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New Turkish-Indonesian Medium Weight Tank Revealed In Istanbul

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New Turkish-Indonesian Medium Weight Tank Revealed In Istanbul

KAPLAN MT Modern Medium Weight Tank developed by FNSS and Indonesian company PT Pindad is showcased during the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF’17) in Istanbul, Turkey on May 09, 2017. (AA Photo)

During the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) in Istanbul, the Turkish company “FNSS Savunma Sistemleri” revealed a new medium tank (MT), KAPLAN.

The KAPLAN MT is jointly developed by FNSS Savunma Sistemleri and Indonesia’s PT Pindad under the Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) program. The combat weight of the MT is about 35 t.

It’s exepcted that the Indonesian Armed Forces will be the main customer of the KAPLAN MT.

“This medium weight tank is a very effective solution to today’s asymmetric warfare conditions exposed which many armies are exposed to,” FNSS CEO Nail Kurt said at a news conference during the IDEF, according to the Daily Sabah daily.

The KAPLAN MT’s firepower is provided by a CMI Cockerill 3105 turret, integrated with a high-pressure 105 mm Cockerill gun and an advanced autoloader. The KAPLAN MT’s power pack is at the rear of the vehicle.

The power-to-weight ratio is about 20 HP/ton. The speed on the road is 70 km/h. The range is 450 km.

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Ilies Bekhtaoui

what generation is it considered as a tank ? also how much does it cost to produce


Depends on the category. It’s not a main battle tank, but a medium tank, so MBT generations don’t apply. Which is basically marketing spin anyway. I’m not even sure that the medium tank designation has been used much since WWII.

Chūjitsuna Heiho

Medium tank because it is in the weight range 30-45 tonne. At 35 tonne it is air portable. It is more accurately an infantry support vehicle with some anti-tank capacity- but not an MBT- main battle tank


You could compare it to Leopard 1 (same gun, even less weight). The turret it uses is intended for infantry fighting vehicles and fire support vehicles, so i guess they are calling it a tank for marketing reasons.

Chūjitsuna Heiho

It has no infantry carrying capacity- so it’s not an IFV. It has a higher STANAG armour rating than most IFV’s. It’s not an MBT (main battle tank) or a Heavy Tank using weight classification 45+tonne. 90mm, 100 and 120mm main gun. All 90mm+ Cockerill turret is tank destroyer turret- can fire sabot discarding projectile and Falaric anti-tank missile.

Expo Marker

Is it funny how Indonesia is beginning to have a problem with ISIS and Al-Qaeda at home, and we see more cooperation with countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia?

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