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New Turkish-Backed Militant Group Appears In Northern Aleppo To ‘Liberate’ Deir Ezzor


On Saturday, a new Free Syrian Army (FSA) group was established in Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield (ES) area in the norther Aleppo countryside under the name of “Jaysh al-Sharqiya”.

New Turkish-Backed Militant Group Appears In Northern Aleppo To 'Liberate' Deir Ezzor

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In its first official statement, Jaysh al-Sharqiya said that it is formed from the sons of Idlib, Deir Ezzor and Raqqa governorates who are living in the ES area and Idlib governorate.

According to the statement, Jaysh al-Sharqiya will be led by Major Hussien Hamadi. Jaysh al-Sharqiya stated that its main goal is to liberate Deir Ezzor city, and to fight “all forms of terrorism” without providing any further details.

Jaysh al-Sharqiya is for sure backed by Turkey. The real aim of Jaysh al Sharqiah could be to fight the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) epically after the SDF reached Deir Ezzor city and the nearby oil fields.

The establishment of groups like Jaysh al-Sharqiya proves that it is very unlikely that Syria will witness any calm after the expected ISIS defeat. The situation in Syria may heat up once ISIS is gone.

The two main reasons are the Turkish-Kurdish tension and the Arab-Kurdish tension. So far, the SDF has been unwilling to work with any side in Syria. In turn, it relies on the American support.

If the issue is not solved with diplomatic negotiations, the both Syrian government and opposition will not likely tolerate the existence of the SDF-controlled  “federation” in northern Syria anymore once ISIS is gone. The reason is that this is a clear way to a patrition of Syria.



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