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New York Times: Putin May Be CIA Agent

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On April 3, The New York Times published the article of Thomas Friedman, posing his ridiculous question “Is Putin a CIA agent?”, before unloading on the Russian president unfounded allegations, personal grievances, and impotent rage.

“Putin has undertaken so many actions in recent years that contributed to the weakening of Russia’s economy and human capital base that you have to wonder whether he’s secretly on the C.I.A.’s payroll” , Friedman wrote.

According to Friedman, the rebuilding of Russia by nurturing human talent and strengthening the rule of law was too hard for Putin. By contrast, he decided to look for dignity for Russia, by developing oil industry and strengthening the Russian military.

Friedman blamed Putin’s authority among Russian citizens, saying “Putin consistently acts like a farmer who sells his most valuable beef in return for cubes of sugar. That is, he looks for short-term sugar highs to boost his popularity with his Russian nationalist base because he is insecure, and pays for it by giving up real beef, leaving Russia weaker in the long term”.

Presenting the boldly speculations without any evidences, he brought up the crazy idea that “in 2014 Putin seized Crimea and invaded Eastern Ukraine with disguised Russian troops” to slow Russia’s growth by imposed sanctions.

Friedman described Russia’s “intervention” in Syria as “another short-term sugar high for his base.”

“Putin sent advisers, Russian Air Force jets, special operations teams and surface-to-air missile batteries to Syria to prevent the toppling of Russia’s Cold War ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad”.

The newspaper also blamed Russia in all “dead sins”: the “Novichok” production, poisoning of the Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK, the creation of the cyberagent Guccifer 2.0, which hacked the National Committee of the Democratic Party in 2016.

Concluding, Friedman supposed that Putin did so many “foolish” actions to undermine and make weak Russian economics and its citizens.

What is Friedman target? He blames Russia and indeed Vladimir Putin. Obviously, Friedman wants to be bad as he regularly uses his column to blast US President Donald Trump or whoever else contracts his brand of New York Neoliberalism.

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Does Thomas Friedman knowingly act on behalf of the Military-Industrial Complex, or is he simply a “useful idiot”?

US-Navy Revert Shia

No call it what it is he is a jew cock sucker I grew up with these cunning Liars & Thief’s In Riverdale NY 10463 jew Cock suckers are not smart they are Fleecing Thief’s

Promitheas Apollonious

Useful no, he is just another paid idiot, repeating what they pay him, to do so.


Useful to the Global Elite, that is, not to us.


” It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on it ” Upton Sinclair 100 years ago.


Promitheas Apollonious

So true :-)


Both I think. I have ‘informed sources ‘ that I cannot disclose that say so.

# Trust me, would I lie to you? :)

US-Navy Revert Shia

The jew cock suckers never stop, the BS its beyond Absurd


ahaha propagandy usual euroatlantist a la “PIERRE HILLARD”

Ivan Freely

We’ve crossed into the Twilight Zone. The NYT might as well claim that Putin is a Klingon.

Sestra Lily Yankovski



Five stage of grief. He’s stuck on denial however. No way he’s ever face the reality of things.


I want to ask Thomas if Putin is a CIA agent and Trump is Putin’s puppet that means that the CIA controls Trump, correct?

What a loon.


He’s not a loon. He’s a smart guy who writes exactly what the people who sign his paychecks and provide him with his high standard of living want him to write. He’s not a loon, he’s a good capitalist.

He doesn’t actually believe anything he writes. He’ll write that the moon is made of green cheese if you pay him enough. That’s all Thomas Friedman will ever care about.


He cares much for his thirty pieces of silver

You can call me Al

Absolutely, brilliant comment and one I can relate to very well.

Richard M

Putin is a Klingon. That’s why I have time traveled back to 2018 to effect his arrest! :D

Tudor Miron

Lets see how all those zio trolls (starlight and likes) are jumping all over this. Regarding that pathetic article – so it is CIA meddling with Trump elections?


You sort of have it there. The Skripal affair is useful towards the cold war build up, but the fact that Facebook is a CIA creation, and the fact that it was caught “harvesting” 50 million Americans personal data is the real reason for the cover-up.

Zainab Ali

zio satanic terrorists are totally being eliminated slowly but surely worldwide – thus comes more lies/deceits/madness

Sestra Lily Yankovski

South Point is much more likely of being CIA AGENT as are their Syria news sources.


Your comment is more worthy of South Park Sestra.

US-Navy Revert Shia

jews hate Christians most Christians never read the Talmud if they did they would chase them all down line them up & ship them back to the caves they came from…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5cac3026cf8d021d747b0758a2843368dbca9ccc3e3adc050dd5d278c85812ce.jpg

Promitheas Apollonious

If they send them back to the caves they come back again, Better a more permanent location as the graves are. This way you know where they are at all times.


They did ship them into Palestine. If you forgotten the Europe and USA shipping the jews into the Palestine because they don’t welcome them as immigrants in their territory.


US propaganda (voiced by Friedman) is geting more stupid than ever. Did they forget how was Russian economy when US (Yeltsin) ruled in Moscow?

Promitheas Apollonious

Of course not, but stupid is always stupid, no matter what they say. And the worst kind of stupid is the one who gets paid, to act as an intelligent individual.


“Putin has undertaken so many actions in recent years that contributed to the weakening of Russia’s economy and human capital base”

excellent words!!!

this is my opinion, too.

Promitheas Apollonious

Amoebas have an opinion? This is a first.




I’ll fix that :

“The U.S. and Saudi Arabia colluding to collapse the price of oil by 50% in 2014 contributed to the weakening of Russia’s economy and human capital base”



russia is gas station and nothing else. 140 000 000 citizens produse italy DGP (55 000 000 citizens without oil and gas). russia is middle age country. the first and last normalleader was Peter the Great.


Hi idiot

Dušan Mirić

I don’t know the man and his relevance but it seems that Americans are in deep s,, trouble…

Claire Langoulant

Jews are sluts and pathetic !


Huh, good question… I don’t even know what Jew means. It isn’t a race, it isn’t a religion, it isn’t a nationality, it for damn sure isn’t God’s people. It is I guess is an agenda. It is served by a group of people best described as predatory parasites. They only believe in money, that is their god. They only have loyalty to each other if it doesn’t cause them personal pain. They are the most self absorbed “people” the world has ever seen in an individual sense.

Boris Kazlov

Hey, Rachel Maddow is a man, call him faggot.

Acko Manah

You DON’T know that. I’ve had the misfortune of being in the USA! There are “things” who claim to be women but they’d have fooled me! I saw a shmuk with a full beard and voice to put fear into my soul! the mofo said this and *I am not lying*: He is a transgender male to female He is an atheist muslim Plus more stuff

Folks? Am I totally insane or is this dude sort of lets say it: Fucking Crazy?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Kabala Jews are the real problem as they are the worst and seem to follow the Agenda of Zionism more than any other Jew.

Michał Hunicz

What a load of crap. Ahhaha!

Dušan Mirić

Margarita Simonyan wrote recently something like “we don’t respect the West any longer”. That’s why.


Relax Americans, its our guy ! LoL


Just put some hair on putin’s head. He would look like Sephiroth from FF7


It’s the NYT, what does anybody expect?


There is a pattern here – numerous ethnic Ashkenazi Jewish commentators employed in the US MSM from Max Boot to Rachel Maddow to Thomas Freidman really, really, hate Putin. There are a few ethnic historical reasons, but primarily it’s because Putin has neutralized the Neo-Con plans, to destroy and redraw the boundaries of Syria, Lebanon and Iran, based around the radical prioritization of Israeli interests and security. The anti-Putin fervor, and hysteria, of these particular media commentators is essentially coming from a tribal mindset and fury over this issue, but this real motivation is never openly or honestly acknowledged in broader US public forum. Neo-Cons think of changing the middle eastern map in ancient destructive terms – like Rome versus Carthage. Rome saw Carthage as a competitor to full domination of the Mediterranean Sea, so entered into prolonged series of zero-sum wars to destroy them. Utterly, slaying their population, razing their cities and actually salting the very earth of these sites.


I don’t know what Putin did to trigger this guy but I hope he does lots more of it. Anyway if the CIA had people like Putin the US position in the ME wouldn’t suck so hard even after spending $10 trillion there in the last 15 years.


the jews still cannot move on the failure of the regime change

Ariel Cohen

It is well known in certain circles that Friedman has been a magic mushroom addict for many years now. This could explain his hallucinatory writings. There has been solid evidence provided that when he is not on mushrooms, he is quite a reasonable, logical journalist and seems to be at least temporarily in touch with some form of actual reality . .


Is that when he becomes a faggot?


Hahahaha what an idiot. Expanding a nation’s territory is leads to difficult short-term situation due to diplomatic sanctions and similar, yet long-term gain due to taxing the new citizens and industries in the captured land. Complete opposite of what this moron is saying. Nobody will care about Russia annexing Crimea in 100 years, yet the taxes from Crimea will still go to Russian national treasury


More importantly the US/NATO fleets were prevented from occupying Crimea as they intended.


“Putin has undertaken so many actions in recent years that contributed to the weakening of Russia’s economy and human capital base that you have to wonder whether he’s secretly on the C.I.A.’s payroll”

That is only a longed ziojewish wet dream.


The Njew York times really, really, really wishes Putin was a CIA turd, but with their availability to the real njews they know better. Just another fake njews spin.

j. jaxson

Friedman master of jewish disinfo campaign.




It farts

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