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New Stage Of Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict Already Turned Into Regional War

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On September 27, the first open regional war started in the South Caucasus region since the conflict in the South Ossetia in 2008. The 2008 conflict started after the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, which led to the Russian peace-enforcement operation and the defeat of the US-backed Saakashvili regime. The 2020 war became the result of the Armenian-Azerbaijani standoff for the Nagorno Karabakh region. Azerbaijani forces have been advancing in Nagorno-Karabakh to restore control over the area.

HINT: The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic a de facto independent state with an Armenian ethnic majority established on the basis of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic as a result of the Nagorno-Karabakh War (February 1988 – May 1994). This territory is de-facto controlled by Armenia, while Azerbaijan still seeks to restore control over the region.

New Stage Of Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict Already Turned Into Regional War

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An intense fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces has been ongoing in the Nagorno-Karabakh region since early September 27. According to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, the country’s forces have already captured at least 7 villages, located close to the Iranian border.

Azerbaijani forces have been actively shelling positions of Armenian forces and territories controlled by them, including the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic – Stepanakert. 

Both sides claim that they caused multiple casualties and destroyed dozens of equipment pieces of the ‘enemy’. Azerbaijani sources even destroyed Armenia’s “S-300 system” in their Twitter claims. In turn, Armenia claims that it destroyed at least 21 military drones of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani strikes on positions and equipment of the Armenian military:

The Azerbaijani Parliament approved the martial law bill, while the country’s president Ilham Aliyev already signed it.

“I have said many times, and I want to say today that we must resolve this issue so that the people of Azerbaijan are satisfied with this. We must restore historical justice. We must do this to restore the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan,” Aliyev said at a meeting of the Security Council.

“I have repeatedly said that we do not need an incomplete solution to this issue, this conflict. We are on our own land, we do not need the lands of other countries. But we will not give our land to anyone. I have repeatedly said that we will never allow the creation of a second so-called “Armenian state” on Azerbaijani soil. We will never allow this, and today’s events show it again,”Aliyev added.

Destroyed Azerbaijani military equipment:

The address to the nation made by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan clearly signs that Armenia is in the state of an open war with Azerbaijan:

The enemy must understand that all Armenians stand behind Artsakh today. The Prime Minister’s message to the people

Dear Compatriots,
Proud Citizens of the Republic of Armenia, Proud Citizens of the
Artsakh Republic,
Proud Armenians of the Diaspora,
Sisters and Brothers,

The Artsakh Republic has been under aggression by the Azerbaijani armed forces since early this morning.

The peaceful population of Artsakh, the capital Stepanakert, the civil infrastructure of the Artsakh Republic are being bombed. There are already casualties and injuries, including among the civilian population.

Using heavy weapons, artillery, infantry, the enemy attacks the positions of the Defense Army in all directions. The Defense Army is currently fighting stubbornly and honorably fulfilling its task of defending Artsakh by taking action based on the situation.

Dear people, The

dictatorial regime of Ilham Aliyev has resumed hostilities. It is a war declared for the Armenian people. It is a war against our independence, freedom and dignity.

The Armenian people are ready for that war. Because he has always soberly realized that the hatred, enmity and hatred with which the Azerbaijani dictatorship has been feeding its people for decades could not lead to any result other than war. The dictatorship of Azerbaijan has become a hostage of its own anti-Armenian policy and today tries to justify its own propaganda promises to resolve the Karabakh conflict by military means.

The Armenian people are ready to strike a worthy blow at the enemy. The Republic of Armenia is the guarantor of the security and independence of the Artsakh Republic. And the Republic of Armenia today stands behind Artsakh with all the potential of its population and state system. We will make every effort possible and impossible to keep the borders of our homeland inviolable, to protect our freedom and independence. As of 1994 The Republic of Armenia, a signatory to the ceasefire agreement, will take necessary actions in the political, diplomatic and military arenas to ensure the physical security of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh and to impose peace on the enemy.

At the moment, the enemy is already suffering significant losses of human and military equipment. Azerbaijan must realize that the combat effectiveness of our army is higher today than ever. The enemy must understand that all Armenians are behind Artsakh today.

We are united as always. We are united, as we have been in all the crucial moments of our history, when the enemy has threatened our existence, our identity and our values. The dictatorial authorities of Azerbaijan must understand that it is impossible to bring the Armenian people to their knees. We have had many crucial moments and overcome many difficulties in our millennial history. Our case is fair and this criminal encroachment will also receive a worthy counterattack.

We are well aware that the Azerbaijani dictatorship may launch military operations in the direction of the borders of the Republic of Armenia and resort to various provocations to completely destabilize the situation in the region. This is the reason why a state of martial law and a general mobilization have been declared in the Republic of Armenia by the decision of the government.

I call the attention of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs and the international community to the seriousness of the situation. The outbreak of a large-scale war in the South Caucasus, which we are now on the verge of, could have the most unpredictable consequences. It could go beyond the borders of the region and reach a much larger scale, threatening international security and stability.

I call on the international community to use all its levers of influence to refrain from any possible interference by Turkey, which will ultimately destabilize the situation in the region. Turkey’s aggressive behavior, which was especially dangerous during the events of July and continues today, is a matter of serious concern. Maintaining such a dangerous stance by Turkey has the most devastating consequences for the South Caucasus and the surrounding regions. The international community must work together to prevent the dangerous development of events and to refrain from any attempts to destabilize the region.

Dear compatriots,

Today we are in serious danger. The situation is getting worse with the epidemic. Therefore, the seriousness of the moment requires the vigilance of all of us. Our victory depends on the individual effort and behavior of each of us and our united, collective.

I call on everyone to show the highest level of discipline and high civic awareness. And we will win.

And so,
Long live Freedom,
Long live the Republic of Armenia , Long live the Republic of
Artsakh , Long live
us and our children, who will live in a Free and Happy Armenia, a Free and Happy Artsakh.
Glory to the Armenian Army.
Eternal glory to the Armenian soldier.

Armenia also declared the martial law and the mass mobilization. Armenian reservists already started their deployment to the frontline:

NATO, and thus the United States – the ‘best friend’ of the pro-US Pashinyan government, called on the sides to avoid the escalation and return to the ceasefire regime. Therefore, the ‘demoratic leadership’ of Armenian was forced to ask help in Russia, which has for years been a guarantor of the Armenian sovereignity. Pashinyan made a phone call to President Vladimir Putin to discuss the situation in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

“The Russian side expressed serious concern over the resumption of large-scale armed clashes. It was noted that it is now important to take all the necessary efforts to prevent further escalation of the confrontation, and most importantly, it is necessary to stop military operations,” the Kremlin press service said.

In the current conditions, and taking into account the apparent pro-US stance of the Armenian political regime, it is unlikely that Russia will employ any active military measures to put an end to the Azerbaijani advance in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. At the same time, if Azerbaijani or Azerbaijani-Turkish forces enter Armenia itself, Russia will intervene in the conflict to rescue the Armenian statehood.

SouthFront reviwed a possible scenario of the Armenian-Azerbaijani(Turkish) war in the 2008 analysis released after the coup in which the pro-US Pashinyan group seized power in Armenia:

The question arises, why did Russia choose a course for complete self-elimination and non-interference in the current crisis in Armenia?

Some believe that this may be linked to the possibility that the Russian leadership has drawn a lesson from mistakes made during previous actions in post-USSR states, for example from their failure in Ukraine or their partial failure in Georgia. So, the Russian nonintervention could well be linked to concern for its public image.Another point of view is that Russian strategy is based on the realpolitik approach. In the current regional situation, Russia will gain revenue from any developments of events in Armenia. The following scenarios or their hybrids are possible:

1) If the new Armenian leadership changes the country’s foreign policy course, or even breaks the military base agreement with Russia or withdraws from Russia-controlled international organization, Azerbaijan would, earlier or later exploit the new conditions to take back what it sees as its own lost territories – the Nagorno Karabakh region and nearby areas. The restoration of territorial integrity is one of the key foreign policy and military tasks of Azerbaijan and the ruling family of Aliyev. Turkey, still a NATO member state and a formal US ally, supports Azerbaijan in this intention.

If Armenia loses Russian support and an armed conflict over the Nagorno Karabakh region resumes, Azerbaijan’s forces are likely to take control of this area within 1-2 weeks. Certainly, the US would voice protests against the Azerbaijani actions and present an ultimatum to Azerbaijan but only if its forces enter into the territory of Armenia. In this scenario, Russia would act similarly and then, after the expected new internal crisis in the country triggered by military defeat, Russia would restore its influence in the region.

By then, the Nagorno Karabakh issue would be resolved because it would be in the hands of Azerbaijan, which is supported by Turkey, a NATO member state and a Russian partner in the region.

2) If the new Armenian leadership implements a double standard policy, de-facto conducting anti-Russian actions but keeping a pro-Russian public rhetoric and standing on ceremony, Moscow would get a formal pretext to reshape its presence, first of all military, in the region. Strategically, the military infrastructure in Syria is much more important for Russia. Additionally, Moscow would get grounds for shifting its diplomatic rhetoric over the Nagorno Karabakh issue, thus achieving closer cooperation with Turkey and Azerbaijan. If in this situation, Azerbaijan triggers the resumption of armed conflict over Nagorno Karabakh, Russia would remain a formal Armenian ally and a guarantor of its territorial integrity. Moscow would intervene into the conflict both politically and militarily, but only as far as necessary to prevent violation of Amrenia’s borders. Russia would not contribute military efforts to restore Armenian control over Nagorno Karabakh should the region be captured by Azerbaijan. In this scenario, Russia would keep and maybe even strengthen its position in the region once again acting as a defender of the Armenian nation.

3) If the new Armenian leadership shows political awareness and becomes engaged in not just a formal, but a real strategic alliance with Russia, the development of economic and cultural relations with the West would not detract from this alliance. Then, the Nagorno Karabakh conflict would remain frozen until the next major shift in the regional balance of power or until a political settlement of the conflict becomes possible. Russia would at least maintain its current influence and would maybe further improve its public image. While Armenia keeps a strong military political partnership with Russia, it is unlikely that Azerbaijan would make an open attempt to resume full-scale military hostilities.

4) The most unlikely scenario is that Armenia would fully shift its foreign policy course towards the US and enlist full support from its new “strategic” ally. The Russian military base would be replaced by a US one and the US would become a guarantor of the independence of Nagorno Karabakh or at least a military guarantor of its current undefined status in the case of a new round of military escalation with Azerbaijan. This scenario is extremely unlikely. Yerevan has little to offer Washington in exchange for the inevitable decline of US relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey. US forces are already deployed in the region, in Georgia. A new US military base in Armenia would not change the balance of power in the South Caucasus and the Middle East. Economically, Armenia also has nothing to offer the US. So, the only possible Armenian offer would be blatant anti-Russian propaganda in the Ukrainian or British scenario. In this case, Russia would turn to Azerbaijan, strengthen its alliance with Turkey, actively destabilizing the situation in Armenia itself, creating additional problems for the US in the region.

At this stage, it looks like the Armenian leadership is balancing between the scenario 2 and 3. In the future, the situation will develop depending on the level of strategic thinking of the new Armenian leadership and the inertia of the crisis situation created by Pashinyan, his supporters and sponsors for coming to power.

Analyzing the situation in the South Caucasus, one should remember that “the great game might never end”. A possible shift of Armenian foreign policy would certainly trigger a change in the local balance of power. Following unavoidable fluctuations, the system would return to find a temporary balance at a particular point. The big game will continue.

Some Turkish and Russian analysts believe that if Nagorno Karabakh returns to Azerbaijan’s control, a more stable system would be established in the region. This system would meet the needs of all three major regional actors. This position is based on the premise that Armenia is able to hold the system in its current quality and actually control the disputed territory only thanks to the balance between the formal traditional alliance with Russia and the unspoken patron-client relations between the Armenian elites and the Washington establishment.

Taken as a whole, the political crisis in Armenia is just the continuation of the events of “the Arab Spring” and “velvet revolutions”. It has once again confirmed the growth of global economic, demographic, cultural and civilizational issues paradigmatic to the development of civilization over the past 30 years.

Turkey, a NATO member state and a long-term strategic ally of Azerbaian, already declared its full support to the Azerbaijani advance in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Ankara also promised all needed help, including possible military assistance to Azerbaijan. According to local sources, at least ‘some’ Turkish units and equipment are already in Azerbaijan following the recent joint military drills there. Turkish-backed Syrian militants were also allegedly spotted in Azerbaijan.

The Turkish leadership also laid the blame for the current escalation on Armenia. According to the Azerbaijani-Turkish version of the events, Azerbaijani forces are conducting a “counter-offensive” to secure civilians and contain Armenain ceasefire violations.

An overwhelming majority of Turkish top officials and all state media made war-time statements and act in the format of the war propaganda and made calls about the need to deliver a devastating blow to Armenia, seize the Nagorno-Karabakh region and even unite Turkey and Azerbaijan. The general Turkic concept promoted by Turkey in previous years is ‘one nation, two states’. Noneheless, now it is moving towards ‘one nation, one state, one victory over Armenia’.

Hami Aksoy, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, wrote the following in Twitter:

“In this process (situation), Turkey fully supports Azerbaijan as we have a single heart. We will be with Azerbaijan however it wants.”

Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran declared that what it’s needed (time comes), Turkey and Azerbaijan will unite as “a single nation” and “a single state”.

Another interesting factor is that reports indicate that the constructive dialogue between Russia and Turkey is currently possible only on the level of foreign ministers. Other representatives of the Turkish side are too obsessed with a war propaganda. Earlier, Turkey decreased to almost zero the import of Russian natural gas and mostly imports Qatari liquefied natural gas. The Turkish government has been also building several LNG plants. At least 2 of them are located near the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which is being built by the Russians.

The Turkish action in support of Azerbaijan goes fully in the framework of Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman and Pan-Turkism project. A large part of the Turkish society is inspired and heavily indoctrinated by Turkish(Turkic) nationalism and fully supports the current format of the expansionism. For it, the recent Turkish setbacks in the eastern Mediterranean (the decision to agree on negotiations with Greece regarding the natural resources exploration) and the inability to achieve a decisive victory in Libya (the failure to capture Sirte) and Syria (the failure to defeat the Syrian Army) became a serious problem and limits the Turkish freedom of movement on the diplomatic scene. The current anti-Armenian propaganda and the aggressive support of the Azerbaijani advance on the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is also designed to contain these sentiments and order them into direction, which would fit the current foreign policy agenda of the Turkish leadership.

The military potential of the Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc is much higher than those of Armenia, which will not be able to secure its de-facto control over the Nagorno-Karabakh region without the Russian help. Meanwhile, Moscow, which as an Armenian ally will make steps to protect its statehood, will not likely employ military measures to help Armenia to fight Turkish-Azerbaijani forces in the contested region.

The Washington establishment that helped Pashinyan to seize power is also not hurrying up to assist its ‘new friends’ in Armenia. They see the Nagorno-Karabakh region as a possible point of contradictions between Russia and Turkey (which is useful to promote the US agenda in the Greater Middle East). The instability in South Caucasus, close to the borders of Russia and Iran, also contributes to the geopolitical interests of the United States. Therefore, the Pashinyan government should not expect any real help from the ‘democratic superpower’.

If the regional war between Azerbaijan and Armenia develops and further in the current direction, Armenia could lost at least a part of its positions in the contested region. In the worst-case scenario for the Armenian leadership, Azerbaijan, with help from Turkey, will have chances to restore control over the most of the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region.


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Lone Ranger

A weaponsystem is only as good as the operators. Thats why most the Russian SAMs especially the newer ones are almost totally automated.


yeap them nuke sites are gonna blow up, if you r not careful enough


im shufflin

The Objective

You shook when the drone stroke in Baghdad. You’ll sake even more when the MOP bombs start falling in Tehran. You Iranians be careful with your mouth and boastfulness. Allah doesn’t help an arrogant people. Just pray that this crisis with the U.S doesn’t lead to war. Just pray that Trump should not win. Any of these scenarios will likely see nukes dropped on Iran. There is no country who’s existence is more threatened than Iran today. And that’s partly due to your mouthiness.


Come on, nukes? Dropping nukes today, means you will get an immediate reaction from all the other nuclear powers. Nukes are not grenades. You cannot take them with you, in a mini van.

The Objective

No country on Earth will risk a nuclear war with America over Iran. And don’t kid yourself that America gives a fuck about what the world thinks of its using nukes on Iran. The reason Iran is very likely to get nuked in a war is because they will use missiles to cause widespread destruction in Israel. If Iran had good planes and Ships, it might avoid getting nuked by using just its planes and ships to bomb Israel and U.S targets even if doing so leads to a defeat for Iran. But Iran got no option but use missiles, and those big missiles are designed to cause severe damage. Israel will CERTAINLY respond with a nuclear strike should Iran use its big missiles in the war. That’s why Iran is avoiding a confrontation with either Israel or America. If Iran doesn’t use its big missiles, then the U.S. and Israel will practically bomb the shit out of Iran, but take far less damage than what they inflict – a very bad defeat for Iran that will likely lead to regime collapse.


Exactly Objective, and the mullahs know it too. Israel might be destroyed but we will rebuild ourselves, as for Iran they won’t be able to live there for the next 100,000 years.


SHUT THE F*CK UP JEW ! If you could “nuke” anybody you would do that to Iran long time ago! So shut the f*ck up!

Furkan Sahin

Israel can not build fast they do not have much oil if they are destroyed


When i read your s t u p i d comment I can see how much you are ignorant i d i o t hardly worthy off single word ! If you think that Russia and China would let US do that

than you understand jack s*it !!

US is not absolute Super Power any longer, they are not in position to nuke anybody who is their allay!


Well, depending on what actually caused the Beirut explosion, that might not actually be true…


What that has to do with nuking Iran? And do you have any proof that was nuke since you are mentioning it ? Even if so Lebanon is not Russian-Chinese allay and Hezbollah is not Lebanon (yet)


Wait, if “Lebanon is not Russian-Chinese allay,” what makes Iran one?

And I left the cause of the Beirut explosion an open statement because the investigation is ongoing, and that is in general. Do you have any proof ammonium nitrate explodes like that?


Not being expert I have my ideas what origin of explosion might be but it is irrelevant. Lets wait people who know exactly how things explode Iran is an allay because of

huge Chinese investment in Iran and military cooperation (follow the Russian news sources on that subject) It was underlined how cooperation China Iran Russia is extremely important so many times………..

To mention only few most important


Waiting sounds fair.

Now, Lebanon’s economic and military cooperation with Russia and China is not as extensive as what Iran has, but there is some, particularly as it relates to defending Syria. And the destruction of Beirut’s port actually was a blow to running the New Silk Road through there.


It is absurd to talk about when even Hezbollah is not making problem out of it (yet). If Russia and China would go in war after each incident we would be in WW3 long time ago. For me subject is closed, thank you.


It will explode just like that when there are several tons of the stuff,this was a IRA bomb in Manchester using a few hundred kilos of the stuff,so several tons would be devastating. https://youtu.be/HUl2ye6sPG8?t=96


Except, “officially,” the ammonium nitrate was not used on its own, was it? According to the Telegraph, the 1996 Manchester bomb also had semtex, a proper plastic explosive.

Assuming all that information is even legit, can we prove whether Beirut’s… what? Fireworks and petrol (?) can do the same thing to ammonium nitrate?


You just can’t get past your Wahabi mentality can you?

The Objective

I don’t just like mouthy people who claim bravery but act cowardly. Assad is much braver than the Mullahs.

Free man

I see in the Iranian media a fear of Azerbaijan’s victory. They fear that a strong Azerbaijan will in the future want to liberate the Azerbaijani areas, which are controlled / occupied by Iran. Indeed, there is no doubt that the Azeris in northern Iran will prefer to be united with their secular brethren from the north.

Free man

joonam, why so nervous. I’m simply against the occupation that is preventing me from visiting the mother land.


you are stack with your US SHIT-HOLE forever! so sit there and shut the fuck up loser!

Free man

Joonam, Your nervous posts only show that the liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani lands is a realistic possibility. I really want a vacation home on Urmia Lake .

Free man

I’m not going to participate in a cursing contest. Your lack of self-awareness is embarrassing.

Icarus Tanović

Stop talking and replying to them! Don’t you alreadt see that they trolling you, to the point of you want to smack someone of them. Just ignore them. Nothing’s gonna happen to Iran. They all know very well.


They can try …….but trust me that will be the end of Azebaijan…. There is always hard way to learn things in life… If wise tiny 9 million country should sit in her corner and shut the f*ck up and be happy that bigger guys have forgot about them

The Objective

Seems to me like you Iranians have no dignity and respect for others. Why would you insult someone just for making a comment you disagree with. This is a confirmation that Iranians are mostly violent because one who can utter such vile abuses can also kill someone over a disagreement. You deserve everything the U.S and Israel are doing to you and even more. Only a fool responds to any claim with insults. Learn to counter people’s claim a logical argument. People are not on this forum to read your insulting words. If you have no meaningful contribution to the discussion, then say nothing and only read. I wonder why SF doesn’t enact a policy that bars insulting people instead of making valid and logical arguments. Like I said, with this habit, I hope the U.S punishes your country more.


“Wise” African Sunni Turk lover soo full of s*it ! Shut the f*ck up you Trudogan @ss kisser !!

The Objective

then you should insult him not his mom. You have committed a sin even by Shiite standard. Were his mom or dad or relatives read your insult of him, they’ll be upset. In Islam, you don’t hold someone else responsible for another’s crime. Besides, a dispute like that existed between Iran and Azerbaijan despite both being Shiite. And for your information, I’m not Egypt.

What you did is a sign of immaturity and weakness. Weak people have little or no control over their emotions. And they make many decisions and actions in life they regret.

The Objective

Whatever your ideology, insults cannot be a valid substitute for a logical argument.


your love for Turdogan and Turds is so “valid” and “logical argument” that I don’t know what to say to you. Of all decent Sunni on this planet you have chosen Turdogan because he is so “valid” and “logical” as choice ! A zionist terrorist supporter.

Icarus Tanović

I agree with you, Ali, but hubris and bein Persian doesn’t makes you higher than other people.

Icarus Tanović

No, I don’t like him, anymore than you do, because he is a hypocrite, Wahhabi pardoner, and even Zionistc piece of dump. He’s a snake. You said something like this :Im Persian and you’re Egyptian, and so on. I just wonder how come the punk isn’t on my shit block list.

Free man

I agree with you as usual. But not all Iranians are like that. My parents were born in Iran (Northwest Iran). I’ve never heard them swear. This was considered disrespectful and a sign of weakness. I realized that this was the mentality where they grew up.


Please define “secular.” Because in the case of Turkey and its “moderate” extremists, “secular” usually means selling out to the highest bidder.

Free man



Meaning… what? You’re going with “secular” meaning the state not having an official religion? Where that gets tricky is how money and power can still be the state’s official, unofficial religion. Back to Turkey: South Front has covered Turkey and its proxies stealing oil, infrastructure, etc. from Syria and Iraq before.

Free man

I wrote about the secularism of Azerbaijan. A country with a policy of religious tolerance. It is clear to me that the Iranian Azeris would prefer to live in a country that doesn’t try to impose strict religious laws on them. I have not written anything here about Turkey.


You mean “strict religious laws” like don’t steal and don’t murder…? I know you have “not written anything here about Turkey,” but with “secular” Turkey’s dubious record over enforcing laws against stealing and murdering, how could we not bring it up…?

Free man

“Strict religious laws” – like how your wife should dress, that your daughter can’t ride a bicycle, that your son may lose his arm if he steals…..


Really? You sure you are not mixing up Iran with Saudi Arabia…?

Free man

They are indeed similar in some ways, but the mullahs regime is much worse.


The MBS administration is having the Saudis literally trying to starve out Yemen. Why are the Mullahs worse?


That Azeri column in third video seems to be in a tough spot. Wonder if they passed a sign saying “Welcome to the South Caucasus ? Where are the Houthis when you need them. :)

Furkan Sahin

they are not as good as the Houthis Houthis are more experienced and they have been training for many years

Furkan Sahin

before 2015 Houthis have been training for 10 years in Iran after the attacks into Yemen


Yes you must. Jews will be Jews and they can’t stop till they fulfill their plans

The Objective

Iran has no option but to hope for peace. The Mullahs still haven’t settled their scores with the U.S. let alone help Armenia. Zarif’s biggest headache now is the U.S. election. Will Trump win? What if he wins? How can we avoid war with that bastard and still maintain our militias?


If Trump wins, there will be civil war in the US. And no, I am not talking about the chimp dances we have seen so far. The orange moron has just signed the executive order that declares Antifa a terrorist organization. This means that, when Antifa will go in the streets after November, the things will get out of hand. The army will be send ( after all Antifas are terrorists! ) and the real shooting will start.

Trump’s victory would be the best gift for the axis of resistance.

The Objective

Big mistake. You either misunderstand or are saying the opposite of what you belief. Most white Americans are racists. But they keep this a tight secret. Trump is betting on the racists in America to elect him, and with this designation, they sure will. And unfortunately, the white racists are majority. Even blogs like The Saker and Unz Review, despite being pro-Russian obviously want a Trump victory. That’s because those guys are mostly racists and they know Trump is the better option for White racists. They hate the demonstrations against racism cos it makes them feel guilty and damages their reputation around the world, framing their country as a racist one.


That is idiotic stereotyping ! America is MIXED society and not so many people are 100% white with absolutely no one of color in family or ancestry!!! 100% white are total minority in US if they still exist !!!

How is Biden not racist and Trump is “so racist” only because media keep repeating the same bull*hit all the time??! America is divided society on many levels and racial level is just one of many. The members of B LM being anti-white are racist because openly anti-white and have less support every day because of that ! They attack police and police is FULL of black people and Latino’s!

Use you brains and cut racist bollocks that super rich use to turn ordinary people against each other!!!


Russians are more mixed (between europeans and asians) than USA is. Rural USA is not mixed, while rural Russia is. That’s the base of society.


Russia is not subject here genius. Many of people in US doesn’t even know their ancestry properly, otherwise they would discover that somebody with mixed blood or of color was in their family tree. 100% white in US are minority and this “racism” myth works more in anti white direction racism than opposite! White girl was murdered by blacks because she said “All lives matter” and that is not proof of “reversed” racism and galvanized blacks to make anti white acts?!?

By media highly promoted, few racial anti black incidents (committed by the police that is brutal and trigger happy in general) are used as anti- Trump weapon and food for one of societal many discords and divisions. Super rich need civil war for introducing POLICE STATE that is why media is working on creating great divide hopping for the worse


Why would open a race subject if you feel triggered about Russia in the first place.

Fog of War

” You either misunderstand or are saying the opposite of what you belief. Most white Americans are racists. ”

Hom many of your realtives are married to Africans ? Very few I’m sure, wonder why ? Lets just drop this racist BS please.

The Objective

Racism is not about intermarriage although that’s a part of it. As a prove of the prevalence of racism in the U.S, read Trumps latest pledge about bridging the gap in favor of blacks with a 500 billion dollar fund.

Institutionalized racism in America is not a glaring reality. That’s because most of the Whites in American are racists. Although they’ll vehemently deny this.

Fog of War

” Racism is not only about intermarriage although that’s a part of it. ” Nice deflection, I see you avoided answering the question. The fact is, most Arabs, Persians, Assyrians and other ME people have no love for Africans and would disown their daughters, or worse, if they were to marry or date one. Also, if most White Americans were racist there wouldn’t be many Blacks left alive in the US. Who do you think buys most of the Black music ? Who watches most of the Black actors and Sports figures ? Who guaranteed Obama’s win ? In fact, US whites are pathologically oblivious to the realties of race, tribalism, in group behavior , and so forth, to their detriment I should add. However, they’re about to get a serious wakeup call when the first shots of upcoming Marxist/ ” minority ” war starts against them. You don’t follow US news do you ?

The Objective

Just what I expected from you. We’re not going to argue about racism in America.

Fog of War

” If Trump wins, there will be civil war in the US. ”

So the false flag will happen before he gets to win. Problem solved.


Yet if Biden wins, you believe Trump and his base will just accept the results? In reality, Trump and Biden are the same as far as policies towards the Axis of Resistance. Any “civil war in the US” is liable to be fake, controlled opposition to increase the world elites’ control over the US, similar to the fake coup “NATO ally” Erdogan had a few years ago.

“If you are going to conduct a military coup, the very first thing that should be on your list is to decapitate the current leadership structure. But even though hundreds were killed and approximately 1,400 people were injured during the short-lived conflict, not a single high ranking official was killed or captured. I don’t know if I have ever heard of a coup where that didn’t happen… ‘At least two F-16s harassed Erdogan’s plane while it was in the air and en route to Istanbul. They locked their radars on his plane and on two other F-16s protecting him,’ a former military officer with knowledge of the events told Reuters. ‘Why they didn’t fire is a mystery,’ he said.” ~ “The Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan As A Dictator And Has Sealed Turkey’s Fate,” Michael Snyder

The Objective

If it were a fake coup, why did America fall out with Turkey after the 2016 coup attempt? Why is America sanctioning Turkey? Why do they disagree strongly about the Kurds? Why does Europe hate Erdogan so much? Why do they allow Erdogan enact policies that’ll fully islamize Turkey in the coming years?

Checked against the above reasons, your analysis doesn’t have any conviction. The author you are quoting is probably trying to absolve U.S of the responsibility Erdogan is accusing them of.


The fall out with Turkey is also fake. Why is Turkey still defending the banksters’ “moderate” extremists in Idlib, even at the cost of open Turkish soldiers? Why is Turkey attempting to carve out another Golan Heights from Northern Syria? Why is Turkey continuing the NATO (+ Sweden) destabilization of Libya? Why is Turkey exacerbating the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict?

How do any of those on-the-ground actions show a policy change from before the coup?

The Objective

All these things you mention are in Turkey’s interest, not U.S/NATO interest. Turkey wants to foster a democracy in Syria because it’s in Turkey’s interest to do so. You mentioned that the fallout with Turkey is fake? You probably aren’t being observant. Look up the current U.S sanctions on military hardware for Turkey. U.S even blocked European companies participating in the Turkish TF-X fighter jet program. See the dispute over the S-400, U.S refusal to deploy Patriot missile batteries when Turkey requested it in Syria. In Libya, Europe is against the GNA and has been secretly supporting Haftar. The EU are voluntarily imposing a UN arms embargo on Libya just to weaken the GNA. Turkey and France nearly came to blows when France attempted to interdict a Turkish ship suspected of transporting arm to the GNA.

Haftar is a U.S citizen. Since the begining of his offensive, the U.S never did anything to stop him. No sanctions or threat of military action – just vain talks of cease fire. It was only when Turkey entered the fight that the U.S became more active in resolving the crisis. In Egypt, the U.S supports the dictator and Turkey Supports the Muslims in Egypt.

Turkey invaded Afrin and destroyed a lot of what the U.S created (Kurdish fighters) over the years. The U.S even adopted some punitive measures against Turkey for doing that.

You don’t seem to know what Erdogan is doing in Turkey, otherwise you won’t make such ignorant claims.


Turkey’s “democracy in Syria” is also fake. We can tell from Erdogan’s support for Wahhabist radicals who have done nothing for the people of Syria other than kill and steal from them.

“Since the very start of the protests in Syria, Turkey has rendered and continues to render help to the armed groups and political opposition. Moreover, the bilateral relations are made more complicated by the Euphrates river (nearly half the water is taken by Turkey which deprives countries downstream of water), the looting of industrial enterprises of the manufacturing center of Syria – Aleppo (equipment from nearly 1,000 factories were transported to Turkey).” ~ “Military and Political Trends Of 2018 That Will Shape 2019,” South Front

Any of the sanctions and military-industrial non-cooperation are fake because they do not change the de facto geopolitical situation. In 2015, the Erdogan administration was supporting the world elites’ goals of oppressing the planet and sabotaging people opposed to that, hence the shoot down of Russia’s Su-24 that year. In 2020, has any of that changed? Especially with the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict creating an escalation point even closer to Russia?

Please do not think that the world elites, the banker gangsters really care about countries or national interests. As Napoleon said, “Money has no motherland.” Europe is even less likely than Turkey to work against the banksters; some of the oldest private central banks and the world wars make sure of that. So, why are you so convinced that different opinions over the GNA and LNA exist when trying to support both sides to keep Libya balkanized is right out of the elites’ Orwellian playbook?

The Objective

I’ll again give you one of the best pointers to the fact that Turkey and the U.S have far less in common than you think. They cooperate in Syria due to their opposition to Assad. But i want you to some research regarding their positions on the Muslim Brotherhood. Also read up on the feud between Qatar and the GCC and Turkey’s involvement. Review Turkey – GCC relations. Research the current situation of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). Read about Erdogan’s religious policies in Turkey.

Especially about what Erdogan is doing in Turkey. I used to believe that he’s a Western puppet. But as I took a deeper look at what he’s doing to the Turkish society, I realized at once that he’s not a fake. No pro-Western president will do what he’s doing in Turkey. He calls it his lifelong ambition to grow a “Pious Generation”. If Erdogan continues on that path unstopped, he’ll fundamentally alter Turkish society squarely against Western values. I won’t go deep into his Islamization policies. You do some research.

Review his relationship with Europe and try to find out why Europeans hate him so much. Read what prominent world Islamic scholars like Zakir Naik say about Erdogan. Research what Sunni Muslim students in Azhar, Jamial Madinah, and other prominent Islamic institutions are saying about him.

If you are a Shiite, I can understand your hatred and suspicion of Turkey. Erdogan is not going to support a Shiite leader (Assad) over a majority Sunni population who clearly want an Islamic democracy, especially when that country is very close to Turkey and has a history of supporting anti-Sunni policies of Iran in the Middle East.

So being a Sunni Muslim who’s very vigilant of what happens in the Muslim world, I’m yet to see where Erdogan steps out of turn in a way that harms the Sunni Muslim world. So far, whatever he’s done has supported us. And he has the admiration of many leaders of the Muslim countries like Qatar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Mali, and others.

Erdogan cannot change things overnight, especially when the damage has been done over long period of time. Change should come gradually otherwise the weak Muslims will revolt. NATO has existed for decades and before Erdogan was born. He cannot just undo it in a few years. The Turkish economy must be strong enough to withstand sanctions before Erdogan can dare make a U-turn from NATO. His current policy of expanding trade into new markets in mainly Muslim countries and Asia is an ambitious move away from Turkey’s traditional European partners.

Iran tried foolishly to impose rapid change. See where it’s landed them now. The U.S. is obsessed with destroying the Iranian regime. Iran’s economy cannot grow due to sanctions. Iran cannot develop its conventional strength. Iran is under an existential threat. What gains have the mullahs to show for all this suffering? Nothing except hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria, and looming civil war in Lebanon and Iraq. That’s why I consider the Mullahs as fools even as others (Shiites) see them as wise.

change comes gradually, especially when it has to do with religion. The prophet spend years patiently calling people to the truth. Who are we to it in a month?


You really don’t believe that a majority Sunni country can elect a Shiite president? Even the American international monitors could not provide evidence that the elections were illegitimate. I’m American, and we already went through something like this with President John F. Kennedy, with people claiming that because he was Catholic in a majority Protestant country, he was illegitimate. Instead, JFK served we the people’s interest so well that the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” (his words) had him assassinated.

Erdogan is not spending “years patiently calling people to the truth;” he has been blatantly lying to us.

I know you believe positive comments from other Muslims matter for Erdogan, but considering they are mostly from countries also occupied by other banker gangster forces like those from the US, France, the UK, “Israel,” etc., or those already knocked off General Wesley Clark’s list of “seven countries in five years” that the Pentagon is “going to take out,” (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, Iran) you might want to practice better discernment.

The Objective

My friend, you got no proof or logical argument against anything I said. You’re just determined not to accept the fact. I also find it shameful and embarrassing the you should lie to me openly about your nationality. I’ve interacted with many Americans online, and I know a native English speaker when I meet one. Your English is afar from native. And that means you’re not American. Your claims about JFK implies that you’ve been in the U.S for long. That’s how I know you’re lying.

I’ll want an end to this argument, cos you argue subjectively and nothing I say will convince you even if it were the truth. I can understand the hatred that Shiites have for Erdogan and Turkey. But your lies to mislead the unsuspecting Sunni will ultimately be exposed some day. It’s being exposed even as we speak. And that’s Allah’s making.


Wait, why don’t you think my American English is native? Can you point to anything specific in my posts? Or is this an “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” moment where everyone should just believe you…?

Look at it this way, TO: If Erdogan’s administration were truly deserving of Syrian Sunni support, or anyone else’s, then his “moderate” extremists would not show up to the Astana Talks for years lacking intelligible policies or reforms to make Syria better. This is reminiscent of Trump, honestly: Surface level opposition from the “Deep State,” but lying people into the rich-get-richer wars anyway.

The Objective

I may be wrong about your location, but you still have not proved that Erdogan is anti-Muslim or pro-Western world. You’re trying to bring conspiracy theories in our argument, which was mainly about the sincerity of Erdogan towards Muslims around the world. I will not reply to you anymore if you fail to provide facts about what Erdogan did that’s harming the Muslims anywhere in the world. As long as it does not harm Muslims, it’s not pro-Western. By Muslims I don’t mean Shiites. Shiism is a different religion – not Islam.


Using Shia-Sunni differences as a divide-and-conquer strategy? Now, that is reminiscent of Trump’s BFF, Bibi.

But yeah, good luck, mate…

The Objective

Oh cut me some slack. Please follow the world’s renowned Sunni scholars and hear what they have to say about Shiism. Claiming that Shiism and Islam are the same or even brothers is like claiming that Islam and Christianity are the same. the Shiite Sunni divide has been in existence for many centuries, of with bloody fights. You don’t know the history of your Shiism faith.


Super rich elites who use their money to “devour widows’ houses” (Mark 12 v.40), then manipulate government and the public to silence, crucify opposition has been in existence for millennia, meaning they were around for manipulating the “Shiite Sunni divide,” too.

Fact is: These “bloody fights” do not need to happen. If that were false, why do “The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World” exist? Why was Maaloula, that ancient Christian town in Syria, sitting in the middle of a predominantly Muslim country for centuries? Why was the only thing stopping Christians in East Aleppo from having Christmas celebrations the occupation of the “moderate” extremists?

Unless there is evidence otherwise, TO, the predominantly Sunni Syrian Army, led by a democratically elected Shiite president, kicked the terrrorists out of Maaloula and Aleppo without harassing the Christians there.

The Objective

Christians will not know the seriousness of a Shiite threat because right now, their greatest focus is on Sunnis. Let Christians form a christian militia in Lebanon parallel to Hezbollah, and we’ll see what happens.


Yeah, because Christians, believers of God who identify closer with Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary), the one who will defeat al-Masih ad-Dajjal (the false messiah) in the End Times, are totally a threat to Hezbollah… [/sarcasm]

However many shekels you’re getting for this, TO, it is too much.


Conclusion of the article: If Russia removes her military bases from Armenia because of their pro-Western prostitution, Armenia is dead duck. Under populated, under developed and definitely not intelligent enough 3 million Armenia is playing dangerous game with her own existence….pathetic.

John Brown

If Armenia’s leaders had any brains they would give back the occupied areas of Azerbaijan that are not theirs and not Nagorno-Karabakh. Then it would be settled and everyone could save face.

Russia will let Azerbaijan get a piece as a lesson to Armenia for their defection to the empire.

I wonder if Armenians will wake up in time before their Zio Shabbos Goy leaders destroy them all.

The Azerbaijan leader is also a moron for sucking Zio d_ck. I don’t think Iran and Turkey appreciate it.

Whichever, country has the least stupid leaders will win though both are trying to win the most stupid leader contest.

I think Armenia is winning the most stupid leadership contest right now if they are dumb enough to up the ante and try to take back those villages. Then Azerbaijan gets back all lost territories in a month or 2 including Nagorno-Karabakh and Russia will let them.

Armenia appears to be going for scenario 2 and total defeat will be their reward. You would think they would learn from what is happening with other morons who sucked up to the empire like Alexander Lukashenko, right now and past examples of Saddam Hussein, Libya etc etc.

Reminds me of the idiot Viktor Yanukovych and the other idiot Alexander Lukashenko. I bet the empire assassinates Alexander Lukashenko very soon


I am not in guessing mood. Things are very simple. The way everything is now, it would be logical that biggest loser would be Armenia. But there is also factor of unpredictability in life. The only thing I am absolutely sure of is, that loser will not be Russia, doesn’t matter what.


As for Yanukovich and Lukhashenko…only one thing to say:

“There is only one step from glory to ridicule.” Napoleon






This is the whole game between Putin and Erdogan, to overthrow the pro-Western government in Armenia, Erdogan fears CIA more than Putin. He prefers a pro-Russian Armenia.


(As victim of genocide) Orthodox Christian Armenia is as anti Turk as one country can be. You are talking pure nonsense Bacon. No Turk influence in Armenia at all.


I didn’t say there is turk influence in Armenia. Putin and Erdogan dealed a miniwar between their two satelites to weaken them and make them more dependent(or their whores by your expression)


Armenians are having pro-Western government, what effing Russian “satellite”!?


Russia wants Armenia back as its own satelite.




That’s debatable. Remember “Can’t Mossad the Assad”? That became a meme specifically because the banker gangster scheme against Syria has been failing repeatedly. If deescalating the banksters’ conflicts were impossible, the Russo-Georgian War would have given the banksters their “invading Poland” moment to use against Russia.


The article seems to underestimate Armenian strength, as they seem to be holding just fine so far (and in past conflicts). Armenia is a hard country to invade and recently acquired some Su30SM jets from Russia, so it should have air superiority now.


Yeah, why the hell am I not surpriced, this isnt something that dropped down from the sky, it was planned, armed and now, executed months ago, and I agrees with one that mentioned Putin and the god dammed Russians, this, morons is an consequence for bitching with the Turds, erDOGan have been open about this and slaughtering Armenians have been done before by the Turds, so they want an round 2, and this time, Putin is doing exactly what the west tells him and what ISISrael wants, to expant the war theater to even more regions and now we are bordering the the Caspian sea, stupid Russians whom have made strategic cluster f…. to such an exten that one wounders what the hell are they thinking, and when they even dealth with erDOGan and made this possible because of the events unfulding in Syria, witch have been the training ground for this so called Muslim fighters, fighting for erDOGans neo-ottomanian wet dream, and I blame almost everyting on Putin the Lame, period.

I warned them, for years, this isnt something that just happened, the Turds dont fart unless Uncle Samuel says they can fart, and behind it all, is the UssA, and whatever the ZATO dicks drool is irrelevant they are even more bitches for the imperial banana republic than the Turds are, but this, is just an new stepp into the surounding of Russia, and Aremenia will be thrown under the proverbial buss, by Putin, because Putin is an f…. spineless corrupt Mofo, and this shows that I was correct in my assesments about the corrupted Russians, thats why I said it, you can never ever fully trust the Russians, never do that, unless they can benefit but Armenia have nothing and thats why they will get nothing, jesus I am anoyed, and ashamed of the west, whom have looked the other way while the Turds have been building up Azeris, and now, we have an new war.

I wounder, is this an new dawn for Islamic crusades, huh, when I know UEA, Quatar, Saudi-barbarians, etc to Sudan, whom to day is predominat Islamic, is attacking everybody whom dont comply to the western backed Crusades (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq is run by western vassals and scums like Sadr), Albania and the Kosove rat packs are in on it, Romania, Buldaria and everything is suported by the UssA, yeah, mark my words, this is the begining of an new era, wars along the Russian rim states, and all because Putin is an f…. idiot. You reap, mofo what you have sewn, and within 10 years, Russia will be gone, because of the lack of spine.

To debate the present war, witch have just begun, is not that relevant, since Azeris had the moment of surprice, and drove as far they could, not that impressing, is what comes from now on, that matters. But I have some questions to the Armenian army, how f… stupid is it possible to be, you dont stack shit on top of eatch other for once, etc, from what I have seen already I am not impressed, and you made some serioud mistakes, hopefully you have learned, be viligant and prepared for more, much more and never think that Russians will do anything, they have proven that they are unreliable, totaly unreliable, and I dont expect anything, because of Putin, whom ruined the war for the Syria Arab Army. Chess my ass.


Raptar Driver

Turks are a hideous people. Let’s put them on an island and surrounded them by naval forces so they never bother the world again.

Tommy Jensen

Restore historical justice. Destroy all 3000 years ancient museums, artifacts, seeds and historical buildings.Burn old seeds, papyrus, and artifacts.Like we did in Iraq and Syria…………………..LOL. GMO, gay movies, US school packages, Azerbaijani women in charge, and US Special Force camp training. I think Russia dont want to fight for a new lapdog country. Why should they.

Romeo Pesiao

I think the conflict will concentrated only in Nagorno-Karabakh and it will not go further inside Armenia or inside Azerbaijan. Because going further to both either sides the international community will rushed to halt the conflict. However I wondered Turkey, of buying so many troubles. Their forces in Libya cannot even defeat Haftar. Turkey aggressiveness in Mediterranean resulted to withdrawal and begged for negotiations with Greece. And also Turkish soldiers with their backed Syrian militants in Idlib were nearly defeated. Turkey always initiated a conflict but never fulfill their objectives.


Turkey always initiated a conflict but never fulfill their objectives. Because their ambitions are much bigger than their capabilities. False Sultan Turdogan doesn’t have the same Ottoman army to create his beloved Ottoman empire. Appetite is there army is missing part…

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