Nigerian Army Suffers Heavy Losses In Failed Attack On ISIS Cells In Borno (18+ Video)

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Nigerian Army Suffers Heavy Losses In Failed Attack On ISIS Cells In Borno (18+ Video) 2.2222222222222 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.

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The Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) have suffered heavy losses in a recent attack on the remaining ISIS cells in the northeastern province of Borno.

ISIS’s news agency, Amaq, said the failed attack targeted the terrorist group’s positions near the town of Baga on March 9. The terrorists quickly repelled the attack, inflicting heavy losses on the NAF.

“Islamic State fighters killed and wounded 10 Nigerian army soldiers while repelling the attack, they also burned six armored vehicles, two trucks, and a 4×4 vehicle,” a source in ISIS told Amaq.

According to the source, ISIS terrorists also captured four 4×4 vehicles, a bulldozer as well as a truck-mounted Grad multiple rocket launcher (MRL).

Amaq released a photo of a Saurer 4K 4FA armored personnel carrier (APS) of the NAF that was allegedly burned during the failed attack. The agency also shared a video showing two Nigerian soldiers, who were captured by ISIS fighters, and the dead body of a third soldier.
Nigerian Army Suffers Heavy Losses In Failed Attack On ISIS Cells In Borno (18+ Video)

The Defence Ministry of Nigeria is yet to comment on ISIS’ claims or to release a statement clarifying what exactly happened near Baga.

Last year witnessed a notable decline in ISIS activities in Nigeria. However, the terrorist group is now, once again, on the move to rebuild its influence in the country, mainly in the northeastern region neighboring the Chad Lake.

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Allahu Akbar was in the above video what the Africans needed, totally. Don’t they have their own religion, which is very different from stupid & by now thoroughly corrupted Islam and Christinanity in-the-process of being corrupted. They have a Supreme God, but they worship lesser deities, much like in India. Forcing upon them Allahu Akbar won’t help at all!

Tudor Miron

Christianity was corrupted way before Islam was. But you’re right – both historically established Christianity and Islam are nothing other than export version (for goyim use) of judaism.

Jens Holm

So funny haha. Islam was invented later.

Those 3 religions have same library. I would not use export but innovatives…

Jens Holm

As old Boyscout I remember Lord Robert Baden Powel havig the first Brittish Victory in South Africa,

The many Brittish troops were not educated to find and eliminate the Dutch and therefor had big loses.

His new idea was the dutch instead should come to them, so they could eliminate them. They made an impotant traffic center town and around it into a big forification and did kill many dutch by that.

So the Nigerians should build a big hospital, fortify it well and put landmines all over around and many of their enemies would self detonate themselves. …


A school for Muslim girls would be an even bigger irresistible draw to them. Can’t have the wimmenz get crazy ideas like read and write! Quick! To the Oppression Mobile!

Jens Holm

Yes, they will be like flies for dirt.

I have no sulutions. They already has split it up in very small independencies.


It’s become a franchise. Anyone can become ISIS as long as they follow the brand’s guidelines. Basically what Al Qaida did after 9-11 as well.

Jens Holm

Its the same in so many places. When the countries dont create production having enough jobs and no hope anybody can be bought.

I have told that so many times for Syria and Iraq. 50% of the men having no job and much more for women for good reasons make people dont like the governess.

Kapitalisme in Denmark goes up and down. When we are down, the Goverment create long time jobs as roads, hospital and brifges. They also make short time jobs in repairs, making play facilities for the children and some extra services for the old ones.

Its done to make people trust the state even long periods are very expensive and in periods might extra tax collaction.

Most of them are low paid jobs because


I’ve seen this in person when I was in Egypt in the 90’s. Men telling me that even though they have an university degree they can’t get a job, men asking me if I could sponsor them for an EU visum. Too many small shops with way too many staff that are idle. There’s a lot of hidden unemployment there. And what makes it worse for these men is that unless you have a steady income and can provide for a family it’s next to impossible to get a wife. So a lot of sexual frustration as well as sex outside of marriage is actively frowned upon. Which was probably one of the main causes why so many young Arab men flocked to ISIS in Syria. There at least they could get a Yezzidi sex slave to use and abuse their carnal lusts. And also why Western women get harassed when visiting the Middle East by themselves. Because they see a lot of Western movies and TV series down there, not to mention Western porn, so in their mind all Western women are whores who will sleep with anyone anyway.

How it can be solved? There’s probably no easy fix to fix the Arab economies. It’s a complex problem of in-efficient government, stifling bureaucracies, corruption, nepotism and a very strong tribal culture that encourages the worst of those corrupt and nepotist excesses. Everybody complains about corruption and nepotism, yet they all join in the system, because everybody knows someone in the government bureaucracy that can grease the wheels, or some uncle with a shop who can be pressured into hiring a nephew to sweep floors several times a day in his tiny shop.


The only way is to stop their funding. Call Russia to you show you how.

Ray " Uncle Sam"

France is behind Boko Haram! its about the oil near the drying lake chad! a countries next to nigeria a frances vessels! and only nigeria is attacked! Boko Haram walk free in french controlled countries!

Tudor Miron

If one wants to know how civilised the French are than ask Algerians – those have a lot to say about freedom and democracy loving France.


Well if Amaq quoted it then it must be true. Meanwhile Deash have just claimed that they created the Corona Virus.

Tudor Miron

After suffering a harsh defeat in Syria, US is activating its irregular armed forces (Daesh) in Africa (like if this continent didn’t suffer enough from anglo-zio empire).

Lone Ranger

Sounds more like a few moderate CIA black ops…

Assad must stay

not good, someone needs to help nigerian army to defeat daeshbags


Wherever American influence is found, ISIS shows up

Peter Jennings

The Nigerian army need to realise that they are not fighting a group of loosely affiliated religious fanatics, but foreign funded, trained and armed guerillas.

The money comes from unsuspecting western taxpayers who think their money is being spent protecting the ingenious people when in fact it is being spent securing the business contracts of shysters.

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