. Swift Laggard II says:

            the usual cheap rubbish from a stale mind

          4. Robert Browning says:

            Why? For Moshiach?

          5. <> says:

            Answer to what I asked, want to come here and tell your BS to my face? name a date and time you arrive here.

          6. Robert Browning says:

            Kyke Moshiach loves you. He is so big and so potent and so so very girthy and he loves you kyke and he has just got to have you kyke. Anally AND orally.

          7. <> says:

            Another SF loser..

          8. Robert Browning says:

            Moshiach is the jew god of rectal loving. And Kyke moshiach loves you and all he wants to do is pound you relentlessly in the pooper without end over and over whilst your mommy watches. What do you say todd, you would be doing a great service for the kyke people and think how proud your mommy would be.

        3. Robert Browning says:

          Jews hate the sight of their own blood.

      5. guest says:

        your fake dying state is in real trouble as China and Iran are going to jointly produce two aircraft the J10 and JH-7 in a $4.5 billion deal according to Pentagon.

        Iran to jointly produce the Chinese Xian FB-7 strike
        aircraft, the Shenyang F-8IIM and Chengdu F-7 fighters, as part of a
        multi-billion dollar arms deal it is negotiating with Beijing.

        Talks between Beijing and Tehran to cement the $4.5 billion deal have been
        progressing for several months, say sources. The deal, if concluded
        successfully, is likely to prove one of China’s biggest single
        foreign-arms sales. Anti-ship missiles and submarines are also included
        in the package.

        The deal would considerably bolster the capability of the Iranian air force, which operates a mixed fleet of Western and Russian combat aircraft. In recent years, Iran had looked to
        Russia for combat aircraft, buying the MiG-29 Fulcrum, but the USA has been exerting pressure on Russia to stop such sales. China is immune to US pressure.

        1. <> says:

          Very good, it will just bring the mullahs end closer.

          1. guest says:

            Drink you milk and go to sleep, mum’s back soon, and put the lid on the cookie jar.

        2. Ivan Freely says:

          I’m surprised Russia folded to US pressure; that’s one hell of a juicy arms deal.

      6. guest says:

        Watching Too Much Porn in Israel Linked to above average Erectile Dysfunction in Study

      7. RichardD says:

        I’m not so sure that Iran doesn’t have at least a basic atomic weapon. And I don’t think that Iran is alone in this. Japan, S. Korea and several others are quite capable of having atomic and nuclear weapons if they want them. With Iran’s underground facilities. They may already have missiles armed with atomic warheads aimed at your bases.

        1. <> says:

          Then we will see if they use them.

          1. RichardD says:

            They’re unlikely to use them in a first strike. And their conventional missile capability and ability to disrupt world oil supplies and the world economy is sufficient to deter a conventional attack.

        2. Ivan Freely says:

          It’s already expected that Japan and S. Korea have the capability. The knowledge have been around for ages.

      8. Robert Browning says:

        They already do kyke. Obama’s Dave Axelrod said so on national television.

  3. Lone Ranger says:

    Pimpeo will get a stroke reading this.
    Oy gevalt…

    1. occupybacon says:

      The article or your comment?

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Hopefully both :)

        1. occupybacon says:

          But if he gets two strokes in the same day he won’t be able to read what you will coment tomorrow and your comments will be in vain.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Nah, there is still Pelosi and Co…

          2. occupybacon says:

            Kill em all boy

      1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

        Τhis was not done by Hispanic sailors… is the work of other “children”..I have said it before a war is raging in Zion between its two Centers of Power.Everything on the planet belong to the re-established Atlantis…except from the free.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          Appears to be related to US racism, according an article in the India’s main newspaper Hindustan Times.

          1. BMWA1 says:

            Link if possible thanx

          2. guest says:

            India needs to distance itself from US and Zionists as it is being shunned by all..

            The Iran-China deal deepens India’s strategic bind in an increasingly hostile neighbourhood

            India has to contend with a weak economy, multiple foreign policy missteps, and a belligerent China.

            4 hours ago

            Sarang Shidore

            The revelation in the New York Times
            this past week that China and Iran are on the brink of signing a major
            economic and security partnership is a transformative moment that
            presents a serious challenge to Indian foreign policy. The immediate
            impact has already been the end of the roadfor
            the important Chahbahar rail project, which was aimed to open up Indian
            connectivity to Afghanistan. But the implications for India are much
            greater than one commercial deal gone sour.

            Sino-Iranian relations

            The economic component of the Sino-Iranian partnership plan, reportedin
            international energy media last year, involves Chinese investments in
            Iran of $400 billion over 25 years, with $280 billion going to the oil
            and gas sector and the remaining $120 billion to other core sectors of
            the Iranian economy.

            In return, China will get long-term energy contracts at 30%, plus
            discounts and first refusal rights on all major energy projects in Iran.
            These are audacious terms by any standard.

            Sino-Iranian relations have been growing closer for years. Iran has
            already emerged as a key node in China’s transcontinental Belt and Road
            Initiative that seeks to create a web of connectivity across Europe,
            Asia, and Africa. With projects linked to the China-Pakistan Economic
            Corridor saddled with viability concerns,
            Iran has been attractive as an alternative route for China to insulate
            itself against the worst-case scenario of US-led military action in
            maritime Asia. India is still managing operations at Chabahar port, but
            if China takes over those functions, then Chabahar could also be
            seamlessly integrated with Gwadar, the port China is building in the
            next-door Pakistani province of Balochistan.

            Even more consequential for India are the potential security components
            of the partnership. Though these might be more aspirations than hard
            commitments, China and Iran envisage greatly stepped-up cooperation in
            military and intelligence spheres, including weapons development. There
            is also the possibility of a Chinese security footprint in two new ports
            slated for construction adjacent to the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow
            chokepoint through which Persian Gulf oil destined for China must pass
            through. The sweeping nature of the agreement has caused some prominent
            Iranian nationalists to raise concerns about selling out to Beijing.

            Eurasia rising

            Why should the Iran-China development be of special concern to India? As I have written elsewhere,
            Eurasia is an emerging entity with geopolitical coherence, which Indian
            strategy has insufficiently taken into account. The Sino-Russian
            entente is the bedrock of the emerging Eurasia. China’s Iran move only
            further strengthens this trend.

            Over the past decade, Russia and China have greatly expanded their
            footprint across West Asia. Russian-Iranian relations have been close
            for a number of years, with the two being military allies on the Syrian battlefield.

            Russia is India’s closest partner in Eurasia, with deep ties in defence
            and energy. However, a challenge is looming in this relationship. The
            United States has threatened India with sanctions under its 2017 CAATSA law,
            aimed at curbing Russia’s defense and energy trade, in order to prevent
            New Delhi’s purchase of big-ticket arms supplies from Russia.

            Despite having a seat at the Eurasian table with its membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
            (a China-initiated regional grouping founded in 2001 with China,
            Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan as
            its other current members), New Delhi has not adequately leveraged its
            equities in the region.

            Instead, New Delhi is embedding itself further within the
            China-balancing coalition known as the “Quad” – revived in 2017 with the
            United States, Japan, and Australia as its other members – with its
            focus on the Indo-Pacific, as the backbone of Indian grand strategy toward China.

            The recent Chinese aggression in Ladakh
            is reflexively and understandably highlighting the Quad’s utility. But
            as the US-China rivalry becomes increasingly hostile, the Quad is
            showing signs of transforming into a military alliance, albeit an
            informal one. If current trends continue, a crisis in the distant South
            or East China Sea could easily drag India into an overstretched military
            commitment that it could come to regret.

            Tehran’s strategic shift

            Soon after a revolution in 1979 overthrew its pro-American monarch, Iran
            carved out its own version of nonalignment with the slogan “nah sharq, nah gharb” – neither East, nor West.
            Like Nehru’s version, Iran foreswore any strategic alliances with major
            powers. But Tehran’s nonalignment also had a fiercely revolutionary and
            Shia Islamist character to it. In post-revolutionary Iran’s conception
            of the world order, its security adversaries were located primarily to
            its West and South. Its attempted sphere of influence did not extend
            East beyond Afghanistan.

            The first major shift in Iran’s stance emerged with its military alliance with Russia on the Syrian battlefield,
            which succeeded in reversing gains of anti-government Syrian rebels.
            Still, this alliance was limited to the smaller Syrian theatre. In 2019,
            Iran, China, and Russia conducted a joint military exercise in the Gulf
            of Oman. The Sino-Iranian agreement, if implemented as outlined, would
            more decisively end Iranian nonalignment and integrate Iran within the
            logic of Eurasia.

            Deteriorating bilateral ties

            India-Iran relations may be testy currently, but that has not always been the case. The two countries were were close
            until 2005, collaborating on opposing the Taliban in Afghanistan. But
            ties have been generally deteriorating since the United States made
            India’s Iran policy a conditionfor finalising the Indo-US nuclear deal announced in 2005, which ended India’s international nuclear isolation.

            Consequently, India voted against Iran in the crucial International Atomic Energy Agency vote in 2005 that opened the pathway for coercive sanctions against Tehran. In 2008, New Delhi reportedly launched an Israeli spy satellite targeted at Iran. Iran in turn was likely responsible for a terrorist attack in 2012 on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi.

            Relations improved in the wake of US President Barack Obama’s turn to negotiations with Iran and the resultant Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action
            agreement, which ended international sanctions against Tehran in return
            for a verified pathway to greatly curbing its nuclear capabilities. The
            Chabahar project as a key point of Indo-Iranian cooperation. Iran
            quickly became India’s second-largest oil supplier, offering attractive commercial terms.

            The Trump administration however unilaterally abrogated the joint plan
            of action in 2017 and further demanded that all countries end imports of
            Iranian oil. By 2019, India had caved in and ended all such imports,
            the second time it had bent to US pressure on oil. The earlier moment
            was during the Obama presidency. The Chabahar project survived the
            sanctions, but progress on rail line construction was painfully slow. Thus, as seen from Tehran, New Delhi’s approach was simply a derivative of Washington’s mercurial seesaws toward Iran.

            India’s strategic bind

            Beyond Iran, other developments are acting to increasingly isolate India
            from its neighborhood. The Taliban seem set to return to power in
            Afghanistan. Nepal, alienated after India’s implicit support of a crushing blockade in 2015, has escalated its disputes with India. China has adroitly exploited cooling India-Bangladesh relations.

            Myanmar, notwithstanding its differences with China, has signed on
            to a slew of Belt and Road Initiative projects. Thailand, a formal
            United States ally, has nevertheless increased its proximity to China.
            Sri Lanka too will not be easily roped into any China-balancing front.

            With a weak economic hand, multiple foreign policy missteps, and now hemmed in by a belligerent China, India’s grand strategy is increasingly adrift. Actually walking the talk on multi-alignment
            may provide a way out. This includes exercising caution on any
            alliance-like commitments to the evolving Quad and a much more forceful
            outreach to non-adversarial actors in India’s extended neighborhood,
            including Iran and Russia who have their own concerns about China. The
            exigencies of geopolitics demand nothing less.


          3. Ashok Varma says:

            Modi is a danger to India and has mishandled ties will all neighbours.

          4. <> says:

            Yet most Indians voted for him. So Ashok, guess you are a minority.

          5. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            The racism in the US is created by some one …all these uprisings are not spontaneous. Those who set the fire were paid agents. Do not believe what the newspapers say

          6. Decatur Guy says:

            Yes, you’re very correct. What we are witnessing has striking parallels to what transpired months/years before the “jewish” uprising in Czarist Russia combined with the media/banking power structures in Wiemar Germany.

          7. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Behind all this are the same “people”….and they are very bad guys…They are not interested in either whites or blacks….nor for any other race…just how to make what they want come true…and do EVERYTHING to achieve it….They do not care about the Americans … the Germans … the Chinese … the Greeks … they do not care about anyone…It is like Lernaean Hydra with its many “heads”…the CENTRAL “head” must be cut off ..to save the world.

          8. Decatur Guy says:

            And cut off it shall be!

        2. guest says:

          Fire breaks out at Nantes cathedral in western France, after the destruction of Notre Dame cathedral. Nantes has also suffered extensive damage.

          1. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            It’s not weird France has many Muslims ..which burn and destroy Christian churches.

          2. Robert Browning says:

            Did a Muslim kill Christ? Or did you and your kind do it??

          3. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Not a very sharp tool in the shed :)

          4. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            I do not believe in established religions..and I’m not a Jew….Muslims and Jews have a common origin. are the same shit…Yes, Muslims are destroying churches…Churches in Mytilene … destroyed by Muslims.


          5. Robert Browning says:

            Kyke, retodd, if you reject Christ and his teaching you are a Jew. That is the definition of a Jew, kyke.

          6. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            I am neither a Christian nor a Jew … I do not believe in religions Nor in things that are made to imprison the minds of the people….I AM A FREE MAN

          7. Robert Browning says:

            Are you retodded? What is the promise of the Jew religion to the jew people? The promise of the Jew religion to the jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. Jews want to enslave non-jews. Christianity rose in opposition to Jews needs wants and desires. Tell me again you are not a jew kyke. Tell me.

          8. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” Are you retodded?”

            WTF is this ;;; I am Greek … and I do not believe in fabricated religions.

          9. Robert Browning says:

            Kyke, please with the BS. There are two ways to get people to do what you want. The first is by force. The second is convincing people they should do what you want. Now, Judaism was created by people who wanted to convince the world that Jews should rule supreme and Christianity says no, God made men free. Got it kyke?

          10. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            ” Got it kyke?”

            Αre you malakas;;;;Because you are definitely chink…Got it MALAKA;;

          11. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Take your Jews … take your Muslims and whoever you want and go and radiate to another galaxy to cleanse the world of you..ΜΑLAKA

          12. Robert Browning says:

            Kyke Moshiach loves you, don’t fight it feel it.

          13. Zionism = EVIL says:

            That is nonsense and Jew propaganda.

          14. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Unfortunately for you I am neither an idiot nor a Jew….What do you think is propaganda?

          15. Icarus Tanović says:

            Zionistic propaganda, very common and easy to spot.

          16. Robert Browning says:

            Did a Muslim kill Christ? Or did you and your kind do it?

        3. Superfly says:

          Your tinfoil is loose……

    2. guest says:

      meanwhile Chinese economy grew by 4.2% and Germany became its largest trading partner……

  4. verner says:

    the number of ‘accidents’ in Iran can with a certainty of 98% be placed on the jews in palestine’s doorstep and that is also the reason why it is of imperative importance, for world peace, to take the jews off the playing field once and for all. nothing should save them from the misery they’ve brought on themselves, misery like pogroms, unlimited anti-semitism and future concentration camps as they, the jews in palestine, did not hesitate to subject the palestinians to. meanwhile Iran should start a tit for tat program and target jews in government and also jews embedded/entrenched in say the disjointed states of A and which are known to fund the war crimes and crimes against humanity and the genocide perpetrated by the jews in palestine – no two things about it.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      I prefare 100 jews for one of Your kind.

      1. guest says:

        100 Jews would steal you blind……..and take over your public housing flat too……

      2. Robert Browning says:

        Jews persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. How can you prefer a Jew, an animal to a human being?

  5. Tony B. says:

    When are sites such as this going to learn the BLM is a Soros/satanic/talmudic divide and conquer tactic against the American people who are basically on the same side as these sites? Why are they so obtuse on these issues as to fall headlong and very deeply for the propaganda of their own enemies?

    1. Jens Holm says:

      We are all jews – even You. But its a secret. Jews even wrote the Choran and invented Muhammed economucs to keep the ugliest people in the world into teadrinking lazybums as well.

      1. John Wallace says:

        That is the first and last secret you will ever be told. We all know Jens has a big mouth..

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          He is a retard and posts nonsense to get attention like the little Zionist PUNK “iron zion” who is teenager and knows fuckall about any weapons system, I have checked him out.

          1. John Wallace says:

            I know Jens from many years ago. I well know he gets invited to all the Brit milah because he has the biggest mouth and can preform the best of all mohel. It is rumored that Jens once held over 50 foreskins in one mouthful.

      2. guest says:

        I am certain your unlucky parents are siblings….no other excuse for your imbecility,,,,

    2. Robert Browning says:

      The Jew purpose is much greater. The Jews want to destroy Christ and Christianity.

  6. chris chuba says:

    Breaking … 75 co-sponsors in the House and Senate for the “Bomb Iran if anything bad happens in the U.S. Act”

    Breaking … ‘State Dept to announce that fire on the USS Bonhomme Richard caused by joint operation by Iran, Russia, and China cyber attacks. Announces new sanctions.’

    Breaking … ‘U.S. MSM believes everything U.S. govt says about other countries. Officially deemed State Media’.

  7. Wizzy says:

    So every empire came and went but this one thinks it’s invincible? How delusional. Some tiny illegal Middle Eastern country kind of thinks the same way

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