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“There was no genocide in Srebrenica”

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The Portuguese general Carlos Martins Branco, who held during the war in the former Yugoslavia  position of Deputy Chief of Mission of UN military observers to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (1994-1996), in his memoirs, “The war in the Balkans ” announces the findings and developments in the area of ​​Srebrenica from July 1995.

“There was no genocide in Srebrenica”

Originally appeared at theremustbejustice.

”There was no genocide in Srebrenica 1995, but there was in Krajina! ” 

Unlike numerous fabrications and ‘versions’ by paid “experts”,  false witnesses and promoters of NATO’s New World Order,  General Branko Martins deals with facts and data from the spot gathered by competent authorities.
These facts were officially sent to the Zagreb office, where the headquarters of the UN monitoring mission was situated.
In his book general Branco openly speaks about a real genocide –  the notorios Croatian aggression on Republic of Srpska Krajina in the Summer of 1995, when the Croatian army  implemented the mass murder of all Serbians found there.

Here are some significant parts of general’s memoir book:

Author’s Preface

I  was on the ground in Bosnia during the war and, in particular, during the fall of Srebrenica.

One may agree or disagree with my political analysis, but one really ought to read the account of how Srebrenica fell, who are the victims whose bodies have been found so far, and why the author believes that the Serbs wanted to conquer Srebrenica and make the Bosnian Muslims flee, rather than having any intentions of butchering them. The comparison Srebrenica vs. Krajina, as well as the related media reaction by the “free press” in the West, is also rather instructive.

There is little doubt that at least 2,000 Bosnian Muslims died in fighting the better trained and better commanded VRS/BSA. Yet, the question remains, WHEN did most of these casualties of combat occur? According to the analysis below, it was before the final fall of Srebrenica:  the Muslims offered very little resistance in the summer of 1995.

I was UNMO [United Nations Military Observer] Deputy Chief Operations Officer of the UNPF [United Nations Population Fund] (at theatre level) and my information is based upon debriefings of UN military observers who where posted to Srebrenica during those days as well as several United Nations reports which were not made public.

My sources of information are not Ruder & Finn Global Public Affairs. My name is not included in their database.

I do not wish to discuss numbers and similar matters pertaining thereto.  There is reason to believe that figures have been used and manipulated for propaganda purposes. These figures and information do not provide a serious understanding of the Yugoslavian conflict.

The article is based upon TRUE information and includes my analysis of the events. The story is longer than what I  have presented here in this article.

It is my hope that it will contribute  to clarifying  what really happened in Srebrenica.

Was Srebenica a hoax?

It is now two years since the Muslim enclave, Srebenica, fell into the hands of the Serbian army in Bosnia. Much has been written about the matter. Nonetheless the majority of reports have been limited to a broad media exposure of the event, with very little analytic rigor.

Discussion of Srebrenica cannot be limited to genocide and mass graves.

A rigorous analysis of the events must take into consideration the background circumstances, in order to understand the real motives which led to the fall of the enclave.

The zone of Srebrenica, like almost all of Eastern Bosnia, is characterized by very rugged terrain. Steep valleys with dense forests and deep ravines make it impossible for combat vehicles to pass, and offers a clear advantage to defensive forces. Given the resources available to both parties, and the characteristics of the terrain, it would seem that the Bosnian army (ABiH) had the necessary force to defend itself, if it had used full advantage of the terrain. This, however, did not occur.

Given the military advantage of the defensive forces it is very difficult to explain the absence of military resistance. The Muslim forces did not establish an effective defensive system and did not even try to take advantage of their heavy artillery, under control of the United Nations (UN) forces, at a time in which they had every reason to do so.

The lack of a military response stands in clear contrast to the offensive attitude which characterized the actions of the defensive forces in previous siege situations, which typically launched violent “raids” against the Serbian villages surrounding the enclave, thus provoking heavy casualties amongst the Serbian civilian population.

But in this instance, with the attention of the media focused upon the area, military defence of the enclave would have revealed the true situation in security zones, and demonstrate that these had never been genuinely demilitarized zones as was claimed, but were harboured highly-armed military units. Military resistance would jeopardize the image of “victim”, which had been so carefully constructed, and which the Muslims considered vital to maintain.

Throughout the entire operation, it was clear that there were profound disagreements between the leaders of the enclave. From a military viewpoint, there was total confusion. Oric, the charismatic commander of Srebenica, was absent.

The Sarajevo government did not authorize his return in order to lead the resistance. Military power fell into the hands of his lieutenants, who had a long history of incompatibility. The absence of Oric’s clear leadership led to a situation of total ineptitude. The contradictory orders of his successors completely paralyzed the forces under siege.

The behavior of the political leaders is also interesting. The local SDP president, Zlatko Dukic, in an interview with European Union observers, explained that Srebrenica formed part of a business transaction which involved a logistical support route to Sarajevo, via Vogosca.

He also claimed that the fall of the enclave formed part of an orchestrated campaign to discredit the West and win the support of Islamic countries. This was the reason for Oric to maintain a distance from his troops. This thesis was also defended by the local supporters of the DAS. There were also many rumours of a trade within the local population of the enclave.

Another curious aspect was the absence of a military reaction from the 2nd Corps of the Muslim army, which did nothing to relieve the military pressure on the enclave. It was common knowledge that the Serbian unit in the region, the “Drina Corps”, was exhausted and that the attack on Srebenica was only possible with the aid of the units from other regions. Despite this fact, Sarajevo did not lift a finger in order to launch an attack which would have divided the Serbian forces and exposed the vulnerabilities created by the concentration of resources around Srebenica. Such an attack would have reduced the military pressure on the enclave.

It is also important to register the pathetic appeal of the president of Opstina, Osman Suljic, on July 9, which implored military observers to say to the world that the Serbians were using chemical weapons. The same gentleman later accused the media of transmitting false news items on the resistance of troops in the enclave, requiring a denial from the UN. According to Suljic, the Muslim troops did not respond, and would never respond with heavy artillery fire. Simultaneously, he complained of the lack of food supplies and of the humanitarian situation. Curiously, observers were never allowed to inspect the food reserve deposits. The emphasis given by political leaders on the lack of military response and the absence of food provisions loosely suggests an official policy which began to be discernible.

In mid 1995, the prolongation of the war had dampened public interest. There had been a substantial reduction in the pressure of public opinion in the western democracies. An incident of this importance would nonetheless provide hot news material for the media during several weeks, could awaken public opinion and incite new passions. In this manner it would be possible to kill two birds with one stone: pressure could be laid to bear in order to lift the embargo and simultaneously the occupying countries would find it difficult to withdraw their forces, a hypothesis which had been advanced by leading UN figures such as Akashi and Boutros-Boutros Ghali.

The Muslims always harbored a secret hope that the embargo would be lifted. This had become the prime objective of the Sarajevo government, and had been fuelled by the vote in the US Senate and Congress in favor of such a measure. President Clinton, however, vetoed the decision and required a two thirds majority in both houses. The enclaves collapse gave the decisive push that the campaign needed. After its fall, the US Senate voted with over a two thirds majority in favor of lifting the embargo.

It was clear that sooner or later the enclaves would fall into the hands of the Serbians, it was an inevitability. There was a consensus amongst the negotiators (the US administration, the UN and European governments) that it was impossible to maintain the three Muslim enclaves, and that they should be exchanged for territories in Central Bosnia. Madeleine Albright suggested this exchange on numerous occasions to Izetbegovic, based on the proposals of the Contact Group.

As early as 1993, at the time of the first crisis of the enclave, Karadzic had proposed to Izetbegovic to exchange Srebrenica for the suburb of Vogosca. This exchange included the movement of populations in both directions. This was the purpose of secret negotiations in order to avoid undesirable publicity. This implied that the western countries accepted and encouraged ethnic separation.

The truth is that both the Americans and President Izetbegovic had tacitly agreed that it made no sense to insist in maintaining these isolated enclaves in a divided Bosnia. In 1995 nobody believed any longer in the inevitability of ethnic division of the territory. In the month of June 1995, before the military operation in Srebrenica, Alexander Vershbow, Special Assistant to President Clinton stated that “America should encourage the Bosnians to think in terms of territories with greater territorial coherence and compactness.” In other words this meant that the enclaves should be forgotten. The attack on Srebrenica, with no help from Belgrade, was completely unnecessary and proved to be one of the most significant examples of the political failure of the Serbian leadership.

Meanwhile the western media exacerbated the situation by transforming the enclaves into a powerful mass-media icon; a situation which Izetbegovic was quick to explore. CNN had daily broadcasts of the images of mass graves for thousands of corpses, obtained from spy satellites. Despite the microscopic precision in the localization of these graves, it is certain that no discovery to date has confirmed such suspicions. Since there are no longer restrictions on movement, we inevitably speculate on why they have still not been shown to the world.

If there had been a premeditated plan of genocide, instead of attacking  in only one direction, from the south to the north – which left the hypothesis to escape to the north and west, the Serbs would have established a siege in order to ensure that no one escaped. The UN  observation posts to the north of the enclave were never disturbed and remained in activity after the end of the military operations. There are obviously mass graves in the outskirts of Srebrenica as in the rest of ex-Yugoslavia where combat has occurred, but there are no grounds for  the campaign which was mounted, nor the numbers advanced by CNN.

The mass graves are filled by a limited number of corpses from both sides, the consequence of heated battle and combat and not the result of a premeditated plan of genocide, as occurred against the Serbian populations in Krajina, in the Summer of 1995, when the Croatian army implemented the mass murder of all Serbians found there. In this instance, the media maintained an absolute silence, despite the  fact that the genocide occurred over a three month period. The objective of Srebrenica was ethnic cleansing and not genocide, unlike what happened in Krajina, in which although there was no military  action, the Croatian army decimated villages.

Despite knowledge of the fact that the enclaves were already a lost cause, Sarajevo insisted in drawing political dividends from the fact. The receptivity which had been created in the eyes of public opinion made it easier to sell the thesis of genocide.

But of even greater importance than the genocide thesis and the political isolation of the Serbs, was blackmailing of the UN: either the UN joined forces with the Sarajevo government in the conflict (which subsequently happened) or the UN would be completely discredited in the eyes of the public, leading in turn to support for Bosnia. Srebrenica was the last straw which led western governments to reach agreement on the need to cease their neutrality and commence a military action against one side in the conflict. It was the last straw which united the West in their desire to break “Serbian bestiality”. Sarajevo was conscious of the fact that it lacked the military capacity to defeat the Serbs. It was necessary to create conditions via which the international community could do this for them. Srebrenica played a vital role in this process.

Srebrenica represents one of a series of acts by the Serbian leaders intended to provoke the UN, in order to demonstrate their impotence. This was a serious strategic error which would cost them dear. The side which had everything to win by demonstrating the impotence of the UN was the Sarajevo leadership and not that of Pale. In 1995 it was clear that the change in the status quo required a powerful intervention which would overthrow the Serbian military power. Srebrenica was one of the pretexts, resulting from the short-sightedness of the Bosnian Serbian leaders.

The besieged forces could have easily defended the enclave, at least for much longer, if they had been well led. It proved convenient to let the enclave fall in this manner. Since the enclave was doomed to fall, it was preferable to let this happen in the most beneficial manner possible. But this would only have been viable if Sarajevo had political initiative and freedom of movement, which would never occur at the negotiating table. The deliberate fall of the enclave might appear to be an act of terrible machiavellian orchestration, but the truth is that the Sarajevo government had much to gain, as proved to be the case. Srebrenica was not a zero-sum game. The Serbians won a military victory but with highly negative political side-effects, which helped result in their definitive ostracization.

We might add a final curious note. As the UN observation posts were attacked, and proved impossible to maintain, the forces withdrew. The barricades set up by the Muslim army did not let the troops past. These troops were not treated as soldiers fleeing from the front line, but rather with a sordid differentiation.

The Muslims not only refused to fight to defend themselves, they forced others to fight on their behalf. In one instance, the commander of a Dutch vehicle decided after conversations with ABiH to pass the barrier. A Muslim soldier threw a  hand grenade whose fragments mortally wounded him. The only UN soldier to die in the Srebrenica offensive, was killed by the Muslims.

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Genocide in Srebrenica was fabricated by West so NATO could bomb postions of Serb army in Bosnia, Serbs had controled almost 70% of Bosnia, same tactic by NATO was used later in Kosovo when they bombed Serbia, and they used that fabricated lies in Iraq and Lybia, same with cemical weapons in Syria

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This game plan is the US textbook of false flags , they apply the same as always .


What lends heft to this, is that this behavior has continued the whole time since then. Fake only last so long, before reality just crushes it and washes the tidbits away.

Colin Oskapy

But the guy is still NATO scum. Why did he say nothing until his pension was secured ?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What benefit is it without the truth available to the public , Ratko was only tried in 2016 the truth shall set you free is what they say .The war in former Yugoslavia was 90% propaganda and lies by the western media and determined by the US since this was part of their global dominance scheme .


It isn’t possible to speak truth to power in the West and not have repercussions. This is why they are only writing truth after their retirements.


Hello Colin. It was one man against a regime; this one being the Occidentals backing the wishes of GCC members, in my view. No amount of truth, in the face of that sort of tenacity, was going to change a thing. He is still in trouble for spilling the beans, even at this time. And to that, where are the others who could also set things straight in broad daylight; nowhere to be found. I am thankful that this man has stepped forward. It will help in the longrun. I wish a good day to you.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Some have been ignored but guys like him and Lew Mackenzie were against the US policy of going after Serbia and the break up the former Yugoslavia, 2 countries who had little say in the matter .


This is interesting. I take it that you have followed this for a while.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

These things some people never forget ,Albright had ignored investigations and also pleas to end US interference and the picking of sides in the region since this would lead to future destabilization . Albright knew what was really going on she condoned some of the atrocities since they were US allies in the region . Kosovo was the US using their Proxy drug lords the KLA and that is a whole entire other story .


Years ago, I would have dismissed it. Now, after watching how things are played out and piecing together the examples of history, I know that it is standard playbook. This has aided in helping a couple thing in my mind:

When something becomes too obviou, the game has begun to be over.

There is no brilliance in Occidental leadership. They inherited systems created by the far seeing and strong. Though they think they are in ultimate control, they are but just slaves to it.

My country had a chance to be different but, as Einstein lamented over Israel, I do so too over my country, the US.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The plans of mice and men can be foiled so easily , reading the old plans from the 80’s since declassified are very interesting , FOIA is nice since you can always check the old plans in the library like “Bringing Muscle to Bear Against Syria ” that was an interesting read even though this was against his Father , it talked about the break up of Syria and the reshaping of the middle east .

Gary Sellars

Albright is an evil witch, and I sincerely wish for her to die a long, slow, agonising death… Fucking evil Jewess psychopath….


Just for your information, Mr. Antisemite, Albright was raised Catholic and then converted to Anglicanism, as you can easily discover with a few minutes searching in Google.

Gary Sellars

Go away zio shill, no-one wants to listen to Chosenite lies


Stupid reply. My statement was factual: Albright is NOT Jewish.

Regarding you calling me a “shill”: I edit http://www.emperors-clothes.com I have been refuting the lies about the Serbians for twenty years. I organized Milosevic’s defense committee.

What are you? Either someone consumed with hate, or a paid hate-monger. Probably with a phony name.

Colin Oskapy

Not really. The Portugese military are and were, in 1995, NATO scumbags, and it was a United Nations thing, and the UN and NATO are currently pro-Jihadist, pro-terrorists. So this Portugese NATO scum is lying. And CIA supply of weapons to Western Jihadists in Syria is coming from scum countries such as Serbia and Croatia currently..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They weapons come from Croatia ,Albania and Kosovo which the latter is the Kurds drug connection to Europe like Bosnia and why so many Jihadis come from the region . The Serbs wouldn’t sell a nail to the jihadi terrorists . The US/UK/France have always played it fast and loose in the political world but Portugal like the others have little say in the matter , the others still like to be colonial powers .


Bulgaria is one of the main suppliers: https://southfront.org/bulgarias-plants-prosper-due-to-arms-shipments-to-terrorists-in-syria/ https://southfront.org/tracing-bulgarian-arms-shipments-to-syrian-islamists/

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The way arms are sold from Bulgaria since they are selling to an Ally of NATO such as Croatia ,Albania ,Kosovo , the grads are manufactured in Bulgaria , China doesn’t sell to ISIS yet their arms are being transferred by Saudi and UAE to the rebels and ISIS . The murky depths of the arms world are navigated by the likes of Adnan Kashoggi and Bandar Bush his ilk Friends of NATO .


As far as I know neither Albania nor Kosovo is a Nato member, neither I think is Croatia, but there I might be wrong.


The Croats sold 400 million $$$s worth of weapons (from old Yugoslav stockpiles) in exchange for 16 US choppers. NATO it seems, wants all old stockpiles of weapons from former non-NATO countries gone (Czechs, Bulgars… )

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

I am Portuguese and have served in the Portuguese army, although much before these events took place. What I know of the Portuguese military is that they have never allowed themselves to become stooges on any political games in the countries where they have served. They are professionals who limited themselves to carrying out military actions in accordance to the orders received from our government. They have always acted with great dignity and they have never been accused of harming the civilian population. I am nearly 100% sure that what general Carlos Martins Branco says is the truth. A former Commando officer, he would never allow himself to be bought or silenced on matters such as this. Besides, what he tells fits perfectly with the perfidious ways of the US, NATO and the EU, which have perfected the art of lying and deceiving to levels never before attained by anyone. Reading what the general wrote I see similar actions in respect of Kosovo, Syria or Russia. For once someone had the courage of telling the truth, I can only hope he is taken seriously, as he deserves.

Solomon Krupacek

your general is unidorm filled by shit.

Gary Sellars

Class act as always Solomon…. what a putz.

Miguel Redondo

I have a serbian friend and he told me a similar version of this episode , some years ago over 4 beers.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Ruder inc. is the company that provided the photos of the 9/11 terrorists and names and created most of the fake massacres in former Yugoslavia and the fake Kuwaiti lies for the first GULF WAR .


You mean Ruder Finn???

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Who else other than Ruder Finn Global now .


Look up the James Harff interview at sourcewatch – its a short read. or Milosevic: Test your Media at global research – short read as well. or Media Lies and the Conquest of Kosovo by Michel Collon

Colin Oskapy

The fact still remains that the NATO scum co-ordinated and facilitated the Srebrenica Massacre, which was a factual occurence.

Solomon Krupacek


Gary Sellars

There was NO massacre. Muslim troops attempted a break-out to friendly lines and fought a running retreat/rout through teh countryside and lost several thousand before reaching safety. Some criminals who attempted to hide amongst civilians in town were identified and executed for crimes committed during the earlier massacres against Serb villages, and these few extra-judicial killings have been exaggerated for agitprop purposes.

Funny how the bodies dug up to prove the “6000 men & boys” hypothesis (from every grave found with a 100km radius) are from ALL ethnic groups and from many different stages of the war. It seems that having the misfortune to die in that area between 1992-1995 makes you automatically a “victim of Srebrenica”. It a bit like how any Jew dying in Europe between 1939-45 is automatically a “victim of the Holocaust”, and Jew who didn’t die is a “survivor”. It all reeks of political bias and BS.

Colin Oskapy

There was such a massacre. No validity in the NATO scum trying to whitewash it now.


The Holocaust (1939-1945) DID happen, despite Mr. Sellars’ promotion of Holocaust denial. But the Srebrenica massacre is a lie.

Dinko Zorić

this is bullshit article. almost all of krajina population packed and left before army entered. there were war crimes and looting though.

I am reading sf articles for a long time and once you start publishing this revisionist propaganda outright lie articles I begin to wonder how many more did you lie about? we had mlrs fired and air raids in our capital. JNA left all weapons to the serbs when they started carving out territory. also, croatian army never passed border in to serbia while they have destroyed vukovar and wanted to go further. luckily they were so incompetent that they did not succed.


no use in saying any of this though. the average reader on this site will go: oh, i’m pro-russian therefore i’m pro-serbian, therefore i’m anti-nato, therefore i’m anti-croatian, therefore i’m anti-muslim, therefore i’m anti-jihadi YES YES i’m a good person because i hate evil terrorists!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have no bias they print both sides , if you are looking for a one sided version go to CNN or Bild Zeitung etc. any Murdoch Rag and Bezos rag . I am sure you are more welcome there in your safe space .


Did I address the very site we’re writing these comments on or the average reader? But OK, perhaps I shouldn’t have written “reader”. My comment was aimed at the average ideologically deluded commentator that simplifies history to explain current narratives. Please tell me how this site has none of those.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are not afraid to print what would be too controversial this opens old wounds for many , being a descendant from minorities in Ukraine gives one a different perspective on how lies are made to hurt others for nefarious policies .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

History is always distorted to the public because not all of it is available to the public , JFK assassination hearing is still not available for release .That is the way it is now history recorded right away never has the full facts , we still find out more about the past all the time . Historians require accuracy in accounts and all disputes resolved before hand .

Gary Sellars

..and the public are too fucking stupid to realise that they are being lied to on a systematic basis. Time and time again, joe-shmoe allows nefarious lies and BS to go unchallenged and quietly accepts the lies like stupid cattle with glazed expressions chewing the cud in a field…..

Solomon Krupacek

“this is bullshit article. almost all of krajina population packed and left before army entered”

this is also genocide ;)


Ethnic cleansing would be more correct.

Solomon Krupacek

but from legal viewpoint this is also genocide. ganocie is also when you dont aalow to use the language, habits… what bulgarians made with turks in socialism.


what Czechs did to Germans after WWII, what Ukrainians did to Poles, what Greeks did to Turks and Turks did to Greeks, what Soviets did, at one point or another, to almost everyone in the USSR, what the whole of East Asia did to the Japanese etc. etc.

shit goes both ways, literally every nation in the world could be branded as a perpetrator or supporter of ethnic manipulation. demographics are a bitch, aren’t they?

Solomon Krupacek

yes, lot of genocides.

Gary Sellars

Muricans to native Indians…

Gary Sellars

“but from legal viewpoint this is also genocide. ganocie is also when you dont aalow to use the language, habits… ”

Thats a very wishy-washy interpretation adopted by the UN Hague tribunal specifically so that Bosnian Serbs could be found guilty of “genocide”. In effect, genocide was “cheapened” so that the charge could be made to fit the allegations, and it was done entirely for political reasons.

Gary Sellars

Fuck off, dirty fascist Ustashe bastard… Croat Ultra-nationalists started the war, and true to form, the Kraut-led Eurotrash supported its Balkan quislings in the insane blood-hatred against ethnic Serbs.

Croatia needed to NEGOTIATE with Belgrade on borders (Krajina, Slavonia) and a share of the national debt, but Hiter-lite Tudjman refused to listen and plugged for outright war.

Oh well, there is always the next war. Maybe in 100 years when the EU doesn’t exist anymore and the United Eurasian army is forced to respond to Eurotrash aggression. After burning Poland to ashes, they can have a little visit to Zagreb and bring their Serbian friends along with them for a little fun.


Name calling does not do any good. Fact is Milosevic started to play the serb nationalist card and got the ball rolling. Tudjman was eager to follow, yes. Hardline serb nationalists in the Krajina did start pulling guns, blocking roads etc. Croats did not even have an army in the beginning as almost all officers were serbs and most of heavy materiel was in their hands too.

As far as declaring independence, Slovenia was first and fought a quasi war of 8 days against JAN.

Gary Sellars

Milosevic was NOT a Serb nationalist, he was a YUGOSLAV nationalist. He opposed the illegal efforts to fragment the FRY, starting with Slovenia (the breaking away of which was engineered by EU/NATO). Serbs rebelled against Croat HDZ party which was restoring old Ustashe symbols, slogans and anti-Serb hatreds, and the US/EU sat by and said NOTHING. Neo-fascism poking up its head in the heart of Europe, and the West said NOTHING. It was OK to harangue Kurt Waldheim as a “nazi” but the return of Ustashe fascism? Complete fucking SILENCE.

It’s no wonder the Croation Serbs rebelled after Tudjman REFUSED to guarantee Croat Serbs full rights in a future independent Croatia.


Boy oh boy, aren’t you the ignorant one. Milošević wasn’t a Serb nationalist, but a Yugoslav one? Illegal efforts to fragment the SFRY? Serbs rebeled against the restored WWII nazi state? Tuđman never negotiated?

Do me favour and brush up on your history lessons, and no, cheap youtube propaganda documentaries which show the “true light” don’t count. Do some research and try to do it unbiased… dirty fascist ustaša bastard, he says…


First the Croats declared independence of Yugoslavia, afterwards the Serbs of Serbian Krajina declared independence of Croatia.

However, Croatia was not willing to afford the same right to the Serbs as the Croats themselves demanded from Yugoslavia.

The whole bloodshed happened because the West insisted on breaking up a country on the basis of some administrative lines inherited from the Middle Ages/feudalism instead of genuine ethnic divisions.

Such are the facts.

The same happened later in Ukraine. Except that the West supports bloodshed when it suits its imperialist agenda.

And the same things is happening in Kosovo an Metohia as well. Well, the West supports the “independence” of the Arnauts, but does not afford the same rights and considerations to the Serbs north of Kosovska Mitrovica.

And a similar thing happened in Cyprus, just for the record…


History writing should be in a constant state of revisionism! Any other stance is idiocy. Particularly recent history. Knowing what we know about propaganda methods, state propaganda, psyops, biased academics, history being written by winners etc. we ALL know that the truth is still out there. To act like we have been told the truth is very dumb.


Well, the Croats demanded the rights that they in turn denied the Serbs.

Note that there was no problem with the Slovenes.

But the Croats wanted to break off from Yugoslavia, but denied the same rights to the Serbs who wanted to break off from Croatia.

Peter Radan correctly argued that when the Article 5 of the Constitution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia contains the following provisions: (1) the territory of the SFRY is indivisible and consists of the territories of its socialist republics; (2) a republic’s territory cannot be altered without the consent of that republic, and the territory of an autonomous province—without the consent of that autonomous province; (3) a border of the SFRY cannot be altered without the concurrence of all republics and autonomous provinces; (4) a border between republics can only be altered on the basis of their agreement, and in the case of a border of an autonomous province — on the basis of its concurrence; neither the constituent republics, not the Badinter Committee can simply pick paragraphs and ignore paragraphs 1 and 3.

The constitution was written precisely in such a say as to prevent such ethnic conflicts and ethnic cleansing.

The Republic of Sebian Krajina, particularly around Vukovar, was inhabited by a Serbian majority.

Yet the Croats perpetrated ethnic cleansing of its territory during the so-called Operation Storm, yet no Croatian leader has ever been punished for the killing of 10000 Serbs and displacing 250000 Serbs.

So much for the war crimes.

Dinko Zorić

Serbian Krajina never included Vukovar as you say… go check map Second, there never ever in history was serbian territory this deep in croatia as was krajina – ever Third, serbian krajina was effectively splitting croatia in 2 pieces Fourth – serbs rebelled – exactly as you said – and they were off for territorial gains (ethnic cleansing included) – so basically you are saying that ISIL is right to carve up Syria and Iraq then because there is sunni majority there?? Sure is same logic

Croatia wanted to go out of YU (i will not argue about if this was good or bad) and all we wanted was same territory as we had while we were part of it. But Serbs had other ideas – Great Serbia


Firstly, Serbian Krajina did include Vukovar. The rationale was that it bordered on Serbia and had a significant population of Serbs. It was almost as large as the population of Croats in the Vukovar municipality. (The city itself contained a greater concentration of Croats while its surroundings contained a greater concentration of Serbs.)

Secondly, the depth of the territory was always debatable and often disputable, but it is quite obvious (go and check the map) that the Republic of Serbian Krajina represented a fairer national and ethnic division than current Croatia.

Thirdly, it could also be argued that Croatia also effectively split Serbian lands. Furthermore, the Serbs just wanted to have autonomy and self-government within Croatia (perhaps like in Bosnia and Herzegovina), but Croatia denied them this. Besides, Republika Srpska is also effectively split in two.

Fourthly, the Serbs eventually rebelled, as the Croats were denying them their rights. Also, reminiscences and unpunished World War II crimes were invoked.

Basically, you are saying that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is right to carve up Syria and Iraq because there once was an Islamic caliphate—that is the same logic.

Are you intentionally shifting the meanings?

More precisely and without befuddlement: it was Croats, who wanted to go out of Yugoslavia, but they wanted to take along the lands that were not Croatian—and that was the core of the problem.

Even Serbian nationalists like Vojislav Šešelj recognized your right to go out of Yugoslavia, but without the Serbian lands. Of course, he may have gone a little too far in delineating what was still Serbian/Orthodox and what was not (I remember listening to him explaining it on a map), but the essence is that you Croatia simply wanted to grab Serbian lands against the wishes of their inhabitants.

And, just to let you know, I have zero understanding for such Nazi-like lebensraum policies, where the rights and the will of local population is completely disregarded in favour of abstract territorial claims stemming from completely irrelevant sources.

Dinko Zorić

you are aware that your logic justifies kosovo being albanian?

Solomon Krupacek

in both places there was genocide. SF should not give place for such articles. who relativises srebrenica, should go to prison.

Gary Sellars

“who relativises srebrenica, should go to prison”

How typical, lets stifle free speech and ignore the testimony of people who WERE ACTUALLY THERE when it undermines our treasured fake narratives…. better still, lets imprison people who challenge our views.

Well done Gruppenfuhrer Krupacek


Perhaps you ought to go to prison. Your prison-like mentality definitely warrants it


Nato trying to sooth the Serbs and trying to pull them into their game… quite some rubbish

Semper Prudens

We Serbs who survived violent fragmentation of our country – first Yugoslavia and then Serbia too (sponsored by NATO, EU and their leading nations) are perfectly aware of western methodology in creating fake war crimes or increasing true numbers of victims of real events in order to provide “justification” for already planned military interventions. Srebrenica was just one of the cases. Others on the territory of former Yugoaslavia were: Shelling of Dubrovnik, siege of Vukovar, siege of Sarajevo, Markale incident in Sarajevo, Racak incident in Kosovo, ignorance of Croatian ethnic cleansing of Serbs (wich was performed with assistance of US advisors) fake accusation for expelling 800.000 of Albanians from Kosovo in 1999 and many more worldwide, They would always take a separate fragment and present it through the mainstreem media in the context which served their interests – opposite to the one that international public would recognize if only it was allowed to see the complete image. A similar thing was attempted in Aleppo (when they accused Syrian Army for causing humanitarian disaster over besieged civilians and wanted to intervene), but fortunately there was someone else in the field, strong enough to counter their propaganda – Russia. I wish there was Putin ruling over Russia in 1991-1999 instead of Yeltsin, because in that case the political map of West Balkans would look cpmpletely different in comparison to the present state which was imposed by unchallenged NATO terror.

Solomon Krupacek

you serbs are bloody monsters of balkan. your history shows this clearly. whwn milosvic began his politics, i told for yugoslavians. he will end not in great serbia, but in little serbia. and happened. i remember, yugos told, how strong army have. :)) yes, was strong against unarmed civilians. the world will NEVER forget, how planned serbs mass rape of bosnians women, girls. yerbs should be therown out from each european countrty and build up huge wall around you.

Semper Prudens

Obviously, you must be a Croat or even more probably a Bosnian Muslim (so called “Bosniak”). Hatred from your speech tells me so. For those who do not know history of Balkans: Bosnian Muslims are people of the same South-Slavic blood, like us, Serbs or Croats. Their ancestors were Christians as much as we did, by 15th century, but after invasion of the Ottoman Turks, they were not persistent in fight for liberation as others, and rather chose an “easier way” by taking first religion and subsequently also ethnic identity of Turkish occupiers. So they started to call themselves “real Turks, even better than Anadolians” and to assist the occupier in robbing the rest of our people for their own privileged social status. And what else we should do after liberation (which came in several phases and bloody wars, from 1804 to 1918), then to treat traitors and collaborators in the way they deserved? Would (for example) French people treat better people of their own blood and language who chose to embrace German identity and proclaim themselves “true Germans”, during the German occupation of France? You got even less then you deserved by my opinion. If I could decide in 1918 (when Yugoslavia was finally united), you would be expelled to Anadolia to merge with real Turks, as dogs should always be where their masters are.

Solomon Krupacek

no, i am not coat. you could understand when i wrote: yufgoslavians old me. i am the objective GOD :DDD

Mario Ceva

Obvious jew liar.

Gary Sellars

“how planned serbs mass rape of bosnians women, girls.”

That is fucking BS… and you KNOW IT. Rape camps…. /facepalm some of the very worst and most contrived war propaganda BS and you are STILL repeating that crap??????

Solomon Krupacek

no BS. well documnted mass rapings. i have also videos where serbian commanders talked about their “heroistic” actions.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Have seen the documented crimes committed by Bosnians ,Croats ,Albanians , Kosovars ,more about their rape camps than alleged Serb ones .


The Serbs are like the Jews of the Balkans—everyone wished to destroy them, the Ottoman Turks, the Nazi Germans, the murderous NATO—all because they would not succumb to foreign rule and merely wanted to be independent.

Just like in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Serbs just wanted to be independent, but the United Satan of America decided otherwise, sponsored Bosnian Muslim terrorists and then incited Izetbegović to refuse each and every peace plan proposed by the international community (Carrington–Cutileiro peace plan, Vance–Owen peace plan, Owen–Stoltenberg peace plan) and the United States of Aggression even grossly violated United Nations Security Council Resolution 713 and supplied weapons to Izetbegović’s terrorists so that the war could rage on and the blood could flow.

100000 excess deaths later, Bosnia and Herzegovina remained divided.

All the deaths and the war could have been avoided, if it had not been for the terrorist-supporting and international law-breaking United States of Aggression.


Na rozdíl od Čechů totiž: 1. nikdy nikomu nelezli do prdele; 2. nikdy nikoho nezradili, ani v roce 1968 – právě naopak…

Darko Dakić

All those generals go in to pension first, then discover their conscience. Why should they loose good job at Nato for some Serbs…


Many fine officers have been kicked out, demoted even court-martialed (under dubious circumstances) and jailed. Even some journalists and editors lost their jobs -for being objective with what was happening in Yugoslavia throughout the 90’s . Truth no matter how late, is better than none. It helps other countries and nations that are targeted. I’m grateful to this man.

Bezveze Lolaik

At this point I am stoping supporting sf. No way i am going to read any bullshit article like this. Good bye

Gary Sellars

Too bad, so sad, bye bye.


I am not enough of a lawyer to be able to say genocide was intended by the Serbs or not. I tend to think not as the Serbs did let the women and children leave.

I do think the Serbs intentionally committed mass murder.

I do think the Serbs intended ethnic cleansing of the muslim and croat territories they occupied.

I do think the Serbs were mad as the Croats and Bosniaks (muslims) are and were almost like one nation, speaking more or less the same language but having different beliefs and a different way of writing.

Gary Sellars

“I do think” ….

No. I’m afraid that you don’t.


You are both not afraid and not thinking (too?).


You see South Front, when you touch an subject that have been indoctrinated for so long, that the people believe it, some refuse completely, the other side of the story.

I feel sorry for you, you may whine and shout, threat or not, you are loosing it. We all know the war was instigated and run thru by the Imperial banana republic uISISa, witch once again is confirmed to day, by the Monkey in Charge in the house of pirates on Potomac. Milosevic( an innocent man, de facto and de jure, killed by the west), I am bad at names, was killed inside the custody of the corrupt and hideous pack of scums, the ICC, witch to day have no credibility what so ever, totally irrelevant other than making exuses and faking “cases” against people they dont like, and the parody is complete when they whine about Gaddafys son.

I watched the war unfold, and just to give you one ex. have since seen images, flickering on the TV, where an man situated behind barbed worse, half naked and looked half to death starved. And the fact, that this image is 100% fake, its still used, Milosevic. is still, like Gaddafy, Hitler, and so on, the image of evil, weird isnt it, when the truth is infact the opsit.

You know, wankees, you are so easy to spot, because you are insane, the perceptions you pimp aka exceptionalism and the god given right to do what YOU want, is prof of your insanity in broad daylight, you drivel to counter anything about Russia is so lame it can only come from an moron, aka an Wankee. And you think you are smart on top of it, yeah, single digit IQs, you are more an entertainment that an irritable annoyance, hehe, your cock-shuranse is an spice witch make it even better. Thanks, for good laughter.

Back to Yugoslavia, if there is one part that have much blood on their hands, its the Croats, historically they have proven to be simply scums, and even to day, when we know of what the Catholic Church have done on top of it, concentration camps, remember. The Croats should be shamed. Aligned with the Albanians, the mafia capital of Europa. Jihadists flown in by Hitlary Her self, to beef up the “defense” of Muslims. This people whom they later exported to African aka Libya and Iraq to the present Syria. But I gess in this times where attention spans is measurable in the same range of long-livety of an bras fart, and the ability to remember anything back to the stone age, aka some years ago, is dying, aka cognitive dissonance is this days like an infectious decease, makes people unable to connect the dots. Wankee boy The truth is, this scrap book have been used since, we all know it, expect of course the dumbest rednecks ever walked on our planet, the Wankees, give em an Sailors Bride and an pack of battery’s and you will never see them again, stupid creeps. Wankees, go home.


Gary Sellars

Well stated.


Serbs are Orthodox, same as Russians. Difficult to rule as well. Their action in WW1 in Thessaloniki front spelled a doom for Ottoman Empire first and then Austrian and German as well. Even in WW2 we Serbs kept few Nazi divisions away from brothers in Soviet Union. Nazis did not forget. EU and USA got their revenge of the Nazis for now. However, war is not over yet. We were declared destroyed few times in our history but we lived to see all who thought so defeated.

As for all the filth thrown at Serbs by the west what is there to surprise anyone? They do same with Russians as well. And former Serbs (Croats and Bušljaks) and what they have to say under this text, who cares?


If there was genocide, how come that no women were killed, only men?


My Serb friend told me, the Bosniaks (muslims) were roasting Serb (orthodox) babies for food, and my Bosniac friend told me, the Serbs were roasting bosniak babies for the same purpose. So who was the first cannibal?

Maxo- Max-13

Srebrenica genocide is one big lie…https://hhhhszrzlj3.blogspot.com/2019/04/what-happened-in-srebrenica-does-not.html

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