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JULY 2022

No Place to Hide For ISIS: More Hideouts Uncovered In On-Going SAA Operation In Central Syria (Photos)

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No Place to Hide For ISIS: More Hideouts Uncovered In On-Going SAA Operation In Central Syria (Photos)

Click to see full-size image. By Oleg Blokhin, source: t.me/Oleg_Blokhin

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies uncovered many hideouts of ISIS cells during recent combing operations in Syria’s central region.

On June 19, Russian journalist Oleg Blokhin released photos showing some of the hideouts. ISIS terrorists stored weapons, ammunition, equipment, food and other supplies in the hideouts.

While some of the hideouts were easy to spot, others were hidden underground in random areas. The terrorists use coordinates to find such hideouts, which are usually used as supply posts.

RusVesna also shared photos showing weapons and ammunition which were recently seized by the SAA and its allies from an ISIS hideout in the central region. The weapons included 20 assault rifles.

ISIS cells in central Syria stepped up their attacks with the beginning of 2021, promoting the SAA and its allies to launch a series of combing operations in the region.

The terrorist group sustained heavy human and material losses in these operations. However, it is still active in the central region. Ten Iranian-backed pro-government fighters were killed or wounded in a recent attack by the group’s cells in southern Deir Ezzor.


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southfront fan

Lets hope the SAA finds them all quickly with as few casualties as possible.


In pic – amongst the many AK’s there is single FN FAL rifle in cache – this is weird as FAL is chambered for the first generation NATO 7.62×51 round, and is not compatible with standard AK47 chambered 7.62×39 round – so whoever carried that FAL around needed own ammo supply different to everyone else around them. There are probably stocks in Syria – given its awash with NATO/Gulf trafficked weaponry and munitions – but is weirdly inefficient.

Lone Ranger

Terrorists early in the war even used original Stg-44s. No joke.


Or it could have been the weapon of a western special forces guy working with the rats,i have said for a long time the rats have help.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators. May they rest in pieces…


The Syrians should deploy small units of heavily armed and mobile special forces to seek out and kill those bastards,and call in airstrikes when needed.

Lance Ripplinger

We never see any of this reported on in the West, of course. What a nightmare for the SAA to find the terrorist cells in the Syrian Desert. Vast region, with nothing for miles on end; just sand and hilly areas where the terrorists hide out, like seen here.

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