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New Video Reveals How Syrian Militants Are Being Recruited To Fight For Azerbaijan

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A new video revealing how Syrian militants are recruited to fight as mercenaries for Azerbaijan has surfaced online.

The video, that was filmed in the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin in northern Syria, was leaked by activists. On October 8, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia shared the video as a solid evidence of Syrian militants involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

In the video, a Sheikh [Islamic scholar] is seen calling a gathering of men, who are believed to be militants, to support Azerbaijan’s attack on Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Our [Islamic] nation is now being tested in its east and west, and our battle is now in Azerbaijan as it is our battle in the Levant,” the sheikh says.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Turkey transported more than 1,000 Syrian militants to Azerbaijan to support the ongoing attack on Armenian forces in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Dozens of Syrian militants have been killed on Nagorno-Karabakh frontlines, so far. However, more are planning to join the battle against Armenian forces.

Syrian militants were promised a monthly payment of $1,500 to 2,000. The high-death rate in their ranks suggests that many of them will not get paid by the end of the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh.


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every day 3-4 reports by sf about transferred mercenaries from syria to n-k but all bullshit. no solid proof only propaganda.


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brainwashed mongoloid 100% , say thanks to TRT tv propaganda

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Ida Acobian

whatsapp voice message??:))))perfect evidence


Propaganda like this? https://twitter.com/khachatryan_sv/status/1314110071756984321/photo/1

The poor “armenian” saved by AZ. Yet, in another video she was an AZ journalist reporting from the frontline.

Come on, your head chopping lies are becoming ridiculous.


good joke.you dont have any evidence such as a batlle footage.only rumours…dont be a fool


nice joke.you dont have any evidence such as a batlle footage.these are rumours…dont be a fool

El libanes

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catalin zt

The anglo-saxon,jewish mercenaries… nothing new under the Sun…

johnny rotten

This participation in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict by the most retrograde Salafist terrorism has the merit of dispelling many myths, first that in Syria there were militants fighting against the ferocious regime, second that the conflict in the Middle East was sectarian what they would like Jews and Americans, when working for Muslims to kill each other, third that ErDOGan has neo-Ottoman aims, it is becoming increasingly clear that the would-be sultan actually works for ISISrahell whose sole purpose in life is to wreak havoc everywhere in the world to destroy the goyim, if the Turkic government has not yet fallen it is because it is covered by the Jewish banksters.

Khazar Supremacy

Do u even know the meaning of salafism? Salafists are diehard Sunnis that hates Shias to death and Azerbaijan is a Shia country…


They hate Christians and atheists even more than Shia so I’m guessing that’s why they are fighting alongside Shias who should be their enemies


In reality what it means is that they hate neither shias nor Christians, they worship and love shekels and dollars more than anything including themselves.

Great Khan

Jew man tell lie, Sunni-Shia all Muslim, like great Mongol unity.


“Azerbaijan’s Syrian mercenaries,” which includes the first “reporting” on the alleged deployment of Syrian mercenaries to fight for Azerbaijan, CCBS said: “Interestingly, the source was a Syrian user of Armenian origin, Kevork Almassian. Without mentioning any specific and reliable source, Almassian put forth his ‘insight’ on Syrian mercenaries as a fact.”


Payment of $1500-$2000/month…
Who’s picking the bill up?

I am looking at your MI6, CIA, Wahhabi Arabia…

Great Khan

Qatar big chief with white towel on head rich, pay bill.

James Adams

Its Turkey and Turkey alone you know that so stop being so stupid.


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Just Turkey…
Ok, sweetie.

Антон С

Seems like he is reading rap lyrics. Here’s another one.

Icarus Tanović

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What else is new.
I ll tell you what, Taliban terrorists recruited by Erdogan to fight against Armenia.

Icarus Tanović

Tou filthy Wahhabi shit. Zionistic creation and abomination. How much they’re paying you? It stinks.

Vince Dhimos

I have seen reports that the Azeris or Turks are not paying the money they promised to these jihadists.

cechas vodobenikov

apparently ISIS has been converted by Ali, or few lira

James Adams

This is why Muslims need to be banned from the West


Turkey is roughly 80% Sunni and 15% Shia. Azerbaijan is just the opposite: 85% Shia and 15% Sunni. The Syrian militants being recruited by Turkey are Sunni, and dying in disproportionate numbers to save their Shia co-religionist/apostates. The name “Azerbaijan” originally referred to NW Iran. Erdogan wants to be the Sultan of all Islam. Iran certainly doesn’t see it that way. Tribal affiliations of the Shia majority cross the Iranian/Azerbaijani border. Interesting irreconcilable contest between Turkey and Iran. And Mother Russia is historically charged with protecting the Armenian Christians, who are certainly in peril. But Russia “created” the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic in 1918. Now Russia arms Azerbaijan as does Israel and Turkey. Hmmm.. where is this headed? No wonder Putin is chewing his food so slowly. Time to castle?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

1,500 to 2,000 US dollars converts to 770,000 to 1,025,000 Syrian pounds [syp] per month,
25% of the Syrian people earn less than 82,000 syp per month,
50% of the Syrian people earn less than 146,000 syp per month,
75% of the Syrian people earn less than 396,000 syp per month,
100% of the Syrian people earn less than 663,000 syp per month,
The average wage is about 150,000 syp per month for most Syrians but the rebels get 5 to 7 times that.
In Australia the median wage is about 48,000 Aus dollars per annum or 4,000 per month, in US dollars that converts to about 2,900 US dollars per month, which means the average Australian only make about 225 US dollars a week, or 900 a month more than the rebels fighting for Turkey do. That may not seem a big difference but when you take into account Australia is one of the richest countries in the world and Syria’s sadly now become one of the poorest, it changes the comparative perspective completely.
So if the same comparison is made for my income and I could get 7 times my normal salary just by fighting for Erdogan’s cause, it would mean I could earn 28,000 tax free Aus dollars a month, 336,000 per year, which would put me right on the top of the highest ‘average’ salary earners in Australia [not CEO’s exct].
That’s quite an incentive to go fight a war isn’t it, especially if you live in a poor country and can’t find any other safer jobs to support your family.
Erdogan’s certainly putting all those EU and UN refugee donations to really good use, so I wonder if the EU and UN realize that they’re actually helping Erdogan create even more fleeing refugees with the money they gave him to help the ones he’d already created in Syria, probably not yet they don’t but they will eventually.

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