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“No No You Guys, THIS US-Backed Military Coup Is Perfectly Legitimate!”

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog

I just keep tripping on how dumb this latest US-backed military coup is. It’s in Bolivia in case you’ve lost track, which would be perfectly understandable since US-backed coups have become kind of like US mass shootings — there’s so many of them they’re starting to blend into each other.

“No No You Guys, THIS US-Backed Military Coup Is Perfectly Legitimate!”

I mean, for starters the justifications for this one are so cartoonishly reachy and desperate it boggles the mind a bit. The main argument you’ll see in favor of the coup is that Evo Morales was elected after Bolivia’s high court ruled that he could run for a fourth term, but the (democratically elected) court ruled against a 2016 referendum on presidential term limits.

That’s it. That weird, pedantic appeal to a particular interpretation of bureaucratic technicalities is the whole entire argument in support of a literal military coup backed by the United States.

And make no mistake, that’s exactly what this was: the military ousting a government is precisely the thing that a coup is. The coup’s Christian fascist leader Luis Fernando Camacho openly tweeted that the military was actively pursuing Morales’ arrest prior to the ousted leader’s escape to Mexico, a tweet he later deleted presumably because the admission makes it much harder to call this military coup anything other than the thing that it is. The Grayzone has published an article documenting this coup’s many ties to Washington. Put it all together, and you’ve got a US-backed military coup.

As happens every single time the US tries to overthrow a government these days, social media is currently swarming with small, brand-new and suspicious-looking accounts, many of which are publishing the same words verbatim, all defending and supporting the coup. Some of them try to argue that Morales rigged last month’s election, but that’s totally bogus and evidence-free. Others try to claim that “the people” of Bolivia opposed Morales, strongly implying that he was universally loathed, but that claim is invalidated by the election results and the massive demonstrations against the coup.

So the only actual argument really boils down to “Well he ran for another term, and yeah he won, and yeah the democratically elected high court ruled he could run again, but a loud and violent minority of Bolivians don’t want him to be president. What choice do you have in such circumstances other than to support a literal military coup?”

Which is just so crazy. That’s how low the bar has sunk for supporting the toppling of a government today. They don’t have to claim he’s starving his own people. They don’t have to claim that he’s using chemical weapons. They don’t have to claim that he’s governing without the consent of the voting populace. Just “Yeah well some of us don’t like him and there’s some paperwork we disagree on.”

I mean really, how much lower can the bar get for when a US-backed military coup is justified? “Oh, that government needed to be toppled because the leader got a parking ticket once”? “Well the president wore white after Labor Day, and that’s a fashion atrocity”?

So the Morales-supporting line of succession has been ousted and many of his supporters in the government arrested by masked men, and now the US-approved interim president is an appalling racist and absolute dimwit who calls to mind a very low-budget Bolivian version of Sarah Palin.

It’s absolutely amazing how many people all across the political spectrum have been sucked in by this ridiculousness. How lost do you have to be to believe that this US-backed military coup is different from all the others? How many times is Charlie Brown going to run up and try to kick Lucy’s football?

That bitch is never gonna let you kick that goddamn football, Charlie Brown. And this US-backed military coup isn’t going to be any more moral, legal or beneficial than all the others.

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Normal Person

And while they were activity arguing, some other actor installed a “president”, different than the ones behind the coup were sponsoring. Someone jump the gun. Camacho and Mesa were the ones that the US was vouching for. But instead, another major actor just pulled a “Guaido”. So the US payed for the coup, and someone took advantage of it.

You can call me Al

Wrong Country mate, “Guaidó” is Venezuela; but the same thing is also happening there as well.

Pave Way IV

“The coup’s Christian fascist leader Luis Fernando Camacho…”

Camacho? As in the 2505 future US President Camacho from the movie Idiocracy? He traveled back through time to save Bolivia? Well, the guy does know about the economy…


dez nuts

Bias article. No evidence of US involvement and clearly hates the US. If only he or she knew about the global pedophile rings being taken down spearheaded by Trump and the white hats and global allies. Im sure bolivia was tied into the human trafficking somehow, ill further research.


Where were you when the brains were given out? Surely there’s an App for dumb folks like you ?


I found the last video interesting. There is a quick count that stops at 80% of vote, and the official count. And OAS claims a statistical anomaly between the two! Duh, Well of course there could be, depending on the different areas of Bolivia posting numbers later in the vote counting. NUTS :)


This is the result of Shyster lawyers having too much power as they distort language to bamboozle the people who accept things at face value.

You can call me Al

Ignore the twat.

Just one quote from Morales for you “We are clear with the IMF and we have a great future of exporting coming” (or words to that effect); so they paid their IMF loans off and did you know that it has one of the highest reserves in Lithium globally which they were going to export to China.

US bastards.

Hasbara Hunter

Good day brother how are you doin’?

You can call me Al

Not bad, not bad; really looking forward to Christmas though. How are you ?. As a side issue, do you go on Zero Hedge ?, there is someone with the same photo. Catch you later, cheers for now.

Hasbara Hunter

I’m doin’ good…travellin’ the world living outdoors…training for what might the near future… besides that Good Stamina is never a bad thing… Perhaps I have posted something in the past on Zero Hedge…not recently…

You can call me Al

I was exactly the same before the big C took its effects. Have a great time and enjoy you lucky git.

Hasbara Hunter

I’m sorry to hear that my Friend…how’s the prognosis? Any chances?

You can call me Al

Been and “gone” now – just the after affects now, but thank you for asking.


Yes, the bloody hands of the US again.

I have a sense though that the US coup failed to cement her coup by playing the ‘victim card’ with US mercenary snipers shooting the coup activists.

China is heavily invested in the country, so it’s quite reasonable to suggest that there is a plan with Morales that gives time to organise the millions of Morales supporters for a push back.

viktor ziv

Please elaborate, cause from bias and hate, over global pedophile ring and Trump, you ended up accusing Bolivia with human trafficking. Your last sentence sheds some light: “You’re sure, somehow, You’ll research”.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahaha America is a Terrorist Organisation since 1776…no matter what Puppet is President….


You’re funny.


Yeah, since we are under attack from the brigade of drooling idiots and units of even dumber people, and spiced with the most brainwashed sheeps in the known universe, I will just kick back since the article is spot on, but to beat the army of smuged rats crawling all over the net this days.

Yup, the uh…. Yankikes are out in full force this days, like the HasbaRats, and what do we get, people like dez nuts, uh….hehe. This is one of the majore reasons I usually dont waist time and effort to do anything with them unless I can bitch slap em with something that probably will whooosh past their turd brains, but to others, whom is on the eh….. propaganda, where they belive everything they are been told.

The problem is as we all know, they are loosing the internet war of words, and sends out the dumbest shitheads they can muster to eh…. divert this, I know you shitheads are either sitting in some destert camp somewhere in the banana republic and/or in Tel-aviv, witch to me is completelly irrelevant, but just shows what people whom have no arguments can and will state or write to make an eh….. point of something, or maybe Norse, an pathetic spineless people, whom even thoe they never had anything to do with Vikings brags about that, when Odin was an Turk, an remnant of the Khazarian realms, witch is basically an ancient Turko-Mongol war lord or as we say, just an sheep f….montain monkey.

Poor child. If you are in ISISrael and/or chatolic I have an story to tell you, and since you are idiots, I dont bother to link to anything, so you can have something to do, instead of been an nusance for adults, just points out to some new facts, and this comes from inside ISISrael, where they stil havent found even an pottery to confirm anything that this eh…. fairy tales jews tells you and lies basically about everything, but this goes to the second fact, if some of you woundered why the Catholic Chuch with the Polish Jew, in charge, is sudenly having an Female diety in their arms, even partisipating in an sermony as they did some days ago regarding this female diety, thats because Yahwe, is an Woman, Mother earth, an Female diety. Hehe, not that I have any problems with it, but the Church lies about some of it, the reasons for the reverance of an Madona, that is not about the mother of Jeshua, but Yahwe, because the CC is 100% false, and their origin is in Mithrandism, not what they claim to day, the Bible, an Bible witch is so faked its wurthless, and the teaching pereverted to oblivion.

Have an nice day. Cheers.



“many of his supporters in the government arrested by masked men” This is how it always goes: the sheep don’t follow through, don’t do what it takes to protect themselves from the hyenas, because they’re scared to death that the liberal prestige press would write mean words about it. Then when the hyenas get to power, surprise surprise, they don’t follow their own liberal rules; instead, they quickly neutralize their enemies and place their own people at key positions throughout the machinery. See also: Ukraine; see also: Hong Kong.

Maybe the hyenas just are more competent at predation than the sheep give them credit for.

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