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New Syrian Army Offensive In Idlib Becoming Inevitable As Militants Sabotage Joint Turkish-Russian Patrols

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New Syrian Army Offensive In Idlib Becoming Inevitable As Militants Sabotage Joint Turkish-Russian Patrols

On March 15, Russian and Turkish forces conducted a first joint patrol in Greater Idlib in the framework of the new de-escalation agreement reached in Moscow. The planned route of the patrol goes along the M4 highway, where a buffer zone was set to be created. However, in fact the patrol happened just a few km west of the government-controlled town of Saraqib. The entire buffer zone and a notable area to the south of it, a total of 750km2, remains in the hands of terrorists. There were no signs of any withdrawal of heavy weapons or militants from the area.

The Russian military said that the patrol mission was shortened because of provocations by radicals. According to the released statement, terrorists used civilians, including women and children, as human shields. The Russian side added that Turkey was given more time to get rid of the extremists and ensure the safety of further joint missions. Surprisingly, the Turkish Defense Ministry admitted that there were some measures taken to prevent possible provocations. Nonetheless, it did not bother itself with explaining what kind of difficulties the sides experienced. Maybe because the Turkish military column itself faced a hard time moving through supporters of radical groups deployed on the M4 highway. Radicals and their supporters have been blocking the part of the highway laying in southern Idlib since March 13.

Earlier in March, Turkish top officials repeatedly vowed to crush any force that would oppose the implementation of the new de-escalation agreement. The Turkish leadership easily forgot these declarations, when it appeared that the main obstacle to the implementation of the agreement were organizations directly or indirectly supported by Ankara. Unfortunately, there is nothing new in this behavior. Over the month, the Erdogan government has showcased itself as a consistent supporter of the seedlings of terrorism remaining in Idlib.

Meanwhile, Idlib armed groups continued undermining efforts of the Turkish media and diplomacy to paint them as a moderate opposition. On March 15, media affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham offered a bounty of $25,000 to any person that would kill Evgeny Poddubny or Oleg Blokhin. Both of them are Russian war correspondents currently working on the frontline in Idlib and covering military developments there. Contrary to their Turkish and Western colleagues, they do not turn a blind eye to terrorist ideology and actions of Idlib armed groups. Later ‘Idlib democratic activists’ upped the bounty offering to $50,000 for anybody who would kill Poddubny. The amount of $100,000 is proposed for the aforementioned journalist or any member of the Russian patrol mission captured alive.

At the same time, the National Front for Liberation, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other militant organizations intensified their recruiting campaign in northwestern Syria. Persons with a large amount of “free time” and in good physical condition now can join even Hayat Tahrir
al-Sham’s special forces unit, the so-called Red Bands. This fact is another confirmation of the heavy casualties suffered by terrorist groups during the past years of the war.

On top of this, the security situation is once again deteriorating in northern Syria. According to pro-militant sources, an IED attack hit a military convoy of Turkish-led forces near the town of Ras al-Ayn. Three militants and two Turkish soldiers were reportedly killed in the attack.

The recent Turkish-Russian de-escalation agreement allowed to put an end to military hostilities between the Syrian Armed Forces and the Turkish Army. However, its effect will be temporary and will not last for long if the issue of radicals in Greater Idlib is not solved in the nearest future.

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Al Balog

Party time soon. Can’t wait for more of the green on the map to turn red. Russia and Syria are ready ?. Translated the article from Italian:


Moscow: Al Qaeda-linked militants reorganize to launch major counter-offensive in Idlib

The Russian Foreign Ministry said militia groups in the Idlib de-escalation area have rearmed themselves and are preparing to launch counterattacks against the Syrian Arab army, highlighting the need to eliminate and hold them accountable.

The Russian foreign ministry raised the alarm in a statement quoted today by the Russia Today website : “Large armed formations belonging to various terrorist organizations, including Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Hurras Al-Deen, which continue to use the ideological principles and terrorist methods of al-Qaeda are gathering in the Idlib region. ”

Despite this warning, however, armed groups have yet to refrain from launching major attacks.

A source from the Syrian Arab Army told Al-Masdar that jihadist groups are still present south of the M-4 (Aleppo-Latakia) highway, but there have still been no major attacks.

The Russian army gave Turkey more time to force these militias to leave their posts south of the M-4 highway; however, if they refuse to leave, the Syrian army will resume its offensive.

Pave Way IV

“…Large armed formations belonging to various terrorist organizations…”

What’s the Russian phrase for targets of opportunity? Happy head-chopper hunting, VKS. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4aa8c7a0d60616ea71d7e6297302e1799c6142f1c3dbbec33941871423fd2934.jpg


Not to worry, the moderates have re-armed meanwhile, so it’ll be an even fight again. God forbid the SAA having an overwhelming advantage.


It will never be an even fight. The SAA is a professional army and becoming more so by the day. They are battle hardened. The Idlib jihadi forces lose territory each time they attack. It will soon be over.

Kerd Siken

Is this a joke? SAA were losing against Rebels, 2015 RU,IRAN,HEZ came to help you , even with so many countries and bombing you could not finish rebels.

Joe Doe

Nothing new. Turkey and militans using this time to rearm, resupply, regroup and reinforce its front line. I would question Putin, which site he supporting. Doesn’t look like he is on SYria site. Putin should take arms and go fight the Turkey and militans by himself. Maybe he start understand what kind blunder he did again

Tudor Miron

I would not even question which side you’re actually supporting because this is obvious – zio troll supporting the terrorist rats. Your “camouflage” doesn’t work Joey.

Hasbara Hunter

BWAHAHAHAHAHA…what a bullshit…thanks for the laughs boy…now go go get your $hekels…


These camoflaged zioc7nts ate getting numerous my brother. Im glad no one is fooled

Hasbara Hunter

Them is Shapeshifters…Changing Names & Avatars…but the same folks…pretending to be Sun Tzu & his Entire Army…but they are poor lonesome Schyzophrenic Retards posting bullshit for a fistful of $hekels….they never stood a chance..


Stop farting please.

Karen Bartlett

Now’s the time for Turkey to carry out its promise, if they intend to.

Kerd Siken

What about Russia taking out YPG as they agreed before from N-Syria. Don’t think we forgot about that.

Karen Bartlett

You mean Turkey won’t live up to its agreement unless a prior (and not discussed in this agreement) condition is filled? Did they have their fingers crossed when they agreed?

Kerd Siken

Maybe, we can ask the Russian same question, are they scares to take out YPG because of USA. I hope putin will keep his promise too. Anyway if not we will enter N-Syria with or without RU..


“terrorists used civilians, including women and children, as human shields” Perhaps the Americans or Israelis could assist in clearing this obstacle. That is their area of expertise after all.

Hasbara Hunter


Concrete Mike

LOL good one!

Constellation 2023

Barbarian Assad regime, its terrorist militias and the murderuous Russian Air Force won’t rest until they kill all the innocent civilians in Syria.

Hasbara Hunter

Told you before: Your Avatar betrays you….Hell Aviv HQ…

Just another Kidkilling ZioNazi Epstein Paedophile

Icarus Tanović

From which planet the punk is from…

Hasbara Hunter

The little turd must have popped out of a black hole….

Concrete Mike

He was such a peice.of.shit, the black.hole spit it out.

Tudor Miron

Which civilians? Al Queda or Daesh?

Daily Beatings

Yes. Next question …


Ok now back to sleep.


……………ha ha great comment from a space cowboy……………….you are obviously occupying another planet……………please stay there.

Lazy Gamer

They’re not innocent if they support the headchopping(thats terrorism) and a new state(rebellion). They were given multiple chances for reconciliation, to take advantage of the amnesty, and to participate in the amendment of the constitution. Their choice is clear enough.


Hey, “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUTION,” Is your country planting virus in China to kill people ?, but ohhh, the virus is now out of control and even your country is in serious treat.


please they don’t care about americans, i think they want to steal from and kill everyone

Hasbara Hunter

Just kill every filthy AngloZioNazi Headchopper in Idlibistan..turn’m into Dog-Chow….including any Turd & Outpost that stands in the way…

Kerd Siken

If you and your russia,Iran were so strong they won’t let the Turks in syria anyway. Is that a Wolf pic you use?

Hasbara Hunter

No that is a Djungarian Hamster pretty fierce creatures…Russia & Iran play a game of chess for a couple of years now boy…Your folks continuously get fooled & played with…I don’t think you realize it yet…But they were always three steps ahead…you will just notice when the time is there because you are too stupid too understand chess…

Kerd Siken

Maybe you right, But i think checkmate is already done (not by putin) that’s why Putin invited Erdo to Russia for ceasefire. Russian made weapons that they sold to 9 other countries were toys for Turkish army. And now Russia need to find a very very good lie to keep the customers satisfied :)

Hasbara Hunter

Russia know that ceasefires with’m AngloZioNazi Headchopping Cunts won’t last long…in the meantime that ceasefire can be used to build up reinforcements in newly conquered territory….Slowly but surely retaking Idlibistan…Longest Haul

Icarus Tanović

You know why it won’t work, it won’t be happening? Because those are Wahhabis. Nuff said…

Kerd Siken

Wahhabi Headchoppers are not supported by Turkey but by US and SA. We support only SNA.

Hasbara Hunter



Kerd Siken

Russian propaganda machine. They are good at it from Soviet times. They made up fake stories to put Turkey in a bad situation for international community’s perception. All of them were debunked, those trucks they showed turned out to be coming from KRG (Barzani). Barzani himself confirmed and was verified by geolocation and timing of the shown trucks. You can believe whatever you like.

Hasbara Hunter

Good…I personally prefer the Russian Propaganda-Machine…The AngloZioNazis have been lying to me since the day I was born…the AngloZionazis tried to blame Russia of everything…Skripals… Chemical Weapons in Syria…Terrorists…guess what? It were the fuckn AngloZioNazis Playing a little Blame-game all along…the Babylonian Magic is gone to Hell…We will Crush every Filthy AngloZioNazi Lie…

Icarus Tanović

Let’s just capture those areas inculding Wahhabi headchoppers and see who is their REAL master. Who they’re working for.

Hasbara Hunter

The AnglozioNazi-Elites ofcourse including Rothschild, Queen Elizabeth & the Pope…the Jewish House of Saud & their Headchopping Wahhabis are nothing but the Babylonian Whores of USRAHELL…

Take Mohammed Ben Shlomo to some Black Site…the Khashoggi-Chopper will sing like a Birdie…


I believe the Russians has use this time to supply the Syrian army with the means to defend itself against the Turkish drone and the mean to located artillery positions.

Tudor Miron

Good thought.

Pave Way IV

“…the Turks should not be in Turkey and by them being there is a clear violation of UN laws .”

Heh… “Turks out of Turkey! Remove kebab from premises!”

But I think you may have meant Turks should not be in Syria, cliff. A lot of Turks would probably agree with you about that.

Tim Williams


Kerd Siken

Hold on, Time is up in N-Syria long time ago.

Concrete Mike

Tell you what, GTFO of Idlib so we can kill al nusrah, then we can placate the kurds.

Everyone happy? Of course not you wahabbi fascists are never happy.

Kerd Siken

Good deal.

Tim Williams

Turkey has until the end of the month now …



hahahaha I thought it was Erdogay who gave an ultimatum to Assad to leave by the end of February! Now Erdy has got 13 days to f*ck off himself out of Syria !


Tim Williams

During this stall …RATS are digging in …


Willing Conscience (The Truths

So if we get this from the moderate opposition protesters what can we expect from the terrorist controlled areas, more stones and bigger banners, mmm, the patrols will need heavier vehicles and bigger guns. The SAA can’t attack this area because it officially protected by the new agreement, but to the west HTS are in full control of the area they’re in and they’re not covered by the new agreement, so we should be able to attack them and legally liberate the territory they occupy without breaking the agreement, that would take the SAA right up to the buffer zone along three quarters of the M4. The maps show the SAA still hitting HTS with artillery strikes so hopefully they’re softening them up before they do make an attempt to reclaim the area. But what I want to know is how do we get to the rest if HTS and Al Nusra above the new buffer zone, because even if the Russians and Turks do put into effect this new co patrolled buffer zone, how do we get past the Turkish patrols that will be patrolling the 6 km wide buffer area to the north of the highway, the Russian will be patrolling the southern part of the highway and the Turks the north, that presents a problem. So how do we get to the rest of the terrorists that live above the new buffer zone, do we have to go through the Turks to get to them, that’ll be the only way the SAA can, and that will effectively break the new ceasefire, so something’s not adding up right again, and why have they called it a buffer zone, hopefully the dictionary definition doesn’t apply, if it does there’ll be a few disappointed people. I wonder what a group of patrolling Turkish soldiers would do if they come across a bunch of Uighurs, who’d just robbed and murdered a heap of pro Assad civilians using the highway, would they arrest them and take them to court, or would they think hang on a second, just a few days ago we were fighting side by side with theses guys killing SAA soldiers and civilians alike, what would they do if they thought about that, maybe some of the more conscientious would do the right thing, but not everyone does, especially after they’ve just been fighting against the victims themselves. Buffer zone, mmm, and what does a buffer zone do, it buffers between 2 different things, mmm, OK.

Xoli Xoli

Any attack on Terrorists should be spearhead by Russia as Putin is the one who made the agreement with Erdogan. Erdogan pump in Turkey troops on daily basis in Syria instead of forcefully disarming terrorist in Idlip.Erdogan is driven by own desires and not interested in disarming of his terrorists. Erdogan and Turkey croocks only threaten Syria not the terrorists.

cechas vodobenikov

the CIA returns to SF—-fascist 2023 displays her stupidity below


Offender Europe 2020 cancelled

Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

US, UK, Jewish state of Israel and Turkey are the major supporters of terrorist organizations worldwide. This time, however, they must shut up, because Russia gave time to Turkey to secure the area, and if Turkey cannot do it, then Russia will annihilate those subhumans and scums the west supports so much.

bouncer dogsly

Turkey will allow a kill zone. Turkey is only there because it does not want the Jihadis pushed into Turkey. You can bet planning is going on behind the scenes to allow Jihadi attacks so they can be killed. It’s the only answer. Turkey must have reflected by now that it was a fool ever to get involved in this regime change fiasco. It has totally been left hold the hot potato by the UK, EU, US, Gulf states and Israel. All are fairweather friends. All Israel can do now is try and keep it going and hope to move the problems into Turkey. The West now has big problems of its own with Coronavirus, the Jihadis could fake dropping an atomic gas bomb in Idlib and the West would not bat an eyelid. Just heard that the US are drawing down forces in Iraq. They are nothing more than sitting ducks now.

cechas vodobenikov

Putin refused to travel to Istanbul—he would not go to Sochi to meet Erdgone–who came crawling to Moscow and begged Russia to stop killing the turk/jihadi cowards in Idlib—the amerikan/turk imperialists r nearly irrelevant…losing territory in both Syria and Libya

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