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Newly-Deployed U.S. Bradley Fighting Vehicles Began Operations In Northeastern Syria (Photos)

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The U.S. military’s M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) which have been recently deployed in northwestern Syria began conducting operations.

On September 20, the U.S.-led coalition released photos of the recently deployed IFVs moving in the region, where they will be used to guard important oil fields and production facilities.

“Bradley Fighting Vehicles provide the rapid flexibility needed to protect critical petroleum resources. The Coalition continues to work alongside the SDF in their long term commitment to defeat ISIS in northeastern Syria,” the coalition said on Twitter.

The deployment of the M2A2 Bradleys was announced earlier this week. The IFVs arrived in Jabal Ghul airstrip in the western al-Hasakah countryside on September 19.

U.S. forces will likely use this Bradleys to confront Russian troops in northeastern Syria. The region experienced several confrontations between the two sides in the last few months.

In one of the most recent incidents, seven U.S. service members were injured when a heavy Russian armored vehicle hit their light vehicle.

The M2A2 Bradley is armed with a 25 mm chain gun, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a dual TOW anti-tank guided missile launcher. This makes the IFV the heaviest weapon deployed by the U.S. in northeastern Syria.


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I’m sure Russia will find some armor to compete with these beasts :)

Samuel Vanguard

those troops aren’t going anywhere Assad,Rouhani and Putin better brace themselves for a long war in Syria

Alekai Mordechai

Well, I can assure you americans will get a long war.

With election cycle that comes and go, US will have to blink somehow.

Potato Man

LMFAO okay go and join them, stop talking like you know what’s gonna happen without proof.
Brace yourself to fight Russia, SAA, China and Iran LOL, why are you talking shit but not going it?
You sound like you want to see a war but not join it and just watch happen? (Goy, Gay, Girls, Boys are all welcome in Zion Army). :)

“brace themselves for a long war in Syria” LOL US never won a war in history and used WMDs to kill civilians (to be fair Japan had it coming).
But US never fight a country that have “good” military my guy. Even in case of Iran-Iraq war….hahahahha IRAN WON THAT WAR. Lost in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and want to go to another war.
You gonna fight next to Wahhabi Sunnis that killed hundreds of your people if you dear to start another war again, the Zion wouldn’t do anything they would take your sit and watch.


won’t do them any good since the obese miscreants can only think about macdonalds, cornflakes and silicon improved tits on the slightly overweight chicks back home in the fly-over states.


Well said comrade!comment image


Was that you when you were younger and good looking Bacon?


Yes sir


That looks like Porky’s Dad in whats left of Ukraine.


Sounds bitter


Not bitter,Smug LOL!!



Arthur Deodat Jr.

Looking forward for new road duells. Soldiers must be boring.


Bradly killer (57mm auto-cannon vs. 25mm auto-canon in Bradly)



comment image


That is so funny! American military in Syria constantly tries to provoke Russia by blocking roads and once they got their asses handed to them, now they want to flex some muscle by sending Bradleys? Are the seriously that stupid? Apparently so! Russia could easily counter their move but why should they? Russian vehicles are faster than Bradleys hence could easily pass in front of them.

Americans never seem to understand that they are no longer the only big dogs. They try to create havoc 7000 miles away from the US but when they have Russia on their path, they just don’t know what to do.

It’s easy to threaten or attack the poor or defenseless (which is USA’s specialty) but no so much with a country that could destroy you.


Not to forget, that Bradleys may get stuck, if they need to move off roads…

Антон С

To do nothing = to lose their face. That’s why they are doing such childish things, because have the choice between bad and very bad. Also they are angry, because their terrorists are losing a fight completely without direct support. At-Tanf and Idlib – 2 points on the map of Syria where terrorists feel safe. Both are covered by direct intrusion.


I spent my time to watch all 7 episodes. Fantastic vehicle!

Tommy Jensen

Its always an evaluation between investment, human life and effeciency.
If it happen, it happens anyway, and then its better to die quickly than to suffer many hours inside hot melting steel. We did it for the service members sake, dont forget that.


Goodjob, the Coalition must protect their interests.

Servet Köseoğlu

M2A2 Bradley’s 25 mm chain gun enough to wipe out btr’s 12.7 mm front protection….

Alekai Mordechai

Last thing people would want is a road rage culminating into kinetic punches.

Fog of War

Thats what the ZioAmericans are betting on. They are playing a game of chicken knowing the other side is to logical / scared to fight back.

Servet Köseoğlu

then russia should not interfere east of syria..useless show-off brings pain…

Peter Williams

And a Mi-35M would make mincemeat out of a Bradley.

Servet Köseoğlu

It is beyond belief.

Alekai Mordechai

US lacked 20/30mm weapons on the ground till last week.

Russians won’t be deploying against Bradleys, since they already have BTR-80 with 30mm on board.

Servet Köseoğlu



They don’t have any interests in Syria,thats like saying Assad has interests in tel aviv.


They are there, thus they need to protect their soldiers. And their main objectives is to take the oil from Russia, stop Iran in DeZ and assist the SDF.

Servet Köseoğlu

They will do as they are told! The hounds know their master

Alekai Mordechai

Soldiers don’t need protecting. They have adequate equipment.

What needs protecting is SDF. As for Oil, more like from Assad.

Assad needs Russia same Kurds needs Americans. Both are assisting their respective sides.

Oil is to fund Kurdish autonomous region.


Well you just described criminality,are you a criminal?


I am a patriot, a small difference. I support my country and our allies, wherever they are. Now I’m waiting for my call when Hezbollah makes their move on our border, I expect a bloody and final war against them.

Not Indian Paul

You’re a blind man.

Jaime Galarza

Such coward you are, but I know you already. Cromwell asks you a very specific question, but then you go on to your tiring and useless tirade having to do with assassinating innocents wholesale.


Patriot is the US name for idiots. Makes sense.

Jim Allen

The coalition has no interest in protecting you pretenders. The coalition’s master’s do.

Not Indian Paul

Yep, someone else’s property and assets. You’d know all about that you thieving dog.


Can it handle a salvo from a Russian Combat chopper?


No. Top armor is 25 mm aluminium only.


Its getting hotter in there.

cechas vodobenikov

more amerikan stupidity, cowardice…despised in all nations–including in their submissive colonies…as their plywood villages burn these cretins decades ago were more capable sheep—now barely literate, more uglified, bitter and sexually repressed they are accelerating the demise of empire by increasing their military spending.
their economy lost 180000 businesses in only 6 months—a 30% contracted economy, given that they lie probably more….Russia reduced military spending—expected 3% economic growth 2021
unless they LGBT economy steals more from their colonies they collapse 2024—otherwise before 2030 (Johan Galtung)….CIA employees that post at SF r creating bank accounts in Tel Aviv

Alberto Garza

hte funny thing is that the u.s. are there to steal the oil no more “freedom and democracy ” excuses …they are not hiding that fact anymore.


It is a mismatch to what the Russians have there now. it is a higher profile, smaller weapon vehicle. This is not going to scare anybody. The Houthis are eating them for breakfast in Yemen so, what chance do they have here? My take;


” important oil fields and production facilities ” this was Syrian oil not the terrorist SDF and Coalition oil ,,,

Potato Man

(control the oil and you control the nations)
“The @TheZionCoalition continues to work alongside the SDF in their long term commitment to #StealingSyrianOil in NE Syria.”

LMFAO Kurds are the new terrorists in ME, watch what happens if Kurds dear to stand for themselves.
Saddam knows how fast he become the enemy and the “bad” guy when he lost the war with Iran. Kurds are in the same position as Saddam once was…making deal with Satan’s states for money and “protection”.
Believe it or not Wahhabi States also work with Kurds.


Now the Great YouAssOfHey armored Bradley forces will eradicate & sweep away any foreign resistance in Syria and declare the rule of Total Information Awareness “Impact Warrior”-Style and begin in earnest Operation Taking Syrian Oil!
Thank You for Your Service, US soldiers!
Except, we here know that you serve Satan..

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