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JUNE 2021

New Wave Of Protests Against Syrian Democratic Forces In Raqqa

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New Wave Of Protests Against Syrian Democratic Forces In Raqqa

“Raqqa is Free & PKK should leave“, a graffiti on a wall in Raqqa, By Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

On May 31, a new wave of protests against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) erupted in the city of Raqqa, according to the Syrian pro-opposition blog Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently. However, this time the protestors demanded the withdrawal of the SDF from the city.

Reportedly, the protests were mainly held in the district of al-Rumilah and near the police gas station. Syrian opposition activists said that the SDF’s security forces (Asayish) had clashed with the protestors and had opened fire at them.

The protests in Raqqa began on May 27, when Asayish attempted to arrest several young men after accusing them of evading the military service in the SDF. Back then, the civilians only protested against the forcible recruitment into ranks of the SDF.

Local observers believe that the situation in Raqqa may escalate in the upcoming days because the SDF appears to be determined to keep the Arab city under its direct control. Last year, the SDF promised that it will withdraw from Raqqa once it’s liberated from ISIS. However, this has never happened.

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Michał Hunicz

The Syrian government must send orders to Hasakah and Qamishli to send secret envoys to organize a pro-government unified resistance front against the US-backed terrorists. This is a huge chance for a quick liberation of almost 30% of Syria’s territory.


What is needed first is a campaign of attrition using IED’s , snipers etc to create casualties and fear amongst the US and French forces who are ILLEGAL invaders of Syrian Government lands..

I constant trickle of dead and wounded would also bring a smile to many in the SDF/PYG who were abandoned to the Turks :)


It looks like that started, a while ago. it is intensifying now.


Conscription can come back to bite them in the rear. Nothing is worse than depending on someone you forced to help you. When they are needed, they might just be the ones you end up fighting. They could provide info on targets, troop strength and movement. They might even be helpful providing things like IEDs.


I would agree with all of that but there is a trade off needed to have the manpower required to conduct a campaign.

Another issue , especially in a war of liberation, is that volunteers would soon get pissed off if the general populace waved them off to war and sat at home in safety.

Bill Wilson

That’s funny! The SDF has been able to maintain control of that territory because the majority of it’s inhabitants disliked the Syrian government well before all the fighting started. Now they’re only interested in rebuilding their lives after suffering from years of mayhem. The Syrian government has been sending out envoys in those regions to discuss something more practical such as grain contracts and irrigation water distribution.


Conscription…… you have got to be kidding me. Who’s idea was this? Oh yeah, the 30,000 strong security force, which was a US idea.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The media remains silent has Arabs are forcibly conscripted into the US sponsored Kurdish army.
“Conscription into the army in this case is a matter of international humanitarian law. It is governed, first of all, by the Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war, that forbids the Occupying Power to compel protected persons to serve in its armed or auxiliary forces”. That was a quote concerning the Russian annexation of Crimea and Russia’s forcible conscription of Ukrainian citizens living there into it’s army. I agree with her, but I also wonder why that was rightly condemned but this is totally ignored. Most Crimean’s [more than 90%] were pro Russian before the annexation and were in the most part very happy to have Russia annex them into it’s own federation, but the Arab peoples of Syria have never been pro Kurdish or even pro US, exactly the opposite, they’ve been anti Kurd and anti US.
Come on Geneva convention, the UN and the LGBTQ media, the US and the Kurds are committing war crimes in Syria and you’ve all gone to sleep.


Oh, and who will replace the SDF? The same pro-Turk militias that tore Afrin’s streets apart? Or those same pro-government officers that were selling stolen goods in Damascus?
Also as usual in the Muslim world a comparitively minor issue is allowed to blow out of proportion due to the sheer volume of racketeers. BTW, I would guess that the protestors don’t want the US troops to leave, since that hasn’t been featured in any report and everyone in Manbij still wants to deter a Turkish invasion.


Who are you kidding.

Alexis Goldwasser

If israel was in charge, we would have dealt with the situation swiftly and decisively.


SDF and Turds are yours and U.S. foot soldiers.
You can’t “help” – unless all of you Israelis just kill yourselves. That would help lot.
Now as it is you are already making maximum of the problems to everybody.
More than all others combined.
And best news that can arrive is that Israhell does not exist any longer.


Give us a break, wait till your Boss Lieberman comes back from Moscow and gives you new vectors and directives for your hasbara-pYgsty

Baron Von MuleBanger

Kill all kurds,spineless zionut puppets.


Kill BAARZANI, no need to kill the small KUR$DS for a handful big Mossade-PYGS

Elmarie Muller

Join and sabotage SDF from inside.

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