Nigeria Under Sway Of ISIS. Terrorist Threat Growing In Africa

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The ISIS branch in Africa remains an important threat for the regional countries, especially Niger, Nigeria and Chad. Furthermore, over the past months, the terrorist group has increased its military activity in the region and delivered several painful blows to local forces combating the terrorist threat.

In January, the media wing of the ISIS branch in Africa published a video release showing ISIS’ activity and operations in the Lake Chad area, on the border of Nigeria, Niger and Chad. The released footage revealed a low combat training level of ISIS members as well as their dauntless courage during clashes. At the same time, it demonstrated a lack of motivation, dismorale and inability to fight of government forces that have been supposedly trained to stop the terrorist group.

In Feburary, the terrorist group released another video from Africa. It shows the terrorists’ recent operations in the areas of Karito, Ghajram town and Marti in Borno State, northeastern Nigeria. The video shows that demoralized forces of the Nigerian government have significant difficulties in countering attacks of mobile groups (on vehicles and motorcycles) of ISIS terrorists. At the same time, the brainwashed ISIS members continue demonstrating a low training level, but a high courage.

The video shows that ISIS seized a large number of weapons, ammunition and equipment from government forces. These include a Shilka self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (often used against ground targets), Piranha and Panhard armoured vehicles and even a battle tank.

The ISIS propaganda wing also adressed the current contradictions of the group with Boko Haram. For some period, Boko Haram was a part of the ISIS branch in Western Africa. However, later it separated from ISIS over the conflict for power within the local branch of the terrorist group. Currently, ISIS and Boko Haram are rival terrorist groups operating in the same area, northeastern Nigeria.

In the end of the video, a field commander of the terrorist group is threatening the world with a revenge for the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi:

“From the Wilayat of Western Africa we say, if Abu Bark [al-Baghdadi] left us, the armies of faith did not leave… Yes a lion of Islam was killed, a hero of Tawhid was martyred… Also Sheikh Abu Hassan al-Muhajir may God have mercy on him… Oh you American son of slave, Trump, you elderly senile, you lost because behind al-Baghdadi there are Baghdadists who didn’t die, their mentality is his mentality and their ideology is his ideology and their way is his way… Let the worshipers of the Christ and the agents of the Jews, who bragged about their role in the killing of my Sheikh may God have mercy on him, know that their pride won’t last for long and that al-Mujahedeen’s revenge will get them.”


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Tudor Miron

US/UK snakes lost their war in Syria and now moving their irregular armed forces (daesh) into Africa. It seems that Russia will again have to clean the mess created by Civilized parasites. “Courage? Name it as it is – captagon”


It’s high time the ‘Civilised Parasites’ were fumigated in my opinion ,Tudor. Africa is a big enough mess with more help from parasites such as Pompous Pompeo and the Devils Cabal.

Liberal guy

So daesh is the zios African legion in africa


True, but also their blind belief and trust into coming to their virgin paradise when dead. If you have such brainwashed soldiers, who truly believe they are doing gods work, and that god will protect them, and that even in the event of death, they will go to paradise.. Then this is extremly powerful. Just like the Hitler Youth or Waffen SS, or other soldiers who believed blindly in their ideology and superority. Sadly blind belief, no matter how delusional, mostly trumps rationality on the battlefield.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

yup i said same thing, captagon is their courage


Time to call for Russian armed forces’ assistance.

Oli Tobias E Its NATO itself, the new strategy is chaos, destroying all countries around the world with resource, so they can easily be plundered and stolen by supernational corporations

Prince Myshkin

EU has a strong hand in this too. EU Common Defence and Security Policy fully sanctioned, planned and implemented in conjunction with NATO.


Looks like US has an excuse for more democracy spreading & another multi decades long military engagement.


Expeditionary forces of the ZOG


Africa is huge,always had certain nwo teorrist factions here and there,no surprise,so what can isis bring ontop of the other nwo factions?democracy,hell or both?

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

their courage comes from Captagon

Carlo s

pompeo was there recently, where he goes isis follows

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