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JUNE 2023

NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale?

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Something very strange is going on in the Mediterranean Sea

NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale?

A screenshot from the video below

Originally appeared at GEFIRA

NGOs are smuggling immigrants into Europe on an industrial scale

For two months, using marinetraffic.com, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs, and, using data from data.unhcr.org. We have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness of a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation.

NGOs, smugglers, the mafia in cahoots with the European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people, assisted by the Italian coast guard which coordinated their activities.

Human traffickers  contact the Italian coast guard in advance to receive support and to pick up their dubious cargo. NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya. The 15 ships that we observed are owned or leased by NGOs have regularly been seen to leave their Italian ports, head south, stop short of reaching the Libyan coast, pick up their human cargo, and take course back 260 miles to Italy even though the  port of Zarzis in Tunis is just 60 mile away from the rescue spot.

The organizations in question are: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms, Sea-Watch.org, Sea-Eye and Life Boat.

The real intention of the people behind the NGOs is not clear. Their motive can be money, we would not be surprised if it turned out to be so. They may also be politically driven; the activities of the Malta-based organisation, MOAS, by trafficking people to Italy is the best guarantee that migrants will not show up on the Maltese shore. MOAS is managed by an Maltese Marine officer well known in Malta for his maltreatment of refugees 1). It is also possible that these organisations are managed by naive “do-gooders” who do not understand that offering their services they are acting like a magnet to the people from Africa and thus they are willy-nilly causing more fatalities, not to mention that their actions are destabilizing Europe.

How high-minded the intentions of these organisations might be, their actions are criminal as most of these migrants are not eligible for being granted asylum and will end up on the streets of Rome or Paris and undermine Europe stability raising racially motivated social tensions.

Brussels has created particular legislature to protect people traffickers against prosecution. In a dedicated section of an EU resolution entitled On Search and Rescue, the text states that “private ship masters and non-governmental organisations who assist in sea rescues in the Mediterranean Sea should not risk punishment for providing such assistance.”2)

During the two months of our observation, we have monitored at least 39,000 Africans illegally smuggled into Italy, which was done with the full consent of the Italian and European authorities.

* * *

Ships permanently used by NGOs off the Libyan coast

 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The Phoenix is one of the two MOAS vessels. The ship is regularly spotted in the territorial waters of Libya. It is registered in Belize, South America. However, the ship is owned and operated by the Maltese to bring the immigrants to Italia. Website: MOAS
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The Topaz Responder, a 51-meter custom-made emergency response vessel, which hosts two high-speed rescue launches. The ship is managed in combination with MSF. This is one of the three ferries that can transport hundreds of people at one go. The ship is registered at the Marshall Islands. Website: MOAS
NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? Iuventa is registered under the flag of the Netherlands and owned by the German NGO Jugend Rettet. Website: Jugend Rettet.
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The Golfo Azzurro is used by the Dutch ‘Boat Refugee Foundation’. Golfo Azzurro operates under the Panama flag. The Boat Refugee Foundation charters the vessel for a symbolic price. Website: Bootvluchteling.
NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? Dignity 1 is registered under the flag of Panama. We believe the ship belongs to Médecins Sans Frontières. Website: MSF.
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The Bourbon Argos, a ship of Médecins Sans Frontières. It is one of the three ships used to ferry people from the smaller vessels to Italy. The vessel is currently registered under the flag of Luxembourg.  MSF.
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The  Aquarius is one of the many ships managed by Médecins Sans Frontières. It is registered under the flag of Gibraltar. Website:  MSF.
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The Vos Hestia search and rescue ship, chartered by the charity Save The Children, like many of the NGO vessels it is under the supervision of the Italian Coast Guard Website: Save the Children.
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? Proactiva Open Arms operates the Astral. We spotted the Astral many times in Libyan territorial waters. The ship disappeared on a regular basis from the AIS tracking websites. Website: Proactiva Open Arms.
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The MS Sea-Watch I is owned by a Berlin-based organisation. It works closely with Watch The Med, a transnational network of people that fight against the European border regime, and demand a free and safe passage to Europe. Website: Sea-Watch.
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The MS Sea-Watch II is owned by a Berlin-based organisation. It works closely with Watch The Med a transnational network of people that fight against the European border regime, and they demand a free and safe passage to Europe. Website: Sea-Watch.
 NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale?  The Audur is registered under the Netherlands’ flag. We do not know to whom this ship belongs.
NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The MS Sea-Eye is owned by Sea-Eye-eV. Michael Buschheuer from Regensburg, Germany, and a group of family and friends founded the non-profit sea rescue organisation Sea-Eye e.V. Website: Sea-Eye.
NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? The Speedy is a speedboat owned by Sea-Eye-eV. The ship is confiscated by the Libyan government. Website: Sea-Eye.
NGOs Smuggling Immigrants Into Europe On Industrial Scale? Minden is owned by the German organisation LifeBoat. The vessel is currently registered under the flag of Germany. Website: Lifeboat.

More information:

In October we discovered that four NGOs picked up people in the Libyan territorial waters. We have proof that these smugglers communicated their action in advance with the Italian authorities. Ten hours before the immigrants left Libya, the Italian coast guard directed the NGOs to the “rescue” spot:  Full account  “Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling”

The MOAS organisation has close links with the famous US military contractor “Blackwater”, the US army and the Maltese navy. Full account: “The Americans from MOAS ferry migrants to Europe”

There is a full account about the ships involved: “NGOs Armada operating off the coast of Libya”and how people are encourage to come to Europe: “Death road to Europe promoted on the web”

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I wonder what percentage of those being smuggled are women/children being forced into international sex/pedophile rings.

Ole Johansen

Why am I not surprised. We, Europa are under a takeover from the Kahzars and they are like the first immigrants and stayed for generations and now pose as locals.

Stoltenberg is one, Holland, Sarozy, Merkel… They are all trojan horses.

Europe is bound to be a huge slum. Its very disturbing once you realize all you see around yor self is about to be destroyed by sick powerbrokers and even more sick to seem them being treated as great persons, while nothing but filth and traitors of humanity.

Marek Pejović

well this might be omnious to say, but: do not forget Europe was built on genocide, slaughter and ethnic cleansing. it’s part of european heritage despite the currently flower power talk. europe, especially eastern europe can still be a pretty dangerous place when push comes to shove, as non-behaving immigrants might soon discover. so i dont think it’ll all go down peacefully, especially if the immigrants turn violent.


I put your entire report along with your website on youtube if you want to see it, here is the Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV_X5enrKos


“…Of course, the 113 passengers paid 1000 to 1500 euro to be shipped to Europe and not to be transported to Tunis…”

This claim is made in one of the other Gefira articles, but I can’t find it’s source, it just seems to be asserted.

Does anyone know it’s source?

David Gray

nothing in the media about it not suprised maybe its a deal with the EU a secret one for a source of cheap labour , it will put the EU on the path of a third world country .Why dont they mass deport those who dont qualify as genuine ?


Zero Hedge has the same story but with a little more detail , one of the ships is owned by the contractors of the “Blackwater” group . While the others ( eg. Doctors without Boarders) just need to raise a bit of cash , the military angle suggests Europe is in bigger trouble than imagined .

Valhalla rising

The failed state concept is now applied to Europe.What comes wont be pretty.

Marek Pejović

especially when the neatly burried corpse of the nice, calm, pacifist state comes back in the form of that same historic fascist vampire that took Red Army in ww2 to kill and bury.

Valhalla rising

Thats history.If you think that Europe is going to be an islamic califate because muh “Nazis” think again.This is survival.

Alexander Hardy

This demonstrates the impossibility of legislating compassionately to save lives, while preventing such legislation being used to attain some ulterior objective. The operators of these NGOs show how easy it is to use the legislation in a way never envisaged by its Parliamentary drafters.

Пламень За Свободу

Mafias still running around Italy. Just like from the game Hitman.


When I see this an think about it the fireman who is also the arsonist comes to mind. These NGO’s, being manipulated and financed by the big corporate elite in the USA, are NOT saying STOP, do not come because you can drown during your way over. They just say COME and swim the last bit. Cap size your boot! so we can pretend its is all real and not a set up. If these boats were not where they are then, I hope, many people who cross will think twice before stepping into a boat. But paying 1500 euro on average per person in order to cross is a lot of money. 36.752 x 1.500 = 55.128.000 euro’s With this kind of money even the mayor in Italy is in favor of illegal immigration.

Daniel Martin

No wonder why that old khazar social terrorist Georgy Schwartz aka George Soros is a billionaire. i have suspected this for a long time but this is the first time that someone is providing extensive proof for it. Good work SF.

P.S Let’s support SF together because their work is really worth a Pulitzer price, give what you can or as one old proverb say “one grain of wheat at a time, will become a loaf of bread in the end”


MSF involved? Several days ago I just read something about organ harvesting, I forgot from where.

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