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Nicolas Maduro Appears Dancing On Stage After Failed US-backed Coup Attempt

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The Venezuelan media showed President Nicolas Maduro dancing on stage in front of supporters following a failed US-backed coup attempt. The video was filmed during the Youth Initiative meeting.


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Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

US is now seriously considering Military intervention against Maduro’s regime!
US Navy strikes against Maduro IMMINENT!
LOL look whose laughing now!
by the way no one thinks your profile is funny, nice try though antisemite

Joe Kerr

So says your kike controlled U.S. tv “news”. More likely Mossad’s new settlement in Patagonia will be struck off, after Schitrael’s nuked into oblivion.


You quite literally, and gratuitously, call for direct war against Venezuela in your comments – so the avatar named Warhawk Wohl is actually quite an accurate parody of you – however, it is not as you claim an inherently antisemitic avatar name, rather a mockery of your overt war cheer-leading, which apparently you cannot handle, or effectively counter debate, without resorting to the spurious claim of ethnic victim-hood status.

“Wraith” indeed – /noun/ – used in reference to a weak, thin, or insubstantial person or thing.


are you fukin retarded? why don’t you go to Venezuela tough guy!! The Venezuelan people will make you their bitch

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

haha says the moron who couldn’t lift a potato chip with his bicep!
I bench your body weight

Monte George Jr

OOOOHHHH! You must have a strong arm. Now all you need is some filler to keep your ears apart.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

lol I can curl your bodyweight twice over noodle arms

Xoli Xoli

Bolton has maybe heart attack and Pompeo shit in White House floor.Trump is drinking his mental tablets before he make foolish comments.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahahaha I literally laughed out.loud


I blame Putin. If he hadn’t wedged himself in front of the VZ Presidential get-away jet, Mad Maduro, the evil Venezuelan dictator would be safely in Cuba by now.

Allan Greedspoon


Tudor Miron

Always blame Putin – you can’t miss on that one.


you really believe what pompeo said? While Bolton said he was hiding in a bunker! Which one is it? He was about to flee or was he hiding? you Americans can’t be trusted at all!!!


Maduro should be doing less dancing and more locking up Guaido. Not because I like Maduro, he’s a piece of shit, or Guaido, who is a Gringo puppet, but letting your opponent walk free and cause more mayhem makes you look bad. As an ordinary Venezuelan, who was not a fan of Maduro, said when being interviewed, if I were to do the things that Guaido has done I would be in jail, so why is Guaido still at large? Guaido still free makes it look like Maduro is afraid of what the Americans will do if he locks him up. When you look weak, others will start to act and others who should act, like the military, will start to sit on the fence to see which side will win.

Either stop prancing like a sissy cuck and lock Guaido in jail, or vacate the country and let Guaido take over. The longer this stand off mess continues, the worse off Venezuela will be. And it already was off pretty bad before.

Daniel Apaza

You need to study geo-politics seriously; we all know Guaido is weak and barely any Venezuelan likes him. It’s part of the Russian strategy to make the opposition fail and the U.S. look weak, stupid and frustrated. Just recall that professional Russians keep arriving in Venezuela and I bet they were behind the failure of the coup because Padrino and other high ranking officials were supposed to change sides and they didnt.


We thought he was weak, and then the shit hit the fan over last week. Shit that would not have happened if Mr. Dancer had thrown Guaido in jail. And now that he’s tried his actual putsch attempt there’s even more reason to throw Guaido in jail. Because a putsch attempt is treason and because the next time might be even more serious and cause even more mayhem.

Like I said, letting Guaido remain free makes Mr. Dancer look weak. And when Mr. Dancer looks weak his enemies start getting stupid ideas that cause trouble. And his allies, like the generals, start thinking that maybe its better to wait and see, rather then crush and stop the stupid ideas of Mr. Dancer’s enemies. What’s the worst the Americans can do? Impose sanctions? They’ve already done that. Intervene militarily? It takes time to assemble such a force, at least several weeks, even more if you want to send in more then just light infantry. And Washington knows most Americans do not have the stomach for yet another war.

I have no skin in this game. Like I said, I think Maduro is an asshole, a dictator who has bankrupted Venezuala. And Guaido is not much better, just America’s stooge and those of the old elites, who will sell out Venezuela to Washington. But I have seen enough revolutions happen to see where the successful ones succeed and the failed ones fail. NEVER allow your opponents time or room to organize, NEVER allow them momentum and its always better to send in the troops at the first sign of trouble then it is to wait and see for a while. When the goal of the West is to regime change your ass you’re going to be in the doghouse either way, you might as well enter the doghouse at your own choosing by crushing the uprising early then wait until its too late.


I think the US wanted Venezuela to arrest the traitor Guaido.
I thought just like you, but it seems Russian intelligence knew the American plan to invade was relying on Guaido being arrested or killed.
It wouldn’t surprise me if the Americans now kill Guaido, so they can move ahead with their plan.


Exactly! Plan A was for Guaido to succeed. Plan B was Guaido to be the victim of a brutal crackdown which would have triggered US forceful intervention. They did not count on this play, i.e. that Guaido is still there, but looking more stupid and ineffectual by the day. It is a clever play.

Jens Holm

Thats right. They deny to see that Chvez took over, because a lot was very bad and he as well as Maduro has made things even worse.

Letting Guaido take over solves nothing even Maduros are not clean in elections and other things.


Until Chavez took over black people had no rights. Europeans ran Venezuela and treated the native people like slaves.
That’s why he is so popular, he freed the people from slavers.
You can see the crowds that support Maduro, and the lack of support for Guano, yet you persist with your fantasies, why?


Jen you know nothing about Venezuela! I wish you would shut the fuk up!!


The only people who want Guaido are Americans, and their opinion doesn’t count in Venezuela.
Why is it that Americans think they have the right to tell others how to live?


American exceptionalism?

Jens Holm

He dont know, because he only is allowed to write socalled ME facts.


The European Union has extended its sanctions against crisis-hit Venezuela until November 2019, ramping up pressure on President Nicolas Maduro’s government. … The extension on Tuesday came for what the EU said were human rights violations and undermining of democracy and the rule of law under Maduro.


All lies by the EU!!

Jens Holm

Thats not correct at all. Fx

The European Union has extended its sanctions against crisis-hit Venezuela until November 2019, ramping up pressure on President Nicolas Maduro’s government. … The extension on Tuesday came for what the EU said were human rights violations and undermining of democracy and the rule of law under Maduro.

But its as usual. You in the ME are in a cirkel not even knowing things like that, because its much better to create things by Yourself and talk and talk until You are hypnotized to You corner of the world are the truth – even You disagree all the time.

At least You should shave Your behinds now and then and remove, whats comming from Your behinds.

Its so low – shame on You.


“The European Union has extended its sanctions against crisis-hit Venezuela until November”

Yes when this world war is over, the EU will have to pay reparations for it’s crimes.


Not locking him up is making America look like a bunch of liers , especially when they keep trying to claim Maduro is a dictator! So not locking him up is making America look stupid! Maduro has the support of the army n his people, so why even bother locking the traitor up?

Benjamin NAZIyahu

Maduro: Dancing on stage
Guaido: Crying on stage

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

not for long!
US Military intervention is IMMINENT


And it will be another Vietnam n Afghanistan for the Americans!!

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

yeah just like Gulf War, Iraq War 2003 were “Vietnam” ?

Benjamin NAZIyahu

wheres the imminent operation? still waiting lol


The America coup has failed in Turkey against president Tayab Erdogan then failed in Venezuela against Nicholas Maduro. The world has stood together against American evils.


And failed in Afghanistan and Syria. In Syria the US is reduced to stealing oil and gold.
Their fate awaits them, first pay back all they have stolen, then the hangman.


This is true.

Xoli Xoli

Rob with due respect the one of Turkey was self made just to make fake friendship with Russia.But North Korea ,Iran,Venezuela, Cuba,Zimbabwe and Philippines have failed.South Africa to removed Zuma who signed for Brix country agreement have passed.Brazil one against Lula da Silva who signed and Supported Brix countries has pass and Lula jailed.France coup is ongoing.


What is next for America after failed coups in Turkey and Venezuela. What gonna be the next country?


New Zealand they have hated the Kiwis ever since they said they didn’t want nukes in NZ.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hopefully they get a taste of their own medicine


LOL. I also think so.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahaha he deserves the dancing and staying in power :)))

Jens Holm

Very good. Unfortunatly it doesnt solve anything.


It’s another brick in the wall, brick by brick step by step the forces of liberation get closer to your door.

Xoli Xoli

Any war against Venezuela is unfinished business with lots of serious consequences it is a suicide.Trump can make America great by spending money wisely and stop wars world wide.But enemies of America Bolton and Pompeo disrupted every from pulling out of Syria, Afghanistan and keep on planning wars.Dishing Iran nuclear deal sabotage Kim and Trump plans.Trump must recall people who’s against wars to join him and lock up Pompeo and Bolton.This two are influencing by Mackain and Biden.Trump is a business guy and can make USA business zone.USA has money other countries has resources it can buy legally from iran. But enemies of peace in USA planner are biggest obstacles.All the wars of USA NATO are unfinished yet warmongers use USA to steal around and cause human suffering and catastrophe.Trump can make America great without regime change and war nonsense.Give fat fuck a chance.

Xoli Xoli

Thanks to United Venezuela people who exposed and deter bloodshed plan by Guiado, Pompeo and Bolton.USA1000 year,Syrian,Libya,Iran,North Korea, Cuba,Nicaragua, Argentina, Colombia plan has failed.Venezuela people have show maturity and full brother ship.Even the small drug dealer Guiado was unharmed but will be arrested for arsoning and pushing people to death for self gain and self enrichment.Guiado must tell Bolton and Pompeo to release Venezuela gold and money lift all illegal sanctions which block trade to feed the nation and shameless hungry protestors of Guiado.


Come on guys, you know this is a “rent a crowd”!
look at how mundane everyone is acting!
Also notice how its a small gathering?
This is a put on and u guys know it!

Joe Kerr

You expect him to let himself be assassinated by the same “protestors” who fired live rounds before the cleaning up is finished? Try this and bite your bun, moron:comment image


(Firstly i want to say this: VENEZ is a PROXY ECONOMIC WAR between China and the USA!)

i dont support the USA invading or doing anything to Venez!
I just think this guy is a piece of shit leader!

As for the protestors in the video above with dancing, i stand by my statement!

Ive seen the videos of jounos in Supermarkets showing the racks full of food, yet the fail to mention the area in which they are in! MADURO AREA! Higher class people!

As far as socialism goes, there are NOT supposed to be “Have and Have not”! But my female friend from Venez (who is fucking hot by the way) told me all about it! There is a MASSIVE class difference there yet socialism is supposed to change that right? Its corrupt as hell!

Thats why she left (with her parents when she was a teenager)

But now its worse!

There is a VERY GOOD arguement against Venez leadership! Corruption is everywhere!
Do i think the USA is trying to save its own econonmy via Venez? YES I DO!

Do i think China has tried taking over Venez also? YES I DO!

Do i think China is the NEW Zionist Globalist HQ? YES I DO!

So i will say this again, if you back China then you are a zionist supporter!
If u dont understand what i am saying here or why i am saying it, then start researching!

Venez is a PROXY STATE!
I think we can all understand that and admit to it!
They have puppet masters!
Dont u even dare say they are independent especially since China now owns the panama canal!
This is a Proxy ECONOMIC WAR!

Joe Kerr

Think… if China is the new zio-HQ, why does it still import Iranian oil in defiance of U.S. sanctions? Why does it support Maduro who thanked Hezbollah for its support as well? Why is China going to build a huge new port in Lebanon instead of using the Haifa port in Israel (which Israel and its U.S. slave colony tried to push it into doing)? Why is China investing multi-billions in Iran and by-passing Israel for its new BRI? Why did Israel’s U.S. slave colony start a trade war it couldn’t win with China?


” if China is the new zio-HQ, why does it still import Iranian oil in defiance of U.S. sanctions?”


I am glad you asked this because this is the question that everyone on this WOULD ask! Because it doesnt make sense does it……OR DOES IT??

I can ask you the same question in return!
Why did the Obama admin drop sanctions on Iran? Why give Iran its 130 billion in frozen assets back? Why allow Iran to start trade with Europe?

Can you answer those in return?

A war is supposed to happen between Iran, Saudi and Israel!
A war is supposed to happen between Pakistan and India
A nuke is supposed to go off in the USA that was to be blamed on North Korea but was actually detonated in the USA!

USA economy is supposed to collapse!
China is supposed to be the new World police! (Zio HQ)

TRUE ruler of the world is the UN! (Rothschild plan all along)
Industries transferred to China
China to be new bully!
China easier to control than USA (no guns or rights and no need to bribe newer and newer politicians) President for life!
UN to have ultimate power over the world “so that war can never happen again” (which is why it was created after WW2) by having space weapons that can destroy targets!

This is the ultimate zio plan!
To control nations with weapons from space
To control people with communism, digital spy grid, A.I and social credit systems!
China to be henchman for U.N as USA was!
Only place on earth with true freedom will be israel!
Israel will be HQ for all computational and AI control systems (i.e self driving cars)

Rule number 1 in false flags and modern war!
Be both the Good guy and the Bad guy!

Iran’s TOP leaders are not enemies with Israel! They are all controlled by Zionists!
Who was Valerie Jarrett and why was she Obama’s number 1 Advisor?

Do you think Obama wanted to help Iran because he might secretly be a shiite muslim?
Do u think George Soros wanted Obama to drop all sanctions on Iran in favour of Iran over Israel?

Why would George Soros, Obama drop sanctions on Iran??
Ask yourself that!
Answer: Saudi vs Iran!
Answer 2: Israel vs Iran
Who’s army is used?
Who’s airforce is used?
Who gets all the land after they both wipe each other out?
Where do the refugees go?
Who is Israel friends with? Russia? USA?

You know Israel wants GREATER ISRAEL!!!
How does Israel push Iran into a war?
Answer: Give Iran the ability to wage a war!
Will Russia help Iran if Israel says “no”?
Will USA help Israel? “yes”

Saudi vs Iran
Israel picks up the pieces!
This is what all these wars since 1990 has been about!

China will stay out of all of it! Just keep building its economy and its military! USA will go broke! Globalists brought all industries and tech to China!

China easy to control, China has a perfect system! China to be the new Soviet Union but now the whole world will be like Romania was in 1985!

Communism, curfews and no way to get out of it!
We are fucked!
OR, we can choose the USA instead!

your choice!


Hey moron, all your comments are bullshit!! 60-70% of Venezuelans support Maduro! I was there 3months ago! Have you ever been to Venezuela? Probably not, because you probably living on food stamps!!

You can call me Al

Thank God for a little sanity. This is America, read and then puke – https://www.breitbart.com/news/venezuelas-maduro-tells-armed-forces-to-be-ready-in-case-of-us-attack/

PS Read the comments.


He’s actually from Caulfield in Melbourne.


MELBOURNE Glen Waverley!
Come find me!
Caulfield are where the Jews live!
I dont live amongst Jews!

You love Chinese! So we both know where you live in sydney!


im from Australia fuck wit!
U would know that if u actually READ all my comments!
Ive been all over the world!
Russia 3 times!
But u dont hear me bragging about it!
Also if you went to Venezuela only 3 months a go then u are one of 2 things
1. a bullshit artist!
2. a dumb cunt! (Who goes to a country during civil unrest unless you are a journo with protection)

I think you are all of the above!

You just outted yourself! Do u bother to think before u write?
lol, he went to Venez 3 months a go and then brags about it



Try to figure out this puzzle!

1. A Zionist, Globalist, Nazi supporting Jew!
comment image

2. An elitist Iranian
comment image

3. A Saudi Prince, Sunni Wahabiast who owned citigroup, twitter and facebook!
comment image
comment image

Why would a Nazi Zionist Jew, An Iranian and a Sunni Wahabbi support a socialist President and stop sanctions on iran and give them back 130 billion in frozen assets? WHY WOULD THESE 3 PEOPLE DO THIS?? CAN YOU TELL ME???

4. Google Parent Company Alphabet in North Korea during Obama and Hillary’s reign! WHY??? Why is Google in North Korea???

comment image

5. Why did DARPA create LifeLog, end it and then the next day Facebook launches!

comment image

6.Why did this Jewish guy Marry a Chinese women?

comment image

What are the benefits of being married to the enemy? Transfer of information gathered? Why do the intel communities always have marriages of convenience?
Why do Rich people marry into other rich peoples families? Blood lines? Consolidate the wealth? Why do intel communities marry into political and legal relations? LEAKS? DEEP STATE? CONSOLIDATE THE INTEL GATHERED?

You dont understand the game BOB! You have no idea how this is all played! You dont actually read anything other than this website! Then u chant the same bullshit like always!

America was bad (under obama and bush and clinton)
Not anymore!

Venez is not about oil!
Its a cold proxy war between China and the USA!
The oil is just a focus point! The oil dictates which way the economic wind blows! towards China or the USA!

The bad people (Zionists and globalists) support china! YOU FUCKIN KNOW THIS!!

You just hate America!
BUT…. if you hate America then you LOVE the CIA!
But if you hate the CIA, then you love America!

You cant hate both because the CIA works against America’s interests!

Something your little brain doesnt understand because your unstable emotions wants you to put them all into one bag and hate them both!

I am proving to you that the CIA LOVES CHINA! AND SO DO YOU!

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