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Nikki Haley Resigns As US Ambassador To United Nations

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Nikki Haley Resigns As US Ambassador To United Nations

Nikki Haley meets with President Trump in the Oval Office to announce her resignation © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Nikki Haley is resigning as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Commeting on the situation, US President Donald Trump said that Haley would leave her post at the end of 2018.

“So at the end of the year, Nikki will be leaving and we’ll be in constant touch, I know that,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office while meeting with Haley.

The President said that he hopes Haley will one day return to his administration and told her “you can have your pick” of positions within it. Trump added that he would name Haley’s successor within two or three weeks.

Haley has been the UN Ambassador since Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. She repeatedly demonstrated a “strong” US positions on the number of issues, including the conflicts in Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Russian alleged involvement in the Skripal poisoning and the South China Sea conflict. According to critics of the US ambassador to the UN, the problem was that this “strong” position was often related with fueling further the existing conflict.

However, some, especially the mainstream media, found Haley’s behaviour acceptable. She was especially popular in the Israeli media because she has repeatedly voiced strong support to Israel and has even threatened states that do not support the US attitude on the Middle Eastern state.

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A glistening, shining star in the geopolitical firmament has been lost. My condolences to all SF readers, esp. Tommy who will doubtlessly be deeply saddened by the departure of this paladin for freedom.

S Melanson

Yes it is very sad. I am flying the Swastika at half mast today in mourning for our great loss.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Hallelujah. One less crazy representing the US on the world stage.


Although it may be seem like a good news that we no longer hear her shrieks, I have to remind myself not to rush to celebrate just yet.

Someone viler and more repulsive will take her place, if history’s any indication. Bolton, Wolff, Khalilzad, Rice, Power and others.


UN is a Zionist infested useless talk fest. But this Nimrata Randhawa was the worst so far. Hopefully, the dotard Trump will appoint the loudmouth draft dodger moron John Bolton for global entertainment.


That’s not the worst part. Why did she resign? She was doing the bidding of the warmongers.
Something else is happening.
They are preparing her for sinister things. She might run for president in 2024 or earlier if something happens to Trump.


You read my mind!
Perhaps Ivanka Trump becomes the next US ambassador to the UN to make her ready for the next step.

Trump’s administration are full of political dwarves because he can’t tolerate anyone casting a shadow longer than his own which is pretty short. He lowered the US administration bar so much that a secretary of state or even president Haley cannot be considered far-fetched. His daughter is also very interested to become the next president!


That would hilarious. But she will get attendance and less absenteeism in the general assembly.


Nikky Hally told Trump that what I am doing in UN its not good. She forces UN to do discriminatation for US regime.


I heard she’s going to be Israel’s ambassador to the UN directly instead of via the US


Your keen sarcasm may become a putrid reality unfortunately.

Zionism = EVIL

This stupid Sikh wanna be American was the idiot Trump’s hoe and kissed Zionist arse but the moron Trump got tired of her ugly face. Now even dumber Ivanka is being touted for the UN job. US is a complete JOKE :)

S Melanson

‘directly instead of via the US’

But the US ambassador to the United Nations IS the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. And expect the replacement to be more vile – she is leaving probably because Bolton doesn’t find her mean enough.

What I want to know is if at the end of the meeting in the Oval Office, did Trump show her the door by grabbing her by the P———y?

Richard M

By her posture she may be thinking the same! :D


Anyone have any idea what the kikes are up to?

Albert Pike

…what they are always – war and killing – till moshiach comes…


He already came but they missed him. They should check with the muslims as to when he’s returning. Something about defeating the dajjal at the gates of al quds.

Hisham Saber

Yes, after the Second Coming of Jesus (as), who resides on the right side of the Lord Creators, the Almighties throne. Then the fun begins. Its all there in Islamic eschatology.

Talmudic Rabbinical Jews want desperately to rebuild their Temple, as then, and only then will their true Messiah come down and rule the earth from Jerusalem, with an ‘iron fist’ mind you. Genocides and untold unnecessary human suffering will take place on a grand scale. Because the one they are building the Temple for is non other than Lucifer/Iblees. The Dajjal will be defeated, and so too will the plans for world subjugation, subversion and outright anti-humanity.

John 8 ; 44


Christians and Muslims have a lot to talk about. But I suspect the Jews don’t want that to happen.

Hisham Saber

Jews stay up at night and shudder with a cold hearted terrible fear that Muslims and Christians uncover the global conspiracy and join together to rid the world of their nefarious evil. These Jews are pushing for a giant clash of civilizations. But they wont get it, why? Because as they plot, plan and scheme, God Almighty is the best of planners. Its right there in the Glorious Quran.

The ignorant nest of rampant Christian- Zionists(oxymoron, btw) in the U.S. who number in the tens of millions are a big obstacle to the coming destruction of Israel as we know it.


I used to be one of those but then I encountered Paul Eisen….


They are Losing….Gasping for air…Out in the Spotlight….They are either preparing for the Samson-Option or taking Swimming Lessons…or they have stalled their Gold in China…and we can expect a Worldwide Petro-Yuan soon…and the Collapse of America & Europe…

Hisham Saber

The Kikes have a very, very low regard to the U.N. talk shop. They will jsy replace her with an even more psychopathic Zionist zealot. Nikki will be transferred to a more important position, as a national Security Advisor to Trump.
Nikki Haley will not just move back to South Carolina, she is way too valuable to the Zionist cause.

Albert Pike

Shame Israel is one UN-ambassador down…

S Melanson

But they have hundreds (Congress and POTUS) so they will get through this crisis.

Jim Bim

A crazy ultra Neocon leaves, a viler and more repulsive will take her place.

Zionism = EVIL

Her turban was too tight.


Perhaps they will welcome you back in your former Brothel Nikki… you never know what weird fetish some folks have….You can continue ridin’ the Broomstick Nikkiiiiiiiiii….The Witch of IsraHellllll!!! That will get you sum $hekels….


Well, as strange as it seems, some like the stench of a fish market without ice.

paul ( original )

This is a surprise and I don’t know how to interpret it. I don’t know what it signifies. This is the sort of thing that makes you think there are things going on beneath the surface of which we are unaware. She is a odious individual , may be she is ill. No misfortune is to too great for her.


To me it means that Hillary, or some hag equally as toxic, will be next in line.

Hisham Saber

Not that surprising. She will get a promotion to a more sensitive spot where the Zionist really need her. Shes not going to just go and retire in South Carolina. They have big plans for Nikki.

You can call me Al

Another small step to Global sanity.


That pic… is she drugged or just having an orgasm?


Note Potus love sign between his legs. Is it a Freudian fuck-up or a Freudian fuck-up…. lol


Good catch! Was he cuddling with Adolf Merkel?


That’s not an orgasm. She’s counting shekels. It’s the opposite effect of counting sheep.


Both :)

northerntruthseeker .

Both.. drugged up on Jew jism, and having an orgasm thinking of what she can do next for her Jewish prick masters.


Don’t let the door hit you in the butt. She was nothing but a loose cannon. She would read the ingredients off a cereal box if it pass put in front of her to read at the UN.


A craven creature with the integrity of a homicidal psychopath, unfortunately, there will be queues 10 deep chomping for the chance to illuminate her

Oscar Silva Martinez

They will change one of the puppets not the puppeteer, so don’t build up your hopes guys!!!


100% correct.


Hmm… She didn’t say why she was retiring? Maybe she’s had enough of a stressful job.
She’s leaving on good terms, though, and while ambassadors have some pull they are in effect the mouthpieces of the nations they represent. It’s inevitable that she disagreed with at least a couple aspects of the things she said during her time but like I said, she’s an ambassador.


She’s pissed because they wouldn’t allow her into the war room and give her veto power.

S Melanson

An important point you raise. Both Nikki and Trump are silent on why she is leaving. Also, Trump is saying they will keep in touch and a position is always open for her (such as doggie) in the administration. So:

Announcement sudden and unexpected
No reasons for leaving given
No announcement of her plans but apparently will not be with Trump administration.
Trump saying a position is open always for her tells me the decision to resign was hers

The tabloids will go wild with this.


C U Next Tuesday nikki


Obviously her rabies is in remission.

northerntruthseeker .

I thought she had a case of herpes from all the Jew dicks she has sucked??? I guess rabies is just as good…


All the altruistic, human and messages of love she was spouting at the UN to the whole World must have been returned in kind? I bet Nimrata is hoping life can again be simple and as good as it was at the time she was working in her convenience store but there is this Eastern concept-thingy called Karma, and she above all other people should have known about it…

Promitheas Apollonious

every time I see trumpet speak is like sucking…. on an invisible something.

Hisham Saber

The U.S. will simply leave the post vacant for some time, just to mock the U.N. And besides her undying love for Israel, she’s not all that experienced in dealing with China, and Russia , where the onslaught is about to begin at the U.N. They need someone who knows Iran inside out too.

Peter Jennings

Why should the Trumpster be in touch? if she gone, she’s gone, end of. We don’t want more of Susan Rice’s out of office fuck ups.


Praise Jesus the Bitc$ with Teeth as a Horse will be gone.. Finally.

northerntruthseeker .

I keep on thinking of the Wizard of Oz song.. Ding dong the witch is dead!

Lena Jones

Meh – she’ll just be replaced by another israel-first psychopath.

northerntruthseeker .

Like… Ivanka Trump!!!!

John Whitehot

my friend Mickey Mouse has suggested that Goofy may have been chosen as the next ambassador. The poor fella though doesn’t seem to be inclined to accept, on the grounds that he see himself as too much of a honest person for the job.


Nimrata “Nikki” Haley-Randhawa is greasing the skids for another “tell all” book about the Trump admin.

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