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New U.S. Administration Is To Review Decision To Reduce Number Of Troops In Iraq. Iraqis Are Not Happy

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New U.S. Administration Is To Review Decision To Reduce Number Of Troops In Iraq. Iraqis Are Not Happy


The new US administration seems to be not going to reduce the number of troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan in a move that goes contrary to the agreements and policies of the previous US President.

During his confirmation hearing last week, the new Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that Washington was set to reexamine the plan announced by the administration of Donald Trump for reducing the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan each to 2,500.

This move is not only putting end to Trump’s attempts to reduce the US involvement in conflicts around the world, but also antagonize a large part of the Iraqi society and political leadership. In January 2020, the Iraqi parliament passed the law demanding the US to withdraw troops from the country. This decision followed the US assassination of top Iranian and Iraqi military commanders, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, in a drone strike in Baghdad.

This act of the US aggression also led to the increase of activity anti-US armed groups (often linked with Iran) that have already carried out dozens of attacks on supply convoys and targets affiliated with the US-led coalition.

New U.S. Administration Is To Review Decision To Reduce Number Of Troops In Iraq. Iraqis Are Not Happy

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Meanwhile, the war on ISIS continues:

  • On January 27, 3 ISIS engineering, medical and communications officials, as well as four fighters, were killed in the Wadi al-Shay region in southern Kirkuk, according to the ICTS;
  • On January 27, the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) repelled ISIS attacks in Naft Khaneh.


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This was quite expected as Biden was the main advocate for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The US will escalate its violence in Iraq and Syria to weaken Russia, but it will backfire as local resistance will only grow and bigger quagmire.

Al Gathafi Did Nothing Wrong™

Less Warmonger POTUS were J Carter and Trump everyone else has always started new military conflicts or coups

Concrete Mike

I agree, all these media pundits and other politcal hacks couldnt hide their joy of everything back to normal with the bidet election.

Nothing will change as these morrons dont realise both parties are war parties. The people dont want war, rightly so!

Everything is back to normal now for the warmongers, they dont even hide it anymore.

cechas vodobenikov

in military dictatorship demented basement dweller installed as civilian zombie trump claimed a few troops withdrawn syria—own staff lied to him and added. troops…now verified 18000 minimum highly paid US mercenaries in Afghanistan–minimum 100,000$ per year contract

Tommy Jensen

Iraq should be happy because now they have minority rights and green environmental issues on their agenda, which they didnt had with Trump.

John Wallace

So now they are going to be swamped by Transgender troops that care about the environment. They should be happy..

abdellah ijouiri


John Wallace

SPAM <<>>>>> SPAM >>>>

Ivan Freely

Reduce numbers? Bullshit. It’s all theater. They’ll come up with an excuse to stay and or increase troops.

Mr T

Iran shia extremists are crying, IS will kick their ass now.


How long have you been a head hacking terrorist?

Concrete Mike

Really, you wahhabi motherfuckers failed in 2014 when everything was going for you.

Instead you opened the door for Iran and its allies. Yall fucked up !! Your a loser just like IS! You a zionist loser like the reste of the sorry bunch!


How is weather in Tel Aviv, can you see outside from that tiny cubicle?


If the “previous” administration really wanted to reduce numbers they would have done it way sooner. But they continently delayed it enough to give their successors the opportunity to cancel it. It’s all a theater, a bad one at that.


Then they will have to be reduced or them,to the size of body bags.

Fog of War

Tell us when this starts happening.


Literally the day after Biden was inaugurated on 20th – there was an abrupt ‘ISIS’ suicide attack in Baghdad on 21st – after a considerable and relative lull in such violence – and then hey presto – Biden announces his administration is looking to back-pedal on any previous Trump administration commitments toward reducing US deployments in their de-facto Iraq occupation force. The Neo-Con War Party really have nothing but total contempt for the general US public’s intelligence or tax revenues.


Now that the zionists have installed themselves and their transgender goyim cronies in power, you can fully expect eternal war for as long as they remain there, which is likely going to be for as long America exists as an entity.

Fog of War

Like I keep saying all smoke and mirrors. Including the ” Iraqi ” resistance.

Rodney Loder

IMF /World Bank/ Bank of International Settlements are guiding US strategy so Trump’s wacko policies failed in their estimation and Trump went out of control, unlike Hillary who kept in step.

So the big thing now is to split Russia and China which is not going to happen and maggot Israeli Jews are threatoning to open up on their own, tell you why they won’t, weak as piss, simple as that, liars and child murdering maggot Jews always have been.

The homosexual Sid Loder had the world fooled for a while (over 6 decades since he murdered my mother) but all good thins come to an end, for Jews it’s going to be a sticky one, when the IMF and cohorts find themselves in a much more precarious financial position to 2010 but without China to bail them out.

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