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No Evidence ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Is Still Alive – Top US General

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No Evidence ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Is Still Alive - Top US General

There is no evidence that ISIS Top Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive, according to a top US general involved in US-led coalition operations against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

On Tuesday, US Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend told Pentagon reporters that he has not seen evidence that the top ISIS member is alive.

“I really don’t know. … I don’t have reason to believe that he’s alive. I don’t have proof of life,” Townsend said according to Politico.

Since June, reports have been circulating that al-Baghadi was killed in a Russian air strike on an ISIS command post in the province of Raqqah in May.

Earlier this week, Al Sumaria TV channel reported citing own source in Iraq that ISIS had released an internal statement confirming the death of al-Baghdadi.

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Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend should ask senator McCain, and get info from first hand.

Sean Glennie




READ in a 2010 State Department cable how Syria’s head of intelligence Ali Mamlouk discussed with US diplomats the migration of foreign takfiri fighters, such as the Islamic State, into Syria from war-torn Iraq, and offered the US a military and intelligence partnership to address them. Declining, the US later lent support to jihadi groups as Syria’s “opposition” during the Syrian civil war.


READ a leaked 2010 STRATFOR email containing a private intelligence product documenting the transition of Islamic State leadership to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, after the killing of former-ISI leader, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi in 2010.]

chris chuba

Tucker Carlson interviews Ralph Peters and starts out with the claim that Russia killed Baghdadi and asks , ‘why aren’t more people in the U.S. happy that Russia is helping to fight ISIS?’

It’s a 12 minute segment but it’s well worth watching.
1. Peters is his usual unhinged self.
2. Carlson is refreshingly non-conformist and maintains his composure which makes Peters look even more unhinged.

If only there were more Carlson’s in the U.S. MSM.

John Whitehot

a 80 year old person speaking in terms of good and evil.
good luck america, you gonna need a lot of it.


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John Whitehot

sf why dont you remove this shit? and why is this clique posting mostly replies at my comments?


Some time in last 6 months Tucker has grown a pair. Amazing what modern medicine can do these days :-))

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