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New U.K. Defence Policy: Preparing For Nuclear War With Russia

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New U.K. Defence Policy: Preparing For Nuclear War With Russia

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According to the Guardian, the leaked copy of the integrated review of UK defence and foreign policy described Russia as the most “acute threat to UK security”. Meanwhile, the headline decision in the review was to increase the nuclear potential by 40%.

The text is dedicated to the national security, foreign policy and the United Kingdom’s approach to the global economy. It outlines a vision for country’s development to 2030. It’s publication has been announced by the Office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson the day before. The document presented the most ambitious revision of national strategies since the end of the Cold War, according to The Financial Times.

“Until relations with its government improve, we will actively deter and defend against the full spectrum of threats emanating from Russia,” – the report says.

In the contest of Russian threat, without explicitly mentioning it, London is going to end the 30 years-long disarmament since the collapse of the Soviet Union, rising the number of Trident ballistic warheads from 180 to 260. Nuclear charges are placed on four Vanguard-class missile submarines, one of them will always be on patrol. Such a decision was justified by “recognition of the evolving security environment, including the developing range of technological and doctrinal threats”.

Moreover, the document highlighted the necessity to create a national cyber force, which combines military and intelligence capabilities.

While the USA is constantly seen as “the most important strategic ally and partner,” the UK has paid a particular attention to its further relations with China. If Russia was labeled a hostile state, the threat from Beijing was mostly limited by the economic domain. At the same time the document cited the necessity of economic cooperation with China.

“The fact that China is an authoritarian state, with different values to ours, presents challenges for the UK and our allies. China will contribute more to global growth than any other country in the next decade with benefits to the global economy.”

Among other areas mentioned, there was the Indo-Pacific region as a sphere of growing UK interest. Less attention was paid to the partnership with the EU and its members. It was decided to cut aid to Yemen and probably Syria, as the governments become able to finance their own development priorities.”

New U.K. Defence Policy: Preparing For Nuclear War With Russia

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It is not clear, how exactly the increasing of its nuclear potential should help the U.K. to deal with the “Russian threat”. The only way is to put it into service of its main ally, the United States. However, a multibillion investment in the rearmament in response to the alleged threats is a very generous gift to its transatlantic partner.

Russia has not commented on the issue yet.

Press Secretary of the Russian President said that it was necessary to wait for the document to be officially released.

He also added: “Russia has not been and is not anyone’s enemy, it does not pose any threat. Insyead, as President Putin has repeatedly said, we stand for the normalization of the development of good, mutually beneficial relations with all countries. “


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Assad must stay

lol uk would get vaporized if tried to nuke russia

Furkan Sahin

UK is no strong
Turkey is more strong than them


Even little Austria or Belgium are stronger as Turkey ^^

Jens Holm

Internet dont say so in military strenght, economy for country as well as economy pr person.

So a link not from inventions below Your belt would be nice. Or else its just spoiling.

Just Me

Britain has 100,000 LGBT “soldiers” and even Nepal could beat them.

Pave Way IV

FFS, the most ‘acute threat’ to the UK is the US. Mostly because when we fuck up something serious enough to piss Russia off into a nuclear war, there will be nothing left of the UK but smoking ruins. I think Scotland and Ireland will be spared, though. Everyone seems to like them, even the Russians.

Jens Holm

You represent shaved behinds in circles taking only selfies well.

Pave Way IV

Stop trying to flatter me – you’re gay tricks won’t work.

But seriously Jens, I have a Denmark question: the former US Ambassador to Denmark, James Cain, is one of the three owners of Delta Crescent Energy (the other two are MI6 and ex-US SOF). Three guys, no assets, no oil experience – imagine that. DCE is the sole company granted ‘permission’ by the US Treasury’s Office of Financial Control to develop stolen Syrian oilfields and market the stolen oil internationally, ie., sell it to Turkey and Israel and not Syria. Our current sanctions on Syria prohibit anyone from buying that oil, thus the OFAC ‘exemption’.

The millions in profit of proceeds from sales are going to the SDF. but will be diverted initially to build up a private mercenary army under the guise of border control, prison and oilfield guards. This is an organization parallel to SDF, not subordinate to them. It’s the first part of the Kurd backstabbing and dismantling the SDF.

My question is what interests does Denmark have in Syria? Were Danes doing some kind of business there before the war? Did Danish companies have any oil concessions or operate fields there? I just find the unexpected Danish connection strange.

Jens Holm

Thats a long question.

Before the Muhammed Comics the danes was well respected by the Syrian Goverment for archeology and related science. Apart from that we only bought dades and pistaces. Our ambassy in Damaskus was closed or burned down by people paid by Assad because of those Muhammed comics.

We did help USA for a short while because they fast needed some effective F16s and they did a good job. Unfortunatly we also killed about 80 Assads at DEZ and still dont know how they became a target. The only plus was, they Our pilots were very effective :(

James Cain and his friend integrated very well in Denmark and by that was one of the best Ambassodors for USA here for years. He was/are Repuplican and even a determinat suporter of Trump.

And no. I dont think we have any relations to Syrian oil and gas. You can check up the old ownerships Yourself and see foreign owners for 50% or something. We are not sniffers. Syria is for sniffers only.

We mainly are big in transport and for oil as well. The overwhelming biggest company is Maersk Line having about 800 wessels transporting form UAE and Iraq. Those also transported many many loads of tanks, trucks and artillery for the americans at the Gulf war.

Maersk drilling is offshore.

Band Itkoitko

“The only plus was, they Our pilots were very effective

Yes, effective in killing civilians and innocent people. Such a disgrace.

Jens Holm

Those 80 killed were Baathist soldiers and not civiles at all.

Pave Way IV

Our ambassy in Damaskus was closed or burned down by people paid by Assad because of those Muhammed comics.

Wait, it was NOT the Wahhabi extremist FSA types? Instead, it was Assad’s secular government that provoked one of America’s buddies with a meaningless ‘retaliation’ with assured consequences? Jens… seriously. Please don’t tell me that Danes actually believe that.

Unfortunatly we also killed about 80 Assads at DEZ and still dont know how they became a target.

Still don’t know? FFS, Jens. I’ll help you here: the U.S. used Denmark by feeding your F-16s coordinates for Assad’s troops in those mountains.. on purpose. We intentionally made your pilots the fall guy because we didn’t want to be blamed for directly attacking Syrian troops but needed to stop them from taking back the other side of the mountain. Your F-16 pilots don’t choose the targets, they just pulled the trigger. I would think you would be insanely pissed off at the U.S. for that stunt, but you feel responsible somehow? Is Denmark that easily duped? Hint: the U.S. is a f’king thug. Avoid doing anything with us, and damn sure don’t trust our military.

James Cain and his friend integrated very well in Denmark and by that was one of the best Ambassodors for USA here for years.

He was a Bush-appointed neocon (probably CIA) sent there as a watchdog to make sure Denmark was on board with or obeyed our warmongering foreign policy and would serve as cannon fodder for whatever wars we cooked up. His bio has every dumb-assed neocon buzzwords of the day: anti-terrorist, immigration friendly, countering ‘Russian sphere of influence’, energy security (= no Russian pipelines, no Iraqi western pipeline to Syria, steal Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian oil, etc.). Sounds like he was a friendly guy and Danes liked him. Be sure to mention that in the Hague during his war crimes trial.

And no. I dont think we have any relations to Syrian oil and gas.

Then the relation to Denmark is coincidental. Cain probably just looking for his next ‘career’ opportunity: U.S. sanctioned theft of Syrian energy resources to finance a U.S. proxy army separate from the SDF.

Maersk drilling is offshore.

Hey, Syria has oil offshore. So does Lebanon. Better get in there, everyone will want a piece once they carve up Yemen.

Jens Holm

Assads let them to calm down the Jihadists.

One thing for sure is that USA didnt make that mistake about the mistake at DEZ.

That wasnt “Assads” in the mountains south of DEZ and the Airport there. I was a very fluid situation with many mobile units. Thats no excuse, but it was not as You write.

I also remember the Assads actually took that part of that mountan ridge or whatever it can be named as.

You in semantics can be right. They needed someone hard for a moment. We went in hard and did, what they told us. But t6hats not the whole story becuse You fx forget the Russian agreements with USA around using airplanes there and rapports both ways as well as the Russian communication with Assad and the opther way around as well.

I – AGAIN – se none relations between DEnmark and a simple diplomat from USA. What they do as privates is a matter for USA unless its done here. We mainly punish diplomats with parking tickets only. We also has had unwanted and wanted spyes, but they are attached to the diplomaty and not the diplomaty.

Pave Way IV

Love to hear your take on it, Jens. It’s painfully obvious that the U.S. wanted their head-chopper buddies to close Deir EzZor Airport, at the time supplying the besieged Syrian troops there with airdrops. Syrian control of the airport was backed by their artillery base and posts on al Tharwa. The U.S. needed ISIS to take Deir EzZor as part of Operation Inherent Oil Theft, and that meant helping them take al Tharwa and the Syrian positions. ISIS were supposed to be placeholders Deir EzZor until U.S.-allied units could seize them.

If OIR was really fighting ISIS, then 1) they should have shared intel on ISIS positions with the Syrian troops on the ground actually fighting them, and 2) they should have re-targeted ISIS units attacking those positions once the mistake was realized. – the ISIS that magically knew seven minutes after the airstrikes were called off that it was safe to attack the positions.

This area was under intense surveillance for weeks and the U.S. damn sure knew at least where the Syrian artillery emplacement manned by Syrians was on the other side of the mountain – that hadn’t moved in a year. Nobody’s map showed that as ‘ISIS-held territory’, and there were no SAA in civilian clothes to confuse anyone. They knew the Syrians were battling ISIS around the mountain and they were probably able to retake Points 1 and 2 from ISIS. Anyone would be a fool to think the U.S. didn’t know that. Even given that, why the fuck would the U.S. suddenly switch from target development (observing) to an on-call interdiction strike that helped ISIS retake those positions at a critical moment? The urgency was that ISIS was losing to the Syrians and were getting pushed back. The strike was on-call interdiction FOR THE BENEFIT OF ISIS – everyone in the CAOC had to know that.

The Dynamic Targeting Chief his incompetent buddies in the Dynamic Targeting Center wanted to kill something, and Syrian soldiers were as good as ISIS. CAOC has plausible deniability – that’s enough. Ground stations saying it can’t possibly be ISIS both before and after the strikes? Gosh, that insignificant message didn’t get to the chief… somehow. What BS. Fool the Russians with a bad position, blame an incomprehensible mistake, and then bomb the shit out of Syrians in known Syrian positions so ISIS could clean up. The CAOC could always cover their ass later by digging up plenty of ‘conflicting information’ and ‘missed communication’ bullshit later if the shit hit ever the fan Typical no accountability psychopathic fuckwits. The DTC wouldn’t have been so God damn eager if they were unsure about the LOCs and position of coalition troops now would they?

The Danish pilots are not personally responsible for those strikes, but Denmark bears some responsibility for all the Syrian deaths by Denmark’s participation in Operation Inherent Oil Theft. Perpetrating the cover story for years that it’s really about defeating ISIS makes you equally

comment image complicit in the cover up. The whole world can see what’s going on there, Jens.

Jens Holm

I dont take anything on me. GOT IT.

I tell what happend there and followed it day by day. Next and after I refer to all we know. Your version is unsober and not covered by real facts.

Your relations to what happend those days are totally biased Assad propganda.

It would make no sense ISIS took DEZ. By that ISIS would have many more troops against SDF and USA & Co too.

If You want a job for my worst enemies for advanced military planning, I will recommend You.

Pave Way IV

At least give me the excuse why Danish F-16 pilots didn’t correct their mistake then and retarget ISIS instead? If losing Deir EzZor to ISIS would have been so undesirable, then why didn’t OIR use the SAA-killing air armada buzzing over al Thurwa to kill a few ISIS attacking those points instead? We had A-10s gunning down fleeing SAA foot soldiers, but couldn’t find a single head-chopper to kill? They were ALL OVER that f’king mountain. We had people on the ground, Reapers, airborne command aircraft and basically the entire air assets of OIR, AND LET THE HEAD-CHOPPERS GO. I realize the whole CAOC was probably drinking beer and laughing about the deaths of so many SAA by then (Oops! Our bad!), but you think they would have taken out a few minutes to kill the waves of what they now knew were head-choppers executing follow-up (and successful) attacks on every point on that mountain.


I think you might be expecting too much of him/her. Let him finish doing his nails first.

cechas vodobenikov

England preparing for war w Scotland, or perhaps they fear that Spain will invade Gibralter

Black Waters

If the pirate cabal it’s talking about this, it means that they try to divert attention from internal critical issues.

Jens Holm

Not at all. It even can be the opposite. If You write like that a minimum should be explaining why.

Just Me

Britain is a little shithole of LGBT pansies where boys become queens.

Jens Holm

As a hindu You nect time will be a worm:)


The Ministry of State Propaganda is in full flow over here in Britain today,its frenzied,all about a Russian threat that doesn’t actually exist.

Jens Holm

I see 6375 threats from Russia. on the poster above.


Hopefully you’ll see one of them from a very close distance…


And what about the 5800 other threats? Or the 160? 150? or 90?

In reality the biggest threat to Britain isn’t military at all, it’s demographic.

Jens Holm

Its normal procedure.

Band Itkoitko

And how is it going? Are they prepared? Umbrellas with the British flag may help. At least, it’s some placebo.


I really wish all these NATO lapdogs like the UK would stop barking at the Russian bear. Nothing they could do would stop Russia’s nuclear arsenal anyway, not that it’s actually a real threat to them.


Like all Chihuahua dogs.
Very fast on bark, no bite.
Craving importance


Not a chance.
Those countries suffer from “small dog syndrome”.
Look it up!


The overlords wet dream is to see the 2 natural allies (us + Russian military) destroy each other, will this kind of posturing by UK silly clouwn achieve anything ? One can doubt.. The end of this mess come with financial crisis puting the finance overlords out of business (and hanged on public place)


UK’s conventional forces are minimal in capability within the NATO framework, supposedly nuclear weapons are to enhance conventional force weaknesses.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly. China is an authoritarian regime state, with different values to ours to say it diplomatic and mildly.
Therefore we increase our nuclear arsenal in the pacific around China, to defend ourselves and our freedom of navigation.

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