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‘No Evidence Of Threats, No Issues Flagged’ As MSM Stokes Fears Of Military Insider Attack At Inauguration

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ZeroHedge reports:

Fears of mayhem at state capitol buildings and the US Capitol complex in Washington, DC, this past weekend were widely overblown by mainstream media. Now there’s more fearmongering from mainstream outlets, this time it’s AP, who reports fears of an insider attack that have prompted the FBI to vet the 25,000 National Guard troops stationed in DC ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

AP quotes Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, who said military officers are conscious of the potential threat and warned officers to observe troops under their command for any red flags.

But, as usual, there’s something missing from AP’s headline. As Jack Posobiec points out, “the way read to establishment media articles is skip the headline and scroll to the middle,” while referring to the AP article titled “FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack.” 

Despite the fearmongering of an imminent “insider attack” by Guardsmen during inauguration day, AP’s clickbait journalism is more or less another classic example of how real journalism is dead, as AP themselves admit, further down the story, past the point at which 99% of America’s short-sighted, closed-minded partisans will read, that:

Commenters on Posobiec’s post were furious with AP’s reporting, calling it, “Clickbait journalism is more destructive than Trump ever could have been.” 

Another said, “They’ve gotta pump up the time spent on the site so they can get their advertising dollars.”

Someone else said, “Nothing new. Typical tactics for spreading BS. Getting 67K likes and 29K retweets. While maybe 2,347 actually read the article to find that it’s all a Nothing Burger.”

We must remind readers how Bloomberg, NBC, and CNN published headlines late last week detailing how as per a Bloomberg headline read, “Rioters Came to Capture And Assassinate Officials, US Says.” 

It was later noted that the top federal prosecutor in Washington, DC said there was no “direct evidence” that suggested rioters who stormed the US Capitol had formed “kill capture teams.”

Again, more evidence of mainstream media’s Alinsky-ite news-cycle of misinformation.

However, as Southfront reported last week, this narrative of looking inside the military for issues  is nothing new. The administration of US President-elect Joe Biden has not entered power yet, but its allies within the country’s highest government bodies have already launched an advance on the vestiges of symbols that do not fit the new trend of the total dominance of neo-liberal and globalist values.

The purge of sources of the ‘wrong ideology’ took place not only in social media, where accounts of the acting US President Donald Trump and his supporters were targeted, but also in the US military.

Commanders of the US Air Force have been ordered to review their unit emblems, morale patches, mottos, nicknames, coins and other forms of unit recognition in order to eliminate ‘potentially offensive images’.

“Their continued use (of derogatory symbols and language) ostracizes our teammates undermining unit cohesion and impeding our mission readiness and success … Our diversity of experience, culture, demographics and perspectives is a force multiplier and essential to our success in this dynamic global environment … We must ensure all our Airmen and Guardians are valued and respected,” the memo emphasized.

This move comes directly from the ongoing push to rewrite the US history and remove & cancel all historical figures and symbols that may be described as ‘offensive’ for the globalists, neo-liberals and various minorities that dominate in the US public politics and media. For the US military, the push started with the removal of Confederate imagery on military property and the names of its installations.

Taking into account the existing trend, it would take little time to fully rebrand the US armed forces, including the Air Force and the Navy, to new the neo-liberal force. In the previous year, the US administrations were providing their policies under the moto of defending democracy. Now, military interventions and other active actions of the US foreign policy will likely be justified by the need to fight ‘oppressors’ and create a minorities-friendly environment.


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Lone Ranger

The wicked flee when non pursue…

Ivan Freely

Nothing serious will happen tomorrow. Maybe a few fisticuffs for the media to masturbate over. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll do with troops after the inauguration. IF there is going to be a rebellion, it’ll be against poorly protected supply lines and infrastructure.

It’s amusing. Those little shits get a taste of what they’ve been dishing out in other countries. Foreign adversaries don’t have to light the fire as they’ve done this to themselves.


You are right with all of your first paragraph but there are some here who have resisted as best they can and are suffering for living in the hypocritical Godless hellhole.

What many don’t understand is that this country was designed to be exactly what it is today. A Godless country. The 1st Amendment made sure of that.


Bidens Death squads are primed and ready :)

Whatever happens on Wednesday, Karma is a bitch :)


This is all hype to push an agenda.

My wife was talking to a National Guard member the other day and asked if he were going to the capitol. He said that it was voluntary and he said no.

That in itself is very odd but the fact that all those people are there to support Biden and our Godless Constitution is proof positive of why we will continue to degenerate and why we can never have a revolution to stop it.

Christ said: In the world we will have tribulation but in Him we will have peace. It is going to get much worse for true Christians. But in the end we will have His peace.

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