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New Wave Of Russian Airstrikes Hit Militant Positions In Southern Idlib (Video)

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On November 29 morning, a new wave of Russian airstrikes targeted militants’ positions in the al-Zawiya Mount in southern Idlib.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit two positions near the town of Mshun. No casualties were reported as a result of the airstrikes.

Following the Russian airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army artillery shelled a number of towns and villages in the al-Zawiya Mount.

The mountainous region is a stronghold of al-Qaeda’s Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and its allies, including the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation. Earlier this year, reports revealed that Syrian government forces are planning a large-scale operation to capture the region.

The al-Zawiya Mount is the main gateway to the strategic M4 highway, which links the port city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, Syria’s industrial hub.

Over the last few months, Russian forces stepped up their operations against Greater Idlib militants. Earlier this week, a series of Russian airstrikes targeted militants’ positions in the northern countryside of Lattakia. This may be a sign of a near operation in the region.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Condolences to the fallen CIAisis and wahabimossad operators.
    May they rest in pieces…

    1. Ali says:

      never gets old.

      1. Lone Ranger says:


    2. Liberal guy says:

      Good hit

  2. Samuel Vanguard says:

    all militants in Idlib are legitimate targets that deserve to be eliminated.

  3. Jens Holm says:

    Soon the Russian old ones will not eat in weekends.

    1. Porc Halal says:

      Jens, please can tranlate it for us … it might be something of interest…

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Im not sure if he has an LSD overdose or its just a bad random BS generator run by an AI…

        1. Porc Halal says:

          I like his serenity though …

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Stop using Yourself

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Its a very good example for difference. You have no memory in Your writings and therefore cant relate spending bombs makes less food to the old ones, which already are reduced to lowincommers .

        So what You write here is how our children argue from they are 3 to 10 years old beause of Your language limitations.

        1. Porc Halal says:

          um, .. ok

        2. Robert Ferrin says:

          Lol could you please translate that into English for us for the way its written it makes little sense, and of course that could be intentional.!!!

      3. FlorianGeyer says:


    2. cechas vodobenikov says:

      Jenny oching gorki

  4. Jesus says:

    Russia and Syria is turning the screws on Turkey and their proxies in Idlib, Russian assertiveness in the area will become more pronounced to weaken Turkish influence and position.

  5. Boxman says:

    More useless airstrikes. Turkey will just keep pumping in more jihadis and more equipment.

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