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‘No Nazis In Ukraine’ Mantra Strikes Back: FBI Detained Wannabe Bomber WIth Links To Pro-Kiev ‘Azov Battalion’

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'No Nazis In Ukraine' Mantra Strikes Back: FBI Detained Wannabe Bomber WIth Links To Pro-Kiev 'Azov Battalion'

Ordinary Ukrainian democrats

The FBI arrested a US soldier who allegedly planned to bomb a major news network and shared bomb-building information online, VICE reported.

The 24-year-old soldier from Fort Riley, Kanas, is named Jarrett William Smith and as early as 2016 showed interest in joining the Azov Battalion, one of the Nazi-infested armed groups fighting on the side of the Kiev regime in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

He is charged with one count of distributing information related to explosives and weapons of mass destruction.

“This is a Middle East–style bomb that, if big enough or connected to the right explosive, can damage or destroy U.S. military vehicles. Most of the time, it can obliterate civilian vehicles and people nearby,” Smith told an undercover FBI agent.

Smith joined the army in June 2017, and had since been promoted to the level of private first-class infantry soldier, before being arrested now. He faces a 20-year prison sentence, in addition to a $250,000 fine.

The FBI then said that Smith connected with an “American Man” on Facebook. The man had travelled to Ukraine between 2017 and 2019 and fought in the Donbass with another one of the Nazi “Volunteer Battalions.”

He was Smith’s mentor on his way to joining a Nazi group in Ukraine.

The court documents included excerpts from Facebook conversations between Smith, the “American Man” and others from October 2018. Smith brags about being able to transform cell phones into improvised explosive devices (IEDs) “in the style of Afghans.” He followed up his claims with instructions on how to do it.

On August 19th, 2019, an undercover FBI agent spoke to Smith online. Smith told the agent that he was hoping to meet like-minded “radicals” and aspired to kill members of antifa. He was also considering targeting cell towers or a local news station, court documents outlined.

He then chose his target: the headquarters of a major US news network. The attack would be carried out by a car bomb. The court documents don’t mention the network. On September 20th he spoke to the undercover agent and discussed specifics on building a car bomb.

He was arrested between September 21st and 22nd and admitted to FBI that he knew how to build IEDs and instructed others how to do so.

“He admitted that he provides this information even to individuals who tell him they intend to use the information to cause harm to others,” one FBI agent wrote. “Smith stated that he did this to cause ‘chaos.’ He told me that if chaos results in the death of people, even through information he provided, it doesn’t affect him.”

The Department of Homeland Security just days earlier formally recognized white nationalists as a serious national security threat.

In earlier September 2019, former FBI agent Ali Soufan, who runs the global security firm the Soufan Center, testified that 17,000 foreigners, including from the U.S., have traveled to Ukraine in recent years to gain paramilitary skills there.

All these people fought alongside “far-right groups like Azov and were returning home with those new skills.”

White supremacism was further tied to Russia, by Joshua Geltzer, former US senior director of counter terrorism in a testimony to US Congress.

Because, of course, the Nazis in Ukraine are actually fighting against the ‘Russian agression’ and people of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics and the US supports them. But only if they’re outside of its borders. Fighting for democracy is only that when it’s wreaking havoc in another country.

Since if extremists fight against an adversary, they’re immediately “moderate,” despite being a “serious threat to national security” if they’re inside the United States.

Geltzer said:

“This is not terrorism ‘domestic’ to any one nation alone. It is a global surge in violence inspired by white supremacy. There is one additional driver of today’s threat that must be emphasised – the active role of foreign government actors in propagating violent white supremacist ideology.”

“The Russian government adds violent energy to the emerging transnational network of white supremacists, spreading its cause in part through disinformation aggressively disseminated online.”

The “emerging epicentre” of white supremacist extremism is Russia and Ukraine, the committee was told.

Ali Soufan, mentioned earlier, also shifted the blame on Russia:

“There are extensive ties between the Russian government and far-right groups in Europe.”

He said Russian paramilitary groups in Ukraine were training foreign fighters “motivated by white supremacy and neo-Nazi beliefs.”

Thus, his essential description was that Russian PMCs were training Ukrainian Nazis who, in turn, fight against Russia.

“Russian disinformation efforts have fueled anti-immigrant sentiment in countries like Sweden, fueling resentment among native-born Swedes.”

According to a new report from the US department of homeland security “domestic” terrorism is now as big a threat to the US as jihadist terrorism.

The report noted a “disturbing rise in attacks motivated by domestic terrorist ideologies” and set out a new strategy for dealing with them.

Kevin McAleenan, the acting US homeland security secretary, said:

“In our modern age the continuation of racially-based violent extremism, particularly violent white supremacy, is an abhorrent affront to the nation. It has no place in the United States of America, and it never will.”

Mainstream media outlets and ‘experts’ once again showed the ability to distort the reality to keep the narrative. So, now we know that it’s Russia to be blamed for actions of Nazi groups created with US support in Ukraine.


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US domestic terrorism are made and nurtured by C-I-fuckin-A.


And ANTIFA is the problem?!

Tiresia Branding

AshkeNAZIsts are the problem: Kolomoisky fund Azov Battalion, Soros fund Antifa… both AshkeNAZIsts

Agnostic Priest

In the West, yeah.

Concrete Mike

Yes they are a problem.

If a certain group resorts to violence to get their point across thats a.problem.

If a certain group takes advantage of a liberal.leaning population to take liberalism to overdrive when its not needed nor desired, yes its a problem.

When the so called anti fascist are fascists , its a big fucken problem.


I agree, what with all the bombings, mass shootings and conspiracy they engage in, this calls into question the entire spectrum of opposition to fascism.

chris chuba

Shameless liars, the infuriating thing about the citation in this article that I am repeating below is that it is part of a 4 bullet ‘key take aways’ of his longer testimony. So the twisted lie that Russia is supporting Nazis in Ukraine was so important that it had to be called out as a key part of his testimony which must have been much much longer.


Dr. Geltzer testified how foreign nations, such as Russia, aim to fuel white supremacist extremism by recruiting foreign terrorist fighters to join the conflict in Ukraine, and through online misinformation campaigns that inflame anti-immigrant and nationalistic sentiments.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

This is a load of shit.

chris chuba

A week ago in Hannity Land he and the State Dept was making so much hay about an alleged Hezbollah member in the U.S. surveying (but not actively seeking to destroy) U.S. infrastructure and here you have Pvt Nutjob going a lot further than that an crickets from them about it.

Concrete Mike

So its russia’s fault sweden cant integrate its migrants?

How stupid do you think we are Ali Soufan?

Does soufan mean idiot in whatever fucken place you grew up?

The swedes have only themselves to blame as do we in the west.

We are a racist supremacist society and always have been, yet it russia’s fault?

Fuck you ! Thats all i can say.


“In our modern age the continuation of racially-based violent extremism”

Sounds like Zionism to me. Which is why disapproval of the Israeli government is soaring amongst Americans.


– Young adults less likely than older people to have a favorable view of the Israeli government –



Not sure what’s more amazing. How the west glorifies Ukrainian Nazis or how all the Ukrainian oligarchs are Jewish. I guess they missed that memo.

AM Hants

Ironic isn’t it? Especially when the Head of the European Jewish Community, over in Ukraine, funded the first Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion? Not forgetting Soros, who funded the Ukraine coup d’etat, publicly stated that the best times of his life, were when the Hungarian born of Khazarian faith (posing as Jewish), worked as a Nazi Collaborator, back in the 40s. He says he was only 14 at the time, and did not know better. However, it was not the era of the ‘snowflake’ generation. Kids of 14 were working full time and kids of 16 were signing up to serve on the frontline and give their lives for our freedom. Kids, that did not need ‘puppy therapy’, play-doh, colouring books and crayons, to handle a democratic Presidential Election, whilst trying to graduate from University.

I wonder if they are looking down on events today, if they would have given their lives, knowing what we value as freedom?


Freedom for the MIC to run roughshod over the world, leaving an endless trail of death and misery. While we fret at home trying to invent yet another pronoun that accurately describes a decadent brainwashed freak.

AM Hants

Kiev Resorts to Dirty Tricks in ECHR Case on Crimea, Puts Russian Reps on ‘Enemies of Ukraine’ List… https://sputniknews.com/world/201909241076880943-kiev-resorts-to-dirty-tricks-in-echr-case-on-crimea-puts-russian-rep-on-enemies-of-ukraine-list/

However, why does Europe support the Myrotvorets?

“Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who gained his post thanks to the 2014 coup and has held it ever since”, Richardson explains, “needs both Mirotvorets and ‘tamed’ radical groups like ‘National Corpus’ [a Ukrainian –ultranationalist party] to remain at hand, ready to be used against not only any internal force that shows any sympathy towards Russia…but also external so-called ‘enemies of the state’ who remind Ukraine that, for example, it still buys Russian gas (in reverse flow from Europe) but at twice the cost.”

Didn’t Avakov, persuade the Head of the European Jewish Community, Kolomoisky, who just happens to be the Comedian come President of Ukrains’s mentor. to fund the Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion?. Not forgetting his role in giving Biden’s son and John Kerry’s step son a job, over in Burisma Energy, operating from Ukraine, but, registered in Cyprus.

Nice to see the UK legal system working with Russia and actually working without bias. Such a rarity these days.

There again, back in 1994, Prime Minister John Major’s Government, did state, in their released, classified papers, that the people of Crimea would want to go home to Russia, owing to the way they were treated by those in Ukraine. Just like the UK, used self determination for the BREXIT, Scottish Referendum and Falkland Islands Referendums, the people of Crimea used self determination, to return home to Russia.

AM Hants

Pro-Kiev Azov Battalion and their links.

Igor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian oligarch, in control of the aviation sector, back in 2014, when the MH17 went down. Remember him apologising for the wrong plane being taken down?

Igor Kolomoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Community, over in Ukraine, who founded the ‘Azov’ Nazi Battalion. For his good friend Arson Avakov, who became the Interiro Minister, post the Soros funded violent coup d’etat.

Igor Kolomoisky, who gave the son of Joe Biden and the step son of John Kerry, the Vice President of the US and the Secretary of State of the US, with his energy company, that operated in Ukraine, but, was registered in Cyprus, Burisma Holdings.

Remember, Trump’s legal adviser, the ex-Mayor of New York, and what he had to say about Joe Biden, going after the Ukraine Prosecutor, who just happened to be investigating the firm his son worked for. As Biden, admitted and bragged about, on video and also in his auto-biography, he wanted to withold $1 billion of tax payers money, to Ukraine, if they did not get rid of the Prosecutor.

Igor Kolomoisky, who just happens to be the mentor of the Comedian turned President, over in Ukraine.

Weird, how they blame Russia, who celebrate the defeat of the Nazis, on the 9th May each year, whilst Ukraine, refuse to honour the event?

If it was not for the 13 million losses, that Russia took, for our freedom, including at Stalingrad, when they sent the Nazis back to Germany, than there WWII would have had a completely different outcome. Funny how the kids of the Nazi and Bolshevik elite are desperately trying to rewrite history.

Now where did their parents and grandparents end up, after ‘Operation Paperclip’ provided safe passage?

Ralph London

AM, the neocon jewland was responsible for the violent coup in ukraine. soros may have had something to do with it but more like a bit player.

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