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JULY 2020

“No Detente”: Zelensky Starts Singing Poroshenko’s Song Immidiately After Inauguration


"No Detente": Zelensky Starts Singing Poroshenko's Song Immidiately After Inauguration

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the US for helping Kiev and asked Washington to tighten sanctions against Russia.

“The United States is a powerful and serious partner for Ukraine, first of all, in overcoming the aggression of Russia. We will not be able to overcome Russian aggression in Donbas and Crimea alone. Therefore, we need your help. I would like to urge you that the United States keeps increasing sanctions against the Russian Federation,” Zelensky said in a meeting with US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker and US Senator Ron Johnson.

Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the US for the assistance in the sphere of security.

He claimed that he would begin open, transparent and democratic reforms in Ukraine, following the US’ example: “We have a very good example of your country. Reforming Ukraine as a whole, in all areas, will not be held after the ceasefire in Donbas, but in parallel. Because we need it. We want to become a European country in terms of values and transparency.”

Essentially, Zelensky, in spite of his claims that he would seek de-escalation and to normalize relations with Russia earlier, is continuing former President Petro Poroshenko’s policy.

On May 10th, Poroshenko addressed the German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a request to strengthen anti-Russian sanctions. He justified the need for increased pressure on Russia, because Russian passports were being issued in Donbass.

In his inaugural speech, Zelensky spoke of the need to return the Crimea and Donbass to Ukraine. “Both the Crimea and the Donbass are Ukrainian land. We have lost not only territories; we have lost the most important thing – people. And today we just have to regain their consciousness. Over the years, the authorities did nothing to make them feel Ukrainians. They are not strangers, they are ours. They are Ukrainians,” he said.

He claimed that he was prepared to pay any price to reach a ceasefire, but only one that is also a result of Ukrainian victory:

“What price are you ready to pay for the ceasefire? It’s a strange question. What price are you ready to pay for the lives of your loved ones? I can assure you that I’m ready to pay any price to stop the deaths of our heroes. I’m definitely not afraid to make difficult decisions and I’m ready to lose my fame, my ratings, and if need be — without any hesitation, my position to bring peace, as long as we do not give up our territories.”

From his rhetoric, it can be expected that there will be no de-escalation by the Ukrainian side against the People’s Republics in the Donbass. He will more than likely continue the same policy of exponentially more aggressive steps.

“History is unfair. We are not the ones who have started this war. But we are the ones who have to finish it. And we are ready for dialogue. I believe that the perfect first step in this dialogue will be the return of all Ukrainian prisoners,” he said.

The difference is that Poroshenko, despite making more or less the same claims, failed in the eyes of the people. Volodymyr Zelensky is a new and young face, and he is likely to receive a bit of special attention to his new-old propaganda and “soft power” efforts.

How long that will last – only time will tell.

Separately, in terms of propaganda, on May 18th, the Ukrainian Embassy in the US accused Russia of targeting Crimean Tatars with detention, and forcing them out of Crimea. And that little had changed since the Ukrainians failed to stop Stalin on May 18th, 1944.

It turned out that the photographs used in the post were, in fact, from the Holocaust Museum in Lodz in 1944. The 2019 was the arrest of suspected foreign terrorist organization members.

In a lengthy response on their Facebook page, the Russian Embassy in the US commented on the accusations made by US State Department’s deputy assistant secretary George Kent regarding the matter

“Since Mr. Kent is a member of a family that suffered from the deportation, we stand ready to evaluate if he is eligible for social or any other rehabilitation within Russian laws.

In any case, we wish to warn him against showing further public support to members of “Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami” international terrorist group (illegal in Russia), who were arrested in Crimea.”

The U.S. Department of State continues its pointless efforts to speculate on the tragic events in the history of the…

Posted by Embassy of Russia in the USA / Посольство России в США on Saturday, May 18, 2019

Thus, the same old rhetoric and escalations will continue, just with a new face in front.




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  • Barba_Papa

    Business as usual it would seem. Nothing the Kremlin did not expect would happen already. I’d hope.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    ““We have a very good example of your country.”

    Exceptional corruption and main gdp export of death, destruction and chaos.

  • zman

    New boss same as the old boss?…shocker. NOT

    • so

      If he thought any different he’d be dead. The US has invested too much to let Ukrainian citizens make choices. I ought to know I’m a US citizen.

      • Pavel Pavlovich

        Just so, however, he has personal positions and those are quite pro-fatherland (the great one). Not on his own, but with Putin’s aid. And the aid of the patriotic forces of the USSR. The people are waking up, albeit painfully slow.

        • so

          Somebody has to stick up for little people. Tired of watching my country grind up people all over the world. I pray it ends soon. The karma coming back to my country will be epic and well deserved.

          • Pavel Pavlovich

            If Russia should liberate itself from the colonial status of your nation, your life standard will plumet 100 fold. Just so you know,

          • so

            100 fold? I think thats a bit extreme but if the evil rich suffer the same fate then its ok with me.

          • Pavel Pavlovich

            Not in the slightest. How do you think your nation became the richest nation on earth? It is a colonial power. And Russia is somewhat a golden calf.

      • Toronto Tonto

        Your a fukin idiot too.

        • so

          Spoken from a country that kidnaps foreign nationals for their master.(slave)

      • AM Hants

        They are investing quite a bit more money in Ukraine, well the US tax payers (ignorant of it all), in order to get the right kind of voting in the Ukraine, run of the mill elections. Together with Trump, trying to clean out Obama’s team, owing to their involvement in the 2016 US Presidential Campaign, when they sided with the Clintons, to keep Trump out.

        Guess the US are a bit schizophrenic, where Ukraine is concerned. Are both sides working together, or just one sector of the US, which includes the State Department?

        • so

          The separation is the illusion. Evil Rich are Evil Rich.

  • Pavel Pavlovich

    He might turn out to be something else.
    The system won’t change, this is not Zelensks fault.

    Ad personam insult only may come from blithering witless fools.
    If Zelensky goes against the system, he will be steamrolled.
    I shall say only this: from time to time even chesspieces
    develop a life on their own, actors become the role that they play…
    And this here gentleman might yet turn out to be the mine that shall bring change the tide.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Time for some REAL sanctions on the invading Russians .

    • AM Hants

      Who never invaded. As confirmed by the General of the Ukraine Military, at the time and the OHCHR.

      By the way, how did the last lot of sanctions go?

      How many $billion have Ukraine lost, owing to turning their backs on Russia? Can they afford it? Who will be heating their homes, on 1 January 2020?

      • Toronto Tonto

        Russia will be gone soon , a bunch of lawless rouge states = shitthole .

        • AM Hants

          Riddle me this. How old is Russia? How old is the US? How much territory did the Tsars give to Ukraine, that used to belong to Russia? How much territory, that was Russian, did Lenin give to Ukraine? How much territory, from Galicia, did Stalin give to Ukraine? How much Russian territory did Krushchev give to Ukraine?
          Why, since 1991 when the Soviet Union fell, did so many of the 15 member states, run with their ‘begging bowls’ and ‘professional victim’ status, to the Soviet EU? Which was run on exactly the same ideology as the old Soviet Union, by the same crowd, that they were whinging about?
          How many leaders of the Bolshevik Communist Soviet Union, came from other member states, besides Russia? Remember, Stalin was Georgian, his replacement came from a Soviet Oblast, Krushchev was Ukrainian, just like Breznev. There were not that many leaders of the Soviet Union. Lenin, and his sponsors were behind the creation. Stalin launched it, back in 1924. 1991, 67 years later, it fell.
          How many of those 15 member states, used their independence to move ahead, make friends and partners with the emerging economies and go back to their nuclear triad, superpower status?
          Including overcoming the bankruptcy of the nation, and pillaging of their natural resources? Why couldn’t the others do the same?
          How much do they pay towards their 2% GDP NATO Membership Contract and how much do they receive from the EU or pay into the EU?
          How many of them, gave Russia a hand, paying off the $45 billion Soviet Union Debt, including, when the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire?

          Why do they feel their pain, at the hand of the Bolsheviks, was so much worse than Russia’s?
          By the way, the US has only been going since the 18th century. Russia has been around since 800BC. The colonists, arrived in the US, back in the 1600s (17th century), The colonies that formed the US were established in 1732 and the US celebrated her first birthday on the 4 July 1777, one year after declaring independence from Great Britain. Ironically, using self determination, just like the people of Crimea, when they voted to return home to Russia (and have never regretted that decision).
          EU Member Nations Contributions
          World Debt
          NATO Member States GDP Contributions
          Remember, the Secretary of State (US), telling Gorbechev they would not move an inch into Eastern Europe, if only he would dismantle the Warsaw Pact. Now how many Eastern European nationa, from the old Warsaw Pact are NATO member states and the figure is rising. Ukraine could not join NATO, back in 1997, owing to the situation with the borders of Ukraine and Russia, never being ratified. Which holds to this day.

          How much territory has Ukraine annexed from 11 time zone Russia?

  • goingbrokes

    For the sake of Ukrainian people I was wishing for something better, but as we’d expect, one jew goes out and another jew walks into the leadership position to continue the same policy diktats from Washington think tanks and AIPAC.

  • AM Hants

    Mouth piece for Soros and Kolomoisky. Didn’t the US give him an ultimatum and isn’t Kurt Volker, just like the US Ambassador to Ukraine, on his way out, owing to his devotion to Clinton, rather than Trump, back in 2016?

    Soros Boys, who end up leaders of nations, all come from the same stable. Tony Blair, Maccron, Trudeau, the Comedian – notice the pattern?

  • AM Hants

    The Possible Replacement of Kurt Volker in Ukraine… https://www.stalkerzone.org/the-possible-replacement-of-kurt-volker-in-ukraine/

    Another Eric Prince, in the making. Wonder how much his private defence firm made from Ukraine?

    ‘…On his page experience in Ukraine is also specified. He was able to tour Ukraine in 2014 when he headed Pacem Solutions (consulting in the defense sphere). It is claimed that in this capacity he carried out “consultations on electoral security of the Prime Minister of Ukraine” (this probably concerns Arseniy Yatsenyuk). He also protected the US Ambassador during the presidential election in 2014…

    …The circle of his duties also included consultations throughout Ukraine, including Donbass. According to the source of “Strana”, Mills was also engaged in training as a military instructor of Ukrainian volunteer battalions [neo-Nazi formations – ed] in the zone of the “anti-terrorist operation”, where he became acquainted with the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.. (Remember Odessa Trade Union Building 2 May 2014 and who was behind it?)

    So why are the US so desperate to get hold of Donbass and do they have no idea, that after Porkie tore up the 1997 Ukraine Russia Friendship Treaty, Donbass, should now have reverted back to Russian Territory. Remember, Lenin gave Novorussia to Ukraine, which is now known as Eastern Ukraine. Owing to their borders, never being ratified, in accordance with International Law and only recognised when both Russian and Ukraine were partners in the CIS, surely the borders have gone back to pre-1917 times?


    So will they end up making Wesley Clarke or Erik Prince the US Special Representative?

    Why Did Trump’s Lawyer Cancel His Trip to Kiev?… Why Did Trump’s Lawyer Cancel His Trip to Kiev?

    Wonder why the US tax payer is investing $millions into Ukraine, to make sure the 2020 election result end up being just what the US want. How much is for coercion, over in Donetsk? Knowing they have nought else to offer? Would they take it?

  • Tudor Miron

    I would suggest that people stop thinking that Zelensky is deciding anything at all. This clown (he is a professional clown) is just a talking head.

    • so

      Sounds like Trump Obama Bushes Clinton and on and on. Behold the scum behind the curtain.

  • Ma_Laoshi

    But wasn’t this handing out of passports very poorly timed by Russia? In the wake of Zelensky’s election, Ms. Zakharova said that the Russian reaction would be “wait and see” if I have it right; doing so would have been perfectly sensible, but this is now the path not taken. Even if there’s no real hope for improvement over Porky, you refrain from doing anything that’d allow Z to ply the victim.

  • Kelli Hernandez

    Zelensky campaign was bankrolled by a Jew oligarch
    None of this surprises me. The West wasn’t going to allow an outlier to win.
    When will Ukrainians wake up? As if Maiden and regime change wasn’t obvious enough.
    Putin was right to be skeptical of Zelensky