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No More Obstacles For War In Ukraine. Russia Deploys Troops In Crimea

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No More Obstacles For War In Ukraine. Russia Deploys Troops In Crimea

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As of March 30th, Russia has deployed up to 28 battalion tactical groups to Crimea and Krasnodar, with up to 25 more allegedly on the way, according to Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak.

He also said that Ukrainian formations were position in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast and in the Crimean direction.

Social media is filled with videos showing the movement of Russia’s heavy equipment towards Crimea and Krasnodar.




Escalation in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea appears inevitable, at this point.

On March 29th, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a draft of so-called resolution on the situation in Donbass.

It is for the first time that the Parliament in Kiev adopted a document, which says that the war in Eastern Ukraine is a Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict. Previously, the phrase “aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine” was used in Kiev’s official documents. Today, the war in Donbass was designated as an international armed conflict – war.

Separately, Ukrainian diplomats have raised the alarm this week over news of Russian plans to hold Ukraine peace talks without Ukraine’s participation. Allegedly, Moscow aims to bypass Kiev and reach agreement directly with the West over Ukraine’s geopolitical future.

Speaking in Moscow on March 29, Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov confirmed to reporters that preparations were currently underway for a video conference between Russian President Vladimir Putin and fellow Normandy Format leaders German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, with the conflict in Ukraine set to feature prominently on the trilateral agenda.

Peskov stated that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyywould not be invited to join the talks.

“We continue coordination with Berlin and Paris,” the Kremlin spokesman noted when asked whether it was planned to hold such an event and when it could take place.

“When there are specific results, we will inform you,” he assured.

At the same time, Peskov stressed that the video conference was not being prepared as a Normandy Four summit, adding that it was planned to discuss a number of other issues as well.

When asked why the list of the participants did not include Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Peskov said, “Because the issue at hand is not a Normandy Four event. There are many others issues for discussion. This is not the Normandy Four.”

The Kremlin spokesman agreed that it was impossible to hold such a summit without discussing the situation in Donbass. “Of course, the issue will be on the agenda in one way or another, but this is not the only issue,” he said.

He declined to comment on other issues that the leaders could discuss. “I would refrain from making any announcements right now. When everything is finally clear regarding the time of the meeting, we will let you know,” Peskov concluded.

Observers expect that a potential date for hostilities in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea would be between April 15th and 25th, when there is less humidity, and the roads are easier to navigate.

At the same time, on April 18-22, Turkey is holding a Loyal Bonus I 21 NATO Ground forces command exercise, playing out an Article 5 defense of an invaded ally.

Turkey’s interests are suffering in Greater Idlib, and it is not unlikely that Kiev and Ankara would, at least partially, coordinate their operations, so that they can attempt and strain Russia on two fronts.

Whether that will actually happen – time will tell.

No More Obstacles For War In Ukraine. Russia Deploys Troops In Crimea

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  • On March 30, artillery of the UAF targeted DPR positions near Mineralnoye
  • On March 30, artillery of the UAF targeted DPR positions near Krasnyi
  • On March 30, artillery of the DPR forces targeted UAF positions near Avdiyivka
  • On March 30, artillery of the DPR forces targeted UAF positions near Pisky
  • Russia deployed 28 battalion tactical groups in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, according to Ruslan Khomchak, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Ukraine deployed its own units and heavy equipment in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast, as well as in the Crimea Direction


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“”” Turkey’s interests are suffering in Greater Idlib, and it is not unlikely that Kiev and Ankara would, at least partially, coordinate their operations, so that they can attempt and strain Russia on two fronts.”””

Turkey is always the fly in the ointment, in case of an armed conflict both Kiev and Ankara would suffer territorial losses, making pro Russian and Russian forces’ position in the area much better.

Jihadi Colin

It is possible that the Ukranazis are hoping for too much when they rely on actual support, not promises, from the Bidet regime.



I guess that depends on what one calls “actual support.” Remember the “international clique’s” previous world war: When Poland was part of military provocations against the old “axis of evil” countries, didn’t Poland receive “support”? Eventually…?

Jihadi Colin

Meanwhile this Amerikastani Twit site is laying the grounds for claiming an “unprovoked Russian invasion”:



Twitter told us a War is coming. Click bait. Ukraine, Turks are going to rule the Black Sea? I had to laugh. I don’t think so. Poor, Russia. Surrounded by foolish countries.


In all fairness, if there were no Twitter and no Internet, the war would have been here by now.

Ricky Miller

We can hope that Ukraine is stupid enough to link the War in the East with Crimea, and that Turkey is stupid enough to think that outright aid of Ukraine’s actions in the South and East won’t harm the tactical and territorial balance in the North of Syria. In the debates in the Kremlin about what to do with all these problems the restraint wing of the Russian government seems to beat the action wing from the Defense and Foreign Ministries at nearly every decision corner. But bold, stupid actions by Russia’s actual enemies can put the restraint people in the doghouse and give the “I’ve had enough of this crap” folks the upper hand in Moscow, finally. The world could change and Turkish and Ukrainian miscalculations might actually spark that change. Let us root for the stupid people to cross one stupid bridge too many….


Please note, Ricky, that “I’ve had enough of this crap” is why Germany took back Danzig, why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, etc. The “international clique” oligarchs using propaganda, sanctions, and provocations against their enemies, then blaming those enemies for everything when they get fed up might look stupid now, but the strategy has “worked” for decades, if not centuries.


ukrainians are dumber or at least as dumb as the poles and when they’re egged on by the forces in the background, common sense disappears out the window and they somehow dream that they caan retake Crimea, what a larf. better clean out ukraine and send them to poland where the two dumbest people can mix their genes indiscriminately.


It was and is evident that ukrops nazioligarchs are stupid enough to start a war. All that said, I wonder how long it will last. And no, I am not talking about russian tanks steamrolling the ukrops, but about ukrainian citizens invading the Rada and Zelensky palace to hang all the traitors.

The thing that the gerontocratic americans don’t understand, is that ukrainians are slavs and see russians as brothers. And they have had enough of western backed oligarchs.

Every press whore in the west was fast to point to “Yanukovich ousting”, but not one of them noted that ukrainians voted him into office, another time, after he was ousted in 2001 during the orange revolution. So it is crystal clear that ukrainians prefer Russia-aligned politicians. At least they need the country to be alive, while the US puppets are working fulltime to annihilate the country from the inside.

We have seen a bit of turmoil after Poroshenko did go to power. But the situation was peaceful enough, to force the people to bite the bullet and stay silent. However, in case of all-out war the people will have no more restraint and fear. After all we all know that common people have tried every trick in the book TO NOT be enlisted into the ukrainian army. Their rage will explode in case of an all-out war against Russia.

Supreme Blyat

Ok, we get it. Both countries have trains.


Look, this is what means to be a vassal State. You send your people to die on behalf of foreign oligarchs.

Peter Jennings

The junta in Kiev think they are to get EU and nato membership. Hasn’t happened yet and probably never will. The US admin are all over this. If it wasn’t for half of congress making shyster deals in Ukraine the situation would be quite different. Ukrainians themselves are already under a dictatorship, as is the US itself.


There are military manoeuvre in Poland and so on at the same time. Russia is Surrounded.

Frank G

that would trigger an all out war with russia if they attack kalingrad

John Brown

Yes the USSA, UK, France etc., would all be vaporized in less then 30 minutes.

John Brown

I doubt they will do anything other then cry “crocodile tears” if the UKI Zio-Nazis force Russia to blast them to bits.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Well the Americans have two options over Ukraine… War with Russia or peace with themselves. If it is war, then it is not going to end well for anyone, but it is a war that Russia will have to fight.

Ivan Freely

It’ll be interesting to see how China responds as well.

chris chuba

The UAF will just use heavy artillery to pound Donbas and Luhansk until they force a ground attack on them or kill every man, woman and child because they know that the west will never condemn them for shelling civilian areas. Biden will keep supplying the shells and let the rivers flow with blood.

The best thing for the Russian Federation to do would be to suppress the UAF artillery. It is the least bad option.

Ukraine will never launch a ground attack. They will just keep shelling, and shelling, and shelling, until there is not a building, tree, or blade of grass left across the river. NATO will even teach them shanties to sing while they do it.

Frank G

iskanders and kalibers would bring that to an end but I think Rus would not use them initially. dpr are dug in so i think it will be like before using artillery and rockets, EW, AA, and possibly new higher tech weapons. if uki goes all in maybe turks as well in northern syria and possible polock agressions as well, that would not end well for any of them


Ukraine does not need to win, they only need to attract a russian intervention to justify a new militarization of Europe and make the NATO grip absolute. Russia can military defeat Ukraine rapidly (even with “allies” help), but the consequences are blurry and dangerous. But a WWIII over Ukraine seems unlikely, what could happen is that a new iron curtain will be imposed and a new phase of the cold war 2.0 will start.


WWIII over Ukraine seems likely!


Cold War 2.0 suggests no genuine intention to escalate a hot, peer-adversary, regime change war. With the Soviet Union carrying out similar policies as the US, the UK, and the rest of the world elite empire, there was no reason for regime change back then. For example, the US’s support for a coup government in Ukraine is not dissimilar from the USSR’s support for a coup government in Afghanistan.

However, now that Ex-Soviet, Christian Russia’s policies are radically different, why would new militarization and infrastructure build-up remain cold? Compare this to the infrastructure build-up under FDR in the US, and how Major General Smedley Butler warned of anti-Japan provocations years before WW2: “The Japanese, a proud people, of course will be pleased beyond expression to see the United States fleet so close to Nippon’s shores. Even as pleased as would be the residents of California were they to dimly discern through the morning mist, the Japanese fleet playing at war games off Los Angeles.”

Frank G

were the soviets not invited by the afgan gov to help against their fight from western sponsored mujaheddin.


Were the Afghan Communists not in power because of the Saur Revolution, i.e. a coup…?


Exactly. The USSR was invited by the legitimate government of Afghanistan via the UN Security Council. It was all done through international legal systems much like Syria invited Russia in 2016. The difference is that Russia abides by international law and order, whereas US and NATO do not, and do as they please, bombing and raiding anyone that gets in their way of their imperialism.

John Brown

The empire is bankrupt, yes get them to spend what they don’t have on weapons to implode their economies 90% plus unemployment, hyper inflation etc. thus destroying the empire without firing a shot.

Robert Ferrin

Hmm seems the bear is on the prowl hungry looking for some Nazi and far right to eat it, will be short and sweet and the problems in the Ukraine will be over as the Brit and American advisors will be racing for the border with the bear clawing up their back.


Ukraine would not dare to attack Crimea as it would give Russia the right to defend itself and by doing so, destroy the Ukrainian army.

As for Eastern Ukraine, Russia will not allow a major attack by simply claiming that Ukraine’s military fired within the Russian territory hence needed to destroy Ukraine’s equipment.

Ukraine is screwed one way or the other.


“Destroy the Ukrainian army,” and the world elites will claim the right to defend “freedom and democracy” from Russia. What do you think all this has been about if not to provoke a condemnable response from Russia and justify an anti-Russia escalation…?


The world elites cannot do shit if Ukraine attacks first. If they attack, they are toast…period!

“Article 51: Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of collective or individual self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by members in exercise of this right of self-defense shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.”

Ivan Freely

Silly. You assume Rule of Law is still in effect.


The rule of law is always in effect! Russia could have destroyed Ukraine many times over in the past 7 years but always refrained to do so. Everyone is fully aware that Russia will not attack Ukraine unless Ukraine fires the first shot. Once that happens, they are toast.

Russia is monitoring everything Ukraine and its allies are doing on a daily base and supported by an international group of people acting as watchers not to mention the UN as they are also monitoring what Ukraine is doing hence accusations of Human rights violations in 2020. Let’s not forget China as they are now Ukraine’s biggest trade partner hence having a strong say in what Ukraine might be thinking of doing.

Davide Herzog

It’ s not properly for ” the law ” that Russian Fed. didn’ t intervene military in all these years but for the unilateral respect of the law that a official Christian State and Christian population and society have ! Nobody can oblige a military power , a powerful country to respect the law ! Only trust in God and Christian values make voluntary Russian Fed to respect the law . PORTAE INFERI NON PREVALEBUNT .


Sure, Mike, even if “Russia is monitoring everything,” do you think the average “Westerner” is monitoring everything? Meaning the people whom the world elites will try to convince that Russia attacked first and for no good reason? If you still believe the elites’ narrative from the previous world war that Germany and Japan attacked first and for no good reason, then it is a decent demonstration of why that strategy might work again now.


There’s a huge difference between WW2 and today…internet. People are far better informed and the most simply don’t trust the mass media anymore. Furthermore, apart for the same countries which are constantly spreading propaganda, most will question everything coming out of Ukraine particularly after all the bull sold since 2014.

Let’s not forget China as they are Ukraine’s biggest trade partner. Before messing up things, rest assured that China will give the Ukies a call.

Today, people talk, debate, are willing to look at other possibilities than the same old propaganda.


Yes, the Internet has proven a serious hindrance to the warmongering, and it will continue to act as such. On the other hand, do you believe that the elites will allow this level of openness indefinitely? Or has the oligopolization of major social media platforms and Internet service providers, “fake news” rhetoric, calls for Big Tech “regulations,” the demonization of alternative sources, etc. already set the stage for worse censorship and media repression than ever…?

The public push back will, of course, become worse in response, more ways around the information blockade will emerge, and the elites needing to keep their followers near cannon fodder-levels of understanding will become an increasing disadvantage, but how exactly all this will pan out is anyone’s guess.

John Brown

The rule of the jungle is in effect and the Zio rulers of what was once the west are cowards. If they attack Russia their racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship will be destroyed in 30 minutes and they will all die so they will never attack.

Lone Ranger

I see dead ukropnazi terrorists…

jk krug

Hope Putin goes for the jugular this time

Band Itkoitko

It’s a logical move (from RF side), that’s all I can say. To mention that the Black Sea Fleet is in proper standing even if some ships are in the Mediterranean. As far as I know, Moskva is there and is operational, out of major maintenance.

Ricky Miller

Yes, but I’d feel a lot better about the situation if “Retivy” were already through with trials and moving into permanent Black Sea Anchorage. And three of the Karakurts as well. The short to medium range surface to air missile system on the 20380/20385/22350’s is better than anything currently deployed in the BSF, at least for combating drones and loitering munitions. In fact, if Ukraine really wants to make a move on Crimea, which I doubt, now would be the time to do it. The BSF will be major reinforced over the next thirty months with one 20380, three Karakurts, one 22350 as well as completion of the D.R. patrol boat series and the Buyan-M class small missile ships, these equipped with Navalized Pantsir systems. Soon, Ukraine’s Neptune missile swarms won’t be a threat to BSF ships, even on paper.

Assad must stay

yes according to halturnerradioshow.com lots of russian tanks armored vehicles moving in

Rhodium 10

Ukraine will lost Kherson Oblast, Zaporozhe Oblast and all Donetsk and Lugansk!…most of all people there are Etnic Russians…therefore Ukraine will lost the Azov sea and territories…Erdogan and Biden only can watch and nothing else!….nobody in that places will fight vs Russian armed forces because the fate of that population is the poverty and to clean Toillets in EU countries!…7 years after Maidan Ukraine is not a EU member and has lost its industrial complex while the Oligarchy and a Clown are ruling the country.


Why not just call for more referendums in more of the Ukraine’s eastern oblasts. Create new DPR/LPR and xPR’s everywhere.


These Ukrainian guys haven’t learned their lesson when they tried to do a flanking maneuver not long after the coup and they got fried by Russia’s rocket artillery across the border.


Of course Russia knows its bridges and railroads will be some of the first high priority targets. So having large supplies of heavy equipment and weapons in place. Where the future possible conflict borders are already well defined makes a lot of sense.


the yankee-twats sure as a clucking bell want Crimea bad, urgently since it’s about the best vantage point to start an attack on Russia from. so and as per usual, they can’t help themselves and just have to proceed along the plan they once draw up. poor fuckers, morons in pentagon and double morons on the ground in ukraine – the best-laid plan by mice and men often go awry – and ain’t that right!

cechas vodobenikov

are ukropistan nazis this stupid? they already lost Crimea: perhaps they wish to lose more territory. the Georgian idiots have effectively lost Ossetia and Abkhazia…maybe the ukrops want azov and praviyia sector demolished in exchange for permanently ceding south and Eastern Ukraine to Russia? are their irradiated Chernobyl brains this polluted by Hollywood fantasies? It is difficult to fathom that they produced brilliant writers like Gogol—now they only produce schluyha for export to Poland

Bruno Gama

Now finally will Putin stop being too soft and wipe out the Ukrainian Nazis asses? What´s the difference of re-taking Crimea and Donbass and not the whole shithole that is Ukraine? A good training for Russian Forces, no time for moderation. A complete and total invasion of Little Russia… Make the Nazis flee to Poland, where they belong!

Bruno Gama

Moreover, NATO will never accept a member whose territory is taken by a non member country, specially Russia. Unless NATO is crazy and want a WWIII. A Nuclear War. Putin doesn´t know how to scare NATO how the Soviets did… It´s time to retake Odessa, and Dnipropetrovsk… And Kiev. Russia should accept this imense Gift by the fool Zelensky… Ukrainian “Armed Forces” are weak and with low morale. Will flee like they did in 2014. But Only if Putin has in Mind that this resolution are the God´s given Eastern Present. In fact Ukraine is declaring War on Russia. So Why Russia wouldn´t wipe out Ukraine?


Cyprus? If NATO, or its sub committee the EU, can expand, they will expand.

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