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New York Times Projects Trump Victory


New York Times Projects Trump Victory


Trump is on track to win 285-290 electoral votes, nearly 20 more than the 270 needed to secure the White House, the New York Times admits:

New York Times Projects Trump Victory

The establishment, anti-Trump news outlet says Trump has an over 75% percent chance of becoming the 45th president.

UPDATE: Now it’s a 87% chance!

So far, Trump has just about secured several battleground states, including Florida, North Carolina and Ohio – and Ohio has picked every president since 1964.

Before the election, the Times previously claimed Clinton had an 85% chance of winning.

New York Times Projects Trump Victory



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  • Pave Way IV
    • Robert Guttierez

      She’s going to jail now.

      • hhabana

        Yep. IRS will investigate Clinton Foundation possibly. I bet Putin is drinking vodka tonight and celebrating. Trump is best thing for America and the world.

        • Robert Guttierez

          If he can put a stop to the war mongering, I’ll be happy. I’m tired of seeing our troops everywhere and most of the time on the wrong side of history. Generations after us will judge us and wonder what the F we were doing supporting terrorists.

  • paul

    Brexit then Trump – things are looking up! If it happens then it shows that the poisonous grip of the MSM is not as tight as they thought.

    • John Whitehot

      now let’s take the dirty hands of the zionist bankers off the European Union. We don’t need to eliminate the EU, just give it back to the people.

  • Launch the kalibre already Vlad, glorious leader is now in the White House.Next stop is France and Germany.
    Hail victory !
    All traitors are going into the oven !

  • Rick0Shea

    OMFG – first Putin steals HC’s email then her presidency! I’m kidding BTW.

  • Hunter1324

    INB4 “Russian hacked the elections!”