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JUNE 2021

New Style of Special Ops in Ukraine

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New Style of Special Ops in Ukraine

In the east of Ukraine, representatives of the Kiev authorities (Ukraine) took a minor girl as a hostage to pressure her mother who is a law enforcement officer in the city of Lugansk. Now this part of the Lugansk Province is not under the control of the central government, but is the administrative center of the self-proclaimed “Lugansk People’s Republic” (LPR or LNR).

The Ministry of State Security of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (one of two self-proclaimed republics during the civil conflict in the East of Ukraine) was reportedly addressed by Marina Gojko, who was a servicewoman of the local law enforcement body. The woman became a victim of kidnappings methods of work of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

A short while ago the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) took the minor child of Marina Gojko as a hostage. The girl had been on vacation with her grandmother living in the territory controlled by Kiev.

The mother reported that SSU (the Security Service of Ukraine) officers delivered an ultimatum asking for cooperation with them and feeding them with all the classified information requested. In exchange, they promise to keep Marina’s elderly parents alive and release her daughter. (the video could be seen in Russian by follow this link)

Situation in the region with observance of human rights had been long gone far beyond the red lines by all the parties of the conflict.

However, the fact that official representatives of a government can take a minor child as a hostage for the purpose of bluntly blackmailing of the mother is highly questionable even for ISIS.

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Tudor Miron

Nah, thats OK for ISIS and Ukro nazi. Both burned people alive so there’s no barriers there.


Well fucking reverse the deed and take their kids hostage. Fucking cunts.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Gee! Don’t we all love “European values” and Banderised Ukraine’s “civilizational choice”? Like a hole in the head!

Keith Smith

better than mulsim values

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Aaaah! Don’t be surprised if Banderised Ukrainians team up with ISIS. They already have supplied rocket engines to NK. Now what would you like ISIS to have? Nuclear dirty bomb? Fully armed ICBM? Desperate failed nations do desperate things.
Gee! Don’t we just all love “European values”???

Keith Smith

WHOLE of islam.

jason sixx

This is disgusting. I can’t bellieve this. Is it true? Are there photos of the kidnapped child?


A holes and justice will coming some time soon.


A bit more evidence for this story wouldn’t hurt, but in general, fascists do what fascists do. As others have also remarked, people have been burned alive for no other crime than being on the wrong side, and the continuing impunity kinda makes the latter an official act. The positive, educational messages from Ilovaysk and Debaltsevo have all but worn off, it may be about time for another lesson.


So they can do this to one child and its mum.
Think what it will do to thousands of others when the USA arms Kiev and hands it missiles as it plans on doing.
God help the Donbass.
There has never been such an evil force in our known world history as the USA – it needs bringing down before it incinerates the planet.


“However, the fact that official representatives of a government can take a minor child as a hostage for the purpose of bluntly blackmailing of the mother is”…. par for the course for an American ally.

Perhaps we should be grateful they didn’t tie the child to a stake in a large field and threaten to drop a bomb on her if mother & co didn’t agree?

Or is that still coming?

Jan Tjarks

The mafia can’t be worse.


The shit cuts two ways. The dills have killed in the Donbass and in Russia. And they have been hit back’ in EUkrainia. EUkrainia is far less safe, to-day, than it was in 2013. There are a number of reasons for that – one of them is ‘enemy action’.

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