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No Place to Hide For ISIS: More Hideouts Uncovered In On-Going SAA Operation In Central Syria (Photos)

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No Place to Hide For ISIS: More Hideouts Uncovered In On-Going SAA Operation In Central Syria (Photos)

Click to see full-size image. By Oleg Blokhin, source: t.me/Oleg_Blokhin

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies uncovered many hideouts of ISIS cells during recent combing operations in Syria’s central region.

On June 19, Russian journalist Oleg Blokhin released photos showing some of the hideouts. ISIS terrorists stored weapons, ammunition, equipment, food and other supplies in the hideouts.

While some of the hideouts were easy to spot, others were hidden underground in random areas. The terrorists use coordinates to find such hideouts, which are usually used as supply posts.

RusVesna also shared photos showing weapons and ammunition which were recently seized by the SAA and its allies from an ISIS hideout in the central region. The weapons included 20 assault rifles.

ISIS cells in central Syria stepped up their attacks with the beginning of 2021, promoting the SAA and its allies to launch a series of combing operations in the region.

The terrorist group sustained heavy human and material losses in these operations. However, it is still active in the central region. Ten Iranian-backed pro-government fighters were killed or wounded in a recent attack by the group’s cells in southern Deir Ezzor.


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southfront fan

Lets hope the SAA finds them all quickly with as few casualties as possible.

jens holm

They wont.

Its a slowly erosion, which only comes through if Assads better conditions, so ISIS gets no new recruits. Not many are needed in Guerilla warfare.

Most people here is not aware of how big the deserts are and how small help more or less random bombardments are.


now jens astrologer consumes too much LSD

jens holm

Yes, they are clever well organized assymetric first class in those matters.

They hise and spread out, so You cant eliminate gatherings but only one or few people. They are able to communicate and concentrate and next they are gone decentralized.

That makes very big bombs a waste.

One famous for making such a fortification was Lord Robert Baden Powel in the war against the Boers in southafrica.

Even the brittish soldiers were many and well armed, they could not find and cath the Boers.

Baden Powel was allowed to fortify an english town there named Mafeking and got abour 300 soldiers and a lot of ammo and food for it. It was a vital village in those days. It among others things also had an important railroad and telegraph.

The Boers lost many many soldiers there and the britts relative few. It was the first Victory the Britts had there. It was a very dirty war inventing KZ camp by both sides.

Later on Bapen Powel(sometime named as BP) became the one inventing the Boy Scouts which later one was coiped by the whole world from the Russian and Chinese versions as well nas Hitler Jugend.

It told the world that boys from 12 to 16 can do many jobs by their own or almost by their own being usefull citicens in civile help but also as non combattants in war. Most people also say, that those usefull jobs done by them made them out of trouble and crime because of their internal leadership by boys being16 leading the ones being 12 to 16.

Today we will name it as active networking by trusting each other. It was a must the Leaders should listen to all and do it well,but if needed was the only and responsabile decider.


if you believe Boer war comparable then the recent consultation I had with your witchdoctor is incorrect—your disorganized dementia has progressed to the extent that the original recommended treatment—partial lobotomy combined with massive dosages of CNN and wikipedophilia, will not succeed


very nice work SAA, keep finding ad killing them, inshallah daesh is completely eradicated from the area


In pic – amongst the many AK’s there is single FN FAL rifle in cache – this is weird as FAL is chambered for the first generation NATO 7.62×51 round, and is not compatible with standard AK47 chambered 7.62×39 round – so whoever carried that FAL around needed own ammo supply different to everyone else around them. There are probably stocks in Syria – given its awash with NATO/Gulf trafficked weaponry and munitions – but is weirdly inefficient.

Lone Ranger

Terrorists early in the war even used original Stg-44s.
No joke.


Or it could have been the weapon of a western special forces guy working with the rats,i have said for a long time the rats have help.


ISIS amerikans gradually being eliminated despite high pay by CIA and turkeys—-relieved to be sent to 70 danish LGBT virgins

jens holm

They will be killed. Its 72 to one.


dane virgins will be killed? they don’t exist in denpedophiliamark

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators.
May they rest in pieces…

jens holm

You only lie for Yourself.


The Syrians should deploy small units of heavily armed and mobile special forces to seek out and kill those bastards,and call in airstrikes when needed.

jens holm

They dont have troops fpr that. Their education is bad for it. The have bad Leaders and certainly not the equioment.

How can You even write like this???

Lance Ripplinger

We never see any of this reported on in the West, of course. What a nightmare for the SAA to find the terrorist cells in the Syrian Desert. Vast region, with nothing for miles on end; just sand and hilly areas where the terrorists hide out, like seen here.

jens holm

Bigger one actually is. You are partly correct. There are so many conflicts there and we cant cover all well.

We almost has a country debate about the more or less danish related(feeded) ISIS ones in the SDF camps driven by UN. Thats a hard one for us. As many others we dont want them at all.

In the last many days we have covered who is who at the Iranian elections and if there will be cahnges and if so – which so.

We also has covered the Biden-Iran relations well and what it is all about.

We have covered Lebanon well and the many reasons why so many has reached the starving level and even the(christian) army cant get food for themself.

We also has covered the many missiles Israel/Gaza/Westbank. Here we also has covered how the majority of the Isralians try to get rid of Netanyahu knowing the very strange replacement mix well.

We do have danish journalist there but also buy rapports from others.

So thats why.

I will remind You, that we have Our own world too, where we also debate muslims also in Covid figting are the lowest to be vaccinated even they often has jobs, where they are in contact with others. Here we also cover how to do with the ones, which not even try to integrate contributing with jobs themself and the smaller groups, which makes half of the ajils and safehuses full.


if a drone can detect jens the night porter in his village they will be able to locate these desert rats…thay cannot survive eating scorpions. they must obtain benzene for vehicles baklava from turkis in oder to organize their terror

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