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New Wave Of Syrian Airstrikes Targets Terrorists In Northern Lattakia


New Wave Of Syrian Airstrikes Targets Terrorists In Northern Lattakia

Illustrative image. source: mod.gov.sy

Early on October 6, attack helicopters of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) targeted the key town of Kabani in northern Lattakia with a series of airstrikes.

Kabani is a stronghold of different al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, including Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Horas al-Din, the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) and Ajnad al-Kavkaz (AK). Hundreds of terrorists are reportedly taking shelter inside the abandoned town and in its outskirt.

The SyAAF has been pounding terrorists’ positions in Kabani for more than a week now. The airstrikes usually target fortifications, like tunnels, trenches and berms.

Russian news agency, Sputnik, reported on October 4 that HTS and the TIP agreed to fortify their remaining positions in northern Lattakia. The area is supposedly a part of Idlib de-demilitarized zone, where terrorists are not allowed to have any presence.

The escalation in northern Lattakia suggest that the region could soon witness a military confrontation between the SAA and the terrorists.

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  • You can call me Al

    Get in their in, our boys. Be strong, stay safe and kill every scum bag you find. God be with you.

    • Icarus Tanović

      Nice words.

  • thomas malthaus

    I’m curious whether the use of strong tear gas or white phosphorus has been considered.
    Does Russia possess a military-grade acoustic weapon?

    • χρηστος

      conventional weapons do much harm ,no ned for anything fancy

      • thomas malthaus

        My considerations turn to not getting bogged down and ending this conflict as soon a possible.
        Take prisoners and use discretion as to final disposition.

        Head chopping?

  • Barba_Papa

    As is usual the case pounding Idlib in prractice means hitting sand while the headchoppers sit safely underground. That’s why Kabani has resisted every attempt by the SAA to take it. And all articles like these basically only convey impotent anger by trying to look tough.

    Which saddens me, cause I like seeing headchoppers getting what they deserve. A 1 way ticket to those virgins promised to them in heaven.

  • Icarus Tanović

    God be with you. Victory can be seen on horizon.

  • Ceasar Polar

    I pray for the Tiger Forces and the SAA to obtain a major Victory, as we prayed for the Houthis and all of Humanity was awarded of God’s victory operation which satisfied all our worries for the Yemeni people. we should all pray for the SAA and Russia to free the entire Idlib area from the World Wide Terrorists scums. Then clean up Al-Tanif, and force the SDF to rejoin the SAA or die by the Turkish fire. Once Syria is cleaned up, the zionist-scums will think of another plan to start another crisis somewhere else. The swamp needs to be drained asap.