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Nice People, Poor Ukraine and a Grenade

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Nice People, Poor Ukraine and a Grenade

This article is prepared by Dagmar Henn for SouthFront

What happens, if you equip hordes of fascists with weapons? They will use them. That’s what happened in front of the Ukrainian parliament; in this case they were the friends of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (the trust of German party CDU), the nice „ethnonationalists“ of Swoboda who threw a hand grenade into the police protecting the parliamentary building.

The video proof is quite clear:

First firecrackers and smoke grenades, and then a real strong „Boom“ – probably a souvenir from one of the volunteer units. (In German I usually call them „Freikorps“, like the military structures of the extreme right in the Weimar Republic)

Inevitably, when you watch this video you feel tempted to imagine the reaction of the German police. Obviously police law still wasn´t „Europeanized“, the police is acting as defensively as on Maidan. Still, that might be due to the fact too that parts of this police are „national guards“, a part of the Freikorps submitted under the command of the ministry of the interior.

All of that was just the music to accompany the vote on the constitutional change towards „decentralisation“. Even though what was presented to parliament doesn´t comply with the Minsk agreements at all (the change wasn´t approved by the people´s republics and doesn´t give them any special rights), it´s still too much for the even truer Nazis.

If you have a look at the coverage of German media, it gets really entertaining, because there were only peaceful protesters on Maidan, and there are absolutely no fascists in Ukraine.

Spiegel (the largest political magazine) starts with quoting junta representatives, Klitshko and Gerashenko, based upon a dpa-report; the latter is quoted to have said that „unknown persons set off (exploded) a hand grenade“. Well. Handelsblatt (main economic newspaper) said that „an explosion in front of the Ukrainian parliament hurt dozens of people.“ It just happened somehow. And Welt (a close sibling to BILD) declared cryptically: „When the parliament in Kiew voted on a change of the constitution on Monday, an explosive device blew up in front of the building.“

Once again it can be clearly seen in the video: In front of the building there are protesters from Swoboda, carrying many clearly identifyable flags. The „explosive device“ was thrown out of their lines into those of the police.

Spiegel at least approaches the truth, using another news agency as detour (this time not a German one): „Following news agency Reuters a grenade was thrown out of the lines of nationalist Ukrianian protesters in front of the parliament.“ Still there is the belittlement of Swoboda as „nationalist“, but at least the facts are correctly presented, more or less. In Handelsblatt there were just „people“ protesting. Tagesschau (most popular public news program) upholds the same point of view and spreads confusion in an especially charming way: „Following information of ARD-correspondent Stephan Stuchlik, unknown people fired a hand grenade during a protest. There was also exchange of fire.“ („Exchange“ is another lie. There seem to have been shots from the line of Swoboda, but there was no counterfire from the side of the police, therefore no „exchange“..)

But the editors of Tagesschau even allow us to catch a glimpse of censorship at work: a video report from 17:15 in the afternoon still talks understandably about „right extremists“ and doesn´t advertise any sympathy for them. Obviously soon afterwards the local commission of truth took care of it and now the coverage is back on line.

Usually it is not said against whom the explosive device was used. Frankfurter Rundschau simply states: „Due to a strong explosion in front of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiew at least 30 people got hurt on Monday, Ukrainian officials report. People covered with blood, in between them journalists, were lying on the ground in front of the parliament.“ Stern (political magazine) wrote that „due to a strong explosion in front of the Ukrainian parliament one man lost his life.“ Just the Süddeutsche Zeitung sees an attack of veracity here and tells us that a protester threw the handgranade and even that a policeman died of it.

But it´s not sufficient to dodge the simple facts. There is, of course, no mention of the otherwise dutifully executed outrage about the protesters’ violence. Even more, the act of violence gets legitimated. The representatives of the media seem to think that the official position of the German government, to demand the implementation of the Minsk agreements (which doesn´t even take place with this change in the constitution), goes much too far.

Welt, always full of understanding for the beasts of Maidan, makes poor Ukraine a victim of its uncomprehending Western allies: „Civil rights activist Oksana Syroid, the parliaments vice president, reclaimed about direct intervention of chancellor Merkel (CDU) and French president Francois Hollande already two weeks ago. Both had called the president of parliament Hrojsman on July 14 and urged him to change something in the new regulations of the constitution. „This was forced upon us by our allies,“ says Syroid. Even the USA, that conceded leadership in the Ukrainian crisis largely to Germany, put pressure in that direction.“ Süddeutsche argues in the same line.

Have you realised it? Suddenly you can understand, why the people protesting in front of the parliament tend towards violence. Because poor Ukraine is forced into something.

Not only Welt and Süddeutsche try to create sympathy for fascists. One sentence obviously out of a news agency report they all loved equally: „Not only powers from the right and nationalists consider the reform of the constitution as a prostration in favour of the Russian president Wladimir Putin.“

Well, then…

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