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New Wave Of Israeli Airstrikes Targeted Hamas Facilities In Gaza (Video)

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New Wave Of Israeli Airstrikes Targeted Hamas Facilities In Gaza (Video)

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The Israel Defense Forces bombed Gaza for the second time in the last two days. Late at night, Israeli Air Force fighter jets carried out airstrikes on what is reported to be Hamas’ ‘weapons manufacturing sites’.

The previous strikes were carried out in the early hours of July 2nd.

According to a statement from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the strikes targeted a weapons production facility belonging to the Gaza-ruling terror group. A rocket launcher was also reportedly targeted.

The strikes were carried out in response to the continued launching of incendiary balloons toward Israeli territory that cause fire in Israel.

“The IDF will continue to respond firmly to all terror attempts emanating from the Gaza Strip.” – the IDF statement reads.

Several videos showing the attacks were shared on social media.

A video showing the strikes on Gaza was immediately released by the IDF:

Unconfirmed Palestinian reports say 1 person was seriously wounded in one of the IDF strikes near Gaza City. Meanwhile, the Hamas-run Health Ministry said there were no casualties amid the strikes.

An explosion was seen as a result of the strikes:

New Wave Of Israeli Airstrikes Targeted Hamas Facilities In Gaza (Video)

Photo taken by: @‌‌‎Mohammedouda0

The new Israeli government led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is faster to respond to each arson balloon attack launched from Gaza then the previous one headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.


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A clown like you

Zion are doing what they are known for in history…being terrorists – they raped and looted the EU and now both Europeans and yanquis are their slaves. Fun fact of the day people, in M.E first terrorist group, was the Zion group called The Irgun “The National Military Organization in the Land of Israel” <- which is known as the IDF.

Some of you kids don't know who you are even supporting, it is funny tho, history is important. P.S there were other Zion terrorist groups in the US and EU with different names, same called them "gang" which is funny they weren't.


Another Jew fun-fact: In what became the Jews’ Second Zion War, the Second World-War, the JEWS were the first to nation to declare and wage war on another nation. The Jews declared war on Germany in the Summer of 1933. Many of the Jews’ propaganda outlets of the time carried the headline stating as much. Interesting is that highlighting that fact is enough to get one banned off the Jews’ stasi-media: FB, etc.


Not only the joo run FB but jew bum licker RT as well.


I realized that too, Im sticking with press tv.

A clown like you

Also, if someone you didn’t know PressTV is up but from .com to .ir

A clown like you

Very funny “joke” I guess for Nazis Danes 🤷‍♀️

Simon Ndiritu

You sure haven’t read the bible and seen a group called Zealots. The group is also seen in civil roman history

Arch Bungle

only a badly written conversational bot could talk as much incoherent rubbish as you …

None of you

Gaza must stop these attacks or we will send Iron Zion in to sort them out. He was last seen running from two children holding green , white and red balloons . A man of no fear.


I hope Gaza and Israel go to war again so that people will destroy America with demonstration

"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

The more Israel attacks Gaza, the more public opinion shifts against Israel.


exactly like you.

Simon Ndiritu

Then what was the ceasefire for??

None of you

To allow Israel time to replenish Iron Dome rockets. Now we do only little bombings so no one gets upset and Gaza don’t retaliate. Who is afraid of gas balloons. Jens supplies the gas and Iron Dick gives them to the kids so they don’t abuse him.. Toughest wanker in the whole Israeli reserve army.


People in Gaza know perfectly who is responsible for their horrible life: their own corrupt Leaders – just like most Iranians want the old senil laughable Mullah gone ^^


zionist terrorists doing what they do best, bombing civilians. They are even proud of their sick extremist degeneracy.


Peter Jennings

No change to the isreali apartheid regime. They still profess that oppression is security. It’s no wonder the isreali apartheid regime is hated across the world.

The Balfour Declaration states that indigenous rights are to be respected. The regime has broken that agreement, along with every other agreement it ever signed. The west is going to need all its faculties dealing with incessant liars who are unworthy of honouring agreements.

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