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New Trend Line: European Vaules, Freedom Of Speech And Nazism

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Over the past few days, there have been a series of events highlighting the current state of the political establishment and society of some eastern European states.

On June 26, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) held a conference dedicated to  “strengthening media freedom and pluralism in Ukraine during times of conflict in and around the country”. Ironically, the Ukrainian government banned RT journalist Paula Slier and VGTRK journalist Yevgeny Primakov from attending the conference.

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on the Ukrainian authorities denying entry to journalists from Russia (source):

“On June 26, Ukrainian authorities denied entry into the country to journalists working for Russian media outlets Yevgeny Primakov (VGTRK) and Paula Slier (RT), who went to Kiev to take part in an OSCE conference. The absurdity of the situation stands in stark contrast to the theme of the conference, “Strengthening media freedom and pluralism in Ukraine during times of conflict in and around the country.” The Ukrainian border officials stopped Primakov and Slier at the airport for an interview and subsequently told them officially that they have been banned from entering Ukraine for five years.

We view these restrictive measures as fresh proof of Kiev’s refusal to curtail its repressive policy towards the media, in particular, Russian media, which is aimed at suppressing the freedom of speech in Ukraine. This act of discrimination looks all the more offensive since the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Désir, previously confirmed the open nature of the planned event in a letter to Russian journalists and thanked them for their interest. We consider as unacceptable the OSCE’s organisation of its events without ensuring that they can be attended by all those interested.

It is obvious that the Kiev authorities, who have systematically infringed on the rights of journalists in the absence of international censure, see that they can act with impunity. This policy will further aggravate the problem with the freedom of speech in Ukraine.

We hope that the participants of the aforementioned conference will censure this outrageous infringement on the rights and freedoms of journalists, as Mr Harlem Désir has done. At the same time, we expect the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media and other international organisations concerned to adopt a harder line regarding the Kiev authorities’ policy of curtailing the freedom of speech.”

Meanwhile, in the EU member state, Estonia. On June 22, Estonia unveiled a memorial plaque on the 110th birth anniversary of Waffen-SS Standartenführer Alfons Rebane. The ceremony was held in the very same day when in 1941 Nazi Germany attacked the USSR.

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the unveiling of a memorial plaque to Waffen-SS Colonel Alfons Rebane in Estonia (source):

“We were shocked to read about a ceremony held in Estonia on June 22 to unveil a memorial plaque on the 110th birth anniversary of Waffen-SS Standartenführer (Colonel) Alfons Rebane, who commanded punitive operations against civilians in the Soviet territory occupied by Nazi troops during the Great Patriotic War.

We note the particular cynicism of the organisers of this shameful event, who held it on June 22, the day when the Great Patriotic War began in 1941. It is nothing other than an insult to the memory of millions of people who fell fighting Nazism.

We regret to say that the Estonian authorities, who hastened to dissociate themselves from the unveiling of the plaque, have not found the courage to denounce this latest evidence of the glorification of Nazism in their country.

We consider this policy to be unacceptable and urge the international organisations concerned to convince Tallinn to put an end to this unashamed propaganda of neo-Nazism in Estonia.”

At the same time, Baltic states, Poland and other eastern European states are working to remove monuments to Soviet warriors liberators.

Unfortunately, amid the lack of a joint vector of cultural development, more and more marginal tendencies appear in Europe: from a sectarianism and a wild neo-liberalism to a public propaganda of Nazism.

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Judaism has been a huge problem for Europe for at least 1,000 years. It was already rotten to the core 2,000 years ago. Which is why they got kicked out of Palestine and the most famous former Jew of them all, Jesus Christ, condemned it as Satanic.

It should be outlawed and the synagogues and yeshivas closed to create a Jew free planet that will be much better for humanity. And one that will be much easier to integrate into the interstellar community of civilizations with support from positive ETs. Including extended lifespans and an end to poverty, pollution and environmental degradation.

Plans and preparations need to be made for disarming the IDF, Mossad and Shin Bet. Preferably without having to use Masada nukes in the process. Though that needs to be part of the preparations.

Lena Jones

The world needs to wake up and realize that antisemitism is a direct response to anti-gentilism.

Jews are encouraged by their talmud to indulge themselves in deep hatred of gentiles. The talmud instructs its jewish followers to go forth and genocide all gentile gods, their people and their cities. No other so-called religion calls for the genocide of ALL of humanity minus 16 million (jews). Giving the jews the land of Palestine only enabled their mass crimes against gentiles. The only way to weaken the jewish grip on the western world is to destroy tel aviv. This is why I support the armed resistance against israel – the Axis of Resistance in the Levant actually has a good shot at it – a better shot at it than BDS and other blah infiltrated ‘activisms’. Even if israel nukes Iran, tel aviv, due to its smallness will be flattened in 24 hours by the Axis of Resistance’s missile storm. The Axis of Resistance can take the hits but the jews can’t. Especially if a nuke strike on Iran propels the Axis to hit the Dimona. You won’t see a single jew/zionist in the Levant for centuries to come if this happens.


Israel has nukes, and will use them given the chance if there is no nuclear deterrent to prevent it. Destroying Tel Aviv isn’t going to disarm the IDF or prevent it from nuking it’s neighbors.

There’s a UN process underway for creating a Palestinian protection force that can bypass the US veto using UNGA 377 resolution procedures. Once in place it can be used to get the IDF, Mossad and Shin Bet out of the occupied territories. Implementing the right of return can finish the job by voting Israel out of existence and replacing it with Palestine. This needs to be supported by regional and international military capabilities in support of Palestine, and non intervention on Israel’s behalf by the US, France and the UK.


I belive this is difficult to obtain.
Most western non-zionistic countries are managed by braindead politicians that are intertwined with this world’s masonic lodges. This is the way the zionnazis control the political class.
That, and with false-flag terror operations.


Getting rid of other diseases afflicting humanity like polio and malaria has been difficult, but it still happened. America First is fundamentally anti Jew. The Jews did 911, most Americans support UN membership for Palestine.

The Jew monopoly msm is being replaced with the multi polar internet as the new msm. Which will do a lot more to expose Jew evil and build public support against it.


>>At the same time, Baltic states, Poland and other eastern European
states are working to remove monuments to Soviet warriors liberators.<<

Thing is though, the Soviets did not come to the Baltics as liberators, but as brutal occupiers. After all, they invaded what were three independent countries in 1940. Probably anywhere outside the former USSR (pre-1939 borders) did the Soviets not come as liberators, as the people just exchanged one brutal dictatorship for another. And in some cases, lost their freedom altogether.

This is a part of history that gets little if any attention in Russia. There's a reason why so many joined with the Nazis against the Soviets. And that reason can be summed up with a single word, Stalin.

Now, whether or not in this day and age its smart to reveal plaques and monuments to those who joined with the Nazis is a different argument. To which the answer is probably no.


L.N. Tolstoy in the classic “War and Peace” wrote about the Baltic provinces in Russia in 1805. I wonder what history books did you study. If it is a province of a country then speaking about “occupiers” is out of content, isn’t it?


Before being Russian provinces in 1805 they were also Polish and Swedish provinces for centuries. Maybe even longer. They were independent for 20 years prior to the Soviet invasion of 1940. I’m sure that anyone who has lived for that long in an independent country will be thrilled to see your former Imperial power return with an invasion army and a brutal secret police. I’m also sure that when another country invades again and drives out said power and brutal secret police and treats you decently you will then resist them fiercely and welcome the renewed arrival of the former Imperial power with brutal secret police again.

Wanna volunteer?

I’m all for there being different narratives. And the Russians have a perfectly good narrative of their own that is markedly different from the one we have here in the West. It deserves to be heard here in the West. But the Baltics are entitled to having their own narrative as well. And if that does not look favorably upon Russia there may be more to it then Western driven propaganda. Maybe, here’s a shocker, its because that Western driven propaganda fell upon extremely fertile soil thanks to what happened during the Soviet Union era. And that is something that maybe the Russians should acknowledge on their side as well.


….or may be, just may be, the “liberators” of the Baltic states delivered Soros-style democracy with all the perks.


Christianity has made the United States a good place, Judaism has made it a bad place. With the possible exception of Palestine. No place on this planet needs dejudification more than the US. For the betterment of Americans and humanity. If Trump really wants a better future. He will help get rid of 6 million American Jews who are humanity’s number one problem.

Karsten Hartog

I am following you Richard


Not as such.comment image comment image comment image


Your reply doesn’t make sense.

Jens Holm

What a joke. Even if fx Jews went out of economy and politics, You will still be in the lowest parts of the world according to that.

If Russians, Japanes or Russians took over there = same thing.

As long as You even insist hard to be as You are, You will be, where You are. You make no harm, because You maninly are totally unusefull.

Jens Holm

USSR retook Estnia by military and political force after it was liberated in 1918.

“The Great Fatherland war” was russians winning it not liberating all the way to left of Berlin.

You russians made that contrast, whaever this nazi was. Danes went to defend Finland. Most of them were anticommunists more then Nazis. Most of the Finns were not nazis.

So back off. Clean Your own house – and then come back with moderate attitudes. Estnians certainly did not feel liberates. And Yu deported and jailed thousens as well as setlled retired people, made miliatry facilities and even 2 secret nuclear power stations.


I’d say it’s a Soros funded provocation ceremony in Estonia. And as for freedom of speech in Ukraine, they publish names and addresses of people who are critical of the new system. Skinheads then come knocking on the door.

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