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Nice And Ankara – Ankara And Berlin. The Geopolitical Mirror

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Nice And Ankara - Ankara And Berlin. The Geopolitical Mirror

Written by Christina Christova; Originally appeared at Memoriabg, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

On the eve of July 15 this year, during the fireworks on the occasion of the national holiday of France, in Nice, a terrorist attack killed over 80 people and dozens were injured. Hours later, in Turkey, an attempt for a military coup was committed that drastically and dramatically changed the domestic political situation in the country.

A few months later, on 19 December, in the capital Ankara, Andrei Karlov, Russian Ambassador to Turkey, was brutally and publicly murdered; only hours after his death, a truck crashed in the pedestrian area of one of the traditional and most crowded Christmas bazaars in Berlin.

An amazing coincidence of destabilization and symmetry in the geopolitical mirror – again both in Turkey and Europe, just a few hours’ difference.

But there are no coincidences in geopolitics.

The attempted military coup against Erdogan in Turkey and the cold-blooded murder of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara are linked undoubtedly the rise of Russian-Turkish relations and the situation in Syria. Let us recall that on June 27 this year, days before a failed military putsch, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan apologized in an official letter to Russian President, Vladimir Putin for destroying military aircraft Su-24 at the Turkish-Syrian border in November 2015 and the death of the pilot. Putin accepted the apology and spoke about the upcoming meeting between the two leaders. Today, a few months later, the assassination of the Russian ambassador was made on the eve of the meeting between the foreign ministers of both countries – Sergei Lavrov and Mevlut Cavusoglu. At the meeting, the two diplomats had to first discuss the evolving situation in Syria after the fall of Aleppo – an undisputed and expected victory for the Syrian army, Russia and Iran.

The murder of the Russian ambassador expresses monstrous helplessness. Even if the person who ordered the murder is not officially revealed, it is clear to the entire world community who will benefit from the severance of relations between Moscow and Ankara. The shooting at the Russian plane did not achieve it. The subsequent attempt at a military coup failed. Apparently the murder of Karlov will not succeed either, although in international relations such an act is a sure cause for war. Putin did not doubt the loyalty of Erdogan in his comments after the murder and called the Turkish authorities a “partner” and this is a clear sign of ensuing a rift within NATO, which with variable speed, heads to its bankruptcy and disintegration.

Nice And Ankara - Ankara And Berlin. The Geopolitical Mirror

The murder of Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, Ankara, 19 December 2016.

At the same time, the truck that crashed into a pedestrian zone at the Berlin Christmas market on the eve of the brightest Christian holiday – Christmas, amazingly reminds of the bloody night in Nice on the French national holiday – Bastille Day. Both terrorist acts aimed at one thing: to sow fear and uncertainty at a time of festive euphoria. The holidays are selected in order to frighten the victims who are not only locals but also many foreign guests and tourists. I will remind you of those ten days after the Nice terror, when the French counterterrorism authorities ordered the destruction of all the videos from the incident. Local authorities, interviewed by Le Figaro, said that this was the first time that they had been called to destroy evidence from the crime scene, as they point out that this is an illegal action. If we compare this preposterous and dubious inadequacy of the German authorities “wondering” hours after the incident whether it was, in fact, a terrorist attack or just a plain “incident”, the puzzle sorts itself out unequivocally even for the blind Euro-Atlantics.

Nice And Ankara - Ankara And Berlin. The Geopolitical Mirror

The assault at the Christmas market in Berlin, 19 December 2016

And it all happened hours before the Electoral College in the United States had to vote and formally confirm the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections.

The outgoing world order is at its eerie dying convulsion. The defeat of the Western coalition in Syria and the collapse of neoliberalism in Europe and the US are in the last stage of its public agony. The status quo of the global oligarchy and the military-industrial complex centred in Washington seeks to postpone the collapse of its planetary hegemony with teeth and nails. The resurrection of the multipolar world and the opposition in Western societies signed the death warrant of this hegemony, and we live in its last days.

The war in Syria should not stop. European nations should be held in fear and obedience, their civil rights and freedoms being taken away imperceptibly. The tightening of public scrutiny with the supposed goal – ensuring safety of citizens – is underway. When the public confidence in betraying and compromised political elites is exhausted and reaches its limits, there is only one thing to do – the suspension of civil liberties. Parallel to this was an attempted coup made in the United States through unprecedented massive pressure (from the CIA and circles around Obama, Clinton and Soros) on the Electoral College, which was persuaded to support the status quo of war and absolute power of corporate financial capital represented by Hillary Clinton. The Republican electorate did not give in, but surprisingly and unprecedentedly, at least four electorates of the Democratic Party did not support Hillary Clinton, expressing their rebellion by voting against her.

Nice And Ankara - Ankara And Berlin. The Geopolitical MirrorSeveral months ago, none else but the chief architect of the plan by Washington to rule the world – Zbigniew Brzezinski, abandoned his grand chessboard and urged the US political elite to forge new links with Russia and China. Brzezinski unequivocally supported Trump in the formation of a managerial and diplomatic team to work for cohesion and warming of relations with Russia.

And all this certainly lies ahead, regardless of the price that will be paid. Islamic State, created by the US as part of the global terrorist network, maintained and powered from the West (including from Bulgaria), is at the beginning of its decay. Russia has created new rules in the big game and despite opposition from Washington and its satellites centred in Brussels, the new world order is born, while the old one decomposes in its inability to hold world power.

Against this background, what is happening in Bulgaria is part of the crack of the system worldwide. Criminal puppet governments in the country, functioning as political-gangster-style groups, clumsily and by primary reflexes imitate their superiors. They run around like chickens left without a mother-hen, completely disoriented and incapable of any adequate response. Laughable and pathetic attempts to re-assemble the disassembled status quo are doomed to inevitable failure. The last thefts are a final spurt of a collapsing, exhausted and morally degraded scheme run by criminals dressed in power.

In parallel, it is most important and urgent to generate a social reflex, responsibility and active pressure, and create a new political elite which is adequate to the global tendencies and would be able to take the helm as a political entity in the uncertain and turbulent times coming to us. Projecting of hopes and dreams on the existing political status quo is a lost cause. We need completely new and unencumbered by political weights experts and professionals who have proven that they can look into the abyss with a clear vision. Because although the attempts to revoke the rights and freedoms of European citizens, the EU is in the process of decay and faces its own collapse. The conservative idea of the nation state is being revived. A pre-Christmas symbolic blow to the capital of Germany (“motor of Europe”) is a double-edged sword.

The first blade fell into the very heart of the holiday, in the souls of ordinary people, in the smiles of the relaxing Germans around Christmas decorations, wooden houses and the aroma of glue wine.

The other blade, which so far only part of the audience can see, is stuck in the hollow chest of the soulless Euro-Atlantic monster and very soon, in the last act of this grotesque piece, it will collapse in front of the entire audience; the audience is coming out as a player in the world – from Washington to Brussels, from Paris to Berlin and all the way to Sofia.

We live in remarkable times, and the choice is in the mind and heart of each of us.

Do not forget it when you wish for peace and prosperity on Christmas. The wish is not enough. The situation requires involvement and action by all of us.

Nice And Ankara - Ankara And Berlin. The Geopolitical Mirror

The German Christmas market in Sofia, 2016

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