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No Al-Bab For Turkey In 2016

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No Al-Bab For Turkey In 2016

Turkish forces near al-Bab

Turkey-led forces will not be able to seize the key Syrian town of al-Bab from ISIS terrorist group until 2017.

The Turkish army and pro-Turkish have not been able to break ISIS defenses in the town’s outskirts despite repeated attempts to do this.

Turkey-led forces have suffered heavy casualties during their attempts to take control of al-Bab (over 500 fighters and up to 30 units of military equipment) and now are deploying reinforcements to restart offensive operations in the area.

However, it’s clear that if Turkish forces are able to seize al-Bab, this event will not take place in 2016.

According to pro-Turkish sources, over 400 ISIS terrorists were killed during the Turkish military operation near al-Bab.

No Al-Bab For Turkey In 2016

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Trustin Judeau

TAF arent so good after all.They will take Al Bab within 2 months,but they will suffer more losses.It is very bad for the name of the Turkish army.FSA are non existent in the ES operation.


Notice that article header is “IN 2017”. Woops, is that a major typpo or very wishful thinking! It may take 2 months, but I was hoping for 4. Better to wear down FSA and ISUS over a longer period. Hope that Al Bab is Turkish/FSA stop line, and cause no further problems with Kurdish Manbij or Afrin areas. If they continue against ISUS a bit south of Al Bab, its all good news.

Tom Tom

ISUS = Islamic State of the United States, right?


“ISUS = Islamic State of the United States, right?” Wrong! ;-)… It’s ISIS aka Islamic State of Israel. USA are only the Big Idiot that does the dirty jobs ordered by Bibiland


we are using 1% of our military power in syria. we dont need to rush it. got 4000 tanks, using 50, got 500.000 soldiers, using 5000, got 300 F16, using barely 30.

gfsdyughjgd .

FSA is terrorist sabotaging Syrian infrastructures Erdogan Enjoy that Putin buy face like Lavrov with Kerry.


What’s weird is that these are some of the most elite units of the turkish army. It is not representative of the average soldier/unit level. These are some of the best soldiers with some of the best equipment available to Turkey (the Leo 2A4 is their best tank and of course they have the turkish airforce support)

And still they got pushed back hard.

And let’s not forget the humiliation of the military coup either, getting bullied and beaten by Erdogan supporters like invalids…

Tom Tom

Its hard to beat CIA para-military training.

hunter og

This is a proof that US contols ISIS they never attacked for so long suddenly they attacked palmyra and dera azor when turkey started invading Syria they were securing city after city easily but as soon they start working with the Russian they lost lot of equipment soldiers and even Isis burned 2 turkey soldiers They also can’t capture albab That’s why they wining about air support lol It’s not like they can’t attack them their self they know they gonna get shot down It’s like hiding message for the US give us easy access or we will snitch lol

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