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JUNE 2023

New Wave Of Israeli Strikes On Damascus Leaves Four Syrian Service Members Dead (Videos)

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New Wave Of Israeli Strikes On Damascus Leaves Four Syrian Service Members Dead (Videos)

FILE PHOTO An Israeli F-16 fighter jet © Amir Cohen / Reuters

Early on April 27, seven Syrian service members were killed or wounded when a wave of Israeli strikes hit military positions in the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

In a statement to the Syrian Arab News Agency, a Syrian military source said that the strikes were launched from the direction of Lake Tiberiasn in northern Israel.

“Our air defense means confronted the missiles of the Israeli aggressor and shot down some of them,” the unnamed source said. “After examining the results of the aggression, it was found that four service members were killed, three others were wounded and some material losses were sustained”.

One of the service members killed in the Israeli strike was a high-ranking officer of the Syrian Arab Army, Colonel Rifaat Ali Saleh.

Damascus International Airport was reportedly one of the targets of the Israeli strikes. This is yet to be verified by any credible source. The airport was attacked by the Israel on a number of occasions in the past.

A day before the strikes, an Israeli drone crashed in southern Syria. The Israeli Defense Forces said that the drone fell during “routine operations” and that the incident is being investigated.

This was the third Israeli attack on Syria this April. The first attack, which took place on April 9, targeted a research center, a weapons factory, a military base and a suspected air-defense site in the outskirts of the town of Masyaf in the western Hama countryside. The second attack, which took place on April 14, targeted a position of the SAA located near the town of Kafr Qouq in the western countryside of Damascus.

Several Israeli and Arab media sources reported that the recent Israeli strikes on Syria were carried out to prevent the delivery of advanced Iranian-made weapons to Hezbollah. Tel Aviv claims that the Syria is the main supply route for the Lebanese group.


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Before the special operation, some people were asking how come Russia is not capable to defend Damascus from the Israeli strikes.

Now Russia gets struck by Ukraine almost daily.

Will S-500 finally manage protect the Russian cities around Ukrainian border? Time will tell.


Rod, the skirmishes on the border with Russia and Ukraine are being allowed. It helps Russia gather up momentum from their own people and the anger gets pent up.


No, bullshit. Russian SHORAD systems are miserably bad and they’ve thus far failed to account for UAVs and low-flying fast helicopter strikes completely which is why those humiliating attacks have taken place on Russian soil.


Russia is most likely going to help Syria with Israel now because of Israel attitude with Ukraine again Russia. Hopefully it happens soon. Hezbollah should put a no fly Zone over Lebanon as well soon


Hahahahah you’re a comedian. They haven’t helped for over 10 years but tomorrow, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, they will help lol

Face it, they can’t even defend their own cities in Russia, the poor man’s world power is a pathetic joke!


Israel is screaming Russia over by allowing Israelis fighting Ukraine and possibly arming Ukraine, Russia won’t forget that.


You’re a child still fantasising over that rusty S300 in Syria and Putin riding on a Velociraptor to rescue you lol

Don’t forget all those Russian servicemen were murdered by Israel in that flight shoot down and Russia answered by inviting Bibi to war parade in Moscow.



its all theater … 1 group runs all wars = zionist bankers = askanazi jews = nazi’s


send some javelins and stinger missiles to hezbollah


Like the S300 “game changer” back in 2017 lol


All it took was an s200 to send the Jews out of Syrian air space, imagine what the s300 will do


That’s right keep *imagining* because only in your imagination will the S300 be allowed to defend Syria against Israeli bombings every single week lol

In reality, it’s rusting in a garage somewhere lol


Huh? The Israeli’s have bombed targets inside Syria many times already, with no response from Russia.


Russia now (or at least after Ukraine is finished) should start shooting down Israeli jets. After US and Israel escalated their aggression against Russia, Russia should not hold back. Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese, Iranians, they all hate Israeli terrorists and all should be armed by Russia to kick some zionist ass.

Last edited 1 year ago by Redguard

Good luck waiting for that to happen…


Good luck with your new troll account after this one …obvious parasite


Dan if you stopped wanking and shooting your eye, you might be able to see that Putin isn’t going to save your sorry ass lol


Russian “success” story in Syria being repeated in Ukraine:

“ One of the service members killed in the Israeli strike was a high-ranking officer of the Syrian Arab Army, Colonel Rifaat Ali Saleh.”


The ZioNazi cunts are at it again, as soon as the world turns it’s attention away they resort to violence.


Last week or so Israel accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine, this came after Bennett and Biden had a phone call during which US and Israel made a deal, US keeps Iran army in terrorists list – which Israel wants in case of new nuclear agreement between US and Iran – and for that Israel join the anti-russian movement,

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