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New Wave Of Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria’s Al-Qusayr, Homs Province

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New Wave Of Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria's Al-Qusayr, Homs Province

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On July 22, Syrian Arab News Agency SANA reported that the air defense systems of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had repelled Israeli air strikes on the Al-Qusayr area in the province of Homs.

The Israeli warplanes targeted Syrian Army positions in the al-Qusayr area located east of Homs province in the early hours of July 22. Lebanon’s Hezbollah is also known to be present in the area.

According to a Syrian military source, Israeli jets fired missiles from off the coast north of Beirut at about 01:13 a.m. Most of the missiles were reportedly intercepted. No casualties were reported, but strikes resulted in some material damage.

Israel’s military is yet to comment on the reports.

This is the second Israeli attack in Syria over the last week. On July 19, Israeli strikes targeted Syrian compound located in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, reportedly killing a SAA soldier and two pro-government fighters.

Israeli strikes are usually aimed at pushing pro-Iranian forces out from Syria. However, Tel Aviv’s efforts have been a failure so far.


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Chess Master

Syria is training ground for Israel.

Israeli Diaper Force

Unfortunately, it will remain so as long as Syria and its allies remain passive punching bags. Basic schoolyard bully rules is to always hit back no matter what the costs. The Zionist thugs are incapable of sustaining losses or protracted combat. Syrian leadership needs to grow a pair.

Icarus Tanović

They have. But patience is important thing in these kind of a situations.

Jim Allen

Syrian leadership has a pair, has had a pair, and IAF is not a threat. All their attacks have resulted in very little effect. The effects of an attack is what matters, not the attacks themselves.

Jim Allen

Training for what ? IAF’s frequent pinprick attacks with much media coverage are completely ineffective, do insignificant damage when a missile manages to get past Syrian Air Defense Forces it’s laughable. Yet, myopic trolls just can’t stop themselves from making a big deal out of not a damn thing, and presume to tell the leaders of allied countries what they need to do, while questioning why S-300, and
S-400 are unused. The answer is, they’re not used because they’re not needed.
Attacks are one thing, successful attacks are another thing. IAF enjoys almost zero successful attacks. Let them spend their money for nothing.

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