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Nigerian Army Sustained Heavy Losses In Recent ISIS Attack In Borno (Photos)

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Nigerian Army Sustained Heavy Losses In Recent ISIS Attack In Borno (Photos)

A MT-LB APC. Click to see full-size image.

On May 6, ISIS terrorists carried out a large attack on a base of the Nigerian Armed Forces in the town of Bulabulin in the northeastern state of Borno.

ISIS news agency, Amaq, claimed that the group’s fighters were able to overrun the base’s defenses after heavy clashes with Nigerian soldiers, who eventually withdrew. According to Amaq, eight soldiers were killed and several others were injured in the clashes.

“The fighters of the Islamic State burned the barracks of the army, an artillery piece, three tanks and a military truck, while they captured six 4×4 vehicles, three other trucks in addition to 19 motorcycles and quantities of weapons and ammunition,” a press released by Amaq reads.

Photos of the attack released by Amaq show a Soviet-made MT-LB armored personnel carrier as well as an Italian OTO Melara Mod 56 105 mm howitzer.

ISIS cells have been expanding their influence in Borno for a while now. Photos released by Amaq on May 8 shade some light on the terrorist group’s presence in the African country.

Nigerian government forces are making immense effort to counter ISIS cells in the northeastern region. Nevertheless, very little has been achieved so far. The terrorist group will likely remain a real threat in that part of Nigeria for years to come.


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Your “knowledge” of military equipment is “impressive”, I must say.

Fog of War

” Soviet crap again….. cheap,unreliable from ww2 era. ”

Any equipment is useless if the operators are cowards who run at the first wiff of combat.


This is a country whose local authorities in 2009 actually “arrested” a goat on suspicion of “armed robbery”, under the belief the goat was the suspect transformed into a goat using black magic. This article is from 2009:


“Soviet crap again….. cheap,unreliable from ww2 era.”

It’s an MT-LB armoured personnel carrier introduced in the 1950s. Keep in mind the B-52 is still in use today with the US Air Force.

Jesus Ramirez

NIGERIA, what is the US and their puppets doing there?

It’s an interesting thing that after the Chibok girls kidnapping, the then Goodluck Jonsthan regime immediately demanded Amerikastani troops. And when Amerikastan sent spies and others, it is obvious that they did whatever they could do not locate and find the Chibok girls. Even when they saw them on satellite images, they deliberately pixilated those images so that the Nigerians couldn’t tell where the girls were. You’d almost think that the kidnapping was a Trojan Horse operation to get Amerikastan embedded in an area of strategic importance in the new Scramble For Africa, but that couldn’t be, right?



Nigerian army could learn a thing or two from SAA

Aleks Noir

Isis is effective against poorly trained regulars. Nigerian government may benefit from importing wagner, or some other PMCs to clear these guys out. This military equipment is not particularly impressive, but could be used well by an efficient military. SAA proved that the key to defeating ISIS like forces is a mix of of capable guard units, with efficient assault forces to take territory from them. Chasing hostages is pointless. Hostages can be liberated when ISIS loses their hold on territory. It seems that Nigeria lacks a capable close air support capability and organized artillery regiments.

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