New Turkish-Backed Militant Group Appears In Northern Aleppo To ‘Liberate’ Deir Ezzor


On Saturday, a new Free Syrian Army (FSA) group was established in Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield (ES) area in the norther Aleppo countryside under the name of “Jaysh al-Sharqiya”.

New Turkish-Backed Militant Group Appears In Northern Aleppo To 'Liberate' Deir Ezzor

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In its first official statement, Jaysh al-Sharqiya said that it is formed from the sons of Idlib, Deir Ezzor and Raqqa governorates who are living in the ES area and Idlib governorate.

According to the statement, Jaysh al-Sharqiya will be led by Major Hussien Hamadi. Jaysh al-Sharqiya stated that its main goal is to liberate Deir Ezzor city, and to fight “all forms of terrorism” without providing any further details.

Jaysh al-Sharqiya is for sure backed by Turkey. The real aim of Jaysh al Sharqiah could be to fight the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) epically after the SDF reached Deir Ezzor city and the nearby oil fields.

The establishment of groups like Jaysh al-Sharqiya proves that it is very unlikely that Syria will witness any calm after the expected ISIS defeat. The situation in Syria may heat up once ISIS is gone.

The two main reasons are the Turkish-Kurdish tension and the Arab-Kurdish tension. So far, the SDF has been unwilling to work with any side in Syria. In turn, it relies on the American support.

If the issue is not solved with diplomatic negotiations, the both Syrian government and opposition will not likely tolerate the existence of the SDF-controlled  “federation” in northern Syria anymore once ISIS is gone. The reason is that this is a clear way to a patrition of Syria.



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  • That Guy

    Good, now we work with the same enemy that we were fighting previously, to fight a greater enemy, once we beat the greater enemy, we could go back to fighting each other again, great logic.

    • Bru

      The problem is that there are too many very powerful terrorist groups in Syria and Syria cannot fight them all at once, to they have to be eliminated one by one, starting with the most dangerous, e.g.: 1st ISIS, then PKK-SDF, then Al Qaida-HTS, then FSA .

      • Barba_Papa

        Despite being competitors the SAA is not engaged in a real fight with the SDF. And as long as the SDF are receiving American support the SAA will not attack them. Just like the SDF will not engage in open hostilities with the SAA as long as it has Russian backing. Neither side is THAT stupid. The fight against ISIS is already over. It’s basically the last months of WWII in Europe all over again. With the Wehrmacht all but dead and the Allies and the Soviets just grabbing as much German occupied territory as they can till its over. That’s whats happening with ISIS right now.

        After that the front with the SDF will probably shift into an uneasy Cold War, where both sides will stare menacingly towards each other but do very little. Not until the Americans will pack up and leave. Or the Russians. Meanwhile Al Qaida will probably become the next target. It’s getting troublesome again and since everybody seems to want it gone its probably next on the list. Unless open war breaks out between the SAA and SDF. Which again, as long as both Russia and the US are patrons of either side, is not very likely to happen.

        • jhon malakiat

          make sense bro. good analysis..

        • Michael Qiao

          With SAA being the west and SDF in the east

        • DJ Double D

          Don’t share that view with you. Country’s territorial integrity and national resources are not a piece of cake that you simply give away. There is understanding in International Relations as ‘aggressor’ and ‘victim’. The Syrian government didn’t start this war. It is clear that they are the victim of those who want to partition it. A part of the state cannot grab all its resources and land and say goodbye. They could try to negotiate this after the defeat of ISIS, if not whatever needs to be done must be done. The notion that legitimate government has to give up their sovereign rights because America is involved is garbage. Let America as they like to say ‘bomb the shit out of them’ and once more let the UN be silent as usual. Indeed, the whole world share the blame for allowing the US to become such a destabilizing force in the world.

          • gustavo

            From the international point of view, “Syria is living a CIVIL WAR, that is a war between government and opponents, and Russia and USA are just helping each side. ” and nothing else. The reality is that Israel want to destroy Syria, Iran and Russia, and to do that it formed a set of coutries USA-NATO-Israel as creators of ISIS-Daesh-Nustra-moderated terrorists-kurds, with the help of Qatar-Saudis-Jorda-Turkey(memeber of NATO).

        • dutchnational

          Quite likely.

          Remember, this cold war after WWII took some 44 years to end with the demise of the USSR, the realignment of most of Warsaw Pact to become members of Nato and or the EU and the loss of USSR territory towards independent states to the tune of over some 4 to 5 millions kms2, almost ten time the surface of France.

        • Justin

          I disagree!
          The problem I have with your comment is that u are not taking into account the countries in this region!
          Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq all have Kurdish populations! If a Kurdish state is created between Iraq and Syira then in time it is likely that Kurdish regional wars will also break out in turkey and Iran also! This Kurdish state will be heavily supported by KSA, Israel and the USA!
          With Russia having air defence systems on the ground, an airforce of their own, many air bases to utilise, the Syrian airforce, the Turkish airforce and the Iraqi airforce means the US airforce will have to risk being shot down if they wish to support the heavily outnumbered Kurdish forces!
          Russian and Syrian air defence batteries PLUS SU-35’s, SU-30’s that can use Syrian and perhaps Iranian air space (and under the cover of its own advanced air defence systems within Syria) could literally make any US aircraft obsolete!
          Even aircraft carriers will be rendered useless!
          So without air support, the Kurds are outnumbered 10 to 1 (or more so)
          Turkish backed rebels, Turkish forces, Turkish Air Force, SAA, Hezbollah, Iraqi army, PMU, Iranian forces (all of which are within the region) can move heavy weapons in, along with air defence and just toast any Kurdish forces!
          The USA will call upon the UN for help but the USA is in Syria illegally and won’t have a leg to stand on!
          USA will be dealing with Syrian war, North Korean and Afghanistan war all in one time of which all can be aided by China, Russia and regional powers!
          WW3 is the only chance the Kurds have!
          The air and the ground belong to Russia and the regional forces within Syria and Iraq!
          We are talking perhaps 200 hundred thousand men vs 35,000 Kurds of which half have trained only 2 weeks!
          Im sorry but you are wrong!
          Iran will not give up even if Russia made a deal!
          And we all know Turkey won’t either! They hate Kurds more than isis!

          Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia and perhaps Lebanon vs KSA, Israel and USA (who do not have regional control)
          It doesn’t matter if Kurds get the oil lands in Syria!
          They are going to be attacked on all sides North, East, West and South!
          Only nuclear weapons can save them!

    • Barba_Papa

      Well, when Damascus and the Kurds were both still weak they cooperated against the Jihadists. Now both have become competitors and its the Jihadists who are now weak. Turkey backs and controls the Jihadists, it stands to reason that alliances would change again.

  • jhon malakiat

    good indeed seeing turkey backed mercenaries fight each other against kurd militia. i hope kurd militia parade until turkey land and make civil war in turkey.

    i dont care who is winning once kurd fight against turkey. both of them is rats. and the good rats is the dead rats.

    • Langaniso Mhlobo

      You make me laugh you are right it is true let the rats kill each other before the tigers (Syrian) and the Bear’s (Russians) come and make sure.

    • Serious Dude

      ALL militants are rats. SAA, FSA, HTS, SDF, ISIS are all hellbent on destruction.

      • gustavo

        Yes, you have not idea what is going on in Syria.

        • Serious Dude

          Actually I have. People are killing each other.

          • Gabriel Hollows

            Wrong, terrorists are not people. It’s just Assad fumigating vermin.

          • Serious Dude
          • Samuel Boas

            The telegraph, jezus christ you quote them as a source? Get the fuck out of here kid.

          • Serious Dude

            Do you have any evidence against this or only insults?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            You do now that the alleged loyalist is “Danny” Abdul Dayem also known activist who faked stories and lied as he is an actual member of Nouri al Zenki and Al Nusra terrorist.

            Danny is referred to as Jihadi Danny , never bring up old stories that can be proven to be a lie.

          • Serious Dude

            Where have I said that I support the opposition? Nouri al Zenki and Al Nusra are terrorist organizations. Syria needs peace and democracy not secular dictators or Sunni dictators. Do you recognize the crimes commited by Shabiha or do you like double standards?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The Shabiha story was written by Jihadi Danny thought that was clear ,you obviously also believe the other one he wrote under the name “Caesar” great fantasy fiction is all it is.

            There are no dictators in Syria and Bashar was chosen because his family has been the most moderate as they owe no allegiances to any specific group. Assad’s wife is Sunni and they are not seen as you portray and the media in the west we have enough evil politicians in the west running govts.

            The ideal of democracy has a difference of an opinion world wide and the US and Israel for example have different democracies but quite in fact very restrictive and genocidal in some cases. Where other countries share a wider diversity and less friction within , but the version you want is a disguised dictatorship makes sense considering where you live.

          • Serious Dude

            Do you have any evidence that this story was created by this Danny? Because I have seen pictures in the past when these full of steroids buff guys used to terrorize people. There are not dictators in Syria … Yeah right that’s why for the last 60 years it is coup after coup. The cause of the civil war is the lack of freedoms (from both sides, Ba’athists want to build a Stalinist dictatorship and Salafists want sharia and beheadings). I am just angry because Europe is full of immigrants from Arab countries and many of them are extremists. In the west, we have corrupt politicians and that’s why I prefer technocrats for our governments. You blame US and Israel because you have no excuses. This debate is pointless. If you like Assad so much then go live in areas controlled by him and also fight for him. It is not my problem. And one last question. Hezbollah were against Qaddafi. How do you know that they won’t turn against Assad in the future?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            What ever nonsense you have been fed is really sad you need to grow up and stop drinking Kool-Aid !

            What coups are you talking about the ones started by the CIA since 1947 since they have been created and even when they were OSS they were there. This stuff is pretty rich when none of it presents both sides of the situation even in my country we have been fighting CIA sponsored manipulations. The state you are trying to describe was the Khalifa imposed by western nations which brought the wholesale slaughter to everyone but of Jewish religion in the Mid East.

            The US citizens has less freedoms than they think and have tossed out the basis of their Constitution , talk about moving to a Stalinist regime. Syria has a Socialist government and bases their elections on representation of the vote could you imagine these are the same systems operating in Europe.

            Then you look at the US and other western countries it’s first past the post could you imagine what would happen if this no longer existed, no more dictators but in name only. Wake up all democracies continue to progress some are starting to regress because of FAILED social engineering programs.
            The use of US and Israel are two examples of differences in democracies , their actions speak louder and words.

            Hezbollah never was against Qaddafi and was against the overthrow of a democratically elected leader. Salafists are Sunni religion but share Wahhabi like Talmudic ideology.

            The most nations you try to describe as having less friction is utter nonsense, name me one in the west or in the whole entire world there isn’t any friction.

          • Serious Dude

            You are the one that is drinking Assad kool-aid!
            Please be more specific. If I am not mistaken Ba’athists overthrew the democratically elected government of Syria in 1963.
            The US is becoming less and less free. You are correct about this, but I don’t live in the US. Ba’athism is little Stalinism, Saddam’s role model was Stalin. Failed democracies aren’t excuses for more dictatorship.
            Hezbollah called Qaddafi a tyrant. And Qaddafi also staged a coup.
            Frictions yes but sectarianism exists only in the so called Arab countries.

          • Serious Dude
          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Do you know what it means or did you even understand the article and besides it was Assad Government who evacuated the Terrorists. Hezbollah has grown into a international political entity and a Military force to be reckoned with. Honestly don’t blame them, could you imagine if you were always being hated on unjustly what would you do ,be honest.

            Getting tired to talking to those who can’t change because they are paid or to stubborn to change.

          • Serious Dude

            The problem for Assad is that Hezbollah will not give its territories to Syrian government, just like SDF. Hezbollah is the Lebanese SDF.

      • Rob

        Benjanyahu says.

        • Serious Dude

          You seem to be so afraid of Israel. Arabs have killed 100x times more Arabs than Israel. On the other hand I am afraid because in the near future Europe will be full of both Sunni and Shia jihadis.

          • Rob

            Jihadis are anti government terrorists and POTUS get paid them. This is POTUS new kind of war started since 1970

          • Serious Dude

            Obama paid them not Trump. Trump supports SDF. Syria has been an unstable nation from 1961.

          • Rob

            FSA, YPG SDF are not Syrian government. POTUS mentioned that Obama funding and arming anti government terrorist groups. We don’t know who they are.

          • Serious Dude

            SDF helped Syrian government on Aleppo though. SDF seems like the least bad of all the groups. But they are still militants and sectarians/separatists…

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Yep;I bet the Kurds in Syria are not so sure now?

  • EmilyEnso

    Jaysh al-Sharqiya
    Oh yeah!
    I wonder how much this new little lot is costing the US taxpayer.
    Or maybe the profits of the CIA drug running from Afghanistan to Kosovo is being co-opted on the sly.
    With ISIS on the back foot and the USA proxy Kurds in the Deir Ezzor area busy stealing Syrian oil – the USA is looking for new proxies to do their terrorism – new blood – literally.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Hi my friend’s let me say commentators your revealing of truth and risk criticism have open the whole world’s eye’s.It has really help Syrian people and army a lot by encouraging them.Emergen you wake up in the morning and realize World leaders USA/ NATO terrorist barrels are point at you to die or a Texas cowboys knife press at your throat to die.I thank SOUTH FRONT and and everyone’s input who have denounced USA and NATO Terrorism supported by bias UN terrorist promoter security council.let everyone have nuclear weapons then co-operation wil there is respect between France and Brittain.Between Germany and France.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Thanks for pointing out those 3 countries in the UN SEC. council have Nuclear weapons stationed in their countries by the US as do other Alliance members in Europe. This is coming from the US which has violated every treaty since signing them and continues to be an aggressive Nuclear Power, in threatening others to comply. There are 35 states with current Nuclear capabilities and yet we have not had any of them use these weapons unlike the US which has used them with devastating effect on civilians , which seems to be their favorite targets.

      This is why the world needs to wake up to the actual real Rogue Nuclear Power Tyrannizing and threatening the world ,in this attempt to create instability world wide,Orde du Chao . “Through Chaos comes Order”.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Russia used Turkey order of S-400 to make NATO feel bad.Turkey uses the buying proses to force USA to make as Erdogan say or we buy S-400.

  • TheSecular

    It sounds like erdogan is preparing for euphrates shield sequel.
    I wonder if Jaysh Al-Sharqiya was born as a result of the Russian,Iranian and Turkish agreement
    I won’t take these guys seriously until they have
    1. Good Training
    2.Well Equipped
    3. Man Power
    and 4th. No Al Qaeda involved.

  • dutchnational

    We have s3e3n this time and ah=gain.

    Turkey is so desparate they will pay anyone to declare to “are gointg to liberate “whatever” from SDF and kurds.

    Nothing ever comes from this. A;; propaganda, fake news and misinformation BS.

    Anybody even listening to this is beyond stupid.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Your typical rant is idiotic as Jaysh al Sharqiya has been around some time and probably backed by the US and Turks as a back up plan to the Kurds. The US sees the Kurds as not being able to weather any of these battles without being totally wiped out, this way it’s easier for Jewish settlers to take over the land.Why do you think the Turks are on the borders with SDF territories, kiss your friends good bye , here comes the betrayal.

      • Tommy Jensen

        There are 30 million Kurds. They are not not easily “wiped out” especially when they just got 200 trucks of weapons from the greasy American snakes.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          The MRAPS by OSHKOSH are not that great and have a top speed of 65 km/hr and can be defeated by an ATGM. There is a reason they are sending them is because the went with the other cheaper but Sturdier RG-31 which happened to be not US made but the most popular in NATO countries joint project by GDL Systems and BAE Systems.

          Russia has all new equipment for Syria not old expensive 4x4s Toys for Tots like the US sends the Kurds, check the Russian equipment out.

  • Elisabetta Violetta

    People seames not scared about Saddam Assad resiliance. For me he is near to be thrown out! He is ISIS, not completely, but look his way of doing: resiliance, resiliance, resiliance…and the people die since 6 half year…

  • Justin