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New Testimony Sheds Light On “Georgian Snipers” Killings During 2014’s Ukraine Coup

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New Testimony Sheds Light On "Georgian Snipers" Killings During 2014's Ukraine Coup

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A lawyer representing the interests of ex-Berkut employees in the Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev, where a case is being heard about allegedly their involvement in the mass shootings of people on Maidan on Independence Square in Kiev in February 2014.

The lawyer, Alexander Goroshinsky provided a copy of the notarized statement of one of the “Georgian snipers” Alexander Revazishvili.

New Testimony Sheds Light On "Georgian Snipers" Killings During 2014's Ukraine Coup

Click to see full-size image

New Testimony Sheds Light On "Georgian Snipers" Killings During 2014's Ukraine Coup

Click to see full-size image

New Testimony Sheds Light On "Georgian Snipers" Killings During 2014's Ukraine Coup

Notary confirmation of the authenticity of the testimony. Click to see full-size image

The document says:

“During the winter of 2014, I was an eyewitness to the events taking place in the city of Kiev, Ukraine.

In the group, together with other Georgian citizens, I took part in the events on Independence Square in Kiev on February 18-20, 2014. I witnessed the mass executions organized by persons who subsequently occupied high posts in the Ukrainian government.

I want to convey information about what is happening to Ukrainian justice and I believe that the truth about the events on the Maidan should be conveyed to the Ukrainian public.

I inform you that I was interrogated as a witness by the prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Belarus as part of the international legal order of the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine. I gave evidence to the prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Belarus on the events that occurred in February 2014 on Independence Square in Kiev.

In view of the foregoing, I again appeal and ask to ensure my interrogation in the hearing by video link, providing an opportunity to convey the truth about the events of February 18-20, 2014 on Independence Square in the city of Kiev…”

According to the lawyer, “Georgian snipers” are people who have undergone military training in the Georgian army. They’ve participated in the hostilities of the so-called Abkhaz war and the South Ossetian conflict. George Bezhitashvili has also been in Iraq, Afghanistan. All of them were trained in special camps under the leadership of the so-called Free Zone movement, controlled by the environment of then-Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

“It should be understood that these people were not always engaged in legal work, they know a lot of things that can shed light on the crimes of very high-ranking people. After a series of threats and attacks, when the power changed in Georgia, these witnesses were advised to turn to journalists and tell the truth. Subsequently, these witnesses gave interviews to reporters,” said Goroshinsky.

According to him, the Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev, where the proceedings against the former employees of “Berkut” are examined, granted his request for the interrogation of two Georgian citizens: Nergadze and Revazishvili from the territory of Armenia.

“For a long time they were forced to hide, and therefore they were temporarily lost contact. Only later they showed up in Belarus, where, according to them, they found a safe place and again confirmed their readiness to testify about the events on the Maidan in 2014,” Goroshinsky said.

According to the lawyer, he is faithful in the authenticity of the testimony of “Georgian snipers.”

“If the” Georgian snipers “were fake, the court would have questioned them long ago and debunked this supposedly myth. A striking indicator in this matter was the behavior of the GPU representatives in the Svyatoshinsky court, who did everything possible to prevent the interrogation from taking place.”

Goroshinsky, on his Facebook page also made a post and published a video shedding more light on the situation.

In the post, he said that the witnesses confirmed that the shootings were organized by Saakashvili and co with the sole aim of sabotaging a peaceful agreement between the protesters and then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, which was to be signed on February 21st.

In the video, Goroshinsky says the following:

“We are near the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Belarus, where my application was executed, and as a result, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine received international legal assistance. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus questioned witnesses, eyewitnesses to the participation and organization of Saakashvili, Parubiy and Pashinsky in use of weapons against police officers and civilians These witnesses wrote a written statement to the Svyatoshinsky court about their readiness to testify against the data “testify to the facts that took place in February 14. Let’s not be afraid of the truth, let’s find out who is to blame for the tragedy that happened in February 14 in Ukraine.”

Earlier the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev refused to satisfy the request for interrogation in court of four Georgian citizens from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, whom the Berkut employees claimed as witnesses. While the court was provided with official evidence of the presence of these Georgian citizens in Belarus. Finally, their testimonies were apparently accepted, judging by the document shown above.

According to the individuals in the video, citizens of Georgia, the reason they decided to disclose information about their participation in the shootings on the Maidan to the media was the alleged death of 6 of their colleagues under mysterious circumstances, which together with them participated in the events of February 2014. Thus, the heroes of the film allegedly intend to protect themselves.

Whether the Ukrainian court will, in fact, undertake any measures, following these revelations remains in question.


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The hired agents are dying under mysterious circumstances! Right!

Concrete Mike

Who would have thunk. Same scenario as the bin laden assault.

Toronto Tonto

Yankobitch and his Russian killers should hang for that .

Concrete Mike

Right, and your azov friends get nothing? Fat chance tony.


Sounds like bingo to me.

AM Hants

Thought it was the Kiev crowd who tried to assassinate Yanukovich, not the Russians, who ironically saved him from the assassination attempt on both the President of Ukraine and his family. President Putin and his team seem to make it a habit, saving the lives of fellow Presidents, from Globalist Assassination Attempts, now don’t they?

AM Hants

Thank you ‘nobodyspecial1958’ for recommending this link. Long but very interesting read, when you go looking for skeletons in cupboards.

Mittens, The Deep State, And The
Ongoing Coup Against POTUS
RedState, by Stu Cvrk…

‘…In this commentary, he opines on the DoJ/FBI cabal’s ongoing coup against POTUS while explaining some key connections among John Brennan , Mitt Romney, Cofer Black, Burisma Holdings (Ukraine), Bararck Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all the rest. It fills in a lot of gaps and explains much about what is going on with respect to the Ukraine kerfuffle…’

read more:


AM Hants

From the article above:

‘…Romney’s National Security Advisor, Joseph Cofer Black, sits on the Board of the same Burisma Holdings that was being investigated for corruption back in 2014, and the Vice President and Obama Administration demanded be shut down. Why? Because Burisma was/is their vehicle for corrupt practices in Eastern Europe. And CIA Director, John Brennan’s 9/11 Deep State partner, Cofer Black, is still the link to all that goes on there. In fact, I can state unequivocally that Burisma is the centre of Ukraine corruption and the Democrats’ shadow organisation for corrupt activities. I live in Eastern Europe (Poland) and my sources are first-hand. And I know this matters greatly to Mitt Romney as he is not yet done with politics. If Black is busted, it will reflect on Romney, and it only makes sense that Cofer Black is the Deep State ‘plant’ in case Romney ever rises above polishing knobs in the U.S. Senate. Romney wants to run for President again in 2024 and if he wins, Cofer Black will be back with his fingers on the strings either as DNI or CIA Chief of Corruption. Burisma Holdings is the hub of U.S. Democrat activities to corrupt both Ukraine and American politics and there is proof. Ukraine President Zelenskyy’s win surprised both Brennan and Black’s Deep State ops as much as Trump’s did in 2016 in America…’


A short summary, just highlighting a few things from the 80s to current times.

1984 or it might be 1989, Common Purpose is launched, courtesy of the founder David Bell. His brother was the Special Adviser to Margaret Thatcher, as well as Boris Yeltsin, Lord Timothy Bell, a friend of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, who handled the media attention behind poisoned Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko. The Bell Pottinger Communications agency (they were given over £500,000 to spin the Iraq War and Tony Blair made him a life peer). The PR Agency also offered advice to relatives of Litvinenko and his spokesman Alex Goldfarb.

From John Major onwards, all UK Prime Ministers, including the 2 from Scotland, who ran the Labour Party, were members of Common Purpose. Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg was Deputy Prime Minister, courtesy Cameron and then you have most of the REMOANER MPs, over in Westminster also members of Common Purpose. Who are not only financed by the UK tax payer, owing to being an NGO, but, also heavily linked into Integrity Initiative and Statecraft. Now why does the UK Government fund those NGOs and why are Anne Applebaum and Bill Browder members of Integrity Initiative?

Another Common Purpose Member and good friend of John Major, was the Conservative Party Chairman, Chris Pattan. When the electorate failed to vote him back into Westminster, Major decided to politicalise the post of Hong Kong Governor, in time for the handover to China, and handed the position to his Common Purpose friend and colleague, Christopher Patten. Around the time that the CIA were causing problems in Hong Kong and had to be replaced by the US NED NGO. Patten, once Hong Kong was handed back to China, was redundant and ended up as an EU Commissioner, followed by Director General of the BBC, leaving, around the time Mark Thomson, the CEO of the NY Times, left, owing to the Jimmy Saville cover up.


1989 – Bush takes over from Reagan as President of the US.
1989 – Gorbechev, Bush and Maggie Thatcher, hold talks concerning the dismantling of the Warsaw Pact and fall of the Soviet Union.
1990 – Margaret Thatcher steps down and is replaced by John Major.
1991 the fall of the Soviet Union.
1992 – Halyna Freeland arrives in Ukraine, the mother of Chrystia Freeland and is asked to lend a hand with the Ukraine Constitution. She then asks Soros to give her some assistance.
2002 – Burisma Holding is created, allegedly with the help of the President of Ukraine, Kuchna, whose son-in-law is more than happy to hand over $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, not including the money his wife was happy to hand over, via her AIDS Foundation.
2004 – Clintons turn up in Ukraine and Soros funds the Ukraine Orange Revolution, Part 1.
2006 – Obama turns up in Ukraine with a suitcase full of $US, persuading them to give up their domestic weapons.
2013 – Burisma ends up under the control of Privatt Group, which was run by the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who was persona non grata, over in the US. Well until he offered the son of the Vice President of the US a job, together with a similar position for the step-son of the US Secretary of State.
Burisma Holdings, which together with Soros Open Society Foundation, happily contributes to the accounts of the Atlantic Council. How many members of the Atlantic Council, who used to have donations of around $2 million, just a short time ago and now have donations of around $20 million, can also be found in many ‘think tanks’ whose only common link, happens to be having problems with Russia.

Funny that. Anyway, back to the article.

AM Hants

Another section from the above article:

‘…The FBI literally paid for the fabricated information, leaked it to the media and politicians who hated Trump, then used their reports and that dossier when fed back to them, to get warrants to spy on Trump. But then the kimchee hits the fan for real. Trump gets elected! So, who jumps over to Ukraine to protect the conspiracy from being found out? Brennan’s 9/11 partner, Joseph Cofer Black…

Within days of Trump’s inauguration was immediately put in place in Ukraine to prevent anyone from talking. The Board of Burisma Holdings—the same centre of Ukraine corruption used by Joe Biden in 2014 to enrich his kid— was the base from which to shield the Democrat origins of the Russia Hoax and its intel roots from any real investigation…’

Trump was inaugurated, back in January 2017. January 2017 McCain and Lindsey Graham were in Ukraine, no doubt welcoming in the New Year. The same month that Biden also turned up in Kiev. I wonder if they all were present for the Board of Burisma Holding Meeting, to discuss the Trump problem?

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