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No Escape: Large-Scale Missile Strike Hits Oil Traffickers In Northern Syria (Videos, Photos)

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Late on March 14, a large-scale strike with missiles and heavy rockets hit oil traffickers in Turkish-occupied areas in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo.

The strike targeted the following areas:

  • The al-Himran crossing, which is located near the town of Jarabulus on the border with Turkey. The crossing is used to smuggle oil illegally produced by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from fields in northeastern Syria to Turkish-occupied areas. A large illegal fuel market is located there.
  • The village of Tarhin north of the town of al-Bab. A network of makeshift oil refineries and storage tanks as well as a fleet of fuel tankers are located there.

After the strike, Syrian opposition sources reported intense Turkish artillery strikes on Kuweires Air Base, where Syrian government forces are deployed. No losses were reported, however.

Several tactical ballistic missiles and heavy artillery rockets were reportedly used in the large-scale strikes on oil smugglers, which was not the first of its kind. Exactly ten days ago, a similar large-scale strike targeted oil trafficker’s facilities near al-Himran and Tarhin. Four people were killed and more than 40 others were injured. The strike also destroyed more than 200 fuel tankers.

The new missile and rocket strike on al-Himran and Tarhin was most certainly carried out by the Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces.

More information about the strike and its results will likely become public in the coming days. The strike is a part of campaign to hinder the organized theft of Syrian oil by the SDF and Turkish-backed militants.


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Bello! Mi piace .
Si può contribuire con Postepay ?


This is more good news, cripple the Turkish thievery of Syrian oil. Soon similar strikes will follow for thieves moving the oil east of Syria, the Syrian oil will stay in Syria and the Kurds and their sponsors will cede the oil fields to the Syrian government.

Pave Way IV

All of the smuggling centers in HTSistan are operated by one of two big head-chopper gangs. The forwarded the oil during ISIS times into Turkey to Erdogan’s son-in-law, but HTSistan now needs the oil itself. It is smuggling Turkish-sourced oil/petrol into Syria at these centers because the SDF isn’t letting enough get to them. Easier to sell it back to Assad or smuggle through Iraq into Turkey. The issue is not only declining production. SDF is pissed that the HTSistan smugglers are making so much profit. The SDF wants to control (and get all the profits) from the stolen oil.

In case anyone missed it last year, the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC – the sanctions boys) gave some shady-ass outfit called Delta Crescent Energy a license to develop stolen Syrian oil fields in Syria and sell that oil. Essentially, OFAC took title to all Syrian oil and permitted DCE to sell the now legally-titled oil in world markets without consequences. The SDF gets the profits at first, but the U.S. has no intention of letting the Kurds get rich. The SDF profits will be funneled into a SDFistan/Oil Field ‘protection force’ not under control of the Kurds. That is, whatever profits ever make it through the DCE mafia. That ‘license’ had to cost them a fortune in bribes at OFAC.


Prior to the first strike, the SDF had stopped selling the oil to the Syrian government, afterwards they relented and started selling it back.
Regardless of OFAC and DCE, Kurds and Americans should get the same treatment for illegally stealing natural resources from an illegal presence in Syria.

Pave Way IV

My hazy understanding:

The Arab Tribal part of the SDF controls and operates the oil fields. They load crude in independent operator’s tankers who are then supposed to deliver it wherever the Kurdish administration part of SDF says it should go. The oilfield Arab Tribes don’t care where it goes as long as their leaders get their cut. The mostly Arab independent tanker operators resell the loads wherever they can make the standard fee plus a few extra bucks.

Sometimes that’s delivered to where the Kurds tell them to go – Assad/Homs Refinery, Turkish border crossings run by Erdogan’s smuggler son-in-law, or Iraqi border crossings run by the Iraqi Kurds Barzani smuggling mafia for resale in Turkey. Sometimes the tanker operators let the market decide and deliver it wherever they can sell it for the highest price without getting killed by either the SDF or head-choppers. A lot of times it’s sold to the two head-chopper oil mafia run collection or gutter refining spots in HDFistan. Sometimes it’s sold to alternative smugglers who take it to Syrian government-held areas, HDFistan areas or Iraq. It’s risk/reward and the oil price and tanker profit change all the time.

The Kurd administration gets the SDF to crack down on obvious diversion, but the SDF can’t possibly keep an eye on all the oilfields’ depots, all the highway routes and all of the Syrian/HDFistan/Iraq border crossings. Either that, or individual SDF guys get paid by tanker operators to look the other way. So the stolen oil goes from SDFistan to wherever the need drives the price and delivery profit the highest.

So where the oil ends up is only partially determined by where the Kurds/SDF direct it to be delivered. They still make the equivalent of several millions USD a month in profit because the stolen oil itself was free. There’s really no loss ot the SDF if some of the oil is diverted – it’s just profit that someone else makes and they didn’t. They would stop all illegal (in their eyes) sales if they could, but they don’t have the manpower.

Selling to Homs is the exception – they can control any tankers from delivering there if they choose. OFAC sanctions to cut off all oil sold to Syria to ‘punish Assad’ backfired and made Assad cut the Kurds/SDF off from refined petroleum produced at Homs. The Kurds then decided it was a mistake to obey OFAC and resumed illegal (to the U.S.) OFAC sanctioned and prohibited crude sales to ‘the regime’ at Homs.

The Trump/OFAC scheme with DCE was cooked up with the intent to repair the fields, produce millions of barrels more and pipe the stolen crude to Turkey, either directly or through Iraq. The SDF would then totally control the sales and profits, which will be an order of magnitude higher. They could import (Iraqi Kurds would sell them via pipeline) all the refined petroleum in a new, probably U.S. taxpayer-funded pipeline. No ‘SDF’ oil ever needed to go to Homs or get diverted to head-choppers again and the SDF/Kurd Administration would be increasingly self-funded. Kind of like ISIS.

The tradeoff was U.S. troops via Operation Spartan Shield protecting the oil fields and pipelines until the SDF funded and built a parallel 22,000 strong mostly Arab militia used exclusively for SDFistan border control, guarding oil fields and guarding ISIS prisons. DCE and U.S. scheming really means a 22,000 strong CIA-controlled merc army NOT under SDF control and useful for other U.S. shenanigans in Syria. In fact, US SOF are busy retraining MaT head-choppers in at Tanf for that exact job right now, but they only got a few hundred ready. The DCE cash train will fix that. It’s run by and ex-Gulf Oilsands exec (MI6), an ex-SOFCOM commander who runs a little U.S.-based merk outfit, and the ex-U.S. Ambassador to Denmark (CIA). Kurd leaders will be thrown a few leftover stolen-oil bucks if there is any, then stabbed in the fucking back. Again.

Arthur Deodat Jr.

I hope no White Helmet was injured.

Kenny Jones ™

Average Sunday

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Sunday roast with all the trimmings.


Turk and Amers be playing GTO, Grand Theft Oil.
I can imagine the Turkoid ISIS oil trafficker thinking “These attacks happen so rarely, the next one probably won’t be for next 6 months at minimum” and then BOOM he burns to death.

Assad must stay


Laurent Parodi

They really attacked again.
Very nice.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Better watch out for British Metropolitan police might be opening up a war crimes investigation into this as well, just as soon as their colleagues have stopped any further all-female vigils for victims murdered by serving male police officers, from being peaceful gatherings within Covid lockdown tyranny Britain.



Hasbara Hunter

It is a Bloody discrace: A British Cop Rapes & Murders a Woman….accordingly his Collegues from the London Police Department think it is a Good Idea to Assault a couple more Women…Revolutions in Europe are not far away…Anger is Growing rapidly….

Dick Von Dast'Ard

We are talking today about a country (United Kingdom) that has set state level policy to allow secret agents to commit serious crimes. Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act.

Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021


UK has always been an oppressive corrupt Rothschild police state, now the veneer has worn off.

Just Me

UK is a corrupt, perverted police state and run by the Rothschild Windsor criminals.

Ashok Varma

The British are the worst liars and racist criminals the world has ever seen. No one knows them better than Indians. They looted $45 trillion from India and killed millions of innocent women and children. So now raping and killing their own minorities and women should hardly come as a surprise.

johnny rotten

How much I like these things, they made my day better, again if possible, and thank you.

Hasbara Hunter

After the strike, Syrian opposition sources reported intense Turkish artillery strikes on Kuweires Air Base, where Syrian government forces are deployed….

Bwahahahahaha Dönmeh Sultan ErDOGan must have been pretty pissed off that HIS “Pipeline on Wheels” got Bombed again….keep Bombing these Filthy Turkish Oil-Thieves until they got no more Wheels left…


it’s more important that the sdf and pkk and ypg are skint and that the morons and the jews won’t have any benefits of the friggin kurds. erdogan can wait.

Hasbara Hunter

Treacherous Turds have been working for & together with the Mossad for a LONG time now…



MoFos in Iraq’s KAR published a stamp showing the Pope over a background of “the greater Kordestan”, whatever the F… that means.

Iran and Turkey protested to the Iraqi government, apparently the KAR mafia is not even worthy of a protest…

Just Me

Arbil needs to be flattened, one mild missile barrage was not enough. The Kurd turds are Zionist pansies.

Ashok Varma

Indian media carried reports that the UAE is issuing Israeli Arab Sephardi Jews passports to enter Iraq, Syria and even Yemen for sabotage and terrorism. A few suspect passports were flagged at Indian airports. The Israel Arab Jews are also taught UAE Arabic dialect to enter other Arab countries that oppose Israel. The Arab and Iranian intelligence services need to lift their game.


erdogan hates netanyahu and the jews are in the way for his grand plans for turkey and if he can he will singlehandedly strangle netanyahu to finish him off.

Hasbara Hunter

Dönmeh fightin’ ZioNazis…Devils are fightin’ Devils….that is a goOD thing…let them weaken eachother….

Just Me

US is funding the occupation and terrorism in Iraq and eastern Syria by stealing oil. These supplies should be targeted 24/7 with drones, missiles and loitering munitions.


The big question is why the treacherous Pootin forces Allowed the zio Turkey forces to fire on the base WITHOUT responding and destroying where they came from.

Hasbara Hunter

Russians, Syrians, Iranians, Hezbollah & their Allies have been doin’ a very fine job in defeating the AngloZioNazi Parasites up till now…I can fully understand your frustration that things don’t go any faster…I have to agree with you…It would have been much nicer if the Paedophile AngloZioNazis & their Psychopathic Headchopping Mercenaries were already fertilizing the Soil by now…but No Worries, grab your Popcorn & Enjoy the Show

Especially for you some classics from the Old days: Russians & Syrians Brotherly Bombing Filthy AngloZioNazi Oil Thieves…





Thank you bro.. 🙏

Band Itkoitko

Now, we have a second wave of burning the oil line. It’s in a sense different. The very use of tactical ballistic missiles is indicative. On one side, it’s an escalation and a bigger threat to the enemy, on the other (but related) side – it’s coming from SAA rather than from Russia or Iran alone and demonstrates a strong determination and a greater capability. This means that the game has changed, the rules and the players are in a quite different state now. Whoever built their plans (e.g., the West) on old or invalid assumptions or premises will simply not obtain the expected or desired outcomes from their activities. That’s nothing more than Aristotelian logic.

Just Me

There should be follow up strikes on all the refining infrastructure including pipelines, storage tanks, pumping stations and tankers.

Hasbara Hunter

I think there will be a whole lot of follow up strikes….completely take down the Illegal Black Gold Suckers thus take away Dönmeh Sultan ErDOGan’s Cash Flow….HIS Headchopping Mercenaries are financed with that STOLEN SYRIAN OIL….

Rhodium 10

SAA have launched artillery attacks near Al Bad.


In addition to that, wait for another Israeli hissy fit in a few days.
How dare Syrians stop the oil theft which they consider their god-given (more like Moloch-given) right?

Cheryl Brandon


Just Me

Oil theft is not proving very easy for the Erdogan family and their CIA masters. The previous strike so big that US military had to airlift fire fighters from Saudi bases to put it out and over 250 tankers were gutted and it burnt for a week.

Liberal guy

Best entertainment for me burning of the wahhabis (L. A) scums and their life oil which is going

Ashok Varma

Turkey today is the historic worst enemy of Arabs and is worse than the Ottomans. It is main reason for the misery in Iraq, Syria and now Libya and Yemen. Erdogan, his family and the corrupt Turkish generals and military are partners with US oil plunder of Syria, Iraq and Libya.


Erdogan is war worse than the Pashas in terms of promoting Salafist terrorism in Arab lands.


I ll never forget the heroic liberation of Kuweires AB from Isis scum siege.

Captain Freedom

Another Sunday, another Wahha-BBQ


Good job Boys,looks like hell.comment image


is that the more than odious oprah?


Think its Susan rice.


At the end of the day it will be the sdf and pkk and ypg that will suffer the shortfall in money, (which the white house boys can’t do much about. and erdogan will have a field day when he can clean out the vipers nest of sdf and so on, all supported by the morons in the white house. however, the stream of cash from the stolen crude will soon dry up and the extinction threatened jews again be left to their own imagination and as we know, they are already preparing their last sortie from this mortal coil. and will be missed by none. the best prospect around for a long long time.

johnny rotten

Hey guys, this is the only time I have all the comments visible, no posters stuck, where have the trolls and poorly written algorithms gone? when there is bad news for them the cursed disappear in an instant, this too is a great satisfaction, as if the air were cleaned up.


They are trying to get back in here. I confronted one the other week and their response to my comment for them, had some strange trimmings indeed. Right now the other dudes seemed foucused on shutting down other sights, in terms of freedom of speech and all. They will be back. You won´t wait long. They look at everything that goes on here, as usual.


let me get this right…sdf and turkish backed militia are fighting eachother and at the same time are trading stolen oil?? how retarted is this?

John Mason

US has it in for Russia yet the two are doing healthy trade and share intelligence.

Ashok Varma

Russian government is compromised by the Jew oligarchs.

Cheryl Brandon

Problem we have is that doesn’t get into the MSM,the OPCW is heavily compromised by the US,John Bolton once threatened the head of the OPCW like a Mafia Mob Boss.he told the former president we know where your family live.


The funniest of all here would be the pseudo “uncomprising and terrible” Ottoman retaliation that resulted in a very expensive fireworks that killed exactly no one in Kwereis. I know of some Shariah-loving, ErDOG-licking goon lurking around here that will be exceptionnally pleased by yet another crushing blow to the Qatar/Turkey supported Idlibistan caliphate…

Turkish teeth sure bite big time alright. Lose an entire petroleum endeavor in two decisive strikes and respond in anger with blank artillery. Last time they supposedly killed “THOUSANDS “of SAA,my ass.

This is the most effective,concrete and relevant message possible imaginable yet sent to he Kurdish leadership,that is sure an interesting way to drag their noses back to the damn negotiating table once and for all. Hitting them exactly where it hurts the most while their US masters can’t do jack about it was THE most decisive and telling act undertaken by a joint Damascus-Moscow effort of that magnitude. It will ripple accross many decision-making circles high up in the SDF commanding chain and political corpus.

This is plain perfect.

But wait… I thought the Russians were sOoOoOOooO scared to act against US or Turkish interests anywhere on the planet and Syria included ??? I guess I must have been living in another dimension where people actually believe that pile of crap a little while back xD

Liberal guy

This is the best kind of entertainment to me hahahahaha

Assad must stay

Hahahaha!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOM

John Mason

US bases next; they are also involved in the oil theft and smuggling?

chris chuba

If the SAA and Russia and scare the oil traffickers in Idlib out of business it will force all of it to go east into Iraq. Concentrating the traffic to one place will make it a much more vulnerable.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators.
May they rest in pieces…


OTR-21 Tochka shelf life is a about to expire… a pity for so much money and engineering effort to go to waste. Apparently the Syrians and found a good use for it before expire date.

Just Me

Idlib needs to be carpet bombed after informing the terrorist sympathizers to leave within 72 hours. The truck drivers who drive the stolen oil should be informed that they will be hit if they don’t stop. No western pansy coward will drive these trucks either in Syria or Iraq, so they hire mostly Kurd turds.

Band Itkoitko

“Turkish Ministry of Defense says it has sent a notification to the Russian side to stop the attack on Tarhin and Al-Hamran, launched by the Syrian army.”

The audacity and madness of that statement. Maybe in some minds stopping crimes is illegal. Turkish ministry of defense/offense will have to suck it.

This attacks against illegal oil trading is a great tactical move in these circumstances, while extremely simple. It can be escalated and deescalated almost as desired and can have long term and short term outcomes, depending on the intensity and other factors. The “coalition” (this includes western state-related entities and local Middle Eastern illegal formations and their bosses) tried to strengthen its position: more armament, more trouble making, more human power (e.g., the US tried to strengthen their presence and influence there, combined with disturbances in Asia, Africa, and Europe, without much of success in my opinion, which is not at all a surprise). This here is probably the best response to that. They are trying to bleed Syria to death, and SAA responds by bleeding them to death. Newton’s third law is unbeatable.

chris chuba

‘Cease and desist interfering in our theft of Syrian oil’

Blas de Lezo

Hopefully many Zio-Wahhabis got roasted extra crispy. Keep up the good work keep burn the stolen oil. until there’s no funding for the PKK yellow secessionists.

klove and light

Qais Khazali, the leader of the Iraqi anti-terror movement Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, has warned of a conspiracy against Iraq hatched by an Emirati security team which has reportedly arrived in the Arab country to manage the Iraqi intelligence service.

Quoting “reliable sources”, Khazali said on Sunday the Emirati team is supposed to run the Iraqi intelligence service.

“Has Iraq reached such a level of weakness to be crushed like this?” Khazali asked, questioning the Emirati group’s mission.

In a post on his Twitter account, the Iraqi cleric said, “What’s going on is very dangerous, and threatens the future of the Iraqi government.”

Scolding those who keep silent toward the conspiracies hatched against Iraq, he compared the performance of Emirati security forces to their performance in Libya and Yemen, and warned that they are rapidly implementing the plot.

He also referred to the transfer of 300 Iraqi security forces to the country’s customs points, and asked if the transfer is related to the Emirati team’s visit.

The security forces transferred to border areas upon a decision by the federal government allegedly include several Iraqi intelligence service officers who have been excluded for being loyal to the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), better known as Hashd al-Sha’abi.

The PMU is a government-sponsored umbrella organization composed of around 40 factions of volunteer counter-terrorism forces, including mostly Shia Muslim groups like Asa’ib, besides Sunni Muslims, Christians and Kurds.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There’s going to be a lot of happy oil truck salesmen in Syria and Turkey now, 200 trucks destroyed last time and maybe another 200 this time, so they’re going to be very busy soon and make bucket loads of money too.
The Kurdish National Council [KNC] and the Syrian National Council [SNC] will be the 2 groups buying new trucks.
And there was one fatality and 2 wounded in Turkish reprisal attacks,

“Two children “Furqan Ibrahim Aintabi and Yasser Ibrahim Aintabe” were seriously injured, and one child “Yamen Ali Aintabi” is died as a result of the Turkish army’s bombing on Al-Zangal village northwest Manbij, from its base in Al-Yashili village”.


Keep doing it – every-time the Turks try and build up infrastructure INSIDE northern Syria for plunder – ie, makeshift storage tanks and refinery – strike them. This is means for Syria to effectively economically sanction and destabilize both the SDF and Islamist terror factions, strip them of their criminal-syndicate oil theft profits, and, at least, the SDF will be forced into more conciliatory position toward Damascus. Syria is under crippling international sanctions directed from US, so let Syria impose its own version of crippling internal sanctions on the criminal-plunder terror factions – by shattering the criminal enterprise itself.

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