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New Year’s Chaos Across Syria

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New Year's Chaos Across Syria

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New Year's Chaos Across Syria
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Syria is going to enter the new year with old problems. In the last days of December, various regions of the country faced new waves of hostilities.

In the north-western region of Greater Idlib, the ceasefire is barely holding up. It was brokered by both Turkey and Russia in 2020. While Turkey is supporting local militants, training them in the use of battle tanks, almost unilateral efforts of the Russian warplanes to fight terrorism continue.

In the last days of December, the Russian Aerospace Forces intensified their operations against the al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib. and its allies.

Five Russian airstrikes targeted the outskirts of the towns of Barisha, Kafr Aruq and Ma’arrat Misrin in the northern and eastern countryside of Idlib. At least four more airstrikes hit the outskirts of the town of Sheikh Bahir in the northern countryside of Idlib.

Militants of HTS and its allies attempted to shot down Russian warplanes with heavy machine guns, but they failed.

Three other airstrikes hit the Sheikh Baraka Mount near the town of Darat Izza in the western Aleppo countryside.

There is no sign that the situation in Greater Idlib is going to improve in the coming year.

Meanwhile in Latakia, Syrian authorities are trying to cope with the disaster after the Israeli attack  on December 28.

Syrian security forces raided a number of apartment buildings overlooking the port of Lattakia. At least four people were apprehended during the raids. Security forces also inspected the buildings, located across the port in Gamal Abdel Nasser street.

Syrian security forces may have arrested spies, or removed surveillance systems which were planted by the Israeli intelligence near the port.

In northern Syria, tensions between the Kurdish and Turkish-backed forces are on the rise.

On December 30, artillery belonging to Turkish-backed fighters hit the Tel Tamr frontline, including Umm al Kayf, Al Dardara, Tel Shenan, Tel Juma, Tel Jerabi, and Tel Kefshi. The YPG positions were hit with artillery fire on the Abu Raseyn line east of Rasulayn. At the same time the SDF said more than 60 rockets targeted Ain Isa countryside.

All-around, Syria is entering a new year of violence. The military and security situation remained disastrous during the past year, while more efforts are apparently needed to see any significant improvement in the political field, where almost all processes are stuck with no progress.

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There is no sign that the situation in Greater Idlib is going to improve in the coming year.

Of course there isn’t until there is a all out offensive against Idlib,which is now more difficult since the so called ceasefire,but thats what will have to be done,its not rocket science.

jens holm

Thats how things are. You are are learned to fight hard against war. Only insanes are learned to think like that.

Thing s are the opposite. It would solve more that everybody retreated and used time and money for creating a new system, where all could be included.

But that of course is more Haram then Ham. My grand-grand-grand has told us, that first the pigs emmigrated to here. Next seemes to be the ones, which think they are cleaner in everything then them.

Rodney Loder.

Syrian port is bombed by jew maggots last monents of 2021 this is Biden’s pivit to the Pacific having to be cancelled same as Obama, lets fight the easiest war says Biden China is too big and can fight back, ha ha ha yawn at least Trump was more honest and wanted to befriend Russia before avoinding hostilities with China but Biden is not 100% sane so now will Syria be given by Russia and China for notging in return l don’t think so jew pig Sid Loder realised in the end jews dont pay up their word means nothing.

Israel shoul be called Judea, jew maggots genocided the Israelites Allah (swt) has decreed if jews succeed Armageddon comes here.


Look, the filthy Rodney a.k.a one foot in the grave is talking. What are you going to do you rat? one punch and I send you back to meet the Devil in hell where you belong. So I hope you read my comment, the thing we really good at is choping down you Islamic pigs. Say thanks we never get a greenlight to go all the way in Gaza, I personally put some of your Hamas friends 6 feet under the ground and I will do it anytime needed.

Now go die.

jens holm

Dont offend the pigs.

Chris Gr

Jews are one of the twelve tribes.

jens holm

Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher.

Their father JACOB was patriarck and had ISRAEL as last name.

Chris Gr

That’s correct. And the tribe of Dan went to Denmark and Scotland. The antichrist will be from the tribe of Dan.

jens holm

The Dan version is not correct anymore. Its a creation. Its very visble in DNA as well.

There was people here before the last Iceage. They might be the “the real old Danoirs”.

Its the same in most parts of the world. Things change. Poeple move around. Some worlds dies too.

We only know a lot from the people which could read. We fx know the Arameans took in a lot of knowledge and visom from the assyrians, where its parts of the 3 holy bibles today.

Chris Gr

Yes you are right.

jens holm

Your comment has killed several people. Try some commas.

The Jews acually name themself as Jews, Juden etc. Israel means fighters for the Gods and a very good sales trick.

If You will make corrections there, the Palestnians are named after the Romans naming the Philipines in the Gaza area only. By that only the ones there should use that kind of name.

Syria from the old days are not the northern parts of syria of today and mainly had no coastline. It also covered Jordan of today and “Palestine” was a poor affiliated being a kind of Syria as well.

Preussen is a very good example having no Preussians in them. Those were a small tribe at the Baltic coastline, but several smaller german states as well as areas taken from Denmark, Austria, Hungary united as one and got that new old name.

Chris Gr

Syria means Assyria. Assyria is north Mesopotamia. Palestine is southwest Levant. Palestine comes from the Philistines, the Cretan tribe.

jens holm

Something like that Assyria had its ups and downs and finally almost collpased itself by internal disagreemenets well assited by Babylon and the Medes.

Chris Gr


Ray Douglas

There is only one answer, ‘All out attack on Idlib’. Get rid of the vipers nest then the East and get your oil wells back.

jens holm

I see no chaos. Its a stalemate made by stubbern stupidists.

Hardly a single one even here are allowed or able to see any uniting plans even for meals for tomorrow. The old system is blocking it and finally made armed contrasts.

I sometimes wonder if it – as the local Assads tell us – if a period with collpasing Jihadisme had made 400-600.000 dead ones and that kind of destruction.

Minds in Syria are more narrowminded then railroad toy for children. That goes for several foreigners about it as well.

Everyone with a weapons should go home and give that and the power to the women and children. Thats easy ands might do it. Some would say those vomen and children also was allowed to shoot anyone, they dont like.

Some Kurdish women with candy and only rewarding should take over. The religios scrips has to have burned away all revenge pages and redefine an updated Sharia regarding honor and respect.

Chris Gr

Syrian civil war is like the Spanish civil war. Assad is Azana. YPG is POUM. FSA are the Carlists. HTS are the Francoists.

However, if Erdogan is Hitler and Raisi is Duce then Imran Khan is the Franco. And those Iraqi Shia militants are like Vichy France. And Afghan radical militants are like the Hungarian Iron Cross. And Syria looks like the Poland that it will be shared by Germany and Soviet Union or if you would prefer by Turkey and Russia.

jens holm

There are semilarities, but its hard to compare.

It actually was united for many decades the ottomans and before that by several others, where Saladin is the mnost famous one.

The Ottomans collapsed themself by no reforns. Kemal and Co learned by that.

Chris Gr

Turkey is not Ottoman empire, Iran is not Safavid empire, Iraq is not Abbasid empire and Pakistan is not Mughal empire. They are ruled by radical Muslims now.

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