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New Ukrainian Book Reveals ‘Historic Truth’: Bow, Arrows Numbers & English Language Were Created By Ukrainians

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New Ukrainian Book Reveals 'Historic Truth': Bow, Arrows Numbers & English Language Were Created By Ukrainians

A historical publication called “Ukraine is the ancestral home of humanity” claims that Ukrainians invented bow, numbers and also the English language, among other things. The book is written by Igor Tsar, a laureate of the Hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera Prize. Consultant for the book was Volodymyr Duda-Dibcha.

New Ukrainian Book Reveals 'Historic Truth': Bow, Arrows Numbers & English Language Were Created By Ukrainians

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The book’s annotation reads the following (it’s also possible to download it here):

“The book of Igor Tsar is an extremely interesting material on the history of Ukraine, providing little-known facts, postulates, hypotheses, which the author successfully illustrated via the thoughts of prominent people. World-class scientists and artists convinced us of the authenticity and truthfulness of the above. Of course, some theses still require research, but the author has a right of opinion and the corresponding statements.”

Edward Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Center, spoke about the book on his Facebook page, providing a brief retelling:

The Ukrainians invented numbers as well as the bow and arrows

In Lviv, a book was published by the winner of the Stepan Bandera Prize, Igor Tsar’s “Ukraine is the ancestral home of humanity”. The author, on the basis of documentary and scientific research, concludes that Ukrainians are the oldest nation that not only gave the world 200 thousand songs, but also formed the history of mankind. The book states that the Bible speaks of Ukrainians who reached Jerusalem in the 2nd century BC. Ukrainians are the oldest nation in the world. They settled 6 thousand years ago in Europe, Asia and Africa. In the 4th millennium BC, Ukrainians settled Palestine.

Numbers were also invented in Ukraine. From Ukraine, they came to India, and from there to Europe under the name of Arab. “Rig Veda” was written on the banks of the Dnieper. Tribes of Aryans from Ukraine founded Iran in the 4th millennium BC. Ukrainians gave rise to Sanskrit. English also originates in Ukraine. A confirmation of this is the Ukrainian word “mother,” which appears to be used in so many languages. Ukrainians have played music for 150 thousand years. The Ukrainian Orchestra of Folk Instruments was already been playing 20 thousand years ago.

10 thousand years ago, Ukrainians invented the bow and arrows. 3 centuries ago, all of Central Europe was settled by Ukrainians. Roman historian of the 1st century BC Justin argued that the Ukrainians are older than the Egyptians. Ukrainian women founded the Kingdom of the Amazons. Ukrainians conquered the whole of Asia and enforced taxes. The Sumerians, who founded Sumeria 5 thousand years ago are also related to the Ukrainians.

A few direct quotes from the “historical chronicle” already became popular in the media (source):

  • “… Hunting deers around 20 thousand years BC, the Ukrainian people at that time settled throughout Europe and moved to the UK and Scandinavia. Over 10 thousand years BC Ukrainians invented the bow and arrows, began to fish and hunt birds, clamming mollusks …”
  • “… Our ancestors thought of shoving a bone in a horse’s teeth and thus controlling it. After taming the horse and the discovery of iron, the Tripoli Ukrainians became powerful knight warriors with battle axes and chariots, as well as swords and helmets …”
  • “… The famous ruins of the temple in Stonehenge, hanging stones weighing 45 tons, belong to the people from the banks of the Dnieper, who arrived in the 16th century BC, through Normandy. Ukrainians brought to the British Isles writing, astronomical knowledge, bronze culture, trade exchange, and a peculiar way of burial …”
  • “… Our language comes from a more ancient society that lived in this territory, that is, Tripoli, and this magical beautiful Ukrainian language gave us the Almighty God, who created the heaven and earth … “

The book also chapters on Ukrainians and the celts, getts, Troy, the tatar, etc.

Igor Tsar is also author of the ‘bestseller’ called “Why we love Bandera,” the person whose Nazi ideology is illegal in Poland.

However, he’s not the only one claiming that Ukraine is ancient:

  • Another researcher, chaplain of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate, Sergei Dmitriev said: “Ukraine is the cradle of everything. This is the cradle of Christianity in Russia, statehood, we can say the first democracy.”
  • “The British world was founded by a native of Ukraine. It is not joke!”, the Kiev historian Alexander Paly confirmed. “Recently, the idea that the legendary King Arthur is ours has become quite popular in Britain!”
  • “Ukrainians are the most ancient nation that gave the world the first civilization, the first state, the first wheel, agriculture, the plow,” recalled Rostislav Novozhenets, deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Republican Party. “All this is the wealth of Ukrainians who have shared this with the world.”
  • Even Nadezhda Savchenko [another “Ukrainian hero” rescued from “the Putin regime”] reinforced the historical discoveries: “From ancient times, from the fourth to the fifth centuries BC and after that … In any case, Ukrainians always developed the whole period in the perspective that they became individualists.”

The ancient truth is not the only thing, which is being creatively covered by Ukrainian officials, researchers and experts. Many of them employ a similar creative approach in describing the modern history. For example, in September, Chairman of Ukrainian Parliament Andriy Parubiy claimed that Adolf Hitler was a “big man” for democracy.

“I’m a major supporter of direct democracy,” Parubiy saud during a live television broadcast of Ukraine’s ICTV channel “By the way, I tell you that the biggest man, who practised a direct democracy, was Adolf Aloizovich [Hitler]”.

It is starting to make sense why the West is promoting Ukraine so much, after all it is precisely Ukraine that gave them numbers, the English language, statehood and democracy itself.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes


Bob Starsky

There was no such things like ukrainians even 500 years ago! We know that so called by Rome germanic people were almost all slavic and that slav speaking people founded Rome and were as far as in todays Turkey/Greece these were western and southern slavs or protoslavs, not ruthenians!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

The territory of modern Ukraine has been inhabited since 32,000 BC. During the Middle Ages, the area was a key centre of East Slavic culture, In the history of Europe, the Middle Ages (or Medieval period) lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. the people from that region before middle ages, what would you call them today? only current reference for that region is the Ukraine

Fred Summers

Early inhabitants were just called Humans or ‘man’ and then broken up into time periods such as Stone Age Man, Bronze Age Man, etc.etc.

Enforced and defined borders came only about 4000 years ago. The last 2000 years was just crazy with dozens of nations claiming Europe:


Artoria Pendragon

This doesn’t disprove the point


None of these archaeological cultures or ancient peoples has anything to do with Ukropia. An example is the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture, whose ancestors came from Anatolia and has nothing in common culturally and genetically with Xoxols.Inferiority complex and self-hatred are trademarks of current Ukropia society. They need to compensate this with stories about the glory and antiquity of the “Ukrainian nation”.


But this won’t change the fact that the only Ukranian contribution was to provide serfs for the Polish and Russian nobility. Poor xoxols!


Scythians and Sarmatians came originally from central asia. In other words, they were fierce conquerors who fucked the proto-ukrys kkkkkkk

Jens Holm


The Kiev/Novegrod state was there long before there was any socalled Russian at all. It came by fighting Mongols or something after many years of contribute.

Moskwa only is about 850 years ago.

Rutheners are an older version of slaves in austría/hungary and just as good as any. Its were they actully are and was and what they feel. ……………………………………………………

I think You suffer for Russians are not nixredb up as anybody else´. Things are not like that in the real world. I has been dynamic and is today as well.

Europeans has taken in so many from mainly east being not asked, so the real old europeans hardly can be found. Most of them are mixted up with invaders as well as owned ones, and many are killed.

We certainly dont know slavish people founded Rome as well as Your crap about it. Its totally madness germanic tribes has any slavic origin at all.

Bob Starsky

you are mad to deny DNA facts (Slavs were before Christ in central europe) and about Rome and “germanic”(translation: over river man) tribes and Etruscans, Tracks just analyze their language/names. Any slav can understand most of it. you need to update your knowledge as now you base it on nazi propaganda from 100 years ago. Damn even name of todays germany comes from “lioda” which any slavs understand as it means in lavic people.

Jens Holm

Those anaylises are already analysed and has been confirmed by the latest more detailed analysis.

So I do refer only.

My base could be many Poles here in Denmark inclusive a friend of mine is married to a polish women during many years. I am even Godfather for one of their 3 children.

You might mix up germans colonoez and invented many parts of eastern europe havind many germans partly mixted up with the local. You also might mix up with Jiddish.

Facts are we certainly do not know anything as the one, You construct. We do know slaves as oldest region in Middle/West Europe were Kingdom Poles, Tjekkes and Galizia/Ukraine.

Those spread west and nort around 300 after Crist also partly reaching the Baltic coast by the big rivers like Elbe, Wisla and of course the already full Novegerod and Kiev areas.

That made germans/saxens incl. danes to move west invading and settling Great Brittain. Thats why those today name themselves as Anglo Saxons. Next supply to Brittain was a short period by vikings from Skndinavia.

And why was that possible. Well the Romans had to leave GB because they collapsed. But Romans killed so many Britts defending themselves hard, so the emigration was because of the space made and they partly were welcommed because they seemes to be well structured.

But there still was a lot of people Romans had not killed. We still see that in culture and language naming most of the leftovers as Celts and some in north also named as pikters.

We now know that Britts was not kelts. They took in Celtic language as the main one as well as the European culture with it.

In Your where people comes from,You forget where we know Gothes came from. We do not know exact where they started so to speak but they are later registrated as well as they actually has a written silver bible.

Those 100% were German tribers an no slaves – And they left from the area, which now is mainly slavies and went into the partly Roman/Rome area. Thats why slaves might have got big space and grew as we see today.

Another reasons seemes to be seen in North, where finnish and other tribes were eliminated or mixted up. No germans there but a weaker culture then the slave Kiev/Novgerod and much later Russian one.

Thats how almost all the world see it for now.

alex swonder



What a joke.

Promitheas Apollonious

what utter bullshit. I wonder what is the purpose of a site as SF put this bullshits here. Poor judgment? or lack of knowledge?

Fred Summers

It is to demonstrate the exteme psycological conditioning now being forced upon the young. The young are the next generation of conscripts, and they need to believe they are fighting on Gods side.

It is the same sort of thing Jihadis do with thier young. Shows that some people are preparing for the long fight, perhaps even long enough to restart some reactors and produce some very heavy elements to throw at some folk.

Promitheas Apollonious

if that was the purpose then they will not just copy and paste but comment by taking it apart and showing the ridiculousness of the claim as some sites did when ertogan claimed the turks went to the moon the 16th century.

viktor ziv

Common mate, didn’t You know, Adam and Eve were Ukrainians. :D


The sht is self-evident. What, you did not know? “God is a Ukie”


It’s some funny sht, dude. What gives? It’s diabolically funny. And it came out in book form. Does not this piece tell a lot?


Regards, Mish.

Artoria Pendragon

DNA evidence of Ukrainian women holds the theory up. Ukrainian women are one of the oldest if not the oldest in Europe.

Dawn of Svarog

How does it feel to have a “nation” defined and given a name by Russians? :) How does feel to have a country pieced together in today’s borders by Russians and Stalin?

“Ukrainian women are one of the oldest” so they invented also a oldest craft he? That is why they are so skilled in it right? :)

Anja Boettcher

That was a punch below the belt – which discredits you yourself.

Guys can only claim to judge from experience, if they are not the kind of males women date deliberately.

Anja Boettcher

Really? Has birth rate declined so badly?

Fred Summers

Important Update 13-12-18 regarding planned provocations in Transnistria:

Google English Language algos have been updated in last 24hours regarding Russian ‘Peacekeeping’ operations in Transnistria and even the legality of the semi-independent state itself.

Most references to peacekeeping and security have disappered from the front pages and have been replaced with results that favour terms such as ‘occupation’ and ‘illegal’, and ‘threatening’.

On-line encyclopedias have also been updated in last 24hours and now give a biasd account of the Civil War that formed Transnistria and how the Russian military interveined to stop the masacre of Pro-Russian separatists.

This shows that psycological operations to skew perceptions in the West are now active.

Also, Martial Law zone in Ukraine regions next to Transnistria now being enforced following leaks that British Special Ops teams were seen just 1km from a power station, and just 3km from the old soviet munitions dump (c. 20-25KT equiv TNT expired munitions too dangerous to move) near Cobasna.

The World should now closely watch Transnistria as a provocation from Ukraine is expected to be coordinated following British Forces deployment in area on 10 December 2018. This provocation may be coordinated with an assault on Donbass and be aimed at forcing Russias hand, or worse, drawing Russian supply or suppoert planes to overfly a part of Ukraine to reach Transnistria should current routes be ‘blocked’, thereby giving Ukrainian air defence systems a potential target.

Someone is trying very hard indeed to provoke Russia into making a move.


This will be ukraines last mistake. As Russia will certainly not leave its troops behind and surounded, gues through which country teritory will Russia send the support force to save its Transnitria army?


I had to read the headline couple of times to understand the claims. My brain could not just take it.

You can call me Al

That is because you are stupid, you have been brainwashed by National and Global history that is no more than propaganda. The article states the facts….

Oh shit sorry, I am already falling for it. No offence intended.


Sorry, I think I failed to express my opinion. :)

You can call me Al

No, you missed my last sentence (apologies I am from the North in the UK – we are funny to ourselves only).

REPEAT……..Oh shit sorry, I am already falling for it. No offence intended.




This must be a joke,white washing history is real but this is on a next level!!!!

You can call me Al

The thing is, is that it is usually the victor that amends or invents history; I wonder if that is what they are trying to do, portray themselves as the victor ?, if it is not that or satire, the only thing that remains is lunacy. My view only.

Artoria Pendragon

White washing? Bruh, we’re not some white people, we’re Ukrainian. We have culture, identity, background and history. We’re not some white Americans in the deep south who don’t know who thet are made up of. Our origins can be traced back, our history, rich and old can be discovered. Get your western centric ideology out of here with white vs everyone else. We don’t want your American, left wing anti white mindset towards us.

Concrete Mike

I dont think you know what white washing means.

Why is your nation worshipping bandera?? Why did your leaders prostitute your nation to the west??

It makes no sense to me.

Jens Holm

Almost all would say white washed is cleaned from dirty black or making lie to true even its not.


Inventing history (just like suppressing history) is very much real, but I doubt if white-washing has anything to do with it in this particular case. It’s Fascism fundamental like the following examples:

Buzkurts and Pan-Turanists say the same things for decades now, some of their claims are even wilder. Like Turks built the pyramids, all languages came from Turkish and Sumerians spoke Turkish too. Some of them also claim that they’re of extra-terrestrial origin, meaning aliens are Turks too!

Recently some of Kurd “intellectuals” started to invent history , but with less creativity. They basically copied everything Grey Wolves say and replace “Turk” with “Kurd”. Kurdish TVs looked like a cuckoo house right before Iraq’s Kurdistan separation referendum. If you go to the KRG you’ll see that they claimed a lot of historical sites as “Kurdish”. The same thing is happening in Palestine with Israelis claiming everything is their’s. They got mad at UNESCO for declaring Hebron as a Palestinian heritage (fun fact: There’s not a single artifact belonging to Jews before Roman period despite more than 70 years of hush-hush excavations, but it’s antisemitic to say so)..

If the Junta in Ukraine remain in power, these things will find their way into school text books.




The Ukrainian government isn’t “Fascist” or “Nazi”, it is just another judaic puppet state that has utilized “Neo-Nazi” useful idiots to generate disharmony in the country, particularly the south-eastern portions of the Ukraine.

The term “Nazi” originated as a derogatory term for AshkeNazi jews.

Exposing The “Nazi” Epithet – Who Started It, Why, How, And Who Benefits:


November 1, 1965 | Leader of K.k.k. and American Nazi Party Revealed to Be a Jew:



Claims of Hitler Being Controlled Opposition: https://www.bitchute.com/video/OMODdz5Cm2cE/


S Melanson

Basically we owe Ukraine for our civilization. Well let them take credit, it is such a wonderful civilization we have, to be admired and exalted…

northerntruthseeker .

Honestly, this is so laughingly ridiculous that I am surprised anyone falls for it..

Next the Ukrainians will claim that they invented the wheel and fire as well!

You can call me Al

Satire ?.

Dawn of Svarog

unfortunately no… where there is no history or you willingly give it up, only other choice is to invent something.. and Okraina being failed and incompetent country as it is now, even their invented history is just ridicules..

You can call me Al

Oh !!!. Cheers for the info.

Pave Way IV

Another gift to humanity: the Ukrainians also invented teeth. It’s true. We would all be sitting around gumming our food for hours without them, including YOU, Russia! You should be thanking Ukrainians for their contributions to humanity, not provoking them.

Tudor Miron

We do (thanking). Protoukro troll have our total support.


Ohh you silly bugger, I nearly broken on a half laughing. Goodness me that is the most intelligent so far, congratulations and all the best.


For christ sakes I bet they invented the God himself and then they created the universe.

Concrete Mike

Wow stepan bandera prize…

There really worshipping that nazi?? I thought it was a joke.

Wow…the cognitive dissonance is real. One has to feel bad for the ukrainians living under the current fascist governement.

Dawn of Svarog

I wonder if such a degeneration of higher processes in brain (like with our ukrainians here) could be done only with psychic programing and manipulation… I find it rather hard to believe that such persons were not object to a additional physical procedures that degrade mental abilities…


Waoo that was impressive, however I woud suggest them to search bit further and see maybe the first human were Ukrainian(Well for Ukrainians very likey Adam and Eve or for religious even God himself are of Ukrainian origin). If ther research vocabulary they might find that Maidan was original name for heaven and Moscow for hell and so on. These books of the greatest of the greatest authors ever are equal to the greatest Ukrainian who claim that he is the most intelligent person on the planet because he was born before his parents were born. If you do not believe ask Petro Poroshenko who claimed on the NATO meeting in Brussels that Ukraine survived Russian nuclear holocaust as Russia dropped 36 nuclear bombs to stop Glorious and Heroic Ukrainian Army in the Donbass region. That was whole truth as one respectful president as him would never lie, at least not about such serious matter.

And For the end: Glory to dead Ukrainian Nazi cowards! Glory to starving and dying shithole known as Ukraine! Glory to the most intelligent, democratic, and honest president of the world – Poroshenko – Australopithecus.


“In Lviv, a book was published by the winner of the Stepan Bandera Prize, Igor Tsar’s “Ukraine is the ancestral home of humanity”.”

Ukraine is a fake Mickey Mouse ‘nation’, Bandera was a war criminal, and this Igor Tsar (probably fake name) is just a psycho.


I love the sarcasm in the Edward Dolinsky quote.

Even if it were true that all these wonderful things were invented by people coming from the region that is modern day Ukraine, that doesn’t follow that they are in any way related to modern day Ukrainians. Or that cultures stay the same for thousands of years. The ancient Romans were tough as nails and overcame immense defeats and suffered immense losses to create a massive empire. Modern day Italians in contrast are silky smooth mama boys, who are as manly compared to the Romans as a gay pride parade, whose tanks have more gears in reverse then forward. But at least they do know how to cook very well, so they are conquering the world in at least one way

Only China and India can lay claim to having cultures that go back thousands of years and still be related to them. Maybe Egypt and Iran too, but they lost all connection to their own ancient cultures once Islam took over. And the Iranians at least still have their own language. Everywhere else people either moved on, invaded or got invaded, conquered or were conquered, overtook others or were overtaken. The modern day Ukraine didn’t even exist as a culture since what? The USSR when it decided to chop up former Czarist Russia in administrative republics?

Jens Holm

Its kind of funny. In the good old days of USSR we could get books, where Russians invented almost everything.

And only Ukrainians did it :)


such books are in each country. idiots are everywhere. but SF is also idiot if focuses on sucg unimportant things.

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