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Night Round Of Shelling On Israel Continues. Number Of Casualties In Gaza Grows (Videos 18+)

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The Iron Dome is intercepting more missiles launched from Gaza towards the area of Israeli Ashkelon. The​ IDF have recently deployed several more batteries in the south and bolstered it with more radars and launchers.

According to the reports, number of injuries in Gaza have risen to 65, majority are civilians. 20 people are dead, including 9 children.

Despite civilians, Israeli forces targeted military sites of Hamas.


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is iron dome that accurate? or is this an advertisement after the recent disastrous episode of a rocke going straight over israeli airspace


highly doubtful just out of curiosity what systems does china export? or does it have any vested interest in the dome? what larger part of arms exports will china benefit from?

a kite or balloon sets off the dome, it can be expensive to run


Iron Dildo.


To all the usual Iron-Dome fanboys around mocking Russian capabilities:

1 – you’re boring and unoriginal with that broken record of yours. Please renew your style.

2 – Russians don’t even NEED to activate long-range S-300/400s against home-made rockets, this is way overkill and ill-advised against such cheap targets anyway. For these there exist the Pantsyrs, and they do a perfect job against mortar, rockets and militant drones pretty regularly, maybe you’ve missed the news of dozens of desperate attempt per month that your Islamofascist friends make to hit the Khmeimim airbase since 2015.

For each of class, there is a class of defense, that is basic military culture for any enthusiasts, and you clowns are simply having a teenage hard-on because it’s nice to see fireworks lighting the night with multi-million dollar anti-air missiles popping thousand-dollar slow-moving unguided rockets.

All it took Hamas in past wars to pierce through those systems were Iranian-made Fajr-5 heavy rockets, that flew way faster with a different flight profile and boom : the Iron-dome interception rate fell to less than 20%. The saving grace was that the IAF then directly attacked their launchers on the ground, while mid-air interception was a real issue whenever those missiles were used.

Know your shyte before rushing in here trolling and bragging about stuff you don’t even comprehend.


IDF: “Terror targets civilians. We target terror”

You are terror.


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Fog of War

” just out of curiosity what systems does china export? or does it have any vested interest in the dome? what larger part of arms exports will china benefit from? ”

Israehell has already been caught ” red -handed ” several times giving US military secrets to China. The virus always preps its future host before infection.

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In case anyone is wondering, these are NOT Missiles, they are rockets. It’s one thing to intercept rockets and an entirely different thing to intercept missiles. Missiles are guided while rockets are not.

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@Kreen Exactly. it’s rather easy to intercept these rockets, Israelis know exactly where they are, very close to their borders. Only American systems fail to intercept 70 years old rockets in Baghdad.


Starting to get a little ridiculous trolls v anti trols.


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