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New Wave Of Anti-US Protests In Deir Ezzor And Raqqa (Video)

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On February 9, the governorates of Deir Ezzor and al-Raqqa witnessed a new wave of protests against the U.S. and French occupation of northeastern Syria.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that the protests were organized by Arab tribes’ leaders, who are fed up with the practices of the US-led coalition and its proxy, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The protesters denounced the coalition airstrikes on the civilian areas in the middle Euphrates Valley and the SDF’s decision to close a vital crossing with the government-held areas preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid. The protesters also rejected any Turkish intervention in their areas.

In a video released by the SANA, some of the protesters can be seen burning the improvised flags of the U.S. and France. A day earlier, several activists in Raqqa did the same thing to protest the military presence of the US-led coalition.

Facing this public pressure, the Kurdish-dominated SDF began what appears to be a crackdown on anyone who opposes its authority. More than 60 civilians were arrested during a recent “security operation” inside the city of Raqqa. The SDF accused the detainees of being “terrorists.”

Local observers believe that the protests may escalate in the upcoming few weeks, especially if the U.S. attempts to delay the withdrawal of its forces.

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Thats another eason the ZIO yanks will be leaving soon.

Xoli Xoli

Petrol dollar is 8n big shit know USA,Brittan, France and Canada are in serious war agression to save collapse of US Petrol dollar.Their are creating unstoppable and unsolvable wars to tear up the world in small sections.

Xoli Xoli

USA is creating unrest in Korea peninsula,Russia and neighboring countries, Syria Libya, Iran,Israel and neighboring countries,Ukraine, Japan,Qatar,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Africa. USA is the only aggressor which is in desperate collapse.Nato should distant itself from collapsing USA war train.


israel is the aggressor in the middle east and should be discontinued forthwith and the squatters kicked al the way to hell.


On July 8, 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry of the United States Navy, commanding a squadron of two steamers and two sailing vessels, sailed into Tôkyô harbor aboard the frigate Susquehanna.

Perry, on behalf of the U.S. government, forced Japan to enter into trade with the United States and demanded a treaty permitting trade and the opening of Japanese ports
to U.S. merchant ships.

It’s America, it’s always been America, Americans blame others for their crimes, because that’s what criminals do.


in the middle east it is israel that is the problem and needs to be shut down – for good. since the israelis have stolen the decision-making apparatus in washington dc from the american people, it follows like a letter in the mail that the destitute states of morons is doing the israeli begging in the middle east while the ever evil israelis sit back and enjoy the show, delivering a pinprick attack on their neighbour(s) now and then.

a three point schedule to discontinue israel

a) any country that recognized israel at one stage is entitled to de-recognize the criminal enterprise called israel.

b) all financial transactions to the criminal enterprise israel are banned as supporting a terrorist organisation.

c) prohibit the sale of israeli goods and join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

d) israel shall no longer be part of e.g. UEFA (european fottball) or the eurovision songcontest and so on and so forth.


burning the bloodsoaked stars and stripes is a good start and then add the israeli flag and burn them in tendem. it probably is a too subtle message for the destitute states of morons to get so next time burn a few israeli homes etc and the message will be brought home.

Jim Prendergast

Raqqa is Syrian, Arabic. Power to Syria al-Assad.


“The protesters denounced the coalition airstrikes on the civilian areas in the middle Euphrates Valley and the SDF’s decision to close a vital crossing with the government-held areas preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid. The protesters also rejected any Turkish intervention in their areas.”

Below is the entirety of the text of the hyperlinked article from the paragraph above :

“The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested 63 “terrorists” during a large-scale combing operation in the war-torn city of Raqqa on February 7.

“These terrorist cells are directly responsible of spreading fear, chaos and rumors among the residents of the city,” the US-backed group said in an official statement released by its press center.

The group’s statement didn’t mention ISIS or accuse these supposed terrorists of any real crimes. Therefore, many activists concluded that the operation targeted supporters of the Damascus government or the Turkish-backed opposition.

The upcoming withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria has encouraged many locals, especially in Raqqa, to voice their opposition to the SDF. Some areas even witnessed protests and clashes with the Kurdish-dominated group.

The SDF’s poor management and strict stand against Arab population in northeastern Syria will likely lead to further tensions between the group and the local population once all U.S. forces leave the country. ”


Not a single word about ” the SDF’s decision to close a vital crossing with the government-held areas ” , which was the hyperlink-highlighted text. A shame , as I’d have liked to have read about that action.


I again warn South Front of the dangers of relying on a single partial source. SANA is state run, and Damascus at least gives lip service to these machinations, if not actively giving clandestine support.


Poor people, negationists, irrational thinking , mostly muslims blame always the others for their own stupidity. It takes two to tango, the US is far from being sinless but so are the countries, tribes, ethnic groupes, religions you mentioned. I would set a boaderwall around some regions in th world, one would start on the Bosporus around Pakistan and back over Somalie and Marokko, nobody out ore inn, and the cruelty, discrimination, killing, rape and war between the collected countries, tribes, would continue. But without making good people suffer and without them blaming others why they stayed trapped in 630 A.C.

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