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New Wave Of Russian Airstrikes Hits Southeastern Idlib (Video)

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Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a new wave of airstrikes on militant positions in the towns of Saraqib and Khab al-Subul in the southeastern Idlib countryside in the late hours of March 9.

Few hours earlier, Russian warplanes carried out a similar attack on several militants positions in the western Idlib countryside. The airstrikes targeted the villages of Mintar, Frikeh and Tell Khatab.

These aerial operations are likely a response to the recent attack by Jaysh al-Ahrar. The Turkish-backed group killed several Syrian service members near the Christian town of al-Suqaylabiyah in the morning.

Idlib militants stepped up their attacks on the residential areas around the northern governorate after the beginning of the Turkish military patrols in the demilitarized zone. These attacks were clearly aimed at sabotaging any possible ceasefire.

A military operation by the SAA and its allies around Idlib appears to be closer than ever, especially that militants have now proven that they are not willing to stop their attacks.

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God luck RuAF! Video for the doubting Thomases no doubt.

Alex sayon

Muslims have right to defend themselves :) https://youtu.be/r0_q9p0J4Pc?t=135

Jimmy Jim

Putler’s Russia LOL

Harry Smith

And the Russians reaction (eng subs) https://youtu.be/4yd0GihhLts


These strikes are in response to repeated terrorist attacks on SAA and civilians over many months …. I respect Russia’s planning and all they have done for Syria, but it is not right that the terrorists have been allowed to regroup, re-arm and be heavily re-supplied in these months of ‘pause’ … Syrians are dying every day as these terrorists are allowed to fortify their positions during re-supply, and it is not right that this has been allowed to happen.

Zionism = EVIL

The whole Russian bizarre strategy of localized peace deal and evacuations with these murdering headchoppers scum only entrenched and emboldened them. The Turkeys and their Americunt masters have poured over $2 billion is Saudi and Emirati paid for weapons and supplies for these murdering scum since they were ousted from Douma and Aleppo. The Americunt and Zionist agenda is endless war and partition of Syria with Turkeys annexing the best fertile lands and water resources.

Peter Jennings

The remnants of ISIS are hemmed in at Idlib and RussiaSyrian forces are going to make sure that it stays that way. Elsewhere, the last pockets of mentally challenged hard-liners are abandoning their women and fleeing into the desert in the search for more virgins.

The conflict is almost over, the greater isreal will have to wait.

Zionism = EVIL

As I have said all along, these filthy stinking Wahhabi scum are cowards as their mass surrender in Baghouz has clearly shown, even their burka whores are clawing each other over food. These are disgusting savages, worse than beasts and need to be eliminated. No western country should let any of these vermin back in. Let them die in Syria, Iraq, Jordan or Turkey. Interestingly, the Saudi and Emirati sponsors have not welcomed back a single headchoppers. When and if SAA liberates Idlib, it would be major headache for the Turkeys who created these vermin and will face a Pakistan style headchopper blowback in spades.

Zionism = EVIL

To be effective, Idlib and other headchopper havens need to be turned into a parking lot for urban renewal. Russia has been pandering to these scum for over 18 months now as they become more brazen and launch terrorist attacks on even Aleppo. The Turkeys are intent on annexing Idlib and other fertile agricultural areas of Idlib and Homs provinces, and are shit scared of an offensive by SAA and Iranians as it would push over a million terrorist and their supporters into an already destabilized southern Anatolia where the Kurds and other natives are restless away. It is time Russia see the big picture and unleash hell on these Wahhabi scum, who really are dead ender cowards as we have seen in eastern Euphrates where these filthy cornered rats and their burka clad whores are surrendering in thousands. These scum will not last over a week if Russia, SAA, Iran and Hezbollah took a unified position and unleashed hell.

Jaffar al-Majmuni

Give them democracy!

Promitheas Apollonious

many kinds of democracy be more specific.

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