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New Zealand Attacker Known To Authorities For Years, Still Carries Out Terror Attack

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New Zealand Attacker Known To Authorities For Years, Still Carries Out Terror Attack

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the attack on the Auckland supermarket customers a terrorist attack, which left six people injured.

Three of the casualties are in critical condition.

In a press conference alongside Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed the attacker was an extremist terror group sympathiser who had been known to authorities since 2016.

Ardern said his ideology was ISIS-inspired, but he was a “lone-wolf”.

“What happened today was despicable. It was hateful, it was wrong, it was carried out by an individual, not a faith, not a culture, not an ethnicity, but an individual person who was gripped by ideology that is not supported here by anyone or any community.

He was under heavy surveillance by specialist tactical officers due to his extremist views, and it was them who shot him dead.

“By the time he entered the supermarket, he was being watched and followed. The police were with him at the time this happened, that level of surveillance was being provided because of the concerns that we had,” Ardern said.

“The detailed reasons he is known to the agencies is the subject of suppression orders made by the court. In my view, it is in the public interest to hear as much as we can, in this case, I’m seeking advice on what we can do to facilitate that sharing of information as soon as possible,” Ardern said.

“Of all of the tools that we have, constant monitoring and surveillance is – outside someone being in prison – one of the strongest we have, and that is what was attached to this individual,” she said.

Despite being under heavy surveillance, he managed to injure six people.

Those officers had followed the man from his Glen Eden home to the supermarket in New Lynn. Once inside, he got hold of a knife and approached officers who later shot him.

Ardern said the man, a Sri Lankan national who came to New Zealand in October 2011, had previously been before the courts.

She said the law meant he could not be kept in prison, but he was being monitored “constantly”.

Suppression orders meant she could not share further details at this stage, but she was seeking further guidance from the courts on that.

Ardern said she was “absolutely gutted” to hear news of the attack.

The attack is the second terror attack in recent New Zealand history. On March 15th, 2019, a white supremacist terrorist killed 51 worshippers at a mosque in Christchurch.


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Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Only proves New Zealand is a useless colony of Australia which in return is a useless prison colony of the failed former British Empire…
They knew this due was up to no good since 2016 and still didn’t arrest or deport him.
Even ukropnazis are not that dumb…

Donald Moore

Hey they were to busy taken down citizens not abiding by the lock-downs to go after terrorists!

Dick Von D'Astard

Groomed to provide a diversion for the radicals in govt that have forced a health tyranny upon the local population. A failed policy that puts political jobs in the line of fire.


it happens because the subject is not stupid, he knows his every move is being watched. Surveillance crews get bored and anoyed that they can not operate undetected and start harassing their subject.
It gets nasty, there is no way out, they never stop, so subject goes for suicide by cop, basically.

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