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JULY 2022

New Wave Of Airstrikes Targets ‘Iranian Positions’ Near Syria’s Al-Bukamal – Reports

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New Wave Of Airstrikes Targets 'Iranian Positions' Near Syria’s Al-Bukamal – Reports

Click to see full-size map. Via Google Earth.

Unidentified aircraft have reportedly carried out a series of airstrikes on positions of Iranian-backed forces near the eastern Syrian city of al-Bukamal on the border with Iraq.

Euphrates Post, a pro-opposition outlet based in Deir Ezzor, claimed that the airstrikes took place in the late hours of September 26.

“Heavy fire from air-defense guns of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) militia in the areas of al-Hizam and al-Sina’a in the city of al-Bukamal following the airstrikes, which targeted their positions earlier,” the new outlet said in a short report.

These claims have not been confirmed so far by any independent source, nor by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the country’s offical outlet.

If confirmed, this attack will be the third this month on al-Bukamal. On September 9, Israeli warplanes struck an alleged Iranian missile site southwest of the city. Later on September 18, the same site was attacked again.

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Mysterious warplanes – you mean zio criminals again

Jens Holm

He pobatly knows less then You. He cant even handle flipping a coin about it. Mummy glued it, so his world to handle became to handle.

Tiresia Branding

seems to me will be near impossible exit from 2019 without a major event happen

Raptar Driver

For something to happen one side must step up, I don’t see this happening. They just keep taking it up the wazo.

Tiresia Branding

someone would like to step up https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/09/note-to-journos-when-pompeo-doubles-down-on-a-lie-he-does-not-confirm-it.html#more “There were no reports of a gas attack on May 19 in Idleb governorate because no gas attack had happened. Pompeo’s State Department made that up to warn the Syrian army from liberating Idleb. It was threat that another fake chemical weapon would be made up and used as justification for U.S. bombing if the Syrian army would begin to liberate Idleb.”

Jens Holm

Alabama moonshine are liars.


Then back up your post with a link Jens. What group claimed a chlorine attack occurred on May 19? You do know many things can suffocate a Jihadist rat hiding in a cave.

Jens Holm

I dont have to proove that old site as mainly fake all over.


Sometimes there is truth mixed in. The other day I added to much bleach to my laundry after going for a swim in the pool. And now I test positive for Chlorine :)

Jens Holm

Yes, like bread in stones. That Alabama is much like Ku Klux Klan.

If You ever immigrate to there, You have to use at least one more time clorine to vote.


Do you know that UK is taking the wind before it gets to you? This is a positive, you will have less hot air to blow :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/74840a1f0e19278e5ba3aa69005f620d5b56cb41424e56d61b3f47741efec94f.jpg

Jens Holm

Yes,I know. Actually they get leftovers from USA and Caribian hurricanes, which we get.

Whatever UK is grabbing we several days a year are able to make electricity to Denmark an more to it. We can make heat by that by airpumps in 1:3 in watt.

Russians already are grasping. Birds over there can only walk.

Tiresia Branding

khazarian like you are liars, by genetics

Jens Holm

I look at my lim right now. Its not amputated.

Tommy Jensen

You cant speak grammatically about who is a source or not. Everybody even the most outright liar can be a source if he/she inform about facts. Facts is the only reliable, not persons or entities,

Jens Holm

I agree. I know that source very well. Thats a fact.

If You talk about facts from there, they facts from there are pure luck because all is constructed for dirty manipulations only.


Juors is the usual nazi propaganda repeated endlessly by the criminals of the US – Sion western regime Pompeo and Netanyahu and you, zionist lier, work full time to propose lies.

Ashok Varma

Are you a totally Gandu? do not use Gandhi ji’s name.

Jens Holm

Allah Bam Bam Bama …

Tommy Jensen

Found why Kremlin were reluctant to give both Iran and Syria S-300. Before they got in trouble both Assad and Iran were licking boots on France and Europe. Iran to bypass Russia with gas supplies to Europe, bypass Russia of 100 civil planes from France Airbus, instead of the much cheaper Russian planes. Assad was visiting France frequently, agreeing Damascus to become Global Smart City while Russia was on the waiting list as “isolated” in West. Then Iran and Syria suddenly got on Wests blacklist and backstabbed.

Jens Holm

I would not say licking bootts about that and both ways. Trading hard is like that.

Airbusses has been exelent airplanes and its main compititor has been the Boing series, where the 737s are famous for landing needing not much space. So Russia also has compited with Boing.

I dont see the raltions. S-300 and the upgraded 400 version seemes to be the best to the price and might be better then the ones, You get anywhere else.

Xoli Xoli

Yes mr.Jensen you really hit the spike on the head.Absolutely clear and obvious truth.Thank you very much to resurface the pass hidden agenda.

Either you have good memories like a computer or you have examined and capture pass developments. 100% Truth.


come on, tommy is given the material on which to write and spin tales and the giver or provider is most likely cia or possibly nsa or some such entity.

Jens Holm

He is certainly not CIA.


I would not put too much credence on these uncorroborated “reports” of mysterious airstrikes on “Iranian positions” near the Iraqi border. The reality is far different as Syrian and Iraqi forces spread out and secure the eastern Euphrates valley for the Tehran to Beirut land access. A pin prick done strike will not alter the course of history or geography.


Why is it stated “Iranian positions” instead of Iraqi PMU? These appear to be nuisance attacks made by drones coming from NE Syria (CIA and Mossad territory). As far as “an alleged Iranian missile site”, it was just a construction zone, with no military equipment, Maybe it was being prepared for the SAA? This border crossing does need some air defense, for obvious reasons. :)


Or maybe it’s not true. The area got hit previously and the rest of the reports are psyops.


I have no doubt US and Israehell want to mess with the border crossing, I watched show on killer Yeti the other day. Urals 1959, when 9 snow hikers where lost. Production was well made, but got a bit fictional at the end. Still is a mystery why they fled the campsite. it was positioned in zone where no snow avalanche could occur? :)


The autopsies look like they were the victims of some type of directed energy technology weapon. I’m not aware of any bigfoot evidence in that case. Have you seen any?

I’m planning on spending a night in the caldera where I had the bigfoot encounter 3 summers ago before it gets snowed in. The mosquitoes should be a lot less of a problem during the day this time of year. It’s difficult to access. And stringing a few hundred feet of rope ahead of time in the steepest areas would make ingress and egress with gear, or emergency evacuation a lot easier.

Non conventional activity with bigfoot encounters like lights, sounds and other abnormalities is common. My encounter was preceded by some type of mechanical and or electrical whirring sound that shouldn’t have been there in an area that remote at 2:00 am.

My 12 gauge and 30-06 are in the shop having upgrade accessories installed. I’m shopping for a gun cam and focusing beam class 4 laser for light shield use.

I don’t want to damage the bigfoot’s or ET’s eyes if it isn’t necessary. But I do want to spread the laser beam out wide for use as an invisibility cloaking field to hide behind to help fend off an assault or abduction attempt. Or cover a retreat.

I’m planning on buying a pack with molle straps and a long gun compartment built in for bringing the rifle or shotgun and a folding camp chair with me for the caldera overnight op. I’ll probably bring the 06 with steel core anti material and solid copper 100% weight retention ballistic tip rounds. The copper rounds expand from 30 to 60 caliber on impact. A lot of aircraft have been shot down and Grizzlies have been taken over the years with 30-06. It should be very effective against bigfoots if necessary. Against non conventional aircraft I don’t know. But I’d rather have something that could be effective than be unarmed.

There was a case in California where a potential abductee purportedly escaped an ET abduction attempt by a metal humanoid shaped robot sent down from a ship that attempted to gas him.

I’m sure that you’re right about the crossing. I just question if the high volume of reported attacks is accurate. I’d be surprised if the SADF hasn’t been upgrading equipment there. Some strikes might get through. But the Dier Ezzor and Abu Kamal areas are probably pretty well defended by now. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of the opposition reports are fake.


But how does ET detect planet Earth as habitable. and get here from over 100 light years away? Sun like stars are only 8%. life unfriendly Red dwarfs are 80%


With advanced technology. We’re probably a genetic project by multiple ET groups.


Can South Front stop saying “Iranian Positions” in the headline when referring to PMU? It is not the same.

Jens Holm

I agree. They mainly are Shiit militias mixted in with a few others. Training and some equipment mainly are of Iranian and also Turkish origin.

But actually we dont know, if there are Iranians too. I also assume at least a few Assads are not far away.

You can call me Al

Deleted, I was talking shite; my apologies.

Xoli Xoli

Time to attack Israel nuclear reactor site’s and Zionist parasites hideouts.No action against Israel will allow Israel to attack like their want.Israel has never respect other countries sovereignty and never ever respect UN USA agency principles. Only good book seeker Putin respect UN USA agency charters.Putin deprive UN USA NATO agency oppress Iran,North Korea and Syria from having advanced weapons.

Apparently UN USA NATO sanctions did not end.While UN,USANATO deploys weapons and defense systems to Latvia, Estonia, Poland,Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Georgia,Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

The point is USA NATO is immune from UN and UNSC rules.So only Russia must preserve this rules to avoid nuclear war.Russia is indirectly control with war threats,sanctions and isolation with USA,ISRAEL guns on Russian heads.

Simon Bernstein

try that and IDF wont hesitate to use thermonuclear ICBM Jericho-III against Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Russia. Never test the IDF. IDF can defeat the world if necessary, but thankfully they are allied with most of the world.

Xoli Xoli

According to you it means only Israel can threaten and host entire world hostage with nuclear war threat.While attacking other countries uncontrollable under UN and UNSC USA NATO eyes.

Ashok Varma

This person is insane, he wants western aid charity case Israel to attack Russia with nuclear weapons. Hasbara trolling is now scrapping the bottom of the global Jew retard pool.

Ashok Varma

You sound quite childish even for a hasbara troll, nuclear weapons can not be used, even India and Pakistan are checkmated by a balance of terror. Occupied Palestine is a very small piece of land and using nuclear weapons will be suicidal. Think before you post nonsense. Remember the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita; ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’

Simon Bernstein

those super russkie S400 cant even detect the mighty IDF F-35 eagles! science never lies. F-35 can only be detected by the s400 radar from 30 kilometers and engaged from 17km. meanwhile an F-22 cannot be detected by an S400 past 17km and engaged only at 8 kilometers. No wonder Israel is able to fly in Syria and strike whomever they please without the slightest problem. Sorry but those s400s are scrap metal


Only Russia has the S400s in Syria & they are protecting the airbase & naval assets. There are no S300/400s covering Al Bukamal area anyway & none protecting iranian militia. You are also mistaken about stealth planes, the missiles they fire are not stealth & can be detected

Simon Bernstein

yeah in your dreams only, not in reality hahahaa

Simon Bernstein

Science never lies: S400s are useless against stealth aircraft like the F-35, F-22, and B-2 bomber.

Simon Bernstein

Clearly an F-22 (0.0001 meters square target) can only be targeted by an S400 from less than 17 kilometers! Meanwhile an F-35 (0.001 meters square radar cross section) can only be targeted by an S400 from 25 kilometers! Meanwhile the stealth fighters can locate S400s from 300+ kilometers and target them up to 400 kilometers away! you do the math https://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Engagement-Fire-Control.html

Dušan Mirić

It is important that P-15 and P-35 can “see” them. After that S-75 will take them down

Simon Bernstein

yeah ull have a better chance of winning the russian lottery

klove and light

INEVITABLE……… the satanic jews willl get their war…….they got Jerusalem allready which was the ignition for the Countdown …… the satanic (use of nuclear arms) attack on persia which will eventually lead to a total breakdown of all…. the leveling of the playing field…….for their jewish satanic messiah to come and RULE the world in a one world Government with Jerusalem as its capital under satanic jew Leadership….. INEVITABLE…….no morals left…….intelligence fought brutally……..drug invested societies……., truth being ridiculed…………. WAR=PEACE……….. that is the playing field of planet earth 2019 , created by them satanists …….for their master satan-arihman!!

and we just have to look at how extreme our world has turned virtually upside down in ALL aspects of life…..

look at how sick our world has become…. a brutal dictatorship Regime of the house of saud which makes the Regime of Attila the hun look like a picknick for elementary School….. can virtually do as it pleases on all Levels.The house of saud, is brutally bombing the poor Nation of jemen for years.not since Leningrad, even FOOD is used as a weapon….millions are starving…..dozens of thousands have already starved.The agressor house of saud is being SOLD the most modern state of the art weaponry by ALL nations including ALL nations on th UNSC, France,usa,uk,china,russia. AND how dare the starving jemenis shoot back at the agressor and their oil refineries.How dare they?And the whole western world unites against the Evil starving jemenis which terrorize the world through their defensive Actions against the house of saud.And if thats not enough…..wait a second…it was Iran that shot at the oil refineries.# # a world with no morals left what so ever= a world for them satanic jews

the Change could only come from within….but the populations in the countries that could make a difference are dearly occupied with more important Things to do…………like mentioned above…no morals .no intelligence

just as planned by them jew satanics


Fun incredibel superiority, The Persian stood around and looked at it with their butts naked. 4 times in a couple of weeks!

Neetu Singh

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