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New Ukrainian Book Reveals ‘Historic Truth’: Bow, Arrows Numbers & English Language Were Created By Ukrainians


New Ukrainian Book Reveals 'Historic Truth': Bow, Arrows Numbers & English Language Were Created By Ukrainians

A historical publication called “Ukraine is the ancestral home of humanity” claims that Ukrainians invented bow, numbers and also the English language, among other things. The book is written by Igor Tsar, a laureate of the Hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera Prize. Consultant for the book was Volodymyr Duda-Dibcha.

New Ukrainian Book Reveals 'Historic Truth': Bow, Arrows Numbers & English Language Were Created By Ukrainians

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The book’s annotation reads the following (it’s also possible to download it here):

“The book of Igor Tsar is an extremely interesting material on the history of Ukraine, providing little-known facts, postulates, hypotheses, which the author successfully illustrated via the thoughts of prominent people. World-class scientists and artists convinced us of the authenticity and truthfulness of the above. Of course, some theses still require research, but the author has a right of opinion and the corresponding statements.”

Edward Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Center, spoke about the book on his Facebook page, providing a brief retelling:

The Ukrainians invented numbers as well as the bow and arrows

In Lviv, a book was published by the winner of the Stepan Bandera Prize, Igor Tsar’s “Ukraine is the ancestral home of humanity”. The author, on the basis of documentary and scientific research, concludes that Ukrainians are the oldest nation that not only gave the world 200 thousand songs, but also formed the history of mankind. The book states that the Bible speaks of Ukrainians who reached Jerusalem in the 2nd century BC. Ukrainians are the oldest nation in the world. They settled 6 thousand years ago in Europe, Asia and Africa. In the 4th millennium BC, Ukrainians settled Palestine.

Numbers were also invented in Ukraine. From Ukraine, they came to India, and from there to Europe under the name of Arab. “Rig Veda” was written on the banks of the Dnieper. Tribes of Aryans from Ukraine founded Iran in the 4th millennium BC. Ukrainians gave rise to Sanskrit. English also originates in Ukraine. A confirmation of this is the Ukrainian word “mother,” which appears to be used in so many languages. Ukrainians have played music for 150 thousand years. The Ukrainian Orchestra of Folk Instruments was already been playing 20 thousand years ago.

10 thousand years ago, Ukrainians invented the bow and arrows. 3 centuries ago, all of Central Europe was settled by Ukrainians. Roman historian of the 1st century BC Justin argued that the Ukrainians are older than the Egyptians. Ukrainian women founded the Kingdom of the Amazons. Ukrainians conquered the whole of Asia and enforced taxes. The Sumerians, who founded Sumeria 5 thousand years ago are also related to the Ukrainians.

A few direct quotes from the “historical chronicle” already became popular in the media (source):

  • “… Hunting deers around 20 thousand years BC, the Ukrainian people at that time settled throughout Europe and moved to the UK and Scandinavia. Over 10 thousand years BC Ukrainians invented the bow and arrows, began to fish and hunt birds, clamming mollusks …”
  • “… Our ancestors thought of shoving a bone in a horse’s teeth and thus controlling it. After taming the horse and the discovery of iron, the Tripoli Ukrainians became powerful knight warriors with battle axes and chariots, as well as swords and helmets …”
  • “… The famous ruins of the temple in Stonehenge, hanging stones weighing 45 tons, belong to the people from the banks of the Dnieper, who arrived in the 16th century BC, through Normandy. Ukrainians brought to the British Isles writing, astronomical knowledge, bronze culture, trade exchange, and a peculiar way of burial …”
  • “… Our language comes from a more ancient society that lived in this territory, that is, Tripoli, and this magical beautiful Ukrainian language gave us the Almighty God, who created the heaven and earth … “

The book also chapters on Ukrainians and the celts, getts, Troy, the tatar, etc.

Igor Tsar is also author of the ‘bestseller’ called “Why we love Bandera,” the person whose Nazi ideology is illegal in Poland.

However, he’s not the only one claiming that Ukraine is ancient:

  • Another researcher, chaplain of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate, Sergei Dmitriev said: “Ukraine is the cradle of everything. This is the cradle of Christianity in Russia, statehood, we can say the first democracy.”
  • “The British world was founded by a native of Ukraine. It is not joke!”, the Kiev historian Alexander Paly confirmed. “Recently, the idea that the legendary King Arthur is ours has become quite popular in Britain!”
  • “Ukrainians are the most ancient nation that gave the world the first civilization, the first state, the first wheel, agriculture, the plow,” recalled Rostislav Novozhenets, deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Republican Party. “All this is the wealth of Ukrainians who have shared this with the world.”
  • Even Nadezhda Savchenko [another “Ukrainian hero” rescued from “the Putin regime”] reinforced the historical discoveries: “From ancient times, from the fourth to the fifth centuries BC and after that … In any case, Ukrainians always developed the whole period in the perspective that they became individualists.”

The ancient truth is not the only thing, which is being creatively covered by Ukrainian officials, researchers and experts. Many of them employ a similar creative approach in describing the modern history. For example, in September, Chairman of Ukrainian Parliament Andriy Parubiy claimed that Adolf Hitler was a “big man” for democracy.

“I’m a major supporter of direct democracy,” Parubiy saud during a live television broadcast of Ukraine’s ICTV channel “By the way, I tell you that the biggest man, who practised a direct democracy, was Adolf Aloizovich [Hitler]”.

It is starting to make sense why the West is promoting Ukraine so much, after all it is precisely Ukraine that gave them numbers, the English language, statehood and democracy itself.



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