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Nigerian Army Boasts Successful Operation That Led To Killing Of Several Boko Haram Commanders

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Nigerian Army Boasts Successful Operation That Led To Killing Of Several Boko Haram Commanders

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Over the July 17-19th weekend, Nigerian armed forces carried out successful operations against Boko Haram, killing several top commanders in the country’s northeastern.

At least 8 senior Boko Haram members were reportedly killed.

“Troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE have continued to conduct intelligence-based operations which continues to degrade Boko Haram /Islamic State of West Africa Province across the Theatre.

Following credible intelligence, the gallant troops of of Operation LAFIYA DOLE on 17 July 20 targeted the terrorists on their market activities and undercover movement around Kolofata, a border town with Cameroon where troops of Strong Response Area (SRA) Pulka neutralised six Boko Haram terrorists attempting to cross from Cameroon Border towards Sambisa Axis.”

According to a representative of the headquarters of the Nigerian Armed Forces, after receiving intelligence the security forces managed to encircle and liquidate a detachment of jihadists who tried to cross the border with Cameroon.

Among the killed militants, security forces identified several Boko Haram field commanders.

When inspecting the bodies, the Nigerian military intercepted a letter written in Hausa Language, addressed to Abu Fatima, one of the top Boko Haram commanders, documents and other logistics.

The Nigerian army did not disclose its contents, but they suspect that the addressee is in the forests of Sambis. The jihadists were probably sent with an important report.

The Sambis forests are a favorite hideout for militants; earlier, the head of the Boko Haram – Abubakar Shekau was hiding there.

Items recovered from them include three AK 47 rifles, magazine with 48 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, one Honda Salon car, one motorcycle, eight bicycles, three mobile phones with multiple SIM and memory cards and five copies of the Qur’an.

The statement also claimed that on July 2nd, the Nigerian armed forces had carried out another successful anti-terror operation.

“During such misadventure, the terrorists met their waterloo on 2 July, 2020 when they were led by their top leaders (Amirs) to attack the troops in Damasak from two flanks in an effort to cause them massive casualty. However, with own troops’ doggedness, superior fire power and maneuver the terrorists were devastated and the rest escaped in total disarray.”

Separately, John Enenche, spokesman for the Nigerian Defense Ministry, told reporters an airstrike targeted Boko Haram in the Goski village of Borno province.


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