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New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront

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The Euro-Atlantic establishment and global corporations seem to be so terrified by SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence that they stop at nothing to suppress SouthFront’s voice and damage our work.

On August 21, Google unilaterally disabled SouthFront’s official Google AdSense account claiming that it “was found to be non-compliant with the AdSense program policies”. Just like in the case of censorship of SouthFront on YouTube and Facebook, this decision was made without any advance warning or real explanation. (The long story of SouthFront censorship on YouTube and Facebook can be found here: 1 – Facebook, 2 – YouTube)

Funds collected on the account for the last 1.5 months were in fact stolen.

New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront

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In previous month, SouthFront was able to use the revenue from GoogleAds banners on southfront.org to fill gaps in our monthly donation budget created by the increasing censorship and pressure campaign aimed at our endeavor. The goal of this campaign is to limit SouthFront’s audience reach by banning on the most popular public platforms, limit the donation flow to SouthFront and discredit our team as a whole. Not backed by corporations or governments, SouthFront operates thanks to the audience’s donations.

Despite this unprecedented pressure campaign, which was publicly assisted by the US State Department, and thanks to your support, SouthFront was able to survive in the recent month. However, the August 21 situation demonstrates that Euro-Atlantic structures and global corporations are determined to employ any, even illegal steps, to destroy SouthFront.  In own turn, SouthFront Team officially declares that we will not surrender and fight against the mainstream censorship and propaganda until our last breath.

Chaotic and illegal attempts of our ill-wishers to damage SouthFront work only confirm that we are on the right track. Dear friends, together, we will be able to overcome any challenges and difficulties and fight back against the mainstream censorship and propaganda.



Account: southfront@internet.ru

New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront

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New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront

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New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront


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New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront

New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront


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New Step In Google’s Fierce Campaign To Destroy SouthFront

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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Google and US are the worst existing Scoundrels, nothing new !

Chris Moses

Join Nebula and tell Google to fuck off!


I submitted Southfront as a channel that should be invited. Check it out! Many other channels who are also being targeted by Google/US Government are there.


Traiano Welcome


Ivan Freely

Although one could say that it’s about punishing those that don’t toe-the-line, I suspect it’s also about the dwindling revenue from advertisers. As more companies approach bankruptcy, eventually Google would start rewarding only faithful US-based content creators.

Traiano Welcome

And therein lies yet another market for China to rush into …




Good point,there’s also 3rd party parasites whos corresponance aint the genuine article too:


So all the pro-Trump voices were already ‘demonetized’ and ‘deplatformed’ then you wonder how the same happen with a pro-Putin voice ROFL


Hello occupybacon, SouthFront has never denied that we provide a platform for all sides interested in a constructive discussion, including the pro-Russian perspective. You regularly read southfront.org and actively write comments under articles. It is surprising to see that you pretend that you do not know this and is even more surprising to see claims about SouthFront being a “pro-Putin voice”, no matter what this means. It is an open secret that SouthFront’s coverage and analysis do not fit and even often go contrary to the Russian mainstream agenda. This ‘surprising fact’ can be easily checked by reading Russian news media. No surprise Western mainstream media organizations cover the work of SouthFront much more often than Russian ones. Large Russian media ignore SouthFront. Apparently, they also see SouthFront work as a threat to their narrative.

In any case, if one checks SouthFront articles questioning the actions of the Russian authorities or criticizing them, one would find hundreds of content pieces. In fact, it is hard to find a southfront.org article that would provide a solely positive view on the current internal political situation in Russia or on the actions of Moscow in the last 1-2 years. If you consider this being pro-Putin/pro-Russian voice, we kindly advice you to consider joining the US State Department group that is tasked with writing fairy tales about SouthFront. Taking into account the low quality of the State Department report, they apparently need some fresh blood. https://southfront.org/southfront-sends-warmest-greetings-to-us-department-of-state/

Best regards, SF Team

P.S. As to the ongoing censorship campaign against independent media organizations, activists and just people whose opinion do not fit the mainstream neo-liberal/globalist agenda, this is a visible confirmation that the freedom of speech in fact does not exist in the modern West.


As censorzhip annoys me more than supporting an autocratic regime, I never seen a single article that would give a chance to the Russian oposition. And not siding with the Western Media is not enough for the title ‘Independent’.


Go msm or bbc then,why do cia/greedy fascist pigs expect similar? You don’t belong free speech,accept the fact you ain’t independant,hell no! So you must protest,dave it for soros run medias,you shan’t change reality!


I’ve seen plenty of criticism of Russia in SF articles.


sides interested in a constructive discussion,



Yet again you got no proof!Either way your’e fkd wrong or reight


With Infowars Alex Jones said that his detractors went after his advertisers and he lost them. Not quite what happened to SF, but similar. Jones responded by selling products directly off his site. And purportedly generated $400 million in revenue doing this over the years. That purportedly paid for in house computer servers and a staff of 100 employees.


I’d by specops products for ops off of SF if they had what I buy at competitive prices.

Charles Homer

Here is an article that looks at how Google/YouTube is censoring the COVID-19 narrative:


The truth is now in the hands of the American oligarchy.

Traiano Welcome

We need to break the monopoly google has over the world of English search. Companies like Yandex and Baidu should be lobbied to extend their english search services beyond Russia and China and compete directly with Google and Bing.

Ivan Freely

IMHO, there are no reliable search engine. However, Qwant, StartPage, or SearX are viable alternatives.

Traiano Welcome

True. I am seeing large scale efforts by google to filter out any potential anti-US anti-Zionist information in the last 2 years. Information and results I could find with google before are now buried beneath mountains of pro US/Pro Zionist propaganda.

If you want to test how bad it is just try searching for “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion”. You’ll get the shock of your life!


Abandon and never use Google !

DuckDuckGo is excellent search engine that preserves your privacy! I have been using it for years !

Ivan Freely

Although DDG is what I also use on a daily basis, there have been reports of it being compromised. In reality, there are no reliable search engines and it’s best to use multiple search engines (i.e. Yandex, Qwant, StartPage, etc…).


You think they are selling a data to Google and others playing nice guy?

OK thanks


So sorry to hear about the latest outrage perpetrated against you by the plutocrats in my country (Note: Since the U.S. is a plutocracy, ‘plutocrats’ necessarily includes the government). My country never ceases to find new ways to make me ashamed.

Trap Is Not Gay

Depending on the Jew is all they wish for Christmas


Not all letters can be trusted by the west,google south front,well,well,more famous than ever it seems!

kajetán pičura

what? you are unhappy with CIA’s front end, named Google?


In the US ziosphere the censorship problem permeates the media, including the alt media:


Alberto Garza

that happened in texas >? taht is clearly a case of child abuse.

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