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No Sanctions: Serbia Refuses to Carry Out Policy Agreed with EU

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No Sanctions: Serbia Refuses to Carry Out Policy Agreed with EU

Tomislav Nikolic

Serbia aims to join the EU, but Belgrade is not going to sacrifice relations with Russia for this, the FAN news agency reported on Wednesday, citing Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic. In this way, the Serbian government refused to support the anti-Russian sanctions. Belgrade also does not intend to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

“There is no better variant than to join the European Union for Serbian citizens, but even for this Belgrade does not intend to sign an agreement with Prishtine,” Tomislav Nikolic noted during the meeting with US Vice President Joseph Biden. According to the Serbian President, Belgrade is connected both with Moscow and Washington, media reported. Biden is currently having a working visit to Serbia and Kosovo.

Will remind, the EU still keeps restrictions towards Russia. Berlin has already said that it will not weaken the sanctions until the normalization of the situation in Donbass.

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Being a EU puppet is not all that it’s hyped up to be. Don’t give in.

At a time when most EU members want to get away from the EU. What kind of country would want to join? Norway left the EU. Now the UK is leaving the EU. And Germany and Austria should leave soon if they know what is good for them. And all countries should abandoned their failed Zionist-Imperial-State for local administrations only. Serbia’s ally should be Greece and Russia. And later when Germany liberates themselves from being occupied by Zionist-surpremisist. Then Serbia and Germany should also become good friends. But only after indigenous Germans liberate themselves from Zionist occupiers.

petar petrovic

Serbia didn’t agree to anything with EU regarding Russia. It’s stance is unchanged from before, despite German/EU pressures: no imposition of sanctions on Russia.

Regarding the non signing of agreements with Pristina, i wouldn’t know where that came from, we have already pretty much de facto recognized that western puppet state with our previous agreemets. No information has circulated in Serbian media regarding any kind of a new agreement, so either the reporter knows something serbian media is not being told, or it’s probably false/possibly just the talk regarding Kosovo’s unfullfilment of the previously signed agreements…

petar petrovic

Ah, I understand now, the “normalisation of relations” agreement… basically de jure recognition… they keep trying to force recognition…

Yep, that one is not gonna get signed (for now at least, nothing would surprise me anymore).

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