New Syrian Army Offensive on Al-Bukamal Ended as Failure


Click to see the full-size map

Click to see the full-size map

The ISIS terrorist group has repelled the advance of the US-backed militant group, knowns as “New Syrian Army”, helped by Western-backed special forces near the strategic city of Al-Bukamal in the Deir Ezzor province.

ISIS fighters have reportedly killed 40 NSyA militants and captured 15 others. 6 vehicle-mounted automatic cannons and 6 trucks loaded with ammunition have been also captured by ISIS.

The NSyA has withdrawn from the recently captured al-Hamadan military airport and the nearby Hamdan village.

ISIS-linked media outlets have released photos and videos of weapons and equipment alledgedly captured from the NSyA:






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  • VGA

    Another failed USA pet project? ISIS must be happy for their war spoils.

    Maybe after a thousand other train and equip disasters, the mongoloids will understand? Stick with the kurds and stop trying to build up mercenary army units …

  • Blib

    I don’t know which is the last information… this one or this another one: ? Both of them are from the same day.